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CRC020923- David

2002-09-23.  David

Costa Rica #111

Topic: David

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaSong, the Teacher

TR: S. Butterfield


T?R: Mother, Father, thank you for your blessings. I accept your guidance. Help us to see clearly through the barriers and misunderstandings that prevent the flow of love. I surrender my ideas to you. Please cleanse my mind and my heart that I may be more forgiving, receive your love, hold your love, and give your love away. Thank you.


Alana: Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, Alana.

Alana: You are disappointed?

David: About what? No, I am not disappointed.

Alana: I welcome you, dear beloved. And your Song is nearby. And so! you would discuss something with me?

David: Well, I was thinking of talking with Song, but if you could give me a news report on Nennie, in Italy, and Sonja and Chris, in Canada? Is there any way you could give me an update on them?

Alana: Each has reason and understanding to stay in touch with their teachers, and all is well.

David: Thank you.

Alana: As they turn to their teachers, like you, they are reminded…..

Alana: Yes.

David: Your voice sounds so beautiful today.

Alana: Thank you. It is wonderful to turn and to listen and to share the sound of love. Yes?

David: Indeed. I have come up with two questions since you asked.

Alana: Yes, my beloved.

David: I would like some guidance on how to proceed with the problem that Sandy raised vis a vis Richard. I have a sense of peace about it, Alana, and I have a great deal of confidence that all shall be well. We’ve been through some choppy waters and I have developed some confidence, strength and faith in the power of love, the power of your guidance, and the power of the combined group. I know there are some hurt feelings, and anxiety, connected with this, and I would like to have some of your cosmic wisdom if it is propitious at this time.

Alana: Yes, my friend. Is this your problem? This question is an opportunity to look through the glasses of one who has surrendered all he does not know to the heart room. Is this your problem?

David: I thought I was pretty clear that I am hanging much looser to it than I was before, Alana, but…(Alana: Yes.)…I see, when you ask me such a penetrating thing, that what my mind connects with is that I asked both Mr. Practice and Richard into the group, and when we have complaints about someone I asked into the group, yes, I feel a sense of responsibility. But, I agree it is not my problem, it is a problem that these ladies have with these men. Is that so? Can we proceed from there?

Alana: I think you will see the problem, as you call it, handled by each person being responsible for their contribution. As they confront the idea of group cohesiveness and continuity, each will be required to surrender to love and make a choice. There is a sense in which each has a group of their own making. Yes? And the transmitter, your beloved wife, discontinued the group of her making. Yes? And you? have you discontinued the group of your making?

David: Perhaps I have, but not in my intentionality, or in my heart of love. I would like the group to go on and on, and in fact I would like the group to reconvene next week, if we can get Mr. Practice and Richard, and John and Kim and Chris and Sonja and everyone together on that.

Alana: Yes, my beloved, and I have been saying, “welcome change with love.” The love in this group of your making has grown and changed and come and gone elsewhere (not the love circuit, you understand, but the human beings). Your group, as you say, that you would have go on and on, has suffered, endured, chosen, welcomed change. Welcoming change with love, my beloved, allows change in the idea of group. Allows change to occur and in the allowing the love grows greater as change “goes on and on,” as you say. Allow your group, as you call it, to reassemble itself.

David: We are part of the group. Are you saying that maybe we should be a bit quiescent in trying to reassemble the group and let the group do it? I understand broadly what you are saying. For instance, I have a need to have the group. I love the group. The group is a very powerful experience for me. I would like to have it every Sunday. So that is part of my allowing, too, to allow that yearning in me. Yes?

Alana: Yes, and so you shall have your group every Sunday, if you choose. Yes?

David: Yes, I would like to have it every day of the week, Alana.

Alana: Yes, beloved, but I suspect there is in that a touch of wanting to have the “easy money,” shall we say?

