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CRC020528- Healing Gene

2002-05-28.  Healing Gene

Costa Rica #94

Topic: Healing Gene

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana, Irivina

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana : Open your hearts, my beloveds. Trust this love. Give this love away.

This is Alana, and I would speak to Eugene as I speak to you. The wounds of life close the doors to love. Open them. Each of you has many doors to love. Open them. Doors in your heart. Doors in your mind. There are many openings. Open them. Doors at the back of your head. At the back of your shoulders, down your spine, in your hips. Open them. Allow. Allow love to embrace grief. Allow love to embrace anger. Allow love to encourage, to lead you, to keep you growing, yearning, finding the way.

Your beloved Eugene, I say to him: Remember, and remember to remember, and remember again, love. Many love you. Allow their love to be with you. Listen. Hear. Hear the love upon the breath. Breathe it in. Even in your most physical struggle, your greatest stress, your sad doubts and fear, allow the love that comes and surrounds you. Allow love in. Breathe it in. Even in sickness. Even in reactions to the medicine you ingest. Allow the whole medicine of love to bring you joy. Each of you, now, send him love. Now. Send him love. Now. Send him love on the wings of joy. Now. Thank you.


Irivina : Yes, this is Irivina. And she (T/R) would understand that it is quite human to create expectation from the many experiences of growing. You collect these ideas, these memories, these once and imagined needs and wishes, and so you select these one by one in different circumstances, and you insist, “my expectation is correct!”

There is no reason to eliminate all expectation. What you will find useful is perhaps to discuss with your friend, Legion, the discipline of flexibility. This, my beloved pupil, is really what most provides the opportunity to embrace a disappointment with love. When your expectations are fulfilled, it is natural that you have no complaint with your expectation. You feel only joy that what you had dreamed, what you had fought for, what you had created in your mind, was constructed accurately. You find reason to object to expectations only when they are not fulfilled. Or, when the expectation serves as a closed door to love flowing. Or when the expectation serves as a closed door to listening, or hearing, yes? Thus I have said speak to Legion about flexibility.

I will, however, continue to work with you, and bring to you a comparison: treat expectation, anticipation, as the artist treats the brush. The brush must be soft, like hair. The brush holds the paint. The many bristles holding the paint. Not hard. Not stiff. But holding, and still flexible to allow the flow, to allow the color to be applied fully, or selectively, sometimes dark, sometimes light, sometimes broadly, sometimes thinly. And like the artist’s vision, the brush is held flexibly, allowing the color and the brush and the artist’s flexible wrist to bring the vision to fruition.

Flexibility. The image arises and when the image is not as the image in the vision, the brush flows again. The artist allows the image to grow, surrenders possession of the original vision. Allows the image to grow. The picture presented for all to see satisfies the heart of the artist and the treasured vision, even as the picture is not that original vision. Why? The artist grows in flexibility as the artist learns to love the art, the act, of creation.

The beginning artist, learning, sometimes rips the creation, pounds the floor with the creation, some drink, some become melancholy. As the artist grows and allows the vision to become part of the creation, flexibly, allowing the finished art to become as itself. The artist learns to appreciate the finished piece of art then gives it away, and a new vision is pursued, followed, allowed to create again.

So it is, beloved, with expectation. The difficulty of which you speak is when the mind holds the expectation insistently, refusing change. Refusing to listen quietly in the stillness for even the smallest difference in that which the mind holds to be true and expects to be (received?). This beloved is the difficulty you experience in some relationships. The other does not listen for that which has not yet been discovered in you. And so the partner objects and criticizes. When the (missing section?)

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