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CRC020714- Heart Room & Counsel to Parents

2002-07-14.  Heart Room & Counsel to Parents

Costa Rica #99

Topic: Heart Room & Counsel to Parents

Group: Jungle TeaM

Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield


Heart Room

Alana : Yes, this is Alana. Welcome, my friends. Welcome. I welcome you with love. Shall we create the heart room together? Yes?

Student: Yes.

Alana : So, breathe with me. Focus your attention deep within, into the center of your hearts, deep into the center of the heart room. Breathe my love. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow. Allow God’s love to pour down into you. Breathe it in. Filling your hearts now. Filling your bodies. Breathe it in. Filling your bodies now. Allow the love. Allow it. Breathe it in. Breathe it out to the one across from you. Allow the love to move, filling you, spilling out to either side of you, to the ones beside you, creating the walls of the heart room now. Filling the heart room. Breathing in the love and breathing it out. Step, now, step into the heart room. Step into the pool of love and forgiveness. Saturate yourselves.

Welcome, now. Welcome those you love into the heart room. Welcome those you would love better into the heart room. Welcome those you would forgive into the heart room. Bring to me your problems, your fears, your doubts. Surrender them now. Blow love upon them now. So, is there anyone who would speak to me? Is there one you would heal? We shall put her in the heart room, your friend, . ..

Student : Yes. I would love to put . .. in the heart room. She is a friend in the hospital in San Jose.


Parenting, Forgiveness

Student : I have a question, Alana. (Asks for guidance in relating to a difficult grown daughter.)

Alana : This is one, as you know, who needs to be told “I love you.” You will discover, she needs to be told again, and again. Do not expect her to surrender her truth for yours so quickly. Children on your planet become adamant about their authority. This is the reaction of the human being to disappointment in the authorities that presented themselves first as so cleanly true and righteous. The child does not care for  your rationale, but only for the hurt and the disappointment that what seemed to be a steadfast stage upon which to stand, collapsed in the middle of their fantasy that life, their life, could be perfect.

You, the adult authority, who has failed in every way (chuckles) to be the perfect parent, represent the loss of security once believed to be the  source of all joy. Everyone must forgive those disappointments as they mature toward that point where life is surrendered and you become one with God’s love embracing you into a new realm. It is with forgiveness and love that you release yourself, finally, with joy into joy. Your daughter has only just begun to forgive herself, as well as others. And so, you will find her to be a “tough one” for a little while longer. Continue upon the path of truth-telling. Do not fear. Continue with patience, giving her your ear for the pain she has only just begun to reveal to you. Blow love upon her in your response. It is true, when one who is angry is willing to share the hurt that makes them wish to hit out rather than to show you the wound, when the wound is revealed and the vulnerability exposed, you have the opportunity to heal. Continue to listen for how it is for her. She does not think you understand. Has this been useful?

Student : Yes. Very useful. Nice to have a handrail when going down tricky stairs, and my daughter is tricky stairs for me. But I’m a little embarrassed that you took so long with me. We have some guests.

Alana : Yes. There is no patience needed for listening to words of love struggling to allow love to be given and received.

Welcome again, our “silent one.” I dip into your heart and your mind. I blow love upon the anxieties that would have you, too, make all things better for those whose hearts have been wounded because you were not everything they expected you to be. It is difficult as a human being not to want to fulfill the wishes and desires of those you love and who love you, but you must always embrace this want, this desire, this hope, this wish, with the assurance of God’s love for you, and you, and you, and you, and you.

For all caught up in the temporary confusion of life on your planet, a simple heart that wishes only to give love must nevertheless deal with  the complexities of a world confused about how to love, how to bring love, how to receive love. Always the answer is to dip yourself into the pool of love and forgiveness. Forgive yourselves. Forgive all others. Then, then my beloved, standing tall, give that love and forgiveness away.

You can not let go and begin anew without allowing love to show you the way to drop fear, doubt, and anger, and begin again willing to  offer respect with humility and gratitude for the opportunity to love. Changing begins in the moment of choice and turning toward that change of love. Do not think the stripping of the bark is always easily, or quickly done. Hold your faith upon the intention to create love. Thank you.

Student : If possible, I would like you, Alana, to give us some counsel about our daughter. We would be so grateful to hear some words.

Alana : It would seem, among you, family problems are the oatmeal of the breakfast of life. If you can train yourselves to speak peacefully within your minds to those whose difficulties first raise thoughts of alarm, you will discover the peace that you have trained into your mind, into the  inner dialogue you maintain with your beloved child, becomes as the mother’s milk, absorbed into their being, a source of courage and strengthening even before words between you are possible, even before you have given voice to anything you might say in conversation.

The human parent only glimpses the power of their imagining of the child from the very beginning to the very end. The shape of your imagining will take shape in the child, in their mind, even if you have not verbalized all the nooks and crannies. Have faith in your love, the power of  your devotion, to be the background of deep serenity as her lifeboat sways upon the choppy waters. All will be well, but of course you know you can not prevent the learning of her lessons, nor would you choose so when you have understood the lessons to be learned, even as your mother’s heart, your father’s caring, would make the way, the ocean, the waves, smoother. Is there more?

Student : No, thank you.

Alana : Bear no guilt. No shame. Everyone seeks the perfect outlet. That outlet is always love. For some the way is rough and tumble. For others the way seems tight and they squeeze through with great effort. Some fall. Some stand quite tall and bow only slightly as they go through the door. The way through life is always to live life with love in your heart, and respect in your mind, the humility of respect for love, for all the many ways in which life manifests itself. Then with each new change you will be able to say, “Whoopee! This is me! I am different. I have learned this. I can do that. But always I am the same, for that which I learn, I learn with love. That which I do, I do with love. I learned love.” Therein lies your security, to love. Not to worry. Not to judge. Not to fear. Not to doubt. But to love.

So! I love you, each of you. Step into my heart room and breathe my love.  Thank you.

Davina : This is Davina. Imagine, each of you is a beautiful light, white petal of one flower, Alana’s heart room. I lift you up now. Legion holding the flower by the stem below. I am lifting you up by the center, allowing you to float now, as petals in the light of love. Thank you.


Legion : This is Legion. Is there anyone else, or anyone of you, with more to say, or wounds to be healed? Or shall we close with the remembrance that love is the discipline, and joy is the result, that the discipline of love is the discipline of joy that allows you to experience love and joy in the shared family love of your existence loved by God always. Practice the stillness. Turn toward love. We are with you. Thank you.

See the love within, let it fill you, pour out through your arms and hands to one another. Let this love move. You are loved. You are loved. You are loved. You have love within you. Thank you.

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