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CNF6- IC96 The Teaching Mission (’96)

1996-08-06-IC96 The Teaching Mission
Conference #6, Welmek #48


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Teaching Mission
o 1.2 Group: IC 96 TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Will, Welmek, Rantarason, Minearsia, Michael
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin, Nancy, Jonathan, Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Family,Sharing
 3.2.2 Teaching Mission
 3.2.3 Understanding
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Melchizedek Schools
 3.3.2 The Teachers
 3.3.3 Patience, Risk
 3.3.4 Teaching Mission
 3.3.5 Conferences
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Teaching Mission
Group: IC 96 TeaM
Teacher: Will, Welmek, Rantarason, Minearsia, Michael
TR: JoiLin, Nancy, Jonathan, Simeon


WILL:   (TR-JoiLin) Love and light filters down from on high, filling our hearts with joy and gladness, leading us in service to Him through the interconnected-ness of our hearts. The beauty of the Father surrounds us would we but see it, and is reflected within each and every face upon this planet. The light of the Father shines from within our hearts, leading us into service through the brotherhood of man. Wherever we gather, He is.


WILL:   Greetings Beloveds. It is I Will, your teacher who loves you. It brings me great joy to sit here among you and share this time of companionship, to partake in this growing network of the heart as it is manifested within your hearts. We who watch, and we are many, can participate in this community. Have faith, have hearts that are overflowing, for as you give to each other, you also give to us. As we see the living lessons expressed in your lives, we are filled with thanksgiving to have been able to be a small part of who you are becoming.

Many who have come to this meeting, came here unprepared for what they would find. They believed they were coming to a conference that would be a meeting of minds, they did not understand that this network of the heart would be so active in this conference. We give great thanks for you who came here to share the Father’s light and love with your brothers and sisters. For from this conference will spread out to the far corners of this globe, the loving light, the message of love that you live within the fabrics of your lives.

Know always, dear ones, how blessed you are, how loved and cherished by we who teach you, by Michael, Nebadonia, all of the angels, and every order of being who has its understanding in the love of the Father, and the Father on high Himself. I thank you for allowing me to speak. Take my love with you and know I am available. Shalom.

MINEARSIA:  MINENancy-(Minearisa Melchizedek)
Hello friends and students. I am Minearisa Melchizedek, instructor in residence with this T.R. and what is known as the Daniel-Pocatello Teacher Base. My classroom is much broader than Pocatello, I know of all of you here. Some I know intimately, have visited with you in your living areas. Others of you, I have yet to develop personal knowledge of, experiential knowledge, but I know you through your Teachers, your guides, your angels. I am familiar with all of you and consider you all to be my beloved students.

It is with great joy that I make this address to you this evening. It is with great joy that I put my name before you to be considered in your thinking of other Melchizedek Sons whom you are already familiar; my brother, friend, colleague, Rantarason and I, and others have been busy weaving over this near past time frame, and I am now blessed to be in your conscious presence. My words for you this evening are brief. You have the wisdom of many, you need not my words at this time. Friends, students, keep your minds and hearts open to the newness that springs ever forth. Change is in the offering. That is all.


WELMEK:  (TR-?). Good evening my friends this is Welmek. It has been some time since I have addressed a group of this number. But I am mightily moved by the participants in this conference and your efforts to become closer as a family.

Your topic for the conference intrigues me, for family can have many meanings and yet tonight I would like to share with you a suggestion or perhaps my own thoughts on this topic. What is it that makes a family? Is it blood ties in the mortal sense? Is it a likeness of mind? Is it a communion of the heart? It is all of these but more. It is the sharing of lives, of experiences of all these things among yourselves. We as teachers observe how many of you live very lonely lives at times, for you have no one with whom to share some of those most intimate thoughts and feelings.

