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CRC02004- The Jungle Group

2002-08-04.  The Jungle Group

Costa Rica #102

Topic: The Jungle Group a/k/a/ Costa Rica

Group: Jungle Group

Teacher: AlanaLegion, Davina

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana: Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, Alana. We have some special guests, friends for a long time, visiting us today. It is a special occasion for me just to introduce you to them. (Philip and Zola) Thank you for coming.


Alana: Yes. I thank you, my beloved. But no introduction is necessary, we have many here today to welcome you (the guests) into the heart room. I am Alana, and I speak to you through your beloved friend. She, having yearned to know more about love, one day opened her heart to hear me. This may have been as much a surprise to her, as perhaps it is to you, now. But you will understand, I am here always. And now, I am here to give you the heart room.

The heart room, my friends, is deep within, as is the still point of the stillness. The heart room is between you, and among you, opening your hearts and your minds and allowing the love that resides deep within to flow up and out to one another. The heart room is that love which embraces each one of you, as well all of you together. The heart room is the love that embraces your world. The heart room is love reaching around and down to you, that you may know you are loved, that you may learn how to love: how to love yourselves, as you are; how to love one another, as each is; how to love your world of strangers, those you do not know; how to love those you would not know, those you call enemies, those you call wrong, or vile.

I am Alana. I speak to you as one who works with many, but regularly here and now. So! let us create the heart room, yes? Open your hearts. Open your hearts. Open your hearts. Breathe my love through your hearts. Breathe it in. Allow my love. Allow my love within your hearts to fill you, to rest within you. Know my love. Allow my love to spill out through your hearts to the ones before you, and through your arms to the ones at either side of you. Creating the walls of the heart room. Walls of love. Invisible, but, my beloveds, love is powerful; powerful as God’s love pours down into you, and as you open your hearts and minds and allow, and as God’s love joins with you. God’s love joined with your love. God’s will joined with your will. This is the power of love. This is love’s power.

So, allow the love to pour down through the tops of your heads, into your heads down through your throats. Allow the love to fill your bellies, down through your legs, your feet. Allow the love to pour through your toes across to the ones before you. Creating. Creating. Creating the floor of the heart room. And now, allow the love to pour down into the heart room.

Step into the heart room with me. Step into the pool of love and forgiveness. I dip you, now, each one of you, into the pool of love and forgiveness. Saturate yourselves with love and forgiveness. Turn, now, turn, turn into your hearts. Welcome, welcome into your hearts your beloveds, those you love, those you would love more. Bring them, bring them from your hearts into the pool of love and forgiveness. Welcome. Welcome. (Sonja: Puts several into the heart room.) Yes, beloved. We blow love upon them all. Welcome those you would forgive. Welcome those you have not forgiven. We blow love upon them.

The inability to forgive is the inability, in the moment, to know love. Forgiveness, like love, is an act of surrender. Surrendering to God’s love, now. Surrendering to the heart room, now. So, thoroughly saturated, what still lays upon your minds?


Sonja: I guess you’ve heard the preamble about my former teacher. I’d like to know if there is any reason for why I am thinking about him? Should I make contact?

Alana: Beloved, we would have you understand: love flows, love expands and flows. Love is, and there is no “should” in love.

When your heart opens, and your mind opens, to allow love to fill you and rest within you, and then to flow from you to others, and then to give love away, now, and now, and now…as you open to the heart room and allow the heart room to embrace you and embrace your world, and you rest within the heart room, now, and now, and now…as you begin to allow the love that you have begun to know is real, and is within you, and surrounds you, and is yours to know as a beloved and as one who gives love away to others: as you do these things your mind opens to allow love. Your mind opens to allow love to shape your thoughts, and to allow love to sweep away thoughts of fear, thoughts of doubt, thoughts of isolation. As you allow love to fill your mind, to shift your thoughts toward love, and to open your mind and heart to all the blessings of God’s love, so you begin to experience a re-opening to your life in an entirely new way, which is, to allow the love of the past to be real. That is, you allow the love of the past to be present, here and now. You forgive the love that was confused, or inadequately conveyed, or absent, so that the love of the past is known fully, now, in the love that is now, and is always now within you. This is God’s love allowing you to know love and to be loved and to give love.

Often in these experiences you notice, or observe, certain thoughts, or memories, or ideas that simply go Pop! in the head. It is quite tempting to the mind to create a story about such phenomena. The story may be valuable if the focus, the direction of the story line, is toward love. But with or without a story, that phenomena is love. It is about love. It is the result of love. So, my friend, is there love in the memory? Yes. Is there love in the desire? Yes. Is there love in the thought, the idea? Yes. Should you contact this person?

Sonja: Yes.

David: What’s the answer? Yes?

