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CRC020818- Heart Room of Three Points

2002-08-18.  Heart Room of Three Points

Costa Rica #103

Topic: Heartroom of Three Points

Group: Jungle Group   a/k/a Costa Rica

Teacher: Alana,, Davina, LegionErin

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana : Yes, this is Alana.

David : Welcome, Alana. Your presence is very beautiful today.

Alana : Yes. Thank you. So, we will allow ourselves entry into your bodies. Thank you.


Alana :  And so, you will have a heart room today, yes? A heart room of three points. Allow. Allow the energy of our love to fill you and to pour through you creating the walls of a three pointed heart room. Stable at its base. Strong as the walls filled with the energy of love are constructed between you and rise up, up, to the fourth point, an opening at the top, a small round opening. Opening. Opening wider.

Allow yourselves, now, to open your hearts, open your minds, open your throats. Reaching up, up to that still point opening at the top of the heart room and allowing, allowing Davina’s love, allowing, allowing Michael’s love, allowing the Mother’s love, the Father’s great love, to pour, pour down through that opening into your hearts, into your minds, into your throats. Breathe my love. Breathe my love in. Breathe it out. Breathe it in, again, allowing my love to fill you, saturate you, satisfy you. And breathe it out and give it away. Allow my love to flow through you, resting in you, and giving it away.

Send this love through you, my beloveds, out into the heart room and up, out through that opening, spreading out, flowing out, to the world around you, touching those you love, bringing them into the heart room, through that opening down into the heart room where I embrace them, hold them, caress them. Breathe my love, now, my beloveds. Breathe my love, let it fill you, and blow it upon those here in the heart room, resting in my embrace. Blow your love upon them.

Thank you. It is always a blessing for me to be allowed by you to give my love away as a blessing to those in need. Those in pain needing comfort. Those in doubt needing reassurance. Those in fear needing love. Thank you. So! Yes…


Davina : This is Davina.

David : Welcome, Davina.

Davina : So! You are asking me to bring the light that is like the color of butterflies as they sail and fly through the air in the sunshine. And, you are asking me to bring this to you, to fill your minds with the lightness of being, the lightness of being held in the palms of the Mother’s love and supported by the confidence of the Father’s care. So I am here.

I ask you to allow me, now, to pour my love and my light into your brains, into your nervous system, into your eyes that you may see delight, into your ears that you may hear with delight, into your minds so that you may know you are my delight.

You call upon me when the darkness is so convincing that you imagine yourselves empty and nothing. And I respond. It is often that you can not hear, and can not see, and can not believe and loose your faith, but still you are nudged by the power of my love responding to your cry. Slowly, sometimes, or quickly, sometimes, you are restored. For the power of love is greater than any darkness.

It is not only Davina. Even when the call is made with no name, God is present, God’s love is there responding, embracing, filling. God’s love by any name is love. And I, like all your teachers and guides, am but one energy circuit for God’s love, one energy pattern, different perhaps from another, yet every pattern is touched by, influenced by, shaped by, encoded with God’s love.

You, my beloved, Sir David, call upon Davina when, as you might say, you have “lost your mind,” given up on your ability to “figure it out,” especially, my beloved pupil, your wife. You call upon me to influence her by my personal relationship to her, but it is you, my beloved, willing to empty your mind for a moment and allow the mindless Davina in, that creates the sudden shift into light. It is true, if she is allowing Davina to tell her what to do, Davina might tell her, “He wants this!” or, “He wants that!’ But my beloved, you may realize that she is not always so perfect as to say, “Yes, Davina, I am here. Tell me what to do. I need your help!”

She may allow me to fill her with my love enough to satisfy her need to “get off it,” as you say, or to get off the “pity pot,” as you say, or to stop “going there,” as she might say, when her mind is filled with those ugly thoughts that support the darkness. But she may not always allow my love to whisper to her such delightful things as may convey her love to you and bring you joy. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Davina : So you must forgive me, since I do not talk much, it is sometimes quite a long circuitous rout to my purpose in speaking: which is, today, to say to you, I welcome your call. I fill you with delight. In you allowing me to respond to your call is where the healing takes place. For you see, to allow Davina is not to create a manipulation, a “fix it for me please,” or a “Yes, beloved, I’ll go fix her for you now!’ No, the healing takes place in the allowing of the light within you, allowing the light within you to be my delight in you. And in allowing Davina’s light comes love. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Davina : As you fill with light and love, so you begin, without thought, to allow the light and love to show, and even as your beloved imperfect wife goes darkly by you, your light shines. It is a smile in the darkness. Seen or unseen, this smile of light and love changes the darkness. The healing is not personal. The healing is not a measurement of “you are so deserving.” The healing is free.

Legion : This is the message so difficult for human intelligence to comprehend: love is free. You do not get a scorecard. Judgment is for your growth, not your condemnation. Discipline is for your well-being, not restriction, not bondage, not to weed you out. So, this is Legion…

David : Caught that.

