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CNF7- IC96 Conference Thankfulness (’96)

1996-08-11-IC96 Conference Thankfulness
Conference # 7 — CONFERENCE


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Thankfulness
o 1.2 Group: IC 96 TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Will, HaReel, Alphonso, Ambrose, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue

Topic: Thankfulness
Group: IC 96 TeaM
Teacher: Will, HaReel, Alphonso, Ambrose, Machiventa
TR: Unknown


WILL:   Greetings beloveds. My heart and indeed, your hearts, are filled this moment with the spirit of our Father, and so we will co-create together a song of praise to Him, who created us all. Open my heart dear Father and fill it with your light. Allow me to touch the hearts of others and lead them to your path, to the sustenance that lives within each of them, that they too may pass on your light.

Analiese: Rain softly upon me Father your blessings and guidance that I may flower and grow and share with all around me.

Natalya: Our Father, dearest Michael, your love is such a blessing, it fills our souls and makes living on this planet a challenge, the adventure, the wonder that it is. Give us the vision to use this love to further your plan.

Vincent: Father we worship you. We are astounded by you. We laugh with you, and you share our lives with us. You’ve given us each talents and opportunities. You have picked us out so that we may assist your beloved son Michael and we wholeheartedly pledge our allegiance to this mission. Thank you for your love, for your confidence in us, for the opportunities you provide us. We love you so much for you have given us everything. We pray that we will be able to be the type of example for our brothers and sisters that will show them your love through our eyes.

WILL:   Wherever we gather, in all the grand and majestic universe of universes, He is. I lift up my hands (T/R raises hands to the heavens) to the Father in reverence, in adoration, in worship, that He is my Father. Amen.
Greetings beloveds, my heart is so filled with thanksgiving in this moment, I would like to rest-in- this moment. Might we hold hands? (Group reaches out and connects hands) With the love within my heart dear Father go round this circle and fill equally, the hearts of my dear students. Let them know dear Father how blessed they are; what beautiful creatures they are (lost word); and how very much I love them.

Know each one of you, how deeply your lives have filled mine; what it means to me to have the privilege and honor of helping you along your path. And how privileged I feel for the gifts and blessings that you flow to me through the lives that you live. One day beloveds, we will all sit around a table or in a circle as we are now, and be able to look into one another’s eyes, as we do now look into one another’s hearts. I do so thank the Father for giving me the gifts that you are.

Vincent: And Michael, we praise you. We love you. We thank you for the teacher you have brought us for our group. She has been steadfast in the face of our inability. She has been loving despite our stubbornness. She has shepherded us wisely, brilliantly, and the deepest honor we can give her is our love. And we bestow it upon her and sing her praises. Thank you Michael. Thank you Father. Thank you Will.

WILL:   Thank you Vincent, and thank you, each one of you, for the treasures that you are; the love that you bring into my life. And thank you for allowing me this time of worship with you, for I have so wanted it. And now let us get comfortable.


WILL:   Your conversation this evening was such a pleasure for me and all those here gathered. It was an experience it seems for each of you who were able to be present, and for each of us, that was so much greater than we had anticipated; so much greater than perhaps you had anticipated. And so it will be from this time forward, for indeed we are in a time of increased spiritual pressure.

(Ed: Will is referring to our participation in the IC96 conference.)

WILL:   The Father has stirred. He has heard your prayers. He has heard the prayers and cries of Urantians across the globe, not just you beloveds, not just you who live in the lap of luxury in these United States, but He has heard the cries of his babies who live with so little, and yet do they struggle to find Him in their lives. And He has been moved, and this world -is- changing as we speak. So much change in your futures dear ones, whose design it is to connect all upon this planet through their hearts. You are blessed through the roles that you each play, for the waves that you send out, are indeed moving on and on and on. Would that you could see the light that you are. Would that you could see and understand the energy that moves from each of you when it is centered in your heart with the love of the Father moving it forward!

There were many at this International Conference, “International Conference”, what a glorious sound that is to my ears! The Father’s heart embraces this entire globe. There were many at this conference who became aware of their deeper connection with the Father; this one sitting here, this beloved student was such a one, and has much in her future if she allows. Each of you have much in your futures on levels you may not even yet understand. You are building a spirit base within you; you’re reaching for gifts you have inside yourselves that you are only just beginning to understand. Continue beloveds with the exercises I have encouraged you to do, that of reaching for the Father’s hand is so important. Reinforce this throughout your day.

Recognize your connection with Him; mentally, emotionally seek His will. Listen for the gentle words, the slight pressures that would lead you or push you into a different direction. You all experience them. I encourage you to make a grand effort to become more aware, more cognizant of the Father’s hand in your life. For each of you have chosen to represent Him, to represent our sovereign Michael. We will hold His banner high; it will fly across this entire globe and it will happen through the likes of you. I am overwhelmed with feelings right now and would weep for the joy that I feel! For being able to be a part of this! And that you, my dear students, will also be a part of this, have indeed, been a part.

For the contributions you have each made, the building of what is now a crescendo of spiritual energy, has been considerable, and you are each blessed for the roles you’ve played. And now I hope that you will forgive me, for I will now close my part of this meeting, but we will talk some more at our next meeting. Talk about perhaps, what you each feel is happening in your own lives. There are personal teachers here present who would appreciate an opportunity to say a few words if it is your desire. We will now open the floor to those teachers, but I will come back and close the meeting.

