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CRC020720- Group Transmission

2002-07-20.  Group Transmission

Costa Rica #100

Topic: Group Transmission

Group: Jungle TeaM  a/k/a/ Costa Rica

Teacher: Alana, Davina, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield


T/R : Father Mother God, I ask your assistance today to open our hearts so that we may willingly receive your guidance. I open my heart and my mind. I welcome the teachers. I surrender my own thoughts and feelings to your love. Show us the way. Thank you.

Alana : Yes, this is Alana.

Sandy : Welcome, Alana.

Alana : Thank you. So, we will speak more briefly today. She is well, but we would use her softly.


Welcome. Welcome to my heart room. Open your hearts. Breathe my love in. Create the heart room. Create the walls of the heart room. Open your hearts now. Open your minds. Let us speak about love. Loving one another without fear, without doubt. Loving in the midst of chaos and confusion. Loving in the face of betrayal. This my friends, this is the world you live on. You open your hearts to rest with me and fill yourselves with my energy of profound love for each one of you. I hold your hearts in my hands. I embrace you. Surrendering you, each one of you, to God’s love. Our Mother, our Father pouring their love down upon you.

How to love? in the face of betrayal. Go within. Seek the Father, the Mother, Christ Michael, our love within. Here in the heart room, deep within your hearts, in the still point of your stillness. Here you will know, here you will see, you are loved. And with this love embrace yourselves. Once you have allowed love to rise up within and wash your mind, and refresh your thoughts, and fill your heart, then my beloveds, then, you can step out upon your world, you can face the one who broke your heart, you can face the brother or sister who tore apart your dreams, and you can face them with love, love to give, love to give, love to give away. You will know then, no betrayal can break you for you are still with the spirit of Mother’s, Father’s great love for you, as I love you now.

So, yes we are here to speak with you about love and how to love when you are confused, when you are troubled. Is there anyone who would step into the heart room today to speak with me? and to be bathed in the love that fills this heart room now, that spills from the hearts of your friends and swirls around the circle, love that fills my heart with gladness for your desire and your determination to grow and to know love is real. Yes? I will welcome anyone, now that I have finished my endless brief sermon. Yes?


David : It was wonderful. No apologies necessary.

Alana : Thank you.

David : I am burning with a question but I hate to put it out up front because these other eager students might be shy with you, so I’m going to step back and see if they have any questions they want to pose to you today.

Sandy : Oh don’t be silly, David, go right ahead.

David : No. No.

Sandy : We aren’t shy!

David : Do any of you have any questions?

Sandy : I have a thank you, not a question.

David : Go right ahead, then. Give her the thank you.

Sandy : Alana, I wanted to scream…I did scream after I got off the phone with my father after his current announcement…and I really wanted to thank you for your help later in the evening when I was able to give it up, in your words “surrender,” and give it all up to God. It is in His hands. I feel much better. Thank you.

David : Are you suggesting that she helped you to scream? (laughter)

Sandy : No, no, after the scream. She helped me after that. (laughter) That was my first very human reaction, and after that I was able to find peace. So I thank you, thank you profoundly, Alana, for teaching us this ability we have to turn when we need to the source and to remember to surrender.

Alana : And beloved, let it be known my gratitude to you. You have worked hard to break a pattern and to understand and to know and to trust my love. This, beloved, is yours.

Sandy : Yes, I feel it as a part of me now, thank you.

Alana : And all will be well, and even one day you will embrace your scream with all the love and joy of one who has finally accepted herself, all of herself, the totality of her human, emotional, fearful, doubtful, self. You will embrace your screams with joy and turn those tears into the sounds of bells ringing in a beautiful night sky. We are very pleased, very pleased, my beloved. Thank you. Anyone else ready to wring someone’s neck?

Lucia : I want to thank you for the advice you gave me last week about my daughter.

Alana : Yes, beloved.

Lucia:  I’ve been working on it and I feel much better, and I think maybe she does also, although I haven’t been in touch with her.

Alana : Yes, beloved.

Lucia: It was great advice, thank you.

Alana : Yes, you will learn to stand very tall, without and within, when your mind and your habit pattern is confronted with that which you had not predicted, or that which you thought to prevent by the power of your determination to be a good woman and a good mother. You, beloved, deserve…and I say this as a gift, natural to you, not as a reward, but a gift, the gift of love from God to you…you deserve peace of mind. You have done your job well, enjoy. Enjoy your life, now. Open your life as you open your heart to the beautiful promises of God, to the fruits of the tree of love.

Yes, beloved, this is your turn, this is your time. I say to you, thank you for your trust, and for opening up to the practice, the practice of the stillness, the practice of love, the practice of surrendering those troublesome fears and doubts to the heart room, to the love that dwells within you waiting only for you to turn and receive and rest in the arms of Mother-Father’s embrace, and then, to give that love away knowing, always knowing, there is abundant love available to you. All you need do is turn and receive. Thank you, beloved. (Thank you.) Thank you.

I give to our two beloved gentlemen a special greeting from Hakim. He says to you, “The fairness of love is not beaten into men’s hearts and minds by the force of human strength, but by the gentleness of the soft, barely heard steps of a kitten. Men must stand tall. Men must be strong. This has been the ancient message of your heritage, which was a heritage of survival, but the fairness of love, this you bring in an open palm with a gentle smile, and as men, you welcome the strength of women. You welcome the courage of women. You welcome all women to stand tall with you, equal to the gift of God’s love.

So, beloved boisterous one. Now that you have allowed others to cover your shyness with their attention from me, would you step into the heart room out from your little closet and convene with me?

