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CRC020421- Business of Stillness

2002-04-21.  Business of Stillness

Costa Rica #87

Topic: Business of Stillness

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaLegion

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana : Open your hearts, my beloveds. There are many of us here today. What we would have you do, as you sink deeper into the still waters of the living love of God that resides deep within your hearts, we would have you open that we may work within you. Open your hearts and allow us to blow fresh love within. And open your minds now, and surrender to us your thoughts, one thought at a time, that we may lift that thought up into the light of love and wash it clean, as if picking one leaf of lettuce at a time, we will take your thoughts one at a time, and blow love upon them.

So, my beloveds, relax into the stillness and allow us to go to work upon the mind. Open your hearts. Surrender your thoughts. Allow them to spill out into the center of the heart room. This is Alana, and I am gathering your many thoughts into my embrace. So! May I say, you are empty headed? Yes?


Oliver : Alana, before you spoke to us, I had the idea to bring some of our brothers and sisters into the heart room who have health problems. I wonder if you would help us with that. We seem to have received some positive feedback from our brother Gene, who seems to be doing well. (Brother Gene was diagnosed with liver cancer. The group put him in the heart room regularly. In addition, we had a special healing session in which the teachers brought him into the heart room and worked on him, almost like surgically.) And if you remember, which I bet you do, you helped us that day to visualize his presence in the heart room. My question is, would you help us today. I would like to put Jean Pepper in the heart room, and Sandy’s friend, Maya, as well.)

Alana : Yes, my beloved. You still have a few thoughts in that mind of yours. Yes? But this, my beloved, is in concert with our intentions today. So, if you have emptied your heads, then we are able to fill your minds with thoughts of love. Yes?

Oliver : Yes, my beloved. I felt love and compassion for Jean. I’ve just spent a couple of hours with her. So those thoughts came right back. But they were good thoughts.

Alana : Of course, my beloved, no criticism. So, are we ready? (Yes.) So, focus your minds, now, upon the center of the heart room, the center of your minds, the center of your hearts, aiming directly to the center of the heart room where I sit holding all your thoughts, blowing love upon them. Refreshing your minds with love. And I will toss those thoughts up into the light of Michael’s love. And he, sending his love as straight arrows of light, direct, striking into the center of your minds, down through the throat, into your hearts. (Silence.) Restructured thoughts. Restructured by love.

And so, let us now create the heart room with the energy of love, only love, swirling now from mind to mind, from heart to heart, creating walls from one body to the next, walls of love, walls of love that hold Alana’s love, Legion’s love, Michael’s love, Father/Mother’s love, within the heart room. Feel the love pouring through your bodies out the sides, from one to the other next to you. Allow the love that Legion blows through your spines out through your bodies into the center of the heart room, filling, filling this heart room with love.

Now, see the heart room, so strong in love. The foundation is love. The walls are love. And, one at a time, allow your mind to see your friend and lift that friend from your mind with the arms of love into Alana’s lap in the center of the heart room. So, my beloved, Sir Oliver, you, first, lift your friend, Jean. See her now, clearly in your mind, and allow the arms of love to lift your thoughts of her up and into my lap.

I hold her now, resting her head back upon my right arm. Stretching her body out, and lifting her legs into my left arm. Each of you, see this woman’s body in Alana’s arms. Focus the love of your hearts upon her, blow love upon her.

I lift her legs now. Higher. I touch the base of her feet with my finger tips. Allow your thoughts, now, to see the energy of love, like an electric current pouring into her feet, filling her legs, her pelvis, her body, and rising up through her head, allowing, allowing love to lighten her.

I rest her now, back in the lap of Sir Oliver’s mind, where the energy of love will hold her as we continue, and bring another into the heart room.

My beloved, Sandra, your friend. Let Legion lift her from the burden in your heart. He lifts her now, into the heart room. I kiss her upon her lips. The joy of love is hers. Allow that love. Allow that love. Allow love to embrace her.

We bring her back into your heart. Lighter now. And when, you, my beloved, Sandy, think of her, remember Legion’s strength. The strength of pure love is with her. You do not need to strain and struggle in your mind for her. Give her love, only love, for the knowledge of love will be her cure.

Sandy : Thank you, Alana. I see her as being filled with the light of love now.

