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CNF5- Living Truth (Oklahoma Conference #1 (’95)

1995-07-09-Living Truth, Oklahoma Conference
Oklahoma #1



• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Living Truth
o 1.2 Group: Oklahoma Conference
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tarkas
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Living Truth
Group: Oklahoma Conference
Teacher: Tarkas
TR: Unknown


TARKAS:  “One of the most valuable quests of this Mission is to reach that great, vast, hurting mass of humanity who have given in to frustration and the spiritual poisons which they have ingested. And you must help to free them, by their knowing this simple truth.

“In the Father’s deep, green and beautiful forests, there are many trees, tall and beautiful oaks, and beeches, and poplars, and evergreens of many kinds, and these are strong and mighty monuments that help to cleanse this earth and hold it together. And this symbolizes living truth for these great and glorious plants, each and every one, from flowers to mighty redwoods, hold this world together and try to cleanse.

“This is living truth, my friends, always growing. And yet the rumbling, blundering, industrial machine, seemingly of no soul, has often ravaged this landscape and these beautiful trees. To be sure, this is as it should be in the symbiotic relationship of your earth. But too often, these living monuments of truth in our allegory are destroyed and killed, so to speak, to make fence posts, which are covered with noxious chemicals, seemingly to preserve but to even prevent your small life from having a home.

And these poisoned and dead posts, sunk in concrete and holes to make fences of barbed wire to separate you beautiful people of Urantia with fences of dogma. Incessant demand to choose sides and to fight each other and to find disharmony. And this is often caused by those who would take their truth and set it in concrete. A small bit of truth, perhaps, that they worship as all encompassing truth, not knowing that truth is always growing.

“Truth is always changing. There are many paths up the majestic mountain of the Father’s love for each of you. And each path is sacred, and as each sojourner turns to see the path he has covered, he sees a greater portion of the picture, a greater portion of truth. Shall we walk together to this pinnacle of truth that we eventually will find in our own perfection, and we on this side work on this path as do you. We work together, we learn together, we struggle together, but on our side dear friends, we struggle not in fear, for that is the poison that makes struggle indeed an adversity and suffering, of which you have had a sufficient portion.

“May we work together for Light and Life, and gently will you tell your brothers and your sisters that you love them? Tell them not to stop learning, for there is much yet to learn; you are babies of the universe, as such you are deeply loved. Know this, and in knowing that the Father is a benevolent and merciful, compassionate and loving Father, then you can begin to put the equation together and you begin to help your friends put this equation together. Faith equals love minus fear.

“In the old days, and still today, many of you believe in a judgmental God who would take vengeance upon those who displeased, who would punish, who would destroy, and we have often dealt on this side with the vexing question, how could these people have faith in such a God? And in truth, I believe that fear does not engender faith, and if we together can help humankind allay these false ideas of a vengeful God, to the reality of a beautiful and benevolent Father to us all, who visits his love from afar, from within, lives within us, experiences with us each day, what an honor, what an honor! Then perhaps humankind can develop the kind of faith that you need.

“Faith brings love. Love wipes away fear. Do not fight your fears. Do not fight evil. You have learned or are learning that to fill your hearts with the faith, with the love, leaves no room for anything else, for it truly fills your heart, soul, and body and mind and spirit, and gives you a sense of sublime oneness with God. The Urantia book has been the text to give you this illuminated, this glorified and true perspective of the Father. Not one who destroys you for the weaknesses which He gave you, but one who understands as a father and is always anxious to pick you up when you fall and dust you off and tell you to decide again.

This loving Father permeates us all in this holy sanctuary, this retreat from the challenges of your Mission. We will both, on this side and yours, leave with replenished energy, for this has been a very real energizing in every sense of the word. Circuits are opened, more and more from this nucleus of loving energy which you have demonstrated.”

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