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COS1- Fear Discussion Points

2020-04-10 Fear Discussion Points

COS #1 – Circle of Service – Discussion Group

Purpose, Mission and History:

Note: The COS – Circle of Service group has formed as a result of the compilation of the various Teaching Mission (TM) and Correcting Time (CT) transcripts that have been transmitted (TR’d) over mostly, the last 40 years. There are also some transcripts from the 1970’s through 1990. Not very many but there are some.

The compilation of these transcripts started as an effort to archive and safeguard the years of dedication, effort on both sides of the veil to be used to change ourselves for the betterment and these transcripts are, in our humble opinion, supplemental and complimentary to the Urantia Book.

The website URL of is a consequence of the archiving efforts. It was felt that the transcripts and transmitted material, in addition to being safeguarded, also should be utilized and not just stored somewhere. After the effort to make the documents accessible and useful with a comprehensive search capability, the next step was to utilize the material in a group and re-start discussing the concepts and thoughts so patiently and lovingly provided in the years past.

Also, given the speed at which the world is changing before our eyes and the fact that many of the TR’s that worked hours and dedicated themselves to the TM effort have since moved on to their next level of life. It is our intention to utilize this material to expand the minds of those involved in the group, those that have an internal drive and curiosity to seek the higher spiritual thoughts and truths. We recommend to those minds to utilize the website, ignite your minds, embrace your spiritual birthright and begin to evolve. We will be striving to facilitate discussion and active ways to promote spirituality.  

*** Given the current stresses and stressors times during this COVID-19 virus pandemic, we believe many will need the help from us that are grounded in Spirit and more in-tune with our TA to assist and guide them away from fear and panic dynamics. It is our desire to help our spiritual brothers and sisters during this time and the times to come. We ask for that our TA (Thought Adjuster / In-dwelling Spirit), Father Christ Michael, Mother Spirit Nebadonia, and all of the other unseen helpers to assist and guide us in these efforts. ***

There are many references to FEAR within the transcripts. Just 3 references were pulled out to start the discussion. If you want to see more invest the time to investigate further into the various TM & CT material within the website on this or any other topic.



The following are topical transcript excerpts to aid as a guide or basis of discussion:

NOTE: Celestial conversation is capitalized and bolded for easy identification.

VERONICA:  My dear beloved friends, I bestow my love and warmest affection to all who receive my messages, and give you my continual reassurance to inspire confidence in all your endeavors. Fear is a many-faceted antagonist whose illusory essence needlessly squanders energy better used for positive purpose.

Distressful worry obscures truth and renders you incapable of selflessly serving the Source of your divine inspiration. Insecurities are a natural outgrowth of fear that negatively influences all your actions and strains your ability to generate love and acquire inner fulfillment.

You can begin to recognize your fears by identifying the escape mechanisms that surface repeatedly in your time spent in avoidance. Procrastination is often a symptom of subtle fear that stifles clarity of perception that keeps your sources of anxiety veiled from your recognition. It takes a great deal of courage to confront insecurity because you often perceive a loss of safeness; however, focusing on the Father’s love in these times of imagined threat will provide you with undaunted bravery in combating these fabricated demons of your thoughts.

Seize opportunities to face your uneasiness when you feel most nourished by the Father, and you will learn to eradicate these conjured thorns that forestall your proficiency in becoming more like Him. You are the creator of your fears and conflict, and you can choose to formulate eloquent and loving substitutes to renew your energy and reinforce your zeal for higher aspirations.

I assure you that my love will shower you with intensity in all your conquering attempts and assist you in recognizing the beauty of every present moment.

Animals experience reactions such as fear, pleasure, anxiety, anticipation and they have their own individual ways of expressing this, but they do not know God. They are not encircuited in the Personality circuit. They have no free will, are unable to make moral choices, do not know time. What differentiates man from animal is the gift of personality from the Father, which includes all these things and more. Personality is not behavior, it has more to do with the ability to recognize God and the things of eternal value, to make these distinctions and the will to act on them.

Fear is always present when one’s emotions are out of balance and fear separates one from the spiritual circuits

When you experience anxiety or fear and the mental turmoil that accompanies fear, you are separating the consciousness from divine contact. And so, you are required then in order to quell the fear and achieve peace consciously to direct your thoughts to Him. As soon as your thoughts are consciously directed to God, however fearful they might be, you’ll experience calmness and ability to remain calm. Human beings have the tendency to dwell in fearful thinking indulgently without really wanting to have comfort. You, however, are directed to consciously pull away from this self-indulgence and to reestablish contact with the Father at once. Indulging in fearful speculation is a faith destructive or lowering pastime. Do not allow your lower animal based fearful natures to destroy your higher faith based natures.

Fear itself is an enemy, a great obstacle for mankind. Fear begets violence and fear itself does great violence to the soul. The more you can rely upon the Father, the less fear can dictate your feelings and actions. The great task for each human being and indeed for mankind as a whole is to rise above your fears. It takes spiritual strength to live on a plane above fear. It takes spiritual humility to trust so completely in your perfect heavenly Father that fear cannot enter in to your thinking.

