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CRC020907- Session with David and Nena

2002-09-07.  Session with David and Nena

Costa Rica #107

Topic: Session with David & Nena

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana: Yes, this is Alana. So I welcome you, once again, to this beautiful circle of loving hearts allowing light to fill your minds. Thank you. Thank you for creating this heart room with me, today. It is the beautiful Day of the Deer, she tells me. (T/R and Nena were sitting on the porch in the afternoon, and two deer, a male and a female, walked up close to the house as they foraged.) A day filled with the expression of love from one to another. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana:  She is peaceful today, she says to me, for she has been quite grateful throughout the day, saying to me, “Thank you. Thank you, Alana. Thank you, Legion. Thank you. Thank you, Davina. Thank you. Thank you for teaching me to allow beauty to bring the light and the remembrance of love into my heart and mind. Thank you.”

And so, I say thank you in return. That is a lesson, one we have offered, and we are grateful the lesson is being learned: Allow beauty to teach you. Allow beauty, the natural beauty that God has given to you to see with awareness of its healing properties. The beauty of the sun and the earth. The beauty of the flowers and the trees and the sky. The beauty of the rain. The beauty of silence. The beauty of resting in the stillness, in the embrace of Mother-Father’s love.


Alana: Yes, so, we shall celebrate together, yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: Hello, my beloveds.

Group:  Hello.

Alana: Welcome.

Group:  Welcome.

Alana: Change, yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: Welcome change with love, yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: Beautiful. We bless your friend, Jean.

David:  Yes.

Alana: We hold her in our embrace.

David: Yes.

Alana:  Thank you. And how are you today, my beloveds?

David: Are you speaking to me?

Alana: You are my beloved, yes?

David: Yes. I’ve had two wonderful days in a row.

Alana: Masterful!

David: Days of letting go. (Alana: Yes.) Of allowing myself to be at the university of love full time, doing yoga all day long, being in the stillness all day long, talking to you all day long. It has been a wonderful gift to myself, yesterday and today. And of course, I’ve had this wonderful gift all to myself, being with these beautiful daughters of Nebadonia, who are visiting, Gisella, Nena, and Erica. They are such warm hearted and vital spirits. It has been wonderful. Thank you for sending them along, Alana. It has been a beautiful day. I thank you for every gift that we have seen and felt and smelled through out the day.

Nena: A beautiful day full of love. We are practicing.

Alana: Yes, my little one. Yes, practicing love, practicing joy, practicing strengthening the body. The discipline of love is the discipline of joy. Yes? Legion will be most heartily welcome of this news.

David: Was that a question addressed to me?

Alana: No beloved, I simply said that your beloved Legion will be quite heartily, heart filled with joy, to welcome the news of your beautiful days practicing love, practicing joy, practicing strengthening the body, practicing strengthening the mind to practice the discipline of love which is the discipline of joy. Yes?

David:  Yes.

David: Thank you. Indeed, I am glad to make Legion’s heart glad at any time. He has been a beautiful brother to me. He has brought me comfort that I have been able to share with my earthly brothers. And we welcome Nena with us tonight, “the little one.” We miss her sometimes.

Nena: Thank you.

Alana: Allowing love to do the listening. Yes?

Nena:  Yes.

Alana:  Allowing love to be the hammock of your day, supporting the sweet swinging of joy. Yes?

Nena:  Yes.

Alana: So, is there anyone who would speak with me, or perhaps another?

David: Nena, here’s your chance now, to speak if you wish. Alana is inviting you.

Nena: I feel myself to be peaceful…more easily now than before…I surrender…I feel more love for me and for others…I thank you. You helped me a lot.

Alana: It is in the surrender. To master the joy of surrender. To allow yourselves and one another to be who you are, now, without fear and doubt, and to breathe in the love, to live and rest in the love, and to share the love, giving it away to another as you have given it to yourself in the stillness of peace and rest in our love, God’s love, Mother-Father’s love.

As you enjoy the sweet swinging of surrender in the hammock of love, so you experience the greater and greater  manifestation of peace within you in your life, and with one another. This builds your capacity to welcome change with love, allowing change to rest in the hammock of love with you, as you surrender and allow change to be shaped by the love that pours into you as you willingly open your heart and your mind to God’s will, good will, and God’s love, your love.

Irivina says this has been a warming up period. You are learning to balance Alana’s love without fear, without doubt, and with clear assurance that Irivina’s bright light and crystal diamond inspiration will cut through, without disturbance, but with the blend of love and imagination, creating the joy that is within you, and with you, always. This experience shall be greater and greater yours for the knowing, trusting, and choosing to follow the path of love and to learn from our humble teaching, how to love on earth as it is in what you call heaven. Yes?

We thank you. We appreciate that you allow the heart room and steadfastly allow the heart room again, and again, to be expressed in your lives. This is our opportunity to create with you a bit of heaven on earth. Yes? Thank you.

Song: This is Song.

David: Welcome, Song.


Song: I am here to bless you with the awareness that you are being heard and listened to. Continue to listen to me. You have heard me. I am glad that we have so beautifully established a communication that guides you and comforts you independently. A relationship, a pleasure, and an assurance all your own. Yes? Thank you.

David: Thank you.

Alana: We bless your friend, Erica, as she travels.

Nena: A beautiful soul.

Alana: Yes.

Nena: And Tita, too, and Gisella.

Alana: Yes. We greet them, too. Thank you.

Nena: Thank you.

Alana: I would have you hold hands. Hold love, share love. Allow love. Open your hearts and your minds to love. Give love. Give love. Give love. So may hungry for the peace they can not even understand, the peace that welcomes change with love. As you learn and grow, pass on this love, this knowing your love within is real, this learning, this understanding. Give love. Give love. Give love. Thank you.

David & Nena: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Alana: Irivina says her light is with you all the time.

Nena: I know. Thank you.

Alana: Thank you. Alana embraces you.  I embrace each one of you.  Thank you.

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