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CRC020428- Group Exercise

2002-04-28.  Group Exercise

Costa Rica #89

Topic: Group Exercise

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaLegion, Davina

TR: S. Butterfield


David’s prayer was to put into the heart room many people. The tape picked it up at: John & Kim, Sonia, Nena, to all who have been touched by this group. I extend the lines of love to all of our loved ones, to those who suffer upon the earth. I especially extend the lines of love to the land of Palestine.

Susie : Father-Mother God, I thank you for all your guidance to this point. I thank you for all the beauty you have brought into my life. I open my heart and my mind to strengthening my faith and certainty that I may move forth in your love.

Richard : I offer gratitude for these teachers, for the good friends you have graced me with, for the joyful experience of finding new truth, a new light of guiding truth that I can see before my eyes. I am most grateful for the help I have received in the past few days. The enlightenment, the joy of seeing the kingdom of heaven. I am grateful for the transmissions, the corrections we are given, but moreover, in seeing hope for the world, that we do transmigrate in the ascendency toward your heavenly kingdom, Father. Learning to adore you. To pray selflessly for the betterment of all people, and the banishment and the disintegration and evaporation of all evil and ill-doing, amongst ourselves, neighbor with neighbor. The shedding of the skin of ill-doing for the purification of our souls, we are, all of us are most deeply grateful.

Group : Amen.

Alana : So, my beloveds…

Sandra : Welcome, dear heart.

Alana : Thank you.

Richard : Welcome.

Alana : Thank you.

David : Welcome, Alana.

Alana : Welcome to you. So, my beloveds, we are grateful to you for your grace of attendance to us as well. Yes?  The joy and peace of love is an enterprise of two or more together. You and me. God, Mother-Father, and any one of you.

What she (the T/R) sees is the beautiful dance of the butterfly. Always in concert with the unseen currents in the air. Yes? A co-creative experience, you and I. Yes?

And so I am here, once again, to acknowledge in each one of you the effort of intention that you exercise in your daily practice of the stillness, your daily reminders to yourselves to love, to remember love, to share love. I am blessed in my capacity as a teacher and group guide to have always presented to me your open hearts and minds. Such willingness to open into my heart room. Such willingness to extend my heart room to others.

Yes, each of you stumbled into this warm and fluffy cotton-ball of a living room, but it has been with your co-operation and persistence that I, and we, have been allowed to continue to create and intensify the love that can be known in the heart room and given away. It is an ever expanding and greatly intensified heart room of significant value to me, as well as yourselves. You have done well in your opening of the heart room to others, finding your way through the pitfalls and opening up now with a certainty of understanding in allowing the light to speak for itself with no need on your part to brighten it up, shall we say, with your own brush.

It is as if we were little children jumping up and down at the arrival of the favorite uncle, seen only once every few years! Or, at the arrival of the ice cream man with your favorite chocolate covered yum-yum, you might say. You open your hearts to the pure light and love pouring down upon you. You receive this love, and accept this love. You rest with this love in your hearts. With assurance and confidence and humility of respect for love, you pass this on with the same gentle, calm that you experience within the heart room, in your stillness, at the point of complete calm in which you receive God’s love. There is no need to bang the cymbals. Shout from the roof tops. Advertise in the Daily Sun. It is the peace with which you receive, live with, and then give this love away, that is the path we have hoped to reveal to you. Thank you. Congratulations.


Sandy : Thank you, Alana, for the opportunity.

Alana : Yes. So, let us open our hearts now. Open. Open. Allow the love you know, the love entering your hearts now, allow that love, allow it to penetrate you, your mind, your heart. Allow it to seep through your pores, running through your body, and out from your pores to the ones on either side of you. Open. Open to this love. Yes. Share this love with one another. Yes.

Allow this love, now, to ascend, to pass through you out into the world beyond you. Do not fear. All is well. Yes, you are moving, moving where we would have you go. Dropping your fears. Passing through your differences. Eliminating your doubts as barriers to love. Allowing this love, this great experience, to be carried within each one of you and shared with others. Yes, this group, remarkable as it is, it, too, will change. Expanding. Growing in love. Growing in the ability to share love. Growing in the ability to accept change with love. Spreading into and giving birth to a wider and wider family of love.

Each of you here today, and others also deeply touched and changed by their experience of this heart room, have become independent transmitters of love. Receivers and transmitters, receivers and transmitters, receivers and transmitters of this love. Each in his or her unique way. You do not fear to demonstrate love. You do not fear vulnerability to love. This group, having opened completely to my guidance and instruction for the heart room, is now ready to know this group will never end. No matter how far apart you may go, you will always return to dip into the pool of Alana’s love and forgiveness, Legion’s comfort and mercy. This you will do by returning, by going within, by sharing this heart room and bringing the radiance of its love into everything you do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Sandy : May I make an observation, Alana?