Once you partake of the spirit and dedicate yourselves wholeheartedly to its dictates, fears can no longer harm you. But, should you turn away from the spirit, then fear will immediately take hold and your lives sink as low as they once were high. Relying upon the spirit is no easy task. It takes continual turning toward the spirit. It takes bringing the spirit into every thought every decision. The requirements of the spirit are that you rely more and more upon him and less and less upon the unspiritual dictates of the mind.

The mind is where all this takes place. The mind is where love takes hold and also where fear takes hold. As love grows, it will gradually crowd out the fear to where fear can no longer take root and begin again. But like all good gardeners, you must be vigilant to pull out the weeds of fear consciously. Love must be given room to grow and love will gradually encompass your minds completely. All your thinking will be dictated by the imperatives of love and this is true spiritual living. Turn away from fear and toward love with every decision.

The way is long, the road is steep, but it will be easy if you rely upon love to guide you and to give you what you need. Do not fear want. Do not fear idleness. Do not worry about tomorrow for no one knows the future but the Father. Rely upon him today and trust in him to take care of tomorrow. Many, many people, in their fear, lay up great stores for the future. But always, at every turn, these stores are threatened and can be depleted or robbed any day. You do not know what lies in store tomorrow, but you must not fear. Each day will bring what it brings. You can plan, you can guide your course to some extent, but most things are far beyond your control. Once you relinquish the control of fear and replace it with absolute trust in the benevolence of the heavenly Father, then your lives will unfold according to his will.

So your first early attempts at meditation and prayer and worship might seem to be bringing on disaster. What are all these fears springing up, all these mistakes you’ve made in your whole life, coming up once again to plague your soul? But ask yourself if you would rather have these deep fears stay underground and affect you in unconscious ways in all your relationships with the others in your life. Wouldn’t you rather have these past events be reviewed in full consciousness, now in a more mature you? Through meditation in the present moment you are more in touch with your own soul which contains the completeness of God’s view of your life.

It’s with this completeness you can once again revisit your mistakes, your fears, and your shortcomings–however you want to call these things that you do genuinely regret. Now you can look at them afresh with new eyes and in this wholeness, in this completeness of your being, truly forgive yourselves. Now, in your conscious mind, you can have the completeness of your past with no dark and hidden events nagging you, driving you. Now you can see and accept all that you’ve done, and in doing so, my children, you can begin to see others as well, not in black and white terms of all good or all evil, all driven or all lazy. You can begin to see their completeness in all that they are too.


NOCO NET #54 – December 31, 2018

Helping people with fear and despair

Doug: Thank you. A follow-up question, in talking about preparing for future calamities, it will be more difficult to proclaim a good news message to people who are distressed from the catastrophes. I don’t know how you could overcome the feelings of fear and despair with the message that we try to bring forward.

MACHIVENTA: You are quite correct and that is why we have started early with the Correcting Time. We have been striving to teach people to learn how to be in stillness and to not fall into fear. Fear concerns the future which you have almost no control over. Fears are in many regards senseless and unproductive, as Rayson has used the example before, when you step outside your front door and you see a 10 foot wall of water rushing down the street, you should be in fear; but the thought of fear of that happening in the future does you no good and robs you of the energy to do proactive work to be prepared for those moments, those times.

The practice of peace is one which is almost absent throughout your nation. There are less than 10 million people who actively practice peace in their daily lives in this nation. It is a sparse population that expresses and practices peace with a lack of worry and lack of fear, and lack of regret. Going forward into the future is truly a spiritual practice that needs to be practiced ahead of time for when the times are very rough. You know and we know from your personal experiences that people who have gone through hard times in their life, even crises of a major nature, their lives are heartened and strengthened by the knowledge of their relationship with the Almighty Father, their Thought Adjuster and the First Source and Center of the Universe. Christ Michael in his practice as Jesus was also a tremendous ally to those in distress. His experience as Jesus is now a practice of many people to give them strength in times of need and distress.

On the other hand, my good friend, for people who have not practiced these ahead of times, or have been negligent to do so, even knowing they are essential to their peace of mind in their daily life, those people who have omitted this practice from their lives, they truly will be in distress and when the time comes there will be absolutely no convincing them that your way is right.

Doug: So I see what you are saying is that the best way to ameliorate fear is to deal with it now; try to focus what is now as opposed to the past or future.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, exactly, to live in the moment. This is essential for peaceful living. It is one of the wonderful practices of spirituality that is proactive to help your mental health and your emotional health in the future.

Doug: Thank you.

Helping those who lack spiritual grounding

Jeff: I would like to ask a follow-on question, if I may. In times of great stress, which we are going to see, hopefully not in my lifetime but certainly possibly, do you have some advice about how to deal with people that you just mentioned that have no spiritual grounding to deal with the life as it is presenting itself? If you say that there is nothing that we can do to console them, do we ignore them? Do we comfort them the best that we can? What is your suggestion about how we comport ourselves in that situation?