David: Well, I don’t know what it is. I feel a particular intensity about my path right now, being at the university of love. I feel a quickening of my spirit toward Father, Mother, you and the teachers. An opening. I feel it with my beloved partner. I feel growth with her, and greater love than I have ever felt. I am extremely appreciative of this. All the while I am getting rid of garbage off the back of the wagon. Paolo led me to believe that I could move as fast as I wanted to, is that correct?

Alana: Yes, beloved. And you know we are with you every step of the way. Every choice you make to call on us is heard. So, your easy manner elicited the easy style of my response to acknowledge this hard work is made easier by the enjoyment we mutually experience when it is possible to utilize the willingness of your beloved partner. Yes, the regular meeting and allowing of group energy to accumulate and connect is extremely valuable to each individual participating. That group energy, you are reminded, is the love of the heart room. The individual members may change for a variety of reasons, still the group heart room energy of love continues on and on. Yes? (Yes.) Even, my beloved, when you may be the only group member attending! Yes? (Yes.) And, my beloved, even when naught arrives, I am here, welcoming. Yes?

David: Yes. Thank you for your benediction, Alana. I look forward to reading it and absorbing it in greater detail, but I feel the wide openness of your heart in what you are saying. I have another question: I would like to ask some guidance about loving Sister Sonja. I am asking this question from my heart of hearts, in terms of my most pure spiritual desires. I’ve turned to you many times in respect to giving love to Sonja, in feeling her and praying for her. I’ve also had a great deal of love for Chris and compassion for the suffering I’ve seen in his life. But there is a certain attractiveness that comes between the male and female in this dance, we become more attractive as we exude this spiritual energy and love. I feel I can’t help but be attracted to Sonja in the way that I am, but I want to be able to do it in a way that is beautiful to you, and beautiful to Sonja, beautiful to me, beautiful to Chris, and beautiful to Susie. And Erin. And Song. Everybody.

Alana: So, my beloved, your desire, your want, as you put it, your intention is toward love, truth, beauty, goodness, and God’s will. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: In this question that you pose to me, tell me, beloved: Where is the fear? What is the doubt? Surrender these to me, beloved. Step with me into the pool of love and forgiveness, holding your fears and your doubts, let them go, one at a time, allow love to melt them, allow forgiveness to eliminate doubt, fear, guilt, shame. Thank you. And so, would you like to tell me again what it is that troubles you?

David: I think it is just the experience from past patterns, when I have been married and some sort of fascination and love and attraction flared up between me and another person. I didn’t have any tools to deal with this, and I got into difficulty with it, and I don’t want to repeat that. I want to stay really clear. I don’t want…I also know…please excuse me for rambling around…I don’t want to in any way upbraid Chris, having heard something said about what he said over a telephone, he was very sensitive about the intrusion of any other male…and yet he spent the day with us, and he saw the beauty and radiant energy that came out of Sonja that day…so she even commented that she was wonderfully surprised that Chris was so open to what was happening with her. I just want it to be…I don’t know what my fear is, what ever it is I give it to you. I think everything is going to be alright, in fact it has been beautiful so far, in fact miraculous. I can’t believe how quickly Chris moved into this circle of love.

Alana: Yes, beloved. And so, your desire, your intention, your will remains the same. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: To love. To know God’s love. To rest in God’s love. And then, to give this love away without fear, without doubt, no shame, no guilt.

David: When you said that, Alana, I felt that maybe I do feel a little bit ashamed that I am attracted to Sonja the way I am…that she somehow…I don’t know what it is…it is almost genetic, in a way…I feel some of the Demarest energy in this woman…she is like some part of my family…so I guess there was shame that I felt attracted to her. But when you said that, I felt that it is ok, that I should accept it and trust that it is good.

Alana: Love is good. Yes? Love is the desire to good unto others. Yes? You fear. You doubt. With fear and doubt, you blind yourself to the flow of love. When you fear, when you doubt, bring these to me. Surrender them. Allow love to eliminate them.

