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CRC021002- Creative Speech

2002-10-02.  Creative Speech

Costa Rica #115

Topic: Creative Speech

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaSong

TR: S. Butterfield


David: Thank you Father for such a beautiful day. We are sitting at the table, listening to the sounds of the gentle rain on the roof, in beautiful Costa Rica, on this jewel of a planet of Christ, Michael. We invite the presence of our beloved teachers, again. Our hearts are filled with thanksgiving for Your presence, the wisdom of Your care taking, and a quality of love that we have not known before. Thank You.

T/R: Thank you, Father. Thank you, Mother. Thank you for the love you bestow upon me. I breathe your love when I walk on this planet. This changes me every day toward greater love and compassion. Thank you for your strength when I am afraid. I am learning to speak the truth with love instead of being paralyzed by fear. Sometimes I am so afraid. I ask you, Jesus, to enter my heart and my mind at all times. Thank you for your love when I turn to you for strength and comfort. Thank you Alana. Thank you Legion. Thank you for the discipline of love, which I am learning is the discipline of joy, to have joy and hold it with love. Shared love. Shared joy. Thank you.


David; Creative speech, yes?

Alana: Yes.

David: Beloved, welcome!

Alana: Yes, I embrace you both. Legion, as well. You wish to have a huddle, yes?

David: Yes. A tete-a-tete, as the French say, head to head. Thank you for the inspiration of your words, “creative speech.” You also spoke of when the glory gets a little “sticky.” I’m intrigued by what you meant by that.

Alana: Yes. Your words create an image, an idea, a reality, a perspective. In the creative space of the heart room, dipped in the pool of love and forgiveness, you begin to learn. You learn the language of love, and as you begin to use words to express the language of love, you begin to create love. You can not help it.

So it is, sometimes, one falls so “in love” with words, you begin to learn, by experience, the truth of your words of love, by that contagion of joy in the learning to love. Your words must be struck through by love. Not crafted, but spoken because there is no other way to say it; the language of love conveys love. So, would you like to bat the ball a bit?

David:  Yes, I delight to bat the ball with you. It is always a wonderful experience. Through the experience of a week or so, now, of welcoming change in our life, I have felt an incredible freedom of spirit, a new soaring of my soul, a new fresh turning to you, to Father, to Christ Michael, to Nebadonia, a fresh turning to the light and the love that seems to be all around us in every moment. I don’t know what is next, but I feel more and more light coming in. I want to express to you my delight and my thanksgiving; and I say this in behalf of my beloved partner, as well.

Alana: Thank you. It is good, sometimes, simply to rest here with me in the heart room, that stillness shared with your beloved.

David:  Yes.

Alana:  That stillness shared with others. So shall we rest here now, in the stillness?

David:  Yes.

  • Long stillness practice.

Alana:  So my beloved, you would speak to me about creative speech?

David: Yes, my mind first associated that with what is happening between you and the transmitter. Somewhere, I think, one of the teachers said this was the most creative thing happening on the planet, at present. I agree with that perspective. Then, the day that you talked about this first was my birthday. We had a few guests and I found myself engaged in what might be called creative speech. I was speaking about things of the spiritual realm. These things simply arose from my heart and passing through my mind, but at the end, as I looked at my experience, it felt like I had let go and given myself to the expression. It felt very creative. I welcome whatever you may have to say to enrich my understanding of this.

Alana: It is the creative choice to choose love. It is difficult to discern, always, the loving thing to do. You can do your best to speak the truth, as you see it, as you experience it, as you discern it, with love. This requires practice. Combine with your practice of the stillness, this allowing of the stillness to inform you, this allowing of love and forgiveness to wrap itself around your tongue and shape your words according to love, the language of love. You will have more experiences of the stillness in action. The heart room is carried from one to another, by the communion of words with love into the language of love that will communicate love. Creative speech creates the opportunity for love to be understood, to be grasped consciously. Creative speech must be struck through with love, for empty of love it is mere speech, and the empty words will shatter. (image of destruction.) Shatter faith. Destroy trust. Bring down the cruel rains of betrayal.

The errors of love are allowed, by love, to be corrected. No need to fear. Love is here