Alana : Yes.

Sandy: I think it is a testament to our growth as individuals and as a group that we were not thrown into an immediate panic when the transmitter announced that she was not going to be working with us for awhile. I remember how we all felt when she and David announced that they were going off to the U.S. for six months or more. We spent weeks asking reassurance that we would be ok. I think, now, we know we will be ok, because we have confidence in the love that has been pouring from you into all of us. Thank you, so much.

Alana : Yes. It is as I have been trying to say, part of the process: we gather the group together, in our stumbling way, and we, like you, hang in there, as you learn to live with love as love is truly lived. The living waters of love adapt to change, endlessly, endlessly. Human beings resist change. When they first know this love, human beings have the natural human response to clamp on. You learn to surrender your fears, your doubts, your competitions, your angers, your resentments, your territorial fights and power struggles, your thoughts of need and emptiness. You learn to surrender your hearts and minds to this love. You discover the boat of love that floats in the living waters of love, never to drown, never to sink, never to disintegrate. There is a sense…yes, she (the T/R) sees it now…what you, my beloved Sandy, just described, is a process…that she too must experience to strengthen her faith…letting go of the familiar to allow herself to grow.

Sandy : I hope we have not been too selfish in keeping her at the grindstone all the time. And I know that I, as well as all of us, pray that she finds what she is seeking.

Alana : Yes. I would allow Legion, now.

Sandy : May I ask one more quick question before you go? You mentioned our stumbling into this group, but I have the distinct feeling that in my case, at least, I was led. Could you comment on this?

Alana : Well, you are not tired of Alana, yet. Yes?

Sandy : Never! Never! But if you want to pass that baton to Legion, I will be content.

Alana : Yes, my beloved, but I would honor you with my response. It is as if you were walking along a path and stumbled upon a rock. A rock, indeed, that you had seen, but had not quite lifted the foot enough. As you fell, you reached out and grabbed a branch of a bush, and the branch allowed your fall to be softened. Then, upon the ground you saw, by the edge of the rock, a golden coin. Eureka! Well, so, my beloved, you are always and always, and always have been surrounded by our love.

Sandy : I know, I know. And thank you for that gold coin.

Alana : Yes. You brought that golden coin to your friend. She had been looking at her golden coin for quite some time, you might say. Yes? And together you joined with him, my beloved Sir David, whose familiarity with golden coins was quite useful. Yes?

Sandy : Yes.

Alana : And so, one day, to my great delight, and the delight of Davina, you saw the light because the light was shining and welcoming the light that came from you, and we looked at each other, and said, “How do you do?”  It is not always that you find God’s love by stumbling, but when you know God’s love, which you experience as “finding” God’s love, you know it as so simple. Yes?

Sandy : Ah, yes.

Alana : A very loving, “How do you do? I am here to do you well. Shall we do well together?” Yes?

Sandy : Yes, what a lovely answer to my question. Thank you.

Alana : Thank you.

Legion : Sir David, How do you do?

David : How do you do, so pleased to meet you again. I have a question because of my Presbyterian past and the necessity of doing things decently and in order. You have suggested in the past that you are a member of this group and we should bring new members to your attention the same way we do with other members of this group. I have also remembered that you have said you teachers are open to teaching everyone. But I want to bring to your attention that we would like to invite MM, a long time friend of Susie and I, to be a member of this group, should he wish to join us.

Legion : Yes, this is Legion. To those who wish to give and receive comfort I will say, Yes. And you, Sir Oliver.

Oliver : Yes.

Legion : Welcome into my Brotherhood of Comfort.

Oliver : Thank you, my friend.

Legion : I came to speak about selfishness. The discipline of the self requires learning and growing. Learning from others as well as learning by oneself. Balancing self and other. Each of you must always attend to giving to yourselves as well as giving to others. It is no mistake you have made, beloved Sandy, and no mistake on the part of your beloved transmitter. It is a time of growth, for her, for each of you. Remember to follow the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. Being able to support each other, to offer comfort when needed, seek comfort when needed, and to stay in tune with the love of the heart room, helping each other to stay in tune by staying in touch with each other even through change or the separation of time and space. Allowing the certainty of love within to be given, to be received, and to wash away fears, doubts, guilt, shame. You have not “drained” the transmitter. What she is experiencing is a change, and the need to exercise the discipline of love and joy toward herself. It is time for her to focus again on her inner dialogue. Thank you.

Sandy : Thank you. I want to express that if there is any way that we can help or support her, we would be glad to do so.

Legion : (Legion spent some time filling the T/R with the sense of his strength, reminding her of his many instructions in the discipline of love.) So, change allows for new growth. Yes? Enjoy. Thank you.

