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CRC020602- Speaking Truth With Love

2002-06-02.  Speaking Truth With Love

Costa Rica #95

Topic: Speaking Truth With Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana: This is Alana.

David: Welcome, Alana. I’m sure every body wants to say hello to you. (Yes.)


Alana: Thank you. So, shall we create the heart room. Breathe, now, deeply. Deeply into the center of your hearts. Breathe in my love. Allow my love to enter into your bodies, to fill your bodies and pour out either side of you and across to the ones before you, allowing my love to join you, each to the other. Breathe in my love, now. Sharing my love. Sharing my love. And allowing, allowing the heart room. The heart room, a co-operation, a co-creation. My love I bring to you. My love, joining with your love. Your love receiving my love. Combined, we share. Together we create the heart room.

So, allowing the heart room, my heart in the center, Legion, Davina, Song, embracing the heart room, blowing love down through your heads, blowing love in through your backs, gathering the energy, the love, filling the heart room. We welcome you, your troubles, your concerns. We welcome those you love. We welcome those you would love more, with greater ease. We welcome those you would forgive. We welcome those you would heal.

Step now, each of you, into the pool of love and forgiveness. Open. Saturate yourselves. Fill yourselves. Allow. Allow. Allow love and forgiveness to fill you, to move through you, to surround you, to lift you, to embrace you. Forgive yourselves. Forgive yourselves. Forgive yourselves.

Stand tall in the center of the heart room. Allow God’s light, God’s love, Mother Father’s energy, the spirit of love, goodwill, peace, to pour down upon you. Refreshing your minds. Softening your hearts. Thank you. And yes, I send love and healing and comfort to all those you have brought into my heart room today. Now, I am ready to speak with any one of you.

Learning to speak the truth, the difficult truth! This an indespensable lesson in love. This is a challenge to the exercise of the disciplines of fairness, of strength, of compassion. Learning the humility of respect for love. Respect for love! That requires learning to speak the truth with love. Learning to share love with respect.


David: May I make a comment, Alana? (Certainly.) To speak the truth with love, the humility of respect for love…I am learning about speaking the truth with love to my partner…what I am learning is that it takes me a while to get down to my own truth. Let us say I’ve been hurt, let’s say somebody stepped on my toes, psychically, or something like that, I feel less than loved… it takes me a long time to get through the mental effluvia and the emotional upheaval, to find out something that is really true in my heart that I can somehow grasp hold of cognitively so that I can speak that to my partner…what I’ve found…when I got to that place there was a process that said, you don’t have to feel ashamed of that feeling…in other words, I began to love what created that disturbance and turmoil in the first place…I allowed myself to have that. In the process of learning to love my own truth, I could speak that truth to my partner and she wasn’t threatened by it, and she has frequently brought me comfort in those times, when heretofore she would pull her sword out of the scabbard and away we would go at it!

Alana: Yes, beloved. There is but one truth, and that is love. It is always wise…may I say, the benefit of experience and practice and discipline and wisdom is the relative quickness, or shall we say speed, with which the individual is capable of zeroing in on that truth, love. Speaking the truth is not a single and solitary action. Speaking requires listening. One to listen to the truth. That one is not single and solitary, either. The one is both I and Thou. You and the other. One to listen to you, listen to that truth. And that one includes you listening to your truth.

If it is difficult for you to listen to your truth with love, then you are lucky when the other person is able to listen to your truth with love. Yes? If it is difficult for you to speak the truth with love to yourself, as well difficult for you to speak the truth with love to your partner, then it is not surprising, is it, that it is difficult for three, four, a group, a family, a nation, or for nations to speak the truth with love, and to listen.

We will not try to solve the problems of the world today. We shall start with this beautiful discovery. Love your own truth. Love your own truth. Love your own truth. Allow that truth to reveal love. Shall we say you contemplate expressing your truth in a less than loving manner. We assume, here, you know the difference.

Sandy: I think we are learning to discern it.

Alana: Yes, beloved, thank you. In the stillness, you bring that less than loving, less than respectful, less than fair response, etc. into the stillness, bring it into the center of the heart room, and embrace it, blow love upon it. Then, as you have said, you begin to experience loving your truth, your difficulty, your complaint, even your insight, your miraculous aha! your superior understanding…you begin to love this truth in a new way. Always, in the center of the heart room, you will experience that total gratitude and complete humility of respect for Father-Mother’s love, equally, for each one of you. Always, you will discover, as you surrender, your precious truth, or your difficult truth, your …truth…as you surrender your truth to the heart room, you will experience surrendering fear, doubt, confusion, and those perspectives that shape your truth in such a way as to dim the one truth, which is love.