Love is stronger than fear and doubt. When you experience confusion, or a sense of imbalance with love, turn to the heart room. Turn to Song, examine with him, “what pattern do I fear I repeat right now?” Song will help you, when you meet with Song through the transmitter, or when you speak with him through your computer mechanism. In the heart room, step into the pool of love and forgiveness, when you turn to the heart room with the transmitter, or with your group, or in your own stillness heart room and pool of love and forgiveness within you alone. I will be there. Legion will be there. Surrender your fear and doubt to love and to forgiveness. Ask Legion for strength and courage and discipline. Seek my embrace, my sound of harmony and joy, peace being with you always in God’s love.

Yes, what you call miraculous has been an experience of grace, all hearts struck through with the light and love of our Mother, the understanding of our Father, the compassionate care of Michael. This grace, should you trace it back through your transcripts and memories of experience, has been in the allowing of love, has been in the faith in the power of love, has been in the prayers of the individual heart and your group heart room experiences, and our willing that it should be. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: Continue to have faith in the power of love. Continue to surrender your fear and doubt to me. Continue to allow Legion to strengthen your heart and your mind and your tongue with the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. Trust, continue to trust in the power of the love that you have known and experienced with me, with your beloved, and in the heart room. All will be well. Continue, my beloved, to stay in balance. Thank you.

David: Thank you, Alana. May I have a word with Song?

Song: Yes. The pattern is one of finding light, and allowing what appears to be a new light to outshine all others. This is not uncommon. It is, in fact, part of every person’s experience of new openings to love, new openings to light, and the sharing of light and love on your planet. When this happens, it has been a challenge to your sense of yourself as performance; doing it right V. doing it wrong. You resist discovery that your performance might be in any way tarnished by impure thought or deed.

This is where the old split that began at such an early age begins to cause you mischief. You can not include the lesson into the full radiance of light without first imagining that the light will dim. The paradox here is that the light will dim. It is not until you notice the creeping darkness that you recognize the need to allow the lesson to be the light.

You will always discover the split, the disallowed lesson of light, in your statement of fear or doubt. Yet, this approach is hampered by the pattern that focuses on the concept of untarnished performance, the pattern that focuses on what you want as a light that excludes the lesson, or excludes the fear and doubt. This is the pure light and love of the young child untarnished. It is every human being’s task to return to that pure light and love, after the long journey through living life on your planet, after learning the lessons of fear and doubt and surrendering them. In the surrender, love allows compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and true understanding.

You look at this individual as one who reminds you of…or is perhaps a genetic similarity…or other forms of understanding that disallow you learning to love with the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. These forms of understanding prevent you from seeing the unique individual and blowing love upon the mistaken identities, or the attraction to old patterns. The old patterns, embraced by the love and forgiveness of the heart room, no longer need to tempt you down a path that brings you no reward of growth and expansion into the greater love that is yours, given to you by God, to know and to understand and to give away. Has this been helpful?

David: I’ve had glimmerings of where you are going, Song, but I must admit that I haven’t grasped it fully, given the way it is coming through the transmitter.

Song: Yes, she receives glimmerings, as well.

David: Yes, she is doing the best she can, I take that for granted, and my heart is full of appreciation for her, this is not a complaint at all.. I will say yes, I want to receive what you have said to me, and to read it, and talk with you about it.

You are talking to me about a pattern…some of the experiences that I’ve had in the past have led me to experiences that did not lead to growth. So I have in my heart and mind at this moment, that the nurture that you and Alana have given me, and the grace and confidence, not to fear, and to trust this new love that you have given me. I will have new questions to ask you when I have read the transcript. I hope to have some time, with the willingness of the transmitter, to get to know you better. I’d like a lot more contact with you through S, is what I am saying.


Song: Thank you. I would only say this: You have learned from past lessons. The situation now might be described as an opportunity to learn new lessons. Thank you.

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