Alana : Yes. So, I blow that light of love into your lungs, my beloved Sandy. Breathe it now, my beloved. Deeply breathe in the love that is mine to give to you from God. Let it permeate your lungs. Let it fill every portion of your body now. Beloved, breathe my love. Breathe my love. Breathe my love.

Let that energy of love rise up now, into your mind. There is work to be done there, beloved. Lighten your thoughts by surrendering them to me. Surrender them, one at a time, in the stillness. Let those heavy thoughts, those thoughts of strain, those thoughts of struggle, be lifted into the light and be returned to you restructured by love.

For I tell you, my beloveds, the power of the heart room, the power of love, that is the strength and the power that makes your life worth living. That is the meaning and the purpose of it all. Let love be your accomplishment. Let love guide, lead, fill, create everything you do.

So, there is another upon the minds of one of you, or two of you, or three of you. The transmitter would put her beloved Susan Kimsey into the heart room. We know her. She stands tall. Human emotion fills her mind and heart, yet she stands tall. And she surrenders her body to love. To give love. To be loved. To be filled with love. As she stands in the center of the heart room, feel the love in your hearts dancing around her, lifting her up, up, so that your love touches Michael’s love and supports her. Let that love reach out like seaweed floating in the foam of a gently rising ocean tide. Reaching out to her family, her loved ones, and those whose fear grips the mind and twists the love, as wringing laundry dry, and release that fear, allowing love to flow freely, without fear, without anxiety, without demand.

Acceptance, my beloveds. Acceptance of love. Acceptance of love. This is the lesson if you would heal. Heal your thoughts. Heal your struggles. Heal your resentments. Heal your pain. Heal your wounds. Heal your family. Heal your disappointment. Acceptance of love.

Receiving it now. Love. Accepting it now. Love. Feel it in your bodies. Allow that love to fill your bodies with the power, the strength, the certainty of love. Love, my beloveds. Love. Love. Love. Let it push out that fear. Eliminate that doubt. Now, filling your bodies with love, let it spill out from your bodies, like so much seaweed in a body of water, drifting lightly, bringing love to anything and everyone you see.

It is a challenge, yes? To believe in the power of that which is so invisible to you. Love. The energy of love. Yes, you see the smiles of love. Yes, you see the joyful faces of love. But let me bring into your mind those “hot spots,” as you call them, of war, of pain, of argument, of disappointment. That is the challenge, to believe, to know, to have certainty in the power of love when confronted with your favorite person’s anger, the stranger’s fury, your neighbors betrayal.

So, it is no silly practice, this business of the stillness, this business of creating the heart room. Breathe the love now. Feel the energy now. As you practice, you will be able to bring this same power of focused love into your daily existence. You will bring it to your partner. You will bring it to those you love, and you wil bring it in the middle of distress. You will bring it in the moment of surprise, of being caught off balance.

The love, my friends, is always there. Always here among you. Always embracing you. Always ready and waiting for you to open your hearts and open your minds and allow love to heal your arguments, to heal your disappointments, to heal your wars, to heal your pain, to heal your illnesses. And the greatest power of love, my dear ones, love known, love understood, love held faithfully in your hearts, is the power of love to heal even unto death, to heal through the transitions of the body that bring change not always welcome to the human mind. To heal the fear and the doubt.

So, do not look for miracles. Look for love. Do not try to imagine miracles, imagine love. Do not let disappointment, heart breaking as it may be, eliminate love.

Legion speaks to me now. He has been quite busy blowing love into your bodies as I have taken center stage. And this, my beloveds, is what he says to me now: “These hearts have expanded. These minds have opened.” He would have me give each one of you a golden star. So! Imagine now, I place a star at the very center topmost point of your head. Feel it. It is the star of love. Connected to Alana. Connected to Legion. The greatest of all, the star of love, opens you to Michael, and our Mother, our Father, and love. Is there one who has a question, or concern, upon their mind that they would bring into the heart room now and have love blow upon it?

Sandy : This is not a concern, Alana, but something I want to share with the group. I want to thank you for your message this morning, which was to do every task with joy.

Alana : Yes, my friend. And this is the meaning of my words: when I say there is work to be done in the mind, allowing each thought to be washed clean by love, in the stillness, surrendering one thought after another to be lifted into the light of love. For at the center, and the essence of love, is joy. Even in struggles. Even in transitions. Even in change you would not wish to ordinarily welcome with love. Joy. And it is possible to go from joy to love, or love to joy. The task becomes lightened with laughter, gentled with love. When you allow your daily tasks to be filled, to be permeated with the stillness-love, you will find yourselves, like those funny little beings in the movies, “whistling while you work!” Yes?