When you speak the truth with love, you have no fear. You welcome the response with love. You accept the changes you may see expressed upon the face of the one to whom you speak, and you welcome that change with love. Easily, of course, if there is a smile, but equally so if there is a frown. You listen to your truth, as it is reflected back to you. Any lack of love, or lack of joy, you bring quickly, immediately, into the center of the heart room and blow love upon it.

Some changes, some exchanges of truth, take longer to achieve a balance and security of love than others. This is the purpose of practicing the stillness and knowing the heart room within you, within that center of your stillness, so that you bring the peace of understanding every where you go, and in all that you do. Each of you is troubled in one way or another. You are not confident yet. You do not walk with complete assurance of faith that what has upset your apple cart will find a loving resolution.

Sandy: I think we know that, Alana, but as I’ve been listening to you talk, I’ve been wondering how proactive we, as individuals, must be in the situation, or do we just wait for the outcome.

Alana: Well, beloved, the outcome is assured

Sandy:  Oh, I know.

Alana: but the waiting, how did you put it? Proactive? Practicing the stillness. Practicing the stillness. Surrendering your fear. Surrendering your doubt. Asking to know love, guidance, comfort and reality.

Sandy: When I asked that question I thought of trying to write a letter to X, trying to speak the truth with love…or whether I should just wait for the outcome to come.

Alana: Yes, beloved, and for each, the steps you take are individual. But I speak again to the practice of turning to love now, and now, and now, and now. There is no hurry, you understand. You may think you need to speak to your friend now, or soon, in order to satisfy…(Gotcha!) yes…(my own sense of doing something)…yes, or your own sense of having failed to speak to him adequately, or your own sense of needing to prepare your friend for that which you think he feels, but that you might prefer to avoid. As you practice the stillness and turning to love, you will find … (unclear)…many opportunities before you to practice speaking the truth with love now.

Sandy: Thank you, very much, Alana. That was helpful.

Alana: Is there anyone else who would speak to me?

Germann: I want to say hello to you again.

Alana: Welcome, my friend. It is a unique pleasure to allow your voice and your presence once again to participate with your beloved friends in this heart room. I open my stillness, my heart room, my heart to you that you may bring forth from your silence the words of love you bring to me now. Welcome. (long silence) Yes.

Germann: What I wanted to say was how much I have missed this group while I was down under…and I did try to keep some time scheduled, even at the same time as your meeting up here…but somehow summer time was very intense, and I started to miss my times of stillness. I also lost my training in the daily silence, the daily stillness practice. So while I am here, I am really in need to be in touch again, so that when we go back I can continue.

Alana: So, may I say to you, beloved one, you have not been lost to me. This you know. This you understand. Still, you have the expierence, as do others I might add, others who have participated in this group meeting regularly, you have had the experience of feeling lost to me. Let me allow Legion to speak to you for a moment about this difficulty, this problem you have presented.

Legion: Yes, this is Legion.

Student:  Welcome, Legion.

Legion: I come to you, may I say, willing to bring you some humor! You stumble, my friend, upon my old bugaboo…discipline.  It’s chain-linked friend, schedule. It’s chain-linked friend, time. OK, we have Paulo on the side, as well. He is chuckling. We recognize this difficulty among human beings. You might say, from our own experiences elsewhere, we understand, we are even experts, how do you put it, “been there done that.”

Let me bring some conclusion to this confusion. When you try to understand the practice of the stillness as a discipline that must fit into, I think your favorite image is a box, of a certain shape and form, you will fall into the difficulty that you have described. It doesn’t quite fit here, work there, ooops I forgot! Oops I didn’t do it long enough, at the right time! Oh! There was a time shift up there, so down here I am off. In your mind you will insist this can not work, or you will fall into the difficulty of being inside the box and everything goes a jumble, you mind filled with many other things.

You live within your space and time, and so these difficulties are quite common among you. There is certainly, and has been, an extensive value to meeting on a regular basis, practicing together the stillness, becoming familiar with the heart room and drawing into the heart room, love, mixing it around, moving it through your hearts, sending it out as you give it away to those you love, those you don’t love quite as much, those you don’t even know, sending it out for healing and for bringing joy into the world. There is, certainly, a value to that experience. But I tell you again, and again, my discipline is not a punishment. The heart room has no limit. Even as you understand constructing the heart room, constructing the walls of the heart room, the walls of the heart room have no limit. The center of the heart room is within you, is without you.


So, yes, it is true, and your gratitude is acknowledged and welcomed, as we welcome you. But for more hands on practice…and so this lecture is to help you understand that it is not so much your presence…correction…as you now enjoy the opportunity for actual physical presence and practice, focus your attention upon that stillpoint within, that you find perhaps more easily here now in the group, and open your heart and your mind to the recognition that here, here in that stillpoint, here and here again, is what you seek when you think you are lost.

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