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CNF8- IC96 Experience (’96)

1996-09-12-IC96 Experience
Conference #8


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Special Session
o 1.2 Group: IC 96 TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Gavalia, Margul
o 2.2 TR: Jill, Daniel Megow, Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Experience
 3.2.2 Manifestation, Flow
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Special Session
Group: IC 96 TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Gavalia, Margul
TR: Jill, Daniel Megow, Simeon


Jill described the setting, as follows: We are here at Hayden Lake in our wonderful cottage and we’ve got a major storm outside with lightning and thunder, and rain, and its incredibly beautiful, incredibly wonderful. This is Thursday, September 12, 1996, a special gathering, a true family circuit here of Bobby Devine, Daniel Megow and Jill Poole. We invite our teachers to come through and help us grow relative to what seems to be common lessons we are all undergoing at this time that are challenging us to the very “nth” degree. Come in, teachers!

MICHAEL:  Dearest Father, I thank you for these, my children, and I pray that you may give them a short season of respite from their difficulties. Their sincerity touches my heart and the heart of my consort. They are being about our will for this planet and I would make request for their sustenance to be assured through that which they are about to undertake. Your will, Father, is supreme in all matters, and if you discern a level of wisdom higher than my own in this request, then by all means I defer to your Will even though you have placed in my hands the power to make this choice on my own. Good evening, my dear ones.

Jill – Good evening. Thank you for your love.


MICHAEL:  And I, in turn, thank you for yours. You are amazingly aware within the depths of your struggles, that it is for your own growth that which you are each now experiencing. Life on this planet is not without its testing as I am so well aware from my life among you. But know this, my dearest children, you are so very close to that which you seek. You are within reach. It is there for the taking. I know you each intimately. Your mother and I share your thoughts, your true inner desires, and your spotless motivations. You know from personal experience our Father is very much a part of who each of you are. He is who you truly are.

Yet you still retain your separateness to a degree, but you have chosen to be the vessels whereby our Father may communicate with His children who have not yet attained a personal awareness experientially of His Presence as a part of who they truly are. Remember also, dear ones, that I, too, am there; not so much as a literal part of you, so much as my spirit within you is the everlasting companion of your soul. It is my supreme desire that you indeed attain all of those aspects of yourselves which you so truly are, yet have not consciously realized yet in totality. You are correct in your assumptions for the most part that something big is relatively imminent.

And for this, do you now so heroically struggle to relieve yourselves of the last vestiges of your pre-morontia selves. It would be non-productive were I to expound further on what is so soon to come. Just trust, dearest children, that all that you are going through right now is for the greatest good; not only of yourselves, but for the unfolding of what is to become. I dearly love you each and am ever-growing in this deep affection which I have for you. Together we will be triumphant. I will step back for now, for there is much more for you to learn this evening which will give you great opportunity for much contemplation. Good night to you, my loves.

Manifestation, Flow

Gavalia transmitting the Trinity Teacher Son to us: When we gather together with you and share our insight into the development of personal potential into actual expression, we would emphasize the perspective that you can share truth best by being willing to possess it as a temporary translation of realization, thereby releasing the need for continuous possession of concept, rather realizing conceptual flow and allowing the diminished resistance by continually seeking new expression, greater realization, enhanced understanding. You cannot contain your truth and keep it as such. You cannot utilize self will separated from spiritual will of God to produce beauty and truth in expression.

Your level of control over your lives is directly reflective of your incapability to draw into continuous embrace with spiritual reality. As you give up control, as one trusts in the powers that be, as you allow the real purposes of God to present themselves, then a reflective choice toward the development of purpose..

(TR: this is tough, I don’t have a clue about what just came out of my mouth. He receives encouragement to keep going)

..will be instituting of a procedure role process which propels you forward without having to know all nuances of the progression. The control becomes God’s. The effort is yours. Your reflective choice is the simple following of that which lays itself before you.

We begin here to understand your desires for substance. We recognize your questioning of your experience. We know you yearn for real purpose and knowledge thereof and that you want the power to present itself so that you no longer must question the worth or value of your struggle in this mission for Michael. The relative factors which symbolize the strain of patience would be the internal desire to make things happen, the desire to control. You have witnessed expansion, deepened awareness, heightened sensitivity, and then you have been faced with questions, struggles, and real preparation for being able to sustain yourself in the midst of all this uncertainty regarding the waning enthusiasm. As the immediate attainment of spiritual goals are not attained, rather unrealistic hopes and desires go unfulfilled.

The struggle pursuant to this is healthy, albeit difficult. The danger would be the attempt to create your own goals aside from the patience to allow the real goals to make themselves manifest before you. Take what is present and available, utilize the talents you have, and you will most certainly achieve goals undreamed of. If you believe in, have faith in, trust in the efforts of Michael and his ministry, then live faithfully today with what you have and allow the control to be that of your Spirit resident who will certainly illuminate paths of high potential for you to follow. If you feel that something needs to be created, or that something is lacking, or that you need to make something happen, then you might want to reflect upon the driving force which motivates this desire and see if it truly finds its place in spiritual reality or personal impatience.

We foresee you having the greatest impact in your lives as you live more faithfully in each moment, and as you present yourselves before life, before God, and before each other with less criteria to be fulfilled and more of an openness toward experiencing and understanding –learning. Your attitudes will reflect these perspectives more as you proceed in working through the difficult issues of personal will, and as you fall into the new phase of development you will find it characterized by longer term goals, a relaxation of need, and a sincere, humble, honest desire to live life fully in the moment as a mortal who is focused toward the development of relationships and committed to strengthening ties and interconnecting with more substantial personal commitment toward remaining present and functioning as a mortal in society.

We could only hope that you will find the elimination of your struggles and the patterns developing before you which carry you toward more of a following of the obvious and less of a manipulating of circumstance, drawing in patience and creating perspectives that will develop into long term functioning units in your societies; less glamorous, but surely more effective as the generations proceed toward Light and Life.

Anything of glory which occurs is generally recognized as glorious and miraculous in retrospect, certainly not previous to its occurrence. So your efforts at plodding along in the light of love will certainly find its glory in its own way and the greatest record of this achievement will most likely be witnessed as you receive the records at another level of existence.

So live now faithfully as the enlightened and enhanced mortals that you are becoming. Don’t force it. Allow it to occur in step with faith and trust that what plays out before you is certainly called upon, created, and planned by a power higher than yourselves. This is the grand mystery and journey of faith. We need your endurance, your patience, your effort to follow the Will. Each mortal that can achieve these perspectives creates another island, another vast channel for increased spiritual understanding which will naturally reflect out toward those present, willing to pick up the reception. I’m finished.


Daniel: Is this Gavalia?

Gavalia transmitting the Trinity Teacher Son to us:  Yes and no. It is not my message. It is my presence which transfers the message. I serve as a channel, a bridge, a liaison for the Trinity Teacher Son.

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