Alana: Beloved, do not be too surprised should you discover contact has already been made. Contact, beloved, is in the energy and light that is the love that has entered you newly, by your open welcome of the heart room, and your willingness to welcome change with love. The contact of love is never broken, yes?

It is not to be criticized that the human being, subject to circumstances of the material world, should imagine contact has been broken by distance, or absence. But when the true contact of love, truthful, absent of fear, compassionate, absent of doubt, when the true contact of love is made it is never broken. Your minds may forget. Your minds may struggle, as you struggle with the circumstances of your life and world. But the true contact of love will always be there, waiting, once you turn, once you surrender, and turn to love, surrender fear and doubt, surrender your struggles, and lift up your hearts to the love that is God’s, God’s love for you. So, does that satisfy?

David:  Yes, thank you.

Alana: Thank you. We say to your beloved partner, Chris: Such an intelligent mind, woven with strands of love, is welcome to speak in the stillness of his heart and to receive the light and love we have for him. Should he practice the stillness in the privacy of his personal choice, he should also know we are there. Our love will pull on those strands of love woven into his mind, loosen them, untangle them, allowing, perhaps, some of his darker thoughts to be bounced away, as a blanket held at four corners bounces a beloved child. The blanket was woven with love. The blanket is held with love. The love supports the child. The love pours in to delight the child. Love communicates to the child, love. So, this message is to bring comfort to him. Thank you.

David: May I ask a question, Alana?

Alana: Certainly.

David:  How’s our friend, Oliver, doing?

Alana: Yes, beloved. Your beloved, Mr. Practice, dances on lighter feet.

David: Well, wonderful. Glad to hear that.

Alana: And you, beloved, may let him go.

David:  Thank you. I’d like to.

Alana:  With love, yes?

David: Yes. I couldn’t even read the last letter, Alana. I don’t know what it is in me, straightening him out is a job for people with infinite patience and I’m not even close to being one of those. But I’ve done a lot and I’ve learned a lot, and I feel more love for Oliver, and thank you and Legion for helping me in that task. So have I graduated today in some way?

Alana: Well, beloved, I will allow Legion to have his say, but may I reveal to you that it is your need that wants to pull the strings straight. The strings of love will still hold him to you without struggle, yes?

David:  Yes. Thank you. Thank you.

Legion: So, this is Legion.

David: Welcome, Legion. We have some special guests, as you know, and it is a pleasure to introduce them to you today. Thank you for coming.

Legion: Thank you. I welcome these two hearts into the heart room. I blow love in through your spines. I, Legion, speak of strength. I speak of discipline. I also speak of love, comfort, and joy. I bring you strength to allow you to love, and to know the joy; for the discipline of love is the discipline of joy.

Yes, my friend, you will find the freedom to love in your ability to release. Thank you.

David: Thank you. I’m not sure I got that last point, Legion. You spoke of a freedom that would come with my ability to release. I thought you were going to say something after release, but when you didn’t, I take it you mean just to let go. Am I on track with that?


Legion: What I would have you understand is the gentle quality, even the sound, of release.

Yes, there is a letting go that you understand, but often this is understood by human beings as something that, once you let go, that which is gone is never to return again.

You understand surrender, also, as a letting go, but softer in the arms of Alana and the heart room. Surrendering to her those thoughts or difficulties or problems that she may blow love upon them and you, having surrendered them, may blow love upon them.

So there is not that great a difference in the concept of releasing, but I would have you imagine the release you feel when you loosen a belt that is too tight. Still the belt holds up the clothing. Still the belt is belted around you, but there is within you a great release. The release of comfort, yes?

David:  Yes.

Legion:  So, is that explanation more comfortable to you, sir?

David:  Thank you. Thank you, Legion. Yes.

Legion: Yes. Thank you. My beloveds, I embrace you with my love. I give you my love to strengthen your hearts and minds toward God’s will, which is good will. Toward God’s love, which is your love. Thank you.

David: Thank you for your visit Legion, and Alana. We send our love to all of our group friends wherever they are on the planet.

Alana: Yes, beloved. And we hold up our beloved bleeding world up to you and to the divine, for love at this time, because we love the earth and we see it suffering from lack of love. So we hold up the world and ask for the peace of God at this moment. And thank you for your watch care over us. I don’t know how you manage to be ubiquitous, but that’s not my business anyway. I know you are always available, and have been a very special gift to me. I just want to thank you in front of my friends for that.  I welcome your love and your gratitude with my love and my gratitude. God’s love dwells within you, each one. Turn. Turn your hearts, turn your minds, toward love, and love will greet you, always, and that love will bring you joy. Thank you.

David:  Thank you.

Alana:  So we shall leave you now to share among yourselves your experience that is our love for you. Thank you.

David:  Thank you.

Davina: This is Davina. Sharing the experience of love is always delightful, yes? I share my love with her (the t/r) and I am glad. Thank you.

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