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CRC020901- Surrender, Isolation, Medicine

2002-09-01.  Surrender, Isolation, Medicine

Costa Rica #106

Topic: Surrender, Isolation, Medicine & Tools of Consciousness

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaLegion, Davina

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana: Yes, this is Alana.

David : Welcome, Alana.

Alana:  Thank you.

David:  I hope you give our transmitter a lot of energy today because we have a tropical storm happening, and it is hard to hear. And while I am on, we have a special guest today,

Alana:  Yes.

David:  Chris, partner of Sonja. And so I want to welcome him. It has been in our hearts for some time to be able to welcome him and introduce him to you.

Alana: Thank you. We are glad to welcome one who has allowed himself the opportunity to enter into an experience, one he has contemplated, one he has yearned for; in entering this experience of stepping into the heart room, he is accomplishing a task most difficult for the mind: which is, to surrender the doubts and questions, and to allow love. This is also an opportunity for me, Alana. Legion, as well. I welcome one who, like yourselves, gladly tossed away fear in order to allow love. So! We will construct the heart room. Yes?

David: Yes.

Alana: Open up your hearts now, and your minds. Open. Open. Open to love. Breathe my love in. Allow. Allow my love. Allow my love, for you are loved. Yes. Open. Allow my love into your hearts. Breathe it in. Fill yourselves. I love you, each one of you. I fill you with the joy of surrendering to love.


Allow me, now, to welcome you into the heart room. Step with me into the pool of love and forgiveness. It is forgiveness that is your necessary choice in the allowing of love. It is forgiveness, mated with love, that allows the power of love to be made manifest in you.

Forgiving is the fairness between you; giving love, receiving love, allowing love. Forgiveness is the experience of allowing your fears and your doubts, your concerns, to be brought through your minds into your hearts and into the center, the still point, the stillness of the heart room, where I, along with Legion, embrace your pain and blow love upon all that which causes you to doubt and to fear that love is not real.

Love is yours. Love is to be embraced by you, as it embraces you, allowing love to enter your mind and your heart, to shape your behavior and to cleanse your thoughts, so that, in the heart room, you may have the experience of allowing God’s will, which is good will, to be your will. My beloveds, it is in the heart room, here, now, opening, allowing, that you may experience the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. It is, my friend, as you have said, “seeing newly.” Allow the heart room to fill your mind, sweeten your thoughts, open your eyes to the greater reality that is love.

You drag your feet and hang your head and stoop your shoulders, caught in the many troublesome ideas and beliefs and painful experiences that reinforce the idea and the belief that darkness is greater than love. But I say unto you, enter the heart room, open your hearts and your minds, and allow. Allow God’s love to pour down upon you. Allow Alana’s love to welcome you. Allow Legion’s love to strengthen you, and, standing tall, you can see: light is available to you, love is ready for you, light and love await you at your turning, at your willing, at your allowing.

So, is there one who would speak to me today? Or any other?


David: My beloved, our transmitter, wanted me to ask you if you have any special information for her in regard to smoking our beloved medicine.

Alana: Yes, this is a puzzlement to her, reflecting the conflict between joy and the inability to experience joy once the mind has chosen the shadows of doubt and fear. We have spoken to you, once before…

David: Yes.

Alana: …The conscious awareness of the use of any beneficial tool is always part of our instruction toward following, taking steps, and walking along the path of love. Your beloved medicine opens your heart, allows you a sensitivity to the joy that resides within the love that resides within you. Still, my friend, I would say, as I have said to you before, a certain moderation in relationship to one another is required for use of any medicine for it to remain beneficial. Even the allowing of Alana to speak with you must be done in moderation, yes? To use any medicine over much, shall we say, over use, shall we say, in excess…I do not, as you may notice, slip into the idea of drug addiction and abuse, no, I speak to you of the management of the mind.

It is valuable to use that which is given to you by the earth for your well being and support in the living of life upon your planet. You live on an earthly paradise, yet it is fraught with the natural human experience of fear, doubt, questioning and concern for survival. This medicine can be, like the heart room, practiced with careful attention to the healing and opening to love and to joy; equally for your self, the individual, as well as in relationship to others. Be that one other, as your beloved partner, or many others, as in friendships and human interactions of a daily kind, you will find there is a necessity to achieve and maintain balance, within and without, allowing love, not the medicine, to establish the criterion.

So, I would ask you if you are aware of your partner’s imbalance when you have enjoyed the singular experience of the pleasure of your medicine? If you remain aware and sensitive to creating and maintaining a balance within you, connected to and in relationship to the balance within your beloved, then, my friend, your understanding of moderation will be complete.

David: Are you saying essentially that I should get my gyroscope, which means my inner balance, more in tune with my beloved’s gyroscope?

Alana: When there is excess, then there is imbalance, be that… moment please…..yes, my friend, it is a matter of being in tune, both with your self and the other with whom you wish to experience the joy that dwells within the love that you would share together. The medicine, like the practice of the stillness, may take you deep within for the discovery of many lessons and the opportunity to learn; but if the practice becomes unbalanced, as in what you might call an excess that is not regulated by your constant tuning in to the balanced communication that allows love to be within and without equally, then, my friend, there is that propensity to experience isolation, yet call it “having fun,” or call it “practicing,” or call it “working.” Do you understand this isolation of which I speak?