Sandy : Or singing.

Alana : Or singing. So, anyone else would take advantage of the transmitter’s peace?

Richard : Alana?

Alana : Yes, my friend.

Richard : I have heard from a teacher, I think. Her name, or his name, is Perona. I saw a light, or the light of a person, well not a person, but someone who might be a teacher. The name Perona came to me many times. I don’t know if it is my imagination, or if there is substantiality behind this name as a teacher. Do you know this person?

David : Another way of putting that question is that you are asking about authenticity of this experience?

Richard : Yes.

Alana : First, my beloved, I would have you understand the joy it is to welcome you here.

Richard : Thank you.

Alana : And Legion, with great pleasure, took great delight the wonderous potpourri of thoughts that spilled from your mind as you allowed my instruction to guide you.

You have a very strong connection, not just desire, but real connection to the creative energy of love. When you are in your stillness, the openness of your heart and mind is filled with truth that can not always be explained for you have no fear of that which is often called strange.

So, I would ask you, do you need Alana’s permission to trust this light that you see? No. Do you need Alana’s authentication? No.

What I would ask of you, my friend, is this: open your heart, open your mind, welcome Paloma. Welcome, listen, speak to, and you, my friend, bring to Alana your authentication, your certainty, your intimate welcome and understanding. Allow Paloma to tell you.

Still, I will say to you, Yes, this is a teacher who wishes to speak with you when you are ready to do so without confusion, without doubt or fear. Since I have said you have so little fear, you are one step ahead of the game…Yes? (laughter) You have some work to do, but when you have  established a steady connection, and may I say, have engaged in a fulsome conversation, you will find everything you wish to know about Paloma…(at this point, the T/R struggles with the name, saying different syllables…this may explain the difference between Paloma and Perona).

Richard : This teacher is giving me a lot of knowledge about the universe.

Alana : Yes.

Richard : Like the product of acceleration times the distance from the…(not clear)…isle of paradise at the very center is equal to the…(not clear)…of the velocity of light.

Sandy : Don’t get beyond us, Richard.

Richard : It’s not me, Sandy. It’s a very difficult calculation. (unclear) But the center of the universe is not black, but full of brightness…(unclear)…maybe Perona will…(unclear)

David : I think Alana said that you will get all the information you want once you open up.

Richard : Yes. I was hoping I would get another law today. (T/R note: Richard is a new member of our group, and is an accomplished mathematician, physicist, as well as an artist.) (More is said, but unclear.)

David : Is it possible now to have a little break, Alana?

Alana : Yes.

Richard : Thank you, Alana, for your kindness and wonderful words.

Alana : Yes

  • (Break)


Legion : The discipline of the tongue is so intimately connected to the mind. Disciplining the words you say. Disciplining the thoughts that create the words that you say. Disciplining the reactions to the words that you hear, which create thoughts, which create words that you say.

Practice “catching” those thoughts as they spill on the tongue before they become words you have said. Practice not just when you know you are tempted to speak words of pain, but also practice even when you speak words of love, or silly words of nonsense rhyme. Practice “seeing” the thought, watching it slide down to the tongue. That is the practice you need right now, so that you may change the configurations in your minds, and shape the words on your tongues.

The transmitter is still resting. She has needed a break, as you say. An opportunity to practice the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy, with her self. So, I am here. It is enough to know and to feel the strength of my love. Rest in the comfort that I am here.

When the mind becomes too crowded, rest in the thought that I am here to bring comfort and to take that crowded mind away, lifting it up into my “workshop,” you might say, and then bring it back to you for a new day. When you rest, speak to me. And in the speaking, surrender your stress, your fatigue, your complicated thoughts to me, and sleep, knowing you will be greatly strengthened and guided in the path of love for the new day. I give you my comfort. I bring comfort to her (the T/R). We would have her rest now. Thank you.

Sandy : Thank you for that nice reminder, Legion. It is as if we have our guardian angel when we sleep at night. What a lovely thought.

Legion : Day and night, I work tirelessly for you. Yes?

Sandy : I did not mean to limit the realm of your activity, Legion, but thank you. Thank you.

Legion : That is all.

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