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CRC020924- More on David

2002-09-24.  More on David

Costa Rica #112

Topic: David

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaSong, the Teacher

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana: Yes, my friend, this is Alana. I wrap my arms around you, for sometimes it is difficult to walk the path. Yes?

David: Yes.


Alana: She is a dedicated one, and still you must balance between you the experience of joint responsibility, mutual commitment, and collaborative stillness and communication with us, with the individual, singular, unique stepping stones that belong to each of you separately as part of your individual life task. Being able to eventually place those stones side by side, so as to create a garden walkway through the beauty of love, takes repetition of both accuracy and error. You learn from error. You gain confidence from accuracy. You continue along the path, building and shaping with faith.

So! We have an opportunity to bring Song. As well as to choose the softening quality of Alana’s voice. This, my beloved, is not a choice of better and worse, or better and more better, but simply responding to the appropriate vibration of the moment. It is good to practice the stillness. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: With no agenda. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: And yet, once you have chosen the path, chosen to follow Michael’s call, it is difficult, yes? not to approach the stillness with an agenda. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: So you surrender your progress to the heart room. Allow. Allow my love, the love of Song, the love of Legion, allow the power of God’s love, Michael’s love, Mother’s love…sift it through the various channels available to you. Allow this love to carry the responsibility, to set the agenda. Yours is to allow love. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana:  Thank you. So, place yourself in the heart room now. (Long stillness.)

Song: This is Song.

David: Yes, Song, Welcome.

Song: You may get to know me by standing with me in the pool of love and forgiveness. We stand together. My arm upon your shoulder. You do not need her (the t/r) to accept my arm upon your shoulder. Allow yourself, now, to experience my love, my understanding of you, my arm upon your shoulder. Accept this. Allow me in. Receive me. Legion has taught you many things, and you are learning well. Now accept me. I am with you in a different way. I am your personal teacher. I have been with you a long time. We have accomplished many things. Now it is for you to understand and articulate clearly what you now know to be true, without the distractions of insecurity, nor the bombast of fear. She, the t/r, says that is a harsh word, so I wish to allow you to understand that you are loved.

David: Thank you, Song. The track I heard you say was, I am to understand and to articulate what I know to be true without insecurity or fear.

Song:  Yes.

David: Thank you. Would this also apply to my Jesus story?

Song: You have been cutting your teeth on your Jesus story. She (the t/r) is cautious here, for I say, get it done and you shall see what else you have to say.

David: Get it done and see what it is you have to say?

Song: When a task is accomplished, the future is revealed in the moment of accomplishment. There are many causes and benefits to a task that are not immediately revealed, for they are part and parcel of the task. You will find that, should you choose to set a goal, similar to practicing the stillness or practicing the discipline of strength or attending to the learning and lessons of the university of love, should you apply this same determination to the task of your Jesus story, you will learn more than the details of the tale. It is important to allow the passion that you feel to enter into your performance of writing His story from your point of view.

We do not watch and observe you working on this story in order to judge, grade, or approve. We encourage and applaud the learning involved in the task you have chosen. You have many difficulties. One based on the repetitive nature of the task, as you did it once, so to speak, in a fit of passion, you might say. You are dealing with information, repeatedly running it through your mind to select and choose. Another is, as you know, is the physical habit patterns, both demanded of you and associated by you to this task: to sit down regularly and demand of yourself the focused attention it requires, when so many other things are attractive; another being the physical impulse to fill the empty page, shall we say, of this discipline of dedicated, directed, focused attention, to fill it with the physical habits of smoking cigarettes, and your beloved medicine.

Then, of course, there is the difficulty of allowing and then creating this task, which at the present moment we are describing as writing your Jesus story, but may also be extended to include what I have previously stated, which is to accomplish the task of being able to clearly articulate what you know to be true without fear, without insecurity, either in the written or spoken word…there is the difficulty of balancing one’s life. Yes? Some of the difficulties you encounter with your beloved partner, and bring them to me for self understanding, and surrender to Alana for help in the relationship, have to do you are beginning to comprehend…have to do with this balance.

You have placed the stepping stones carefully together, yet still there is that experience, from time to time, that perhaps your stepping stones are clear and on the surface, while the water seems to be rushing over them and submerging the stepping stones that she uses and places, and so the two of you become fearful, doubtful, and insecure, and grab for the familiar, even as you have already entered into the unfamiliar.

When you feel this insecurity, it is best, first, to enter your own stillness and heart room energy and surrender to the guidance of the love within you, which beckons only with love and will lead you to the place where you each place your stepping stones next to each other in the stillness of joint communion, asking God’s love to bless your way. Has this been helpful?

David: Yes. Thank you. I have another question. It has to do with our first conversation together in which you spoke of my call as a child and the path that I took, a conditioned path that was open to me in the institutional church. I would like to know more about what you were saying. What was the nature of that call to me as a child? Can you say something about that that would be helpful to me. I have the residual feeling that perhaps I missed the call in some way, that I missed the trail in some way…that I went down this conditioned path in which I saw competition, institutional rivalry, and all kind of things, and that wasn’t what I had responded to in the first place…did I somehow miss the boat? I have some confusion and fuzziness about that.

Song; Missing the boat allows one to find another way. Yes?

David: Yes, that is true, that is true. Yes. Thank you.

Song: You knew the call to speak God’s love with certainty. You have never abandoned that call. However, the certainty of the child was born in an environment of what you might call experiential certainty. Your father’s pattern was born of inner revelation. He never questioned. The certainty was his. He accomplished many things which created an new environment for the son; he created the desire for classroom education, something the absence of which never once prevented his certainty of God’s love and God’s path for him. For the son, seeing two directions, the performance of the father before the people, and his creation of an institution for learning that which had come to him as revelation, added to the desire in the son for learning and study. You have now to join together those two pathways – a balancing not required of the father, but required of you, the son. You have within you, now, the new opening into the path of your revelation. You have returned to that innocent place of the child, through surrender, yet you have within you the learned dimension. It is this combination of inspired understanding that you seek to express and articulate. Has this been helpful?

David; Yes. I look forward to reading it, of course, to understand in greater depth. Thank you for your presence. I feel more at ease. I have a great deal of gratefulness in my heart. I didn’t expect to hear from you today. Thank you kindly for attending us with your love, your presence and your gentle wisdom in your words.


Song: Dear Father, Dear Mother, we bow down to you with our hearts open and with the humility of respect for your love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your love flows through each one of us and we grow as we give it away to those you have entrusted to our care. Thank you.

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