David: No.

Alana: Good, we shall try again.

David: Are you saying that in some ways the medicine leads to isolation?

Alana: Any choice may lead to isolation, just as any choice to focus your attention without allowing the mind and the heart to remain open to the communication of love connecting each one to the other, and all to the love of God, will lead to isolation, be it only for a short period of time, or be it for a long, long time. You can not solve the conflict within your beloved between the dark and the light. That is hers to resolve, to understand, and to surrender to the heart room. But if in your own exercise of moderation, you should discover that there is an opening for communication, then, my friend, you will understand.

David: Thank you, Alana. I can’t think of anything intelligent to say right now. I trust that when I read this it will be far more meaningful to me, and I’ll understand it better. But thank you, I feel the kindness in what you have said, and your compassion for everybody. Thank you, dear.

Alana: You will understand that the medicine is not harmful. My focus is on the intention, the consciousness of choice, the willingness to surrender its use to that which will enhance your understanding and increase your communication. There are those times, as with the practice of the heart room, when a sense of isolation, personal, individual, focused attention deep within, is what is called for. But on your world, today, the value of retreating from others into an isolated world (must be in concert with) the practice of regular communion and communication of love, both within and given away. What she (the t/r) sees is the difference between the flower growing between the cracks in the rock inside the cave, and the flower pushing up through the ground and the gravel in the full light of day. Both must struggle to break through, yet one will be seen most readily and the joy shared more equally. Love balances.

Legion: This is Legion: This is Legion.

David: Welcome, Legion.

Legion: My friend, you have taken a step into the world of complete trust, for you have known that moment in which all the research, all the contemplation, all the figuring it out, must be let go, surrendered, and you enter into trust that all will be well. Yes? And this, my friend, is the same in the experience of walking and talking with your brethren, brothers and sisters gathered with you, learning to love in standing tall, in choosing to allow your heart to open and your mind to surrender to God, to God’s will which is good will, to God’s love which is joy in goodness, joy in beauty, joy in love.

This takes trust – trust extended beyond the hope provided by the material plane and the mental, shall I say, shenanigans. Trust extended beyond the known into the unknown love that dwells within and is given to you by God to be with you in all the extenuating circumstances of a life on your planet. I am here to say to you, the comfort you seek as a man, is the comfort you give as a man. It may not have the shape or the performance of any other man, but it will have the shape of the one you have become, open to the discovery that love is real. I, Legion, have come to you to bring the comfort, man to man, among men. Thank you, and you are welcome.

So, Miss Sonja, you would have Legion give you the pattern of his thoughts. I say unto you, welcome all thoughts with love.

The pattern of your mind, unique only to you, responds best and most easily to patterns similar in kind. When you must expand to allow a different pattern to exist, that is when the practice of turning to the stillness of love, the calm, the peace, the certainty of love becomes your sail in the wind. To welcome that difference with love, this is what your medicine helps you to do. It is wise to practice, as well, this slipping through into the encompassing embrace without the stimulus of the medicine, but by the choice of the mind coordinated with the heart.

For you, my beloved lady, it is simple, you say, to love a raccoon, so different from the human being, but not so, for you, because you have chosen to allow your heart and your mind to welcome this pattern with love. It is not unusual for human beings, male and female, in relationship, to struggle with the differences between them, the differences in outlook toward their world, the differences in understanding of who the one and the other is. It is true, it can be helpful to use the various tools and medicines, but nothing replaces the open-hearted challenge of learning to love one another as you are loved within, as you are loved, now, by me, embracing each one of you, holding your heart room in my arms. Thank you.

Is there anything else? Would you speak to me, Alana? Or any other?


David : Yes, I always want to speak to you, Alana.

Alana:  Yes, beloved.

David:  I love you. I love you. I don’t completely understand why I am so attracted to you, except I know that I trust you completely, as I’ve never trusted any other person or idea in my life. And that brings a great deal of comfort to me. You have been very wise in dealing with me. You encompass all my idiosyncrasies. You’ve made me accept myself, more than I’ve ever accepted myself in my life. So I just want to say, thank you. It has been a wonderful trip so far.

Alana: Yes, my beloved. And it is my gratitude for the allowing that I would have you understand. I made you do nothing, but I love you. I give you my love, freely, and you allow my love to enter, and Alana’s joy is your pleasure. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: Thank you.

Open your hearts, now. Allow the love to fill your minds, soften your thoughts, ease your way of being in your world. Love, my friends. Allow it. Allow love to grow within, like the tiny flower in the crevices of the cave, growing, growing, growing. Allow the love to grow without, like the flower in the sunshine, growing, growing, growing. Allow the heart room to fill you now, to water those flowers of love. Step with me into the pool of love and forgiveness. I dip you now, each one of you, into the pool of love and forgiveness.  Rest, my beloveds, and allow. Allow my love to rest within you, filling you, changing you, welcoming you into Alana’s heart room and Alana’s love. Then give it away, as I give it to you, freely. Thank you.

David:   Thank you.

Davina: This is Davina, pouring love down upon you, like the dew drops scurrying down the grand green leaves of life’s splendor and joy in itself. Thank you.

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