David : OK. I have subsequently decided not to talk about my problems with my 50 year old dragon lady daughter. I’ll have a private session with madam later. I just want to say, for the record here, that it has been a pleasure for me living “alone” this week, to have you and other teachers with me all day long, day after day. I have cried with you, as you know, and I have danced with you. It has been a wonderful experience. This is just kind of the capstone of it to be with you and these other dear hearts of mine today. So thank you for your presence. And thank you for helping me to get acquainted with my personal teacher a little better.

Alana : Yes, beloved. And truly this was a lovely for me with you.  I will tell you, the lightness with which you stepped into your daughter’s perceptions was worthy of a Davina handclap. We encourage you, still, to bring that lightness of understanding to all the possibilities of perspective that any single individual human being is capable of creating. Perspectives that one might not agree with, or see, or understand, or welcome with love. Yes? This is the lesson, and we would have you to keep putting your finger in that fire, for this lesson is like a long travelling history of any human being along the trail of learning to love. Continue, beloved, to blow love upon that fire, and your finger will not burn. Yes?

David : I’m going to take you up on that promise. I do recall having written maybe two or three hours to my daughter, and sometime that day Sonja called me up and I discovered that all the time I was talking to her I found myself laughing. It was a wonderful thing, I was laughing all the time I was telling her about these problems. I could be joyful around the subject matter. I don’t know how I got there but I was sitting on the shelf swinging my legs with good humor.

Also, I found myself in one of the lessons speaking about being cuddled as an infant, and how important that is at that stage of life. And I felt like I needed to be cuddled in somebody’s arms. I asked to be in your arms. It is an extraordinary experience as an adult to just crawl into somebody’s lap when you are an adult and say “cuddle me.” That was wonderful, Alana. Then I had an experience with Sonja and Chris…it felt like the sun came out and the morontia world came down upon earth, the heavenly bright glowing dimension of love seemed to have poured down on the earth, and I had the feeling all day of riding on a magic carpet. So I thank you for being with me.

Alana : It is not magic, beloved, it is love. (Yes.) Although I well appreciate the value of the word, still, I would have you always know it is the power of love that creates the magic and the miracles. Yes? And I would say, cuddle with me more. As you do, beloved, you will grow more comfortable with that which you longed for as a very tiny child. It is not that your mother did not love you, for she, with all her trials, was a very loving human being. But you…oh how you longed to be held in her arms as a little one, resting there, in the sunshine, as long, as long as you desired.

So, this is what you repair when you come to me and cuddle in my lap, in my arms, in the middle of the heart room. I will whisper to you words of love that will stay with you in your heart and mind and eventually become words you share with others, as has already begun. I will tell you beloved…she (T/R) hesitates because I will use the word secret…I will tell you a little secret, beloved, to tell your daughter what you can recall of holding her, cuddling her, in your arms, in your lap, taking her for a walk to see the magic we now call love. Yes?

David : Thank you. Yes.

Alana : Hello, beloved, you who speaks to the animals. Welcome to the heart room again. Please step into my arms, into my lap. You are loved, beloved. We are very pleased, so pleased to see how you, with faith and trust, have opened your heart, surrendered your fears, and allowed our love to enter your life. Thank you.

Be of firm courage, my friends. We are with you, and with your brothers and sisters on your planet. We work very hard with you, and with your brothers and sisters. Keep your hearts open. Keep your minds ready to be infused with the inspiration of God’s love. Thank you.

Hold your hands, now. Allow. Allow love. Allow love to pour into you and through your hands to one another. As you move love through yourselves to those you love and those you would love more and those you would heal, you grow. You strengthen your power to receive love and give it away. This is the greatest task for your world is very confused. You are learning well, my friends. Feel that love, that energy of love, moving through your bodies, through your hands, around the circle. Hold the world in the heart room, now. (silence) See that little globe, blue and green, in the center of the heart room, now.

Sandy : Oh, Father, we pray for peace.

Alana :Blow love upon that world, now. Beloveds, blow love on all you do not understand, now. Beloveds, blow love on all the hardship, the poverty, the struggles, the pain, the wars, the conflicts, now.

Sandy : The injustice, the inhumanity. Blow love on those, too.

Alana :Thank you. You are our companions. If you would put anyone else into our heart room now, please say so.

Sandy : Yes, may we bring Oliver into the heart room.

Alana : Yes, beloved. Your beloved Mr. Practice. He is learning. He is healing. He is healing a long line of wounds between father and son, father and son. As he began when first he opened his heart to the heart room. Thank you. And yes, we put your beloved sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, into the heart room. Thank you.


Davina : This is Davina.

Sandy : Ah, sweet Davina. I was thinking of you earlier. I knew you were here because I suddenly felt lighter when I sat down at this table.

Davina : Yes. I am always at her side, even when she forgets to look for me. I am here to say to each one of you, you bring me joy. You bring me joy because you bring her love and comfort. She is my special project, you know. So, it was just a little bit harder, I think you say, to tug her heart strings up these past days of your time, but with all of you, I collect my strings in my hands and, with your permission, may I set you dancing please?  Lift up your hearts and lift up each corner of your mouth, for that, beloveds, is the sayonara of Davina, a smile of love ’til me meet again. Yes? Let your smiles catch all the light and love that I sprinkle down upon you. Thank you.

Legion : Is there one who would speak to Legion?

Sandy:  Welcome, Legion.

David : Welcome, Legion. Thank you for looking after our good friend Oliver on his myriad experiences on his trip and please convey our love to him through your various sources of communication, please.

Legion : This is done, thank you. He brings comfort, and comfort comes to him. Thank you, my friends, for your stalwart participation in the discipline of love which is the discipline of joy. Thank you. We will let her rest now. It was so very good to be with you today. It is always a pleasure and an opportunity to grow together in God’s love.

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