As you go forth from this conference with new concepts of family and relationships, seek out those who have no one with whom to share themselves, and share yourself with them. This is what makes a family. It is a shared experience. In the mortal lifetime it may be in the nuclear family or your intimate mortal family relationships. On higher levels of universe reality, it encompasses much higher levels of intellectual and mostly spiritual brotherhood. But always is it identified by the sense of sharing with each other. The difference in ideas or feelings is not so important, as that they are shared.

It is this sharing among you that brings reality in Supremacy, and quite incidentally, will enrich your lives beyond your expectations. And so my friends, as we watch you throughout this conference, we are much moved by your efforts, and our prayers go with you. Take with you from this meeting that sense of sharing which is what identifies to my mind, a family. My love goes with all of you. Goodnight.

Teaching Mission

MICHAEL:  (TR-?). We compliment you on the success of your wonderful conference. We share your joy, and watch with pleasure your growing faith, your love, your sharing of your experiences. We wish you well and tell you to take this message of hope and joy to all whom you meet. Your efforts will be rewarded and this message is needed by a hungry world.

We are glad you are together, sharing this experience of shared love. Love is eternal and will transfigure all the lives that you will touch. Your children’s children will read of these events in these momentous times. We have long planned this Teaching Mission and are gratified that our actions indeed are being fulfilled. You have no idea of the extent of the planning that has gone into this mission. I was on your world two thousand years ago and even then I could not even imagine the depth and breadth and the form in which this Teaching Mission would take place. All of you are individuals, and each work on doing the Father’s will in their own way. This way is glorified by God, by our Father, who is indwelt in you.

We greet you with love and joy and great pride. Please continue. Be not discouraged. You have heavenly hosts to smooth your paths and nothing will stop the spread of this message of hope and joy to the world. I bid you Adieu. You all are greatly loved.


ELYON:  (Rick): Greetings friends, I am Elyon, a Teacher and a guide to understanding. It is an honor to be in service with our Melchizedeks and an even greater honor to be in the presence of our Sovereign. It is a cherished experience in my career to be in service with you for this world.

You know of the dry sands of knowledge. Knowledge of itself does not support life. My purpose is to help you compress this knowledge into understanding, a bedrock upon which you may stand. But here is where my work ends. You must allow the river of truth to reveal the layers of wisdom buried in your understanding. You must allow the sunlight of divinity to bring new life upon your walls of enlightenment, life which could not live on the dry sands. Living love. And let the winds of worship draft through you, and rise to meet the one who has bestowed upon you the potential for knowledge, for wisdom, and for love.

In my career, I have never tired of the pursuit of the divine and the mysteries there in. All phases in your adventure to God will unfold incredibly new and un-conceived patterns, wherein you may experience the Supreme. Important as this experience is, it is not complete without the addition of your own contribution to this pattern. Allow yourselves the acceptance of your worthiness to contribute to this pattern, which the Father has asked you to do. That is all.

RANTARASON:    Greetings. I preface this talk by exclaiming that I have been present for many minutes, and through the noble desire of this contact, been thwarted from speaking, since he has spoken before, but rules, suggestions are not necessarily standard, and at times we Teachers have an order of things. And in jest I say that delaying the inevitable sometimes produces added duty. I am Rantarason, been known as Andranason, and the names are irrelevant. We utilize these names because we attempt to bring a personal nature to this mission. It is not required, it has been our choice to do so. One can perceive just as well without knowing any name of any entity. If you perceive the spirit of God, the form of ministry in which it takes does not make the truth any larger or smaller, for the truth stands as it is in all of its glory. I, at this time, would love to receive from you any thoughts or questions and would like to offer you any advice that I can to you. Welcome here this evening, as we feel so welcomed to be with you.


Question: Any particular goals for the group to focus upon?

RANTARASON:   Your efforts as individuals are glorious. We cheer, we applaud each child’s efforts to perceive truth and love. What more could we desire? You have chosen to gather as a unit to share and to allow us to share with you. We appreciate this, knowing that it is not require. We also know how you chose as brothers and sisters to bring this into the open so your other brothers and sisters may witness and perceive this interaction. That is down right blessed in its intention.