Sonja : Good guess!

Legion : We are strengthening each one of you. I, filling your spines. Alana, embracing your hearts. Davina, lightening your heads. Creating a power of focus in this heart room today that will aim the lazer light of love wherever you choose. So, you may speak to Legion. You may speak to Alana. And it is possible, you may speak to any other.

Sonja : Yes, I would like to speak to Erin. I would like to know if Erin can be in contact with Chris’s guide?

Erin : Yes.

David : Welcome, Erin.

Erin : Hello!

Sonja : So, Erin, what can we do to make Chris feel our love?

Erin : I would speak to you, first, about knowing your self as you know your self in the safety of your love for those who have no barrier to the expression of their joy in your attention; this you recognize in your animal friends, this you recognize among those few human animals who fear not to love and to be loved. When you know your self as that one, you know you love, and, even when your beloved animals can not respond with their usual playful expression of joy in knowing your love, you have no doubt – you know you love. But when you move in the circles of love that ever circle around and through human beings in relationship, you suffer doubt. Less, when you know safety, but still you doubt. When a human being in relationship temporarily shuts down, or withdraws, your doubt returns, even if only barely, and doubt touches that fear that would convince you that “love is not real.”

So, before we speak of how to convince another that he, or she, is loved by you, we must speak to you about knowing, without doubt, and without the temptation of fear, that you are loved, that you love. All questions beyond that are irrelevant. You, my beloved, are loved. Love dwells within you. That love grows within you as you will it to do. Have faith and certainty that turning to the love within, turning to me, turning to Alana, turning to Legion, turning to Michael/Jesus, turning to Mother and Father, is all you need to do.

This is difficult to comprehend because life demands of you to do something, sometimes anything will do. But, she (the t/r) hesitates to use this word, so I ask you not to make it a heavy word, weighted down with significance…but the truth is, this is all you need to know, and this is all you need to do: turn, turn within, turn toward love, rest, rest in the knowledge of love within you, loving you, filling you, and spilling forth wherever you go.

Now she (the t/r) asks me, “Why can’t you give her something to do?” This, beloved, is why her Davina (t/r’s personal teacher) spoke so long, for she, too, experiences doubt, is tempted by fear, and carries the human propensity to think in terms of doing, and if that doesn’t do it, she will do more! Yes?

It is difficult for the human mind to accept “nothing,” to trust the invisible, what they can not see, can not measure, and to know that love is real, and so powerful, the greatest power of all. So often it has the quality of doing nothing, simply turning within and resting and allowing love. Someone has a baby and does so much to take care of the child, and you call that love. And yet, each and every one of you has had the experience where the doting parent or lover does too much, yes? It is not the doing, although that is required, certainly for the small baby and the human being who for so long can not do for him or her self. Still, I say to you, loves power is in the allowing. Turn. Turn within. Know your love. Know you are love. Know that you love. Allow love to do the doing. Allow love to do the healing.

That is your first step, my beloved, and I am so glad you are listening. When you have moments of doubt, find me and speak with me, for I am with you always. Now, tell me, have you understood?

David:  Yes.

Erin :Have I been helpful?

David:  Yes.

Erin :So, we will bring your beloved husband into our heart room now, yes? To meet with me, Erin.  I have brought his guide and teacher with me. Thank you. She (the t/r) can tell you more when we are gone. Is there anything more you wish from me today?

David:  No.

Erin :  I love you.

David : I would like to say something.

Erin : Yes.


David : Thank you for your wonderful message. I found my heart and my mind responding with many a “Yes” to what you are saying about this phenomena of turning. The simplicity of this task frequently escapes us because we are so engaged in doing. Thank you for making me feel reassured by this message.

I also want to say that I am so grateful, it was my heart desire that Sonja would get closer to you, become more intimate with you and acquainted with you, and learn to trust you and have you available in times of trouble. Thank you for coming today. I am appreciative of Sonja’s openness and her loving heart in wanting to be love, and to be loved. Thank you for coming.

Erin : Yes. You wander in the corridors of the mind. Turn. Turn within. Turn to the still point within. Turn to the love within. Allow. Allow. Allow. Thank you.

David : Thank you for coming, and to our lead teachers, Alana and Legion, and to Davina, who has been with us today. It is perhaps time to bring this session to an end. I wish to say good bye to you, and thank you for coming today.

Sonja : Yes, thank you so much for coming.

David : Thank you wonderful ones. Thank you to our beloved transmitter, who has had as bumpy a ride as we have this past week. I want to express my appreciation for her willingness to offer us this experience.

Sonja: Yes, thank you.

Alana : Thank you. This is Alana. So, always remember your gratitude is my gratitude, our gratitude and yours is God’s, God’s gratitude for each one of you. Thank you.

Alana : Legion says, “Good bye.”

David : It’s never really good bye, it’s just good-bye to this little form of our communication.

Sonja : Good bye! I’ve got them duck taped to the house!

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