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NID709- Trust


No Idaho #709


1Topic: Trust
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM
1Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Michael
2TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers


Topic: Trust

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Michael

TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers



Charles: [Henry] Greetings this morning my friends, it is I your friend Charles, glad to be here this morning to have shared in this conversation with this circle of love and friendship. I can’t help but comment on the notion of trust this morning and the human counterpart to trust which always has conditions, the spiritual concept of trust from the Creator which has no conditions at all. It is unconditional. Like love from the Father which is unconditional, so is trust unconditional. Trust in and of itself is necessarily spiritual but the least amount of conditions you put on trust allows for the greater growth which is intended by the trust.

Of course it is always correct to be cautious with trusting. We are not saying blind trust here, we are just saying unconditional trust, there is a difference. Unconditional trust is trust out of awareness, out of consciousness. It is something which is premeditated, it is something to which you have already processed. At some point, humans are going to begin to have to trust each other a little more to build the great human race family of brotherhood on this planet. To be able to respect and love each other there is going to have to at least begin a certain amount of trusting, trusting that the best outcome will present itself because trust has opened the door and allowed something to come in and happen between people.

All of spirit is tremendously trusting; the orders of angelic service are tremendously trusting. Just because you trust someone does not mean that you can assume an outcome, for many times by trusting someone you may be surprised at the outcome. It may reveal something that you had not thought of which allows for the other person to begin to open up to an expression within themselves, because of being trusted they are able to express what it is within themselves which needs to find expression both in what is said and what is done or how things are said and how things are done.

Then there are levels of trust. Part of these may be the levels of condition in a human sense in which you are able to trust others. For example: A wise parent would not always trust that the child would make the correct decision though this may be an intention and most of the time may manifest as such. A wise parent must be aware of when to correct, how to guide, how to lovingly correct a child so that they do not feel threatened by what you are telling them, that they feel that what you are telling them is necessary, it is necessary for the smooth outworking for the family, for the smoother upbringing of the child.

This applies to people as well though they are not children. It is wise to discern how to, using your word ‘prune,’ certain elements from either ones thought or behavior because ideally you want to trust them more. Why is it that to some people, you can tell your innermost secrets to and others you cannot? Doesn’t this show that there is a level of trust that you have with some that you do not have with others? Part of your spiritualizing process is the constant adjustment to your making with trust. Ideally you want to trust everyone intimately, like you trust God intimately. This is the ideal.

But on a practical level, the ideal must be tempered, not so much from your point of view but from the other persons point of view. It must be tempered to allow time for them to come nearer the level of trust you are willing to allow them. In this sense, trust is very real. With trust you can be less suspicious, less fearful, you may be even able to relax, and of course at that time when society reaches those dawn ages of Light and Life, there will have been shown a tremendous amount of trust within the relationships of human beings, for human beings cannot come to a level of peace without a level of trust. As a matter of fact you can almost say there is a direct relationship between the level of peace and the level of trust. They are quite parallel.

I will leave you with these few thoughts this morning, thanking you for sharing your thoughts and wishing you a wonderful week and allowing these thoughts to further help you grow in understanding and trust within yourself, thank you.

Light: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light here enjoying your conversation as well. In discussing this issue of trust, I am pleased to bring about one more perspective for consideration and that is, as you know, every parent must trust in the end, their children to make their own and the proper decision for their best welfare but not until they have been nurtured and pruned and fertilized and sustained with certain points where they can stand on their own and bear their own fruit.

This scenario holds true in the lives that you each live. You are granted this opportunity, the seed was planted with you, you have been thrown on fertile ground as it were, and sprouted up well, you have done some pruning in your life’s mission together and then after you have reached this point of maturation, your fruits are readily discernible. Then after this period of having been raised up and nurtured, you are then entrusted with eternal destiny that you are individually responsible for. The Father has grown you up to be spirits of the realm in this classroom and bestows upon you the ultimate gift that any parent can bestow, this complete trust and faith in you as individuals.

So this idea of trust is a supreme thread that runs throughout the continuum from parents to siblings to parents to siblings as they trust and show faith, as they trust and show faith and are the trusted one and the one able to turn around and trust. This principle is universally demonstrated throughout your ascension career and never will this condition of trust in your complete responsibility for your own choices ever be violated because this gift of trust is the supreme gesture made to you throughout this process. This trait will become easier and easier for you as you master faith in this principle and as the spiritual awareness of every individual rises. These two factors mean that this lesson of faith is encountered by all and embraced by all as part of the matrix of what happens as you evolve.

Thank you for the opportunity to throw a few words into the conversation. It is always a pleasure to be with you. I now relinquish the floor for others.

Michael: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, I am Michael. I am intrigued enough by this topic of trust to pay you a visit and to offer a few words. As you have stated, this being trusted brings with it such a great pathway to self assurance because one concludes that if they are trustworthy by another then they must truly be trustworthy. They use this as some measure of discernment to validate this principle of whether they are seen as trustworthy and therefore must be.

Today, I would bring you each this very assurance, that I see you my children as trustworthy and that I would gladly have you interpret for me, speak for me, speak as you think I would speak, speak as you have learned that I would speak. I have this sincere trust in all of you. You are in fact where this entire project hinges, you are as the saying goes, where the rubber meets the road, the flashpoint of the spark plug. And so I rest my trust with you, all of you my children. I have faith in you that you will follow the best and highest virtuous ways of your heart and that over time you will grow more secure in making these decisions and be more bold in asserting these principles because you are speaking for me, speaking for us in partnership when you do so.

That is my message for you today. You are my dear ones in whom I have so much trust and faith and in whom I am so well pleased. I have handed over the reins of the future of this world to you; you are now in charge. That is as much trust as I may demonstrate to you at this time but I would gladly demonstrate it to you, even now. It is with joy that I do so and in peace. I am comforted to know that you are so positively inclined to seek to live the realities that we know, that it bring my heart nothing but joy to instill this trust in you and to demonstrate this faith. It is my desire that you would demonstrate such faith to my other brethren. Bring this peace that this faith brings with it and then completely let go and relinquish all expectation and allow as I allow that the best will come of what the gesture may have been. Simply offering the gesture changes the tenor of the vibration in [the] consciousness of man.


So be about planting these seeds and holding these images fast. I am pleased with you, I endorse you to speak for me as you would think I would speak; in this way you bring me into the equation and allow that we may work in partnership together. So be it, let it be so. I leave you now in peace.

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