MACHIVENTA: Exactly, you used the word correctly: How do you comport yourself? You do so as a peaceful individual living in the moment. You at that time are truly a living example of a person at peace. There will be many individuals in the future who do not have this groundedness in their spirituality who will be living in anxiety attacks as an ongoing way of living. It will be very difficult for those people to conceive of peace and tranquility. People in that condition in that situation, the best advice you can give them is to go outside and wrap their legs around the nearest fire hydrant and get grounded. (Laughter.) That may seem whimsical and farfetched, but this is truly one of the best places you can get grounded—or to lie in the wet grass in your underwear. You will be grounded then and you will be taken out of your anxiety in a heartbeat. This is practical advice that we give to you who are in deep distress. For others who want to be more peaceful in adjusting their anxieties, we suggest you go to the ocean or to the lake and walk in the water up to your ankles and enjoy the scenery around you.


NOCO NET #51 –  Nov. 19, 2018

Prevailing emotion of fear

Liz: I have struggled to put this question into words, so please bear with me. The last time we gathered you said that the prevailing emotion on our planet is fear. I have a vision of a planetary fabric of consciousness where if I have a negative thought it sends a little stain like a drop of ink, and when I have a good positive thought it sends the opposite like a little drop of bleach. And if we were to look at this planetary fabric of consciousness, it would be darker in some areas and lighter in other areas. Is this completely a figment of my imagination, or do my thoughts, both positive and negative actually affect the entirety of the planetary consciousness?

MACHIVENTA: Hooray! (Clapping.) Yes, your consciousness surely does impact the consciousness of the whole planet. Thank you so much for your very clear statement.

Liz: So are other people’s prevailing emotions of fear affecting the rest of us?

MACHIVENTA: Most certainly.

Liz: Can we work overtime to overcome this? What must we do?

MACHIVENTA: Dear person, you only have 24 hours, therefore it is necessary that you maintain the consciousness, that consciousness of light, that consciousness of good, that consciousness of benevolence, that pervading consciousness of deep gratitude to the Creator — this is the greatest and best message that you can send onto the world, and that when you discuss with friends over coffee, dinner or lunch, or over the phone that you continue to express this gratitude, this thanksgiving, this joy for abundance, for your good health, and so on. This is part of the light. Do not be afraid to share this with your friends who are in parallel consciousness. Do share with them of what you are doing, why you are doing it and how they can reinforce that. It is not necessary to come together through the Internet at a particular time of the day, year or month to then come into this consciousness, but it is vastly vital and critically important that you do this moment-to-moment, and that when you speak to others you share this with them. You can bring them into their awareness through the Internet as well, but it is awareness of consciousness to express that consciousness in your life and your mind as you see it projecting out to the world, bleaching those dark spots into light and whiteness.


ICC61 Welmek – Creativity, Fear, Courage, Stillness

2000-09-21-Welmek – Creativity, Fear, Courage, Stillness

Fear, Courage

Q: I have a question that is personal, but I think that all of us here and society right now…I would just like you to address we can use fear and insecurity to be a motivator rather than a hinder in both personal interaction and in the society at large, how we integrate ourselves into it.

WELMEK: Well, I feel that you have to a certain extent answered your own question because fear must be integrated with courage, it must be integrated with action, it must be integrated with peace. One of the most effective ways that you do this is to ask your spirit that dwells within to transform that feeling of fear into feelings of courage. When you are fearful, stop for a moment and ask yourself what is it that I fear? And when you have identified it, ask for the guidance, the insight necessary you need to overcome that fear with courage and action. When you do this, you are allowing yourself to expend the fear where it will actually start to dissipate and dissolved (U) and the more you can do this, the greater this fear will leave you.

So that what does replace the fear? The fear is replaced by courage, by conviction, by a sense of optimism and a sense of confidence, a confidence that you have the capacity to move from inaction or inertia into action (U). Allow yourself to be fueled by courage, allow yourself to open up that channel and ask the Father to bring it more into your body. There is no lack of courage in the universe, there is no lack of any of the spiritual gifts the Father gives you, you cannot run out, you can never run dry, your Father does this when you ask to replenish your well. Each time you do this there is a (U)

To answer the second part of your question, what can people do collectively. Each person must answer this for him or herself. Are they going to retreat; are they going to fight with courage and conviction? The best way to motivate someone to do this is by your own courageous actions. When people see you acting out of your convictions with your sense of loyalty and duty to what you value as true, then you are being courageous and you are acting the way God wants you to act. This is very inspiring to your fellow humans because you see there are so few acts of courage in your fellow brothers and sisters who have not yet awakened to the spirit within. When they see this it triggers a response that actually sets them off. This is what the spiritual journey is all about. The more you grow, the more you want to help people, the more your actions will set in motion a chain reaction that will help people to go within. Does this answer your question?


Nashville #222 – NSH#222    2005-04-26

HAM: Fear is like a great fraud, a great charlatan. Fear must be constantly banished. Fear must be weeded from your garden, pulled out by the roots, so to speak, and to do this sometimes opens up a psychological scar, a place of pain; but quickly this pain will pass and you will emerge much stronger and more balanced because you are more in full adjustment with reality. Reality is not frightening, it is fear that is entirely real. The reality is, you live in God’s universe and you are his children. You are beloved, cherished, and given everything needful for your happiness, health, and comfort. You are never abandoned in this universe and you are never alone.

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