Alana : Focus your attention now, on the stillness of the heart room. Breathing in, breathing out, the love of the heart room. See the light. Allow it to rise up, up, up. Spinning off, now. Spinning off to the rest of your world. Breathe the love. See the light. Allow it to rise, up, up, up. Drifting off, now, like steam, to the rest of your world. See the light. Breathe the love. Thank you.

Richard : We thank you, Legion, for your beautiful message, which brings peace to our hearts, and joy. You remind us of the beautiful world we have around us.

Legion : Yes.

Richard : The sparkling waters, the birds, the colors highlights the image of the butterflies that Alana spoke about. There are so many things we are grateful for. We should keep our eyes open. Coupled with your love, and the love of God. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. What a beautiful message we have received this afternoon from Alana and Legion, and how wonderful it is, our surroundings. Perhaps we can think of keeping our eyes more open during the day, coupling what we see with the love of God, the love that warms our hearts, as we carry the heart room with us, permanently, always, as we view and enjoy the beautiful paradise we have in our surroundings. Therefore, I wanted to thank Legion for sharing the warmth of his message. I also would like to ask a question, with your permission, Legion.

Legion : Yes.

Richard : I was speaking with a gentleman who asked me about the way in which we can find the joy of living. I thought serving others would be a way, to work with people in the community, giving ourselves wholeheartedly without expectation of reward. I have found, in certain circumstances, not always, but I have found a certain reward in sharing with the community, in working with people, and with students. I think there is a reward in giving of oneself in service. How might we offer ourselves in service to our son, Michael, and to the wishes and will of our divine Father.

Legion : It is like a pool of water. Beautiful. Lovely. Tranquil. Pure. But when there is no means for this water to flow, your lovely pool becomes stagnant, and covered with the graying green of living decay. So it is, as you know love, and would have love evermore growing, expanding, and living within you, you must give it away. Allow. Allow love to flow. And so, you discover service. The simplest service is to share a smile. Yes?

David : Yes, Richard has a wonderful smile, too, Legion.

Legion : Yes. As you understand and grow more faithful and certain of God’s love, you know that to keep that love pure, is to allow it to flow through you, deep within and far without. As love flows, it becomes a desire to be of service, a joy to serve your friends, your neighbors, your world, be they strangers, or not.

As I have said, the simplest service is to smile. Yet, how often and how many smiles are withheld? You discover the smile within, and you learn there is a need for the smile without. You know the need within is to know love, and so it is, the need without is to receive love. There are many ways to be of service, to give love away to those around you. The discipline of love is the discipline of joy. Whatever you do, let it come from love, and be done with joy. It is that bridge between love and joy that serves; serves Father, Mother, Michael, and beloved Nebadonia, and you. Serves you. And serves you. And serves you. Bring love and joy wherever you can.

There is always need. When you see it, fill it. If you and your group would have a specific project, apart from the service you provide individually and through your regular meetings, then look for the need, and fill it. Spend time, each of you, opening your hearts and minds to Michael. He will show you the way. We would acknowledge you, Sir Richard, for your request, and for your smile. Thank you.


Richard : I am so grateful, Legion, for your beautiful, warm, and all-encompassing answer. I am so pleased and overjoyed to hear the name, Michael, for true service encompasses the warmth and love of our holy Mother, our gracious Father, and Michael, the son. I hadn’t imagined that the service of a smile, a smile that pays so great a debt to the will of God, could bear such energy, such goodness, such fulfillment, in a world where there is so much need. I thank you, Legion, for the care expressed, and warmth, in your message. For this, I am truly grateful.

Legion : Thank you.

Sandy : I think I would like to add something. I was feeling this as Legion was speaking. Service is to infuse every task with love and joy. That extends out beyond every small thing we might be doing. It is felt by others.

Legion : Thank you, my beloved. Yes, Thank you. A Brotherhood of Comfort, A Sisterhood of Love. That is all for today. Thank you.

Group : Thank you.

Oliver : Beautiful to be comforted by a male.

Sandy : I like that, Brotherhood of Comfort. That’s nice.

David : Thank you, Davina, for bringing all of your others to us so faithfully.

Davina : This is Davina!

Sandy : I saw her tweaking the transmitter. I had my eyes open, and I saw this sweet little movement of her shoulders, and a smile on her face.

Davina, what a wonderful thing for you to visit us like this.

David : She’s our fairy godmother.

Richard : I thought she was dancing, at one point.

Sandy : She dances and sings.

David : She got my attention in a private session this week, dancing in as is her wont, and she gave just a few sentences, and then at the last she said, “Remember me.” I don’t know, So, I remembered her now. I don’t know, I guess I could feel her very strongly.

T/R : That’s because she had arrived just before you said that. She arrived to fill me up with light and make me feel good, I guess because I haven’t talked to her, alone, for quite some time. I guess that is what I need to do. (Davina is the transmitter’s personal teacher.)

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