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CRC020805- Healing Broken Trust

2002-08-25.  Healing Broken Trust

Costa Rica #105

Topic: Healing Broken Trust

Group: Jungle Group

Teacher: AlanaLegion, Davina

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana : So, this is Alana.

David : Welcome, Alana.


Alana : So, we shall create the heart room, yes? A very strong heart room, today. I am here. We are here. Breathe in my love. Allow my love to fill you, rest within you, and then pass it on to the ones before you and to the ones to either side of you. Breathe it in. My love is your love. Fill yourselves. Drink from the fountain of the living waters of love. Legion is here, standing beside her (the t/r). He is moving now behind her to the left, moving now behind Sir David, touching each one of you, moving now behind Lucia, Lolita, we welcome you, touching your spines, filling them with his loving strength, moving now behind Sir John, welcome, Legion embraces you with his comfort and love, moving now to our favorite “silent one,” he touches you upon your head, drawing you up, giving you strength, moving now, to our beloved, Sandy, welcome, beloved.

Good. We are ready. Welcome. Welcome into the heart room. Bring your loved ones and welcome them into the heart room. I embrace them. Blow love upon them. Welcome now, bring into the heart room those you would give healing, those you would forgive, those you would have know love is real. Surrender your hearts now, surrender. Surrender them to the heart room. Surrender. Surrender them to God’s love, the Father’s will. Surrender your minds, now, your thoughts, your fears, your doubts. Let them go now. I will take them. I will blow love upon them. I will dip them into the pool of love and forgiveness. (stillness) And I take them out now, I shake them, I whisper more love into them, and I bring them back to you, your minds refreshed, ready, ready to speak with me, ready to speak with Legion.

And you trust me, yes? to put each one in the right head, yes? (chuckles) Breathe my love in. Breathe my love. So, we shall speak of trust in love with forgiveness. Trust is always an extension of the heart toward God’s will to do good will unto others, as well as your self. Trust is always an extension of love beyond the risks the mind warns you against. Trust grows early in the child whose caretakers truly care. But even the best of caretakers on your planet is wounded, and so trust is broken. Sometimes with intention. Sometimes inadvertently. Sometimes unconsciously, as you say.

How to heal the broken trust? Always through experience extending the heart and the mind toward that which is greater, the great power of love. And so, you learn through experience to discern, “I can trust this much, today. I can trust that one, just so.” Or, “I can trust that one, just so, but not that far.” Your discernment becomes judgment for your well being and the well being of the other; for if you insist upon trusting one who has proved untrustworthy, to the same extent you have trusted that one before, you have failed to learn from your experience, which taught you to discern. This, my beloved, is not to say never to trust that one again.

No, you rebuild trust from the broken shards of former trust by that same extension into the unknown, with love, with forgiveness, and with a mind sharpened into the discernment that shows you the way, step by step, with faith in God’s will that good will shall prevail. There are those, you will discover, who never allow you to go beyond the first steps of love, of building trust, of faith and forgiveness. But, I should say that among you, here with me today, such ones are very, very few. You have among you a large variety of relationships, all of which have brought you joy, brought you love, and sometimes brought you grief and disappointment and broken trust. But each one of you, I say to you today, each one of you has the power to allow love to restore your faith and trust in the future.

Your ability to break through those barriers established in the mind by heart felt disappointment has been strengthened by me and by Legion. Have faith in God’s love for you. Have faith in the Father. Have faith in your Mother. Trust will grow, as in building a stairway to joy, with each step you take in faith and trusting in God’s assurance, echoed by me, that all is well and will be well, as you turn and re-turn, and re-turn again, to this center, this still point, this heart room built entirely upon the extension of your love, your faith, your trust that love is real and belongs to you, always, even in your darkest moments of despair. Our love is yours, is with you, always. So, turning to the heart room, is there one here who would speak with me? Or, if you so choose, Legion is ready.


Sandy : Just another thank you, Alana, a deep, deep thank you for these wonderful little reminders that keep on popping up in the middle of a life that has been too busy, and too hectic. I am very grateful for them.

Alana : Yes, beloved. Thank you! Always the nudges are there, the, as you say, pop-up pictures are there. It is I who says thank you to you for seeing, as Davina says, the delight; for hearing, as Davina says, with delight. My gratitude goes to you for turning to that stillness, that still point of nothing, that still point of doing nothing, that stillness of nothing doing in the midst of your busy life, for there beloved, I am…in love…with you. Yes?

Sandy : Yes. Thank you. I remember Susie and David suggesting to me, long ago, that I was going to have to practice the stillness on the fly, and I’ve become pretty good at it. I mean, sometimes it is just a fleeting second, I hear Davina, or feel your presence, and I remember.

Alana : Yes, remember, and do this in remembrance of me. Thank you. So, yes, beloved Lucia, as silent as your partner, but I would speak to you, for we have registered you, and your beloved, in our, you might say, “little book of reminders,” that these two, whose hearts are open to new learning and the wide pathway of love, need, from time to time, the spoken word that reminds you of that which needs no reminding, that you are, indeed, loved, by me, by Legion, whose comfort and strength is given to each of you, and especially (simply as a statement of acknowledgement, not as a statement of out-of-the-ordinary specialness, as special as he may be) to the one I call “the silent one,” because Legion would have him stand tall; and so, we have a little tic, you might say, that we, having planted it in her (the t/r) mind, to keep the correspondence of words flowing. But should she, as she is wont to do from time to time, ignore, or shall we say “forget” our little reminder, I say to you now, have faith, you are loved, we are with you, embracing you. Your teachers and guides adore you. You bring great joy with every opportunity you take to shed your fears and release your doubts and create love in their stead. Have no fear, the surprises in store for you are for your growth into joy, greater and greater joy, the joy that comes with faith and trust in God’s love. Thank you.