HAREEL:  Greetings to you all, this is HaReel and I have been knocking very loudly on the consciousness of my student this evening because I wish to express what the conference has meant to me. She has not given me the opportunity to communicate this to her, so I will do it at this time. To see everybody there together, sharing the same love, feeling the spirit, was an event I find hard to put into words. My student feels that perhaps she made no major spiritual gains and yet I feel that she has misjudged, and that someday in the future what she did learn, she did experience, will manifest itself to her. I would also like to encourage you all to add a worship service to your meetings whenever you feel it is appropriate as it serves a wonderful purpose of spiritual upliftment. I would like to close. Let happiness abound. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

ALPHONSO:  Good evening friends, this is Alphonso and in keeping with the topics tonight, I too will speak of lessons learned among like minded seekers. When so many people are brought together who are open and seeking and knowledgeable so much can happen, and did happen. So many heart connections were completed. So many opportunities were presented and recognized and acted upon. So much love was transferred and conveyed, that it is truly a significant occasion for those in attendance and for those watching. Each person who attended the conference occasion comes home feeling that they were individually directed and guided and cared for by celestial teachers and administration and they are correct.

Each of you walked a path of your own that was filled with insights, with love and with connections. Each of you was given a variety of experiences with which to build and expand your talents. This foundational work is important and will be utilized by you in the times to come. There was so much growth, so much rejuvenation, so much love felt, that this is a meeting that you will not soon forget. I pray that each of you will take from this meeting the blessings that were bestowed, will reflect upon them and incorporate them into your lives and go forth to actively promote Michael’s mission to uplift this planet and turn it into the jewel that it will become. As was stated in a speech at the conference “my little children, love each other”. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

AMBROSE:  Greetings students, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. I will not speak long this evening, yet I would like to look a bit deeper into the mini lesson I shared with you at our last meeting. The understanding that your physical structure is in essence, a system made up of many microcosm of the Father. Your entire being from a systems level to a molecular level, to a cellular level has within it, replete within each of these levels the Father’s pattern. I would extend to you the understanding that in light of this increased pressure, the energies from the Father that are now available to you, to you who seek it, make that clear, to you who SEEK it, your beings may become infused with this increased higher vibration.

And it, in turn, has the ability to enhance your being, to lift the frequency pattern on a deep cellular level. We spoke many months ago telling you that your physical senses, your abilities to perceive were being upstepped. Some of you have recognized these changes, others of you are beginning now to become aware of these changes. And now the pressure increases, which in turn increases the enlightenment of your physical structures, if you so will it. There will be those who while the Father seeks entry into their hearts, will turn a deaf ear, will close their eyes, will not recognize the light that surrounds them, that indwells them, and so they will be changed little. There will be others who will be dynamos entirely infused and energized by the Father’s Love and Light and will in fact, become transformers through which this increased energy will flow out, touching more of the Father’s children on deeper levels. Consider the opportunity to serve the Father through this enlightened pattern of service.

Understand beloveds, that pressure, personal pressure is never put upon any of you. All is strictly an opportunity of service, and no level is seen in a lesser light. All of the gifts you extend to the Father through the brotherhood are accepted in the loving light they were extended. Food for thought. Until next we meet I bid you good evening. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

WILL:    And so beloveds, we have indeed had a full table this evening. We shared our hearts and have given these gifts of love and mind to one another and to the Father. We had our understanding of the gifts we were given at the conference made clearer to us. And we’ve been given some higher understanding to process; a full table I’d say. And so I leave you now encouraging you again, to put the pedal to the metal. This student is not comfortable with that phrase and is wondering where it came from; I was attempting humor. I would leave you on a light note, not on a heavy one. Know always how loved you are; how surrounded and supported you are. And that no matter what your decision, either now or in the future, you are always blessed and loved and supported. Shalom.

MACHIVENTA:  Greetings to you all. It is I Machiventa Melchizedek. I have been observing you this evening and do like what I see, what I hear, what I feel, for much goes on within your hearts that may be perceive by one such as I. Your dear teacher is filled at the moment with remorse, afraid she may have inadvertently used a term that would cause you to feel pressured and it is for this reason that I speak with you now. For I know full well that each of you have a better and clearer understanding of your teacher and know she would not pressure you. She indeed is, and has been one of the brightest lights of my staff and I would not have her leave this room without the understanding that from both sides she is understood.

Analiese: I understand and do not feel pressured by what Will said.

Vincent: Machiventa, Will knows full well our desire to do the Father’s will; that our commitment’s to this mission. To encourage us to accelerate our activity is hardly necessary as we all burn brightly with desire to do more and more.

MACHIVENTA:   Indeed, Vincent, and yet I understand we do sometimes use phrases that may be taken in a light different from what we intended, and it was this that concerned her. And I appreciate, and your Will appreciates the support you are voicing, and yes she did understand in her heart and yet her head in this particular instance interfered with what her heart knew.

Vincent: So Machiventa, with that disposed of, could you give us some word of your take on the conference and the mission?

MACHIVENTA:  I will consider saying a few things, yes. You each understood on different levels the work that was being accomplished at this conference. This conference was a drawing together of so many smaller pieces of the pattern that makes up this mission to Urantia. Regional conferences and national conferences all play their role and yet an international conference covers such a broader territory and allows us to create pockets of outreach across this globe. It is difficult when working in other countries, quite often to reach our students, and as you well know, many are being reached through teachings that are a bit outside the ken of this mission as -you- understand it, and yet they are equally playing a role, their energy is needed in equal measure to your own.

There were many healings on all levels at this conference, for indeed there were many healers present, some who were known and others who just discovered the gift of the Father. And so, much more was accomplished than might have been expected. These healings were physical, emotional, and yes even mental. We and you, have put in many hours, labors of love, for our Creator Son’s mission that culminated in yet an even larger piece of the puzzle, if you will, be set down in place. The spiritual emanations that are moving out from that conference will culminate in an even grander conference in days to come, it is like the waves and the tide as well you know. I think I have spoken long enough. I thank you for your question and your interest and yet much will be understood by you, each of you, all who walk this Father’s path of love and light in days to come. Shalom.

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