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CNF4- Challenges -Spokane Conference (’94)

Spokane Conference #4



• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Challenges
o 1.2 Group: Spokane Conference
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: Douglas
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Challenge, Growth
 3.1.2 Knowledge
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Challenges
Group: Spokane Conference
Teacher: JarEl
TR: Douglas

Challenge, Growth

JAREL:   This is a challenge for you the ascending mortals of Urantia who have come about in this mission. What challenges do you face on your path towards ascension ? We take too often our task on a daily basis as being boring, trivial, of no consequences. We proceed on that path, not focused on the goal, and allowing distractions to distract us from that attainment.

You as mortals, if you will allow my analogy, have vehicles of conveyance from one point to another. You control these vehicles when on a one lane path quite differently than on a fast highway. Your path towards spiritual development is similar and singular in purpose; to know the Father, to know His will, to obey His will, to do His will on a daily basis, culminating in achieving Paradise.

On this one lane path that you proceed in your vehicle you are often times erratic in your control. You go from side to side on the dangerous shoulders, unaware of those following, uncaring as to the example you set. Now comes Christ Michael and this mission, and your one lane highway is expanded to multiple lanes, you are now conscious thru this mission of others traveling this road with you, some to your side, some behind, some ahead. No longer can you erratically control your vehicle. You must maintain your distances, you must remain in your assigned lane. This is where we are today.

You are not alone. You must not think in terms of being alone in this mission. There are others around you who view your growth and tend to emulate those things that you do in your knowledge. So our concerns, as teachers, is that you partake of this mission, not as observers but as participants willing, eager, anxious to reach the goal of salvation. Willing to obey the rules that govern your journey. In the instance of the highways, there are posted limitations as to how fast you may proceed. In this mission of Christ Michael there are posted limitations and directions as to how you should proceed.

Seeking the stillness is ESSENTIAL to all who desire spiritual growth. You must use the stillness as your vehicle to arrive from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Taking daily time with the Father is essential to enhance your spiritual development, individually and collectively. What you experience individually you share with your fellows and the collective experience is enhanced. The group growth is advanced because of your individual contributions. This you need to understand. ALL ARE IMPORTANT. All have something of value to contribute. THIS IS THE CHALLENGE for you.


JAREL:    In the Melchizedek schools we have learned of Urantia because we took an interest in the planet of Michael’s nativity. Our interest led to diligent study. We have weighed and measured this planet. We know its boundaries, the heights of its mountains, the depths of its seas, the expansions of space that exist around it. These issues were of concern to us knowing that we would be involved in this mission at some level. It was incumbent upon us to know the terrain. We have scanned the remembrances of others to know the mechanisms of human thinking, so that we may adjust ourselves accordingly and find that suitable level of understanding to communicate with you on higher spiritual knowledge.

You, dear ones, must do likewise in this correcting time. Belief is essential. However belief counts for nothing unless carried into practice. Faith is essential, but faith counts for nothing unless the vision of completion is present. You must act on your beliefs. Serve your fellow man faithfully, with the vision that Light and Life will come about to Urantia, and that you individually and collectively can contribute to that era.

We know for example, that your Pacific ocean covers 68,634,000 sq. miles. Your hills and mountains cover 14,000,000 square miles. The islands that sporadically dot the landscape of Urantia total 1,910,000 sq. miles. The lakes and rivers of this country cover 1.000.000 Sq. miles. The next largest body of water covers 41,321,000 Sq. miles. This is relevant knowledge for us who investigated this planet as an example for us to know where we are, and where we are going, and how to relate this information to you.

But you of this mission have not sought to venture, thus far. To explore the closest reality next to you, that of the presence of the Father in your fellows. Have you sought your neighbor ? Have you reached out to other cultures, religions, persons, races? Have you sought an understanding of these ? You must learn. You must venture out. You must know your environment. Your environment is people, members of this human family. You must expand your knowledge of them, their culture, their customs, their belief systems. This will help you in your outreach toward them for this mission, and the spreading of the light of truth.

How can you expect to ascend and mingle with myriads of beings from other superuniverses who have different personalities, coming from different experiential backgrounds, speaking different languages, holding to different customs. How can you expect to exist harmoniously on this level when on Urantia you cannot reach out to those who are about you. The saying of old ‘as it is on earth so it is in heaven’, this has value. This has substance. You must share your interactions with all, as upon the mansion worlds and on to paradise you will interact with others, as the text has verified. So we offer to you a CHALLENGE to take from this setting of spiritual development.

We offer to you the CHALLENGE to reach out to your fellows wherever they may be, whatever their beliefs, what ever their nationalities. Embrace them with the love of Christ Michael, that He has bestowed upon you. Share this knowledge of the mission and the text with all who are seekers of truth. The Father will provide you ample opportunity to share His knowledge. Avail yourselves, individually and collectively, of this CHALLENGE. We have given you much in the way of encouragement and spiritual enlightenment. Unless you use this enlightenment, unless you are motivated to move by our encouragement then our efforts are in vain. I assure you, and I know from that which I speak, Christ Michael’s mission is not in vain.

We seek willing participants. Brave souls willing to venture into areas of the unknown. For you who live this mortal existence there is much that is unknown to you. What is unknown is not experienced. We feel you need to experience your fellows during this time of correction. This will sharpen your abilities to be the ambassadors of truth for this mission. So, the CHALLENGE is there. Will you accept it ? Will you pick up the gauntlet and move forward in belief and faith ? Reach out to your fellows. Learn of them, share with them this great light of truth that has come to Urantia.


JAREL:    I thank you for this time. I hope and pray to our Father on your behalf, as your teacher and coworkers in this mission, that we can motivate you to action. It is good to sit and reflect. Now is the time of action, now is the time of outreach. Bring in all that will come. They hunger for knowledge of the Father. They hunger for fellowship. They hunger for acceptance. They hunger for love, the love that comes only thru the Father and His Son. It is freely given unto you, freely share with your fellows. My peace be with you. Farewell.

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