Lucia : Thank you, very much, for those wonderful words. Thank you.

Legion : So, I am Legion, fighting for a word here, huh?

David : If I may intervene at this moment (yes), I want to remind you, if need be, that all of the special words have been welcome, but also, I would like to shoehorn John in, and also little Lolita, in this conversation. John has requested this meeting, Legion, and I am just trying to say in a round about way that it is his turn to ask a question, if he’d like.

Legion : Yes, and I would say to you, my friend, speaking of shoehorns, your feet step always surely and faithfully along the path of love.

John : I would like to say to Legion…

Legion : Yes, my friend.

John : …that everything doesn’t seem OK, as Alana would say. In a period of much change, it is very hard to feel the love, and very easy to feel very alone.

Legion : Yes, standing alone before the endless change that is life, especially upon your planet where the signs of love become so obscured by the darkness of minds yet unaccustomed to surrender to that which can only be known through that which is feared and resisted, which is surrender of the mind, surrender of the familiar, surrender of the certainty that fear and doubt create, is, beyond even my explanation, an extraordinarily courageous step, a move within the mind and heart that demands all the courage you have ever known among you, and more.

This courage is not often understood, for such a move, such a surrender, can often be and usually is such a private matter, so softly done, so quietly executed, it is as if no movement has taken place at all. It is not understood from the mind or the perception that sees courage and strength as the ability to control, or to demand. Or to “fix it,” yes? We might say that, too. The courage of which I speak is the courage to know your human experience of aloneness, alone even in a crowd, alone even in bed with your beloved, alone in the dark dungeon of despair, the courage to surrender even that aloneness to the Father’s hand and the Mother’s embrace.

Beloved, Sir John, my friend, your pain is like a kernel of corn in my hand, a hard spot within you that you would rip out if you could. But I tell you, even alone and unsure, you are loved and you are not alone. Which is to say, that kernel will soften with time in my hands, and grow into the staff of your life, to feed you with my strength. When you fear that all is lost, I will be there to show you the way. Surrender your doubt that you can not overcome your fear. Love is real. Love does not guarantee those comforts that the human being looks for to ease the difficulties of the human life and human relationships, but love is real, does give you strength, will take you where you need to go, and I will be with you.

You, my friend, must join with me in the discipline of strength, which is the discipline of the mind and the opening of the heart to faith in God’s will that you should know that you are loved. The fear of love is fed by the thoughts, based on the human experience described as “I am all alone.” So, you have more to say to me, yes?

John : I don’t think so.

Legion : I would have you step into the heart room now, and embraced by Alana, surrounded by the love of your beloved friends, I would have you surrender this fear, now, and allow…allow me…to press my love, infuse my love, into your spine, now.

John : I think I understand that my sadness is the fear (tape recorder is moved, difficult to hear, but sounds like, “the fear of being alone.”)

Legion : Yes, surrender that sadness.  Remember, my friend, you were born to know love, and in love is the kernel of joy, no matter what vicissitudes of life, that joy, that love, is yours, within you. Turn. Turn and you will know love is there, and my strength, guidance, comfort and devotion, as well.

Sandy : May I say something, Legion?

Legion : Yes.

Sandy : For me it has become that just the act of turning, which of course is the choice to turn…(tape ends and Sandy’s words are lost)…

Legion : Yes, you speak the truth with love, and from your experience, which has grown over time of practice. But you may recall there was a time when even to remember to turn was a gargantuan task, when even to remember to choose rendered you helpless before the great darkness that so overwhelmed with its complicity in your fear. Yes?

Sandy : Yes, yes, you are absolutely right.

Legion : So that, my beloveds, is our purpose in being here, our purpose in contacting you in order to bring you the reminder that has become so obscure in your human fear: You are loved. The Father loves you. The Mother embraces you. It is God’s will that you know His love, Her love, that you do His will, Her will, which is to know love, to rest with love, and to love one another as you give love away. And when your love is rejected, love again, and again, and again. This is the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. Give love. Give love. Give love. Be love. So, is there more you would have me say in response to your human concerns?

Davina : This is Davina.

David : Welcome, Davina.

Sandy : Davina, thank you for flitting past my nose the other day while I was playing the piano. I really enjoyed that.

Davina : Music is the color of my love.

Sandy : I know, Davina. Yes.

Davina : Allow my light to filter down into your minds and your hearts. I pour love into your heart room, over your heart room, through your heart room. Lift your hearts up, up, up, that I may pour my joy into them. Thank you.


Alana : This is Alana. Hold your hands again. Allow my love to pour into you and through you, from hand to hand to hand, supporting you, supporting you in supporting each other. Give your love. Give your love now. Strengthen the heart room with your conviction, with your understanding: Love is real. Love is the greatest power, the only power of which you need to be concerned. Fill your hearts now. Drink from the pool of love and forgiveness. Allow me. Allow me to take your fear, your doubt, and surrender it to Mother/Father/God, that you may have faith and trust in our love for you, in God’s love within you, now, and forever more. Enjoy the beauty. Allow beauty to feed you, nourish you, and show you the light of love dancing before your very eyes. Listen for the harmony of the music of God in the sound of the birds, the soft play of rain upon the leaves, the notes created by talented minds and eager fingers. Listen for the truth in love, speak the truth with love, be the truth that is love. My gratitude for your willingness pours upon you. Thank you.

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