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CRC020425- Session with Norma

2002-04-25.  Session with Norma

Costa Rica #88

Topic: Session with Norma

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana : This is Alana. The transmitter is having a unique experience. In the beginning she felt a great wave of sadness, soft, yet worrisome to her because it is always her desire to bring joy with our love. She is used to feeling only joy upon our arrival. I will tell you what this is about: For the first time she has been allowed to feel the message from one who has only recently departed from your world, yet with a connection remaining to those left behind. Through the transmitter, we would take this opportunity to allow an understanding. This will not break what is a natural and loving connection. This opportunity will allow for that which remains to be said to be communicated to your beloved friend.


The sadness is not for the transition. It is generally difficult for human beings on your planet to understand and comprehend the transition from life to death, the next step of your journey. Nevertheless, the next step is real and also a journey toward greater love. The love Father/Mother God has for each one of you is real. This love is no greater during your lifetime than it is after your transition, your departure from the body, your death. However, in your human existence on a troubled planet, it is exceptionally difficult to discern God’s love, thus the vital and even necessary role of faith. Faith in love, even in circumstances of pain or confusion.

Most human beings have a moment in time when the experience of love is so pure, and so clear, that faith is born. This can be a spontaneous and unexpected occurrence, an epiphany, as when for seemingly no reason at all there is an opening in the mind and heart and God’s love is known, with certainty. This is the birth of faith. Others come to this experience through shared human love, love passed on to them  from parents and family, or by the gradual knowledge attained from loving one another in a commitment over time, as in the love exchanged by partners.

The love between your friend and her beloved husband, whose parting was so quick, and so unexpected, was a love that provided this kind of genuine shared faith. This love is still real. This your friend knows in her heart. This message is to reveal to her that her love continues to reach him, whose journey apart from her has just begun. Yet he is not far away, for by love, he is with you.

So, the sadness that passed through the transmitter should be understood, not as sadness for what you call death, for truly your journey beyond the body is nothing less than splendid. Yes, there was some confusion (for him), as the human mind so quickly entered spirit without the physical manifestation of the body. However, as is true for each of you, (his) welcome on our side of the mountain was gentle, and filled with an overwhelming love that eased his transition. The sadness is not for where he is now, but the recognition of human separation from those he loves, and the great pain this separation causes them.

This opportunity has created a shift toward delight. It is easier to release the emotions of human existence from our side, when the message of love, comfort, and “Do not Fear,” is known as having been heard by those left behind. This meeting, as it is carried back to him by me,  is received as a sign that all will be well, that you, Norma, his dearest loved one, are moving forward in your life journey with greater confidence and that you are ready to allow your grief to gently transform into a steady flow of love. You are ready to transform grief into a remembrance of love that nurtures, and over time becomes as the gentle fragrance of a rose, a gift given freely to all.

The harsh reality of life on your planet, as an earthquake to the home, often shakes the certainty of faith in love; shakes the faith that one is loved, or that one can continue to love, when all has collapsed around you. Your beloved’s love withstood all challenge to his faith in God’s love, and in life as an expression of love and joy with one another. This love, shared with you, continues to live within your heart. Each step you take toward allowing this love to lift your heart in joy is received by him, reverberates and brings joy to him no longer seen, as a stone thrown into the pond sends ripples to the farthest shore hidden from your sight.

It is difficult to know joy when your heart is broken. Your mind is focused on that which is gone. But he, and I, would have you know  and understand that it is possible to focus the mind on that which is present, here with you on your planet now, love. Love would have you know that it is not necessary to count the days, or watch the clock. Do not judge yourself. Your only task is to love, and to assist others to love more effectively. Your healing is within; if you believe God is within you, then you will find the healing that you need. All that is necessary to find love and healing is for you to go within and spend time in the stillness becoming one with God’s love. It may not be every moment of the day to begin with, but ultimately you will find that seeking the stillness for a few moments every day will bring you to that point where you know you are walking with God’s love in every breath that you take, and you are never alone. So, my friends, I thank you.


Sandy : Alana, I thank you for this opportunity to share with my friend.

Alana : Yes, my friend. My love is a gift to be given, yes? Thank you.

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