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CNF34- Conference: Snowbird #5 – Phase 2 (’01)

2001-07-09-Welcome to Phase Two

Snowbird Conference #5 – CNF #34


1Topic: Welcome to Phase Two
2Group: Snowbird Conference
1Teacher: Abraham
2TR: Nina


Topic: Welcome to Phase Two

Group: Snowbird Conference


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



Abraham. I am Abraham, Greetings. I so enjoyed your discussion this evening. It was nice to hear you discuss something else besides the conference. (Roar)


This everyday living reality is what we have spoken about so many times before. Our mission is about finding those reserves from to draw a spiritual account in a practical way. A way that suits the human and the divine.

I breathe a sigh of relief for we have put our best foot forward and now we leave the results in Father’s hands. I can say every individual received exactly what they put into the conference gathering. I trust that most will have those spiritual reserves on hand for some time to come.

I have been assigned the somewhat controversial task of reiterating the basis from which this Teaching Mission stems. I am speaking about the Urantia Book. This book is our compass in the sea of everything.

Many ideas will come and go and you can always measure these ideas with the book. The book is a solid directional guide, even though it may contain some material that seems farfetched. Nevertheless it is a lighthouse that leads us to the shores of balance. Next to this book we have our beloved Father fragments providing for us ever new and updated information. In the days ahead we would do well to ponder the closeness to the ever-indwelling Father fragment who is ever showing us a new and better way.

The communication with our Fragments is becoming more simple to understand since the planet has re-encircuited into the fold of Nebadon. Do not make the mistake of putting these Father Fragments on a mystical pedestal, because this leads to over-indulgence in self-aggrandizement. Become used to thinking of them as the better part of yourself. Your higher mind; Your revelatory provider. These Mystery Monitors are the gatekeepers to all that holds meanings and values. Allow them to work and notice your new sense of balance and confidence to be at home in the world. Those wonderful Fragments are a safety measure to weed out non-reality, while correlating information that will serve you well.

And last I would say a few words on living revelation.

Down through the ages you can see how the basic goodness of all religions have taken hold. They have not gone away. Those things that are really true will be lasting. There is always a great deal of excitement created around certain theories, but when they loose the momentum of the people’s faith, they go by the wayside.

As you mature in spirit, you find you need not give faith energy over to just anything. You can always count on your indwelling Fragments to keep you up to date with universe happenings. You can know their ministries more mentally than emotionally. In the course of choosing from the banquet table, they, the Adjusters can certainly lead you to those dishes of nutrition and what might not always look appetizing to you may be with more spiritual sustenance, according to the Indweller.

You can measure the living revelation with your understanding of becoming more selfless. What feels good and true may be food for the ego, not necessarily for the soul. Have confidence, my friends; your indwelling Father goes before you. He has sampled everything and is a helpmate, not one who is awaiting for you to make a mistake so He can chastise you.

Ponder these things this week, my friends, for we are at the beginning of Phase 2 of the mission. Let us rally our faith. Filter out the falsities, and check our foundation for cracks. This phase will be the building. I would not receive questions this evening, but would love to leave you with some heightened energy reserves by praying for you.


Our Father, our Son, our Mother, I humbly come before you on behalf of my mission fellows. There has been a great expense of energy as of late and I, in my love for them, beseech you to rain down upon them your ever-lasting love and comfort. Aid them in their integration of all they have learned this weekend. Bring balance to imbalance. Bring clarity to cloudiness. You know, as I do, that their underlying motivation was out of love for you.

We know that. We know that you know their expense in Spirit was great and we ask you for that Spirit energy that only you can provide. I speak on their behalf, that if there was ever need again for such energy expense, my friends here would not hesitate to once again do all they could for you. We thank you my Father, the Father of all Fathers. We thank you, Michael, for they could not want for a closer Brother/Friend. I thank you Mother for your grace and example of service without need for glory. Know that our thoughts, our love, our complete being is in you. We gratefully accept your energy, guidance and love in return. Amen. Shalom

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