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CRC020502- A Fragment

2002-05-02.  A Fragment

Costa Rica #90

Topic: A Fragment

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaLegion

TR: S. Butterfield


T/R, S. Butterfield, seems to be struggling during this entire transmission, her voice is pale, everything is indistinct.

Alana : This is Alana, she could not hold the energy, so we will continue with that some other time.


Legion : This is Legion. The discipline of flexibility, and the discipline of love : not a bad idea. It is true that in many of your so-called advanced cultures, your relationships have suffered from too many expectations too often satisfied too quickly. A new expectation has risen in which it is believed that all of my expectations can be satisfied easily, if only there is enough money, or enough willingness. Your newer cultures have an over-abundant idea, or concept, of what is “enough.”

Oddly enough, there has grown such a multiplicity of possibilities and expectations that a kind of rigidity has filled the modern mind; similar to what was rejected as Victorian, or Puritan, or limited, narrow, or small minded. The pride that has accumulated around the magnificence now available to some, the multiple manifestations of the active mind, i.e. inventions, technological “progress”….this is difficult, she says (the T/R)….I am speaking about the rapid collection of…you call it advancement, progress….I call it a collection of mental constructions that create this over-abundance of expectation. Your families and marriages and relationships become embroiled in the confusions. Love becomes confused with other functions, building shelters, homes, creating wealth of things and comforts,…..


Alana : She is most comfortable with me today. So I will speak to you momentarily. She has allowed a great deal of energy to enter and so she has not quite the capacity to continue. There is no need to be concerned that the lessons begun will be truncated. Still, we set her aside for a moment and I will speak briefly to the two of you (John and Kim) I wish to give a special message. I wish to acknowledge you for allowing…..for allowing us and many who have been with you to enter your hearts , to enter into your minds, for it is a special gift that has been given to you and we would pour our light into your nest that your family of three will receive the full embrace of the Mother’s, the Father’s love. It is your courage that allows our beloved little new being upon your earth to grow and she will radiate our love. Thank you.

Surround yourselves with love, as a band around your circle. Each of you is precious in His sight. Love each other, for you are loved.

She (the T/R) does not understand everything that happened today. More will be revealed. Thank you.

T/R : I had this feeling that others were here, I don’t know who they are. It started out with Irivina, yes? She started way up here, it takes a lot of energy, she’s intense for me, she belongs to you! (Nena) You’re supposed to transmit her, I think. Somebody else tried to come through…Legion tried…(David : You short circuited on both Legion, and Alana.) It was like Alana was calming me, Davina was pouring love in, they kept saying not to worry about it, but something was happening I don’t quite understand, the tears, the emotion. When they spoke to John and Kim, it was like I was taken back to childhood and the nativity, my mom had a real old one, and I saw Elan and the two of you, it was like I saw a star come in and there she was, Elan, with you two…like that ball of light I was talking about last week…you were in this little capsule, womb….there was not just the light that each of you have, but there was this light going around it….there were other teachers, or angels, or whatever, who have been with you, but there are more, and the message was….there is a lot of light being given to you right now for the courage to…not just raise this child…this child will be fine…everything is fine….but there was this light and energy being focused on you….then all of a sudden this little thing was part of all of this….there was a kind of lesson in it for me….what they have been talking about….people supporting each other, giving each other courage…..the very basic stuff of life, which is LOVE!

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