We love you, and all the feelings of joy and all the tears before your eyes, have their multiplication here with ourselves. Continue as you feel lead by the spirit of God to share. You have done well.

Melchizedek Schools

Question: Would you care to comment on the status and progress of the Melchizedek universities?

RANTARASON:  The efforts to establish centers for educating people in the ways of spiritual growth and enlightenment in all areas is proceeding quite well. Centers for these efforts have already been established. They are there. Can’t you see? They are whirling outward, touching and they will touch as they have been touched, and it will grow. Look in your mission, at the areas of strength, the regional efforts, and your south and your north-west and your south-west and your East and your south-east. These centers for spiritual enlightenment stand now in spirit and you feel it, this is great.

I know this is not necessarily your specific intent of the question. We begin with what we have, and you as ambassadors. Through your understanding of higher love and light, will determine how the centers for enlightenment manifest. You and your activity and your perceiving the understanding coming to you and acting upon it will develop what develops. Tomorrow is tomorrow, today is now. What can you do now to perpetuate the one center of light and life for this planet, for this universe. That is all.

The Teachers

Question: What have you and Minearisa been up to these days and what did Minearisa mean by changes at hand?

RANTARASON:  We two are actually many Melchizedeks, not just us. Montarnek, Malvantra, Mantuba, many Melchizedeks are coordinating to follow up on the vast re-commitment to the Correcting Time by human individuals. After a period of trial and tribulation, this period of time quite necessary for the humans to understand their dedication, where they would center their lives in spiritual growth, what they were seeking. Some have fallen away due to insecurities, doubts. Some have fallen away due to a lack of materialization of desires in human channels. This creates uncertainty for a period of time.


Many have reevaluated to the depths, to the core of their being, what they are doing. Many have made a new commitment to follow through on the Father’s will as they perceive it. Many continue to believe in the truth of this Mission, this Correcting Time. And so we have gone forth to shore up the troops, to strengthen the wings, to re-instill purpose individually, collectively. It is time to act on what you believe with the highest conviction you can muster, with faith that truth and love will guide you in your sincerity.

This is a call to arms, the arms of love, not battle. The unfolding of this ministry will be determined by your willingness to proceed. This seems easy to do. “Yes, I will follow the Fathers will, just so long as I don’t have to do that!” or ” I will do it, but that’s scary.” It is time to break the barriers of fear, it is time to act in the face of insecurity, it is time to exercise faith, and only the individual can decide what that means for them. The collective in its greatness should always be determined by its individuals, its individual’s desires to come together. This creates harmony rather than uniform desire. I hope this has amplified your understanding my friends.

Group member: That was a beautiful, very thorough and complete answer, thank you.

RANTARASON:  Thank you for asking, it is a good question.

Patience, Risk

Question: Can you give me something personal, advice that would help us in our personal relationships, meeting new people. Its kind of scary, talking to somebody you don’t know. Can you help us get over the fear of the stranger?

RANTARASON:  A wise man once said to picture them as though they are wearing underwear. It is difficult at times to share spiritual intimacy, even when you feel so much love within you. It is a result of a disconnected world. A disconnected world can only have citizens that are disconnected. But now we are reconnecting, and we are reconnecting you, as slow and painful as that process may seem. I would say one step at a time. Calling yourself to do something different. Make eye contact and hold it a little longer as you share a sense of warmth with another.

Go out of your way to help another to pull up a chair, to touch them on the shoulder, to just smile from across the room. Each step brings a little more inner security in knowing that something will not blow up in your face by being loving. And sometimes people cannot return it, so don’t be devastated by its lack of return. Most times, and I say this from witnessing, they have been touched by what you offered, they were just incapable at the present time of adequate return, but they do most often reflect on the fact that someone recognized them and reached for them. Look how you were just a few short years ago, dear. You are much more intimate than you were then. You just see the ideal, and you want that now. Patience is hard when you see the light ahead.

You will most certainly achieve your goal for you have dedicated yourself, you have consecrated yourself, made a whole hearted decision to know the will of God and be it as well as you can. It is only the time between here and there that you are grappling with. Continue to take the steps. Try not to fall into patterns of comfortability and security which can breed crystallization. Challenge yourself to do more personally, not what another wants of you. For each can know their own little risks. God sees all, and you know that you have the greatest fan in that source.

Questioner: Thank you!

RANTARASON:  I am overwhelmed with feeling and simply want to say, our God is a great and glorious being, beyond all imagination. How graced we are to have been an idea in his vastness. Yes you may speak friend.

Teaching Mission

Question: Are we as individuals and as a group, the Teaching Mission, accomplishing the outreach necessary to get the truth of the Teaching Mission across to the Fellowship here at the conference?

RANTARASON:  The truth of the Teaching Mission, and it’s efforts and it’s results will never be witnessed by you in its entirety. The Teaching Mission goes on without name throughout the world at this time and many of you who have been under the banner of the title have created these waves of force which ripple towards its ultimate destiny. There is no way for you to ever perceive the entirety in what has already been accomplished, and as you do not care so much about status, it is not necessary. Your efforts are many, individually and collectively. The specific designation, Teaching Mission, as you perceive it to be, has risen, subsided, and as the tides go, what comes next. Arise, have faith and do what you can to further the Father’s will each day and the tides will create a tidal wave in time which will cover everyone.

Questioner: Thank you, thank you very much.

RANTARASON:   I have enjoyed this. I know there may be others. Other speakers, other sessions. My time has concluded. It has been my honor to be here. Another Teacher, one of the first will conclude this meeting. And may you all go in love and serve God in your best capabilities.


Unseen Friend(TR-?): Multitudes of superuniverse personalities are watching your conference with great delight. What were once brief points of light are now a huge mass of light which is literally surrounding your globe. We wish you could see the range of colors from your various personalities, you would be awed by the beauty that is emanating from Flagstaff.

We are happy to be with you. We watch with delight as you grow spiritually. We are eager to see the effects of this worldwide conference and we know it will not fail. We have watched conferences in the past and each one has been a step forward in the evolution of mankind. We are greatly pleased, we commend you, and we look forward to working with each and everyone of you. Your Teachers are all here and they are overcome with bliss and joy. We love you, we thank you for the opportunity to serve and we will be with you always. We love you, adieu.

DANIEL:  (TR-Nancy): Greetings, I am Daniel. I have been given the supreme privilege to bring this nights session to a close. As Rantarason has said, I am one of the earlier teachers. One who is known to many of you in a similar way to my sterling colleagues; Welmek, Will, Rayson, and of course Ham. It is my delight to be in personal attendance at this conference. I have left my dear friend, Deborah, in good hands. She misses my personal presence but I am of course available to her over the circuits.

This is such a joyous time for me as it is for the many group Teachers who are also here present. Those whose groups are formed at this time, and those group Teachers whose groups are yet to come into being. As many of you are aware, group Teachers undergo training that is different than that of your personal Teachers. And although we can serve in a personal function as well, our training is somewhat different and somewhat more broad, and so I delight in the company of my fellow group Teachers and in the company of the myriad personal Teachers who are here at this time.

Do not think my dear friends that only those of you who recognize the banner of the Teaching Mission have personal Teachers. All who have given their true desire to know the nature of our Father in heaven, our Mother in heaven, have been given that assistance to come into that higher understanding, to know that will, and to do that will. There are myriad personal Teachers present at this conference, and all are dancing in glee and in joy of the light that goes up and flows out. It is the love that you spread here among your brothers and sisters that will be remembered. It is the personal sharing heart to heart, it is your realness that matters. The joy, the spark of life, the fun.


DANIEL:  I ask you now to go forth tomorrow into your many busy activities and allow that joy in living in that realness in being, to be your signature. Until we speak again, I am your beloved and grateful friend, I am Daniel.

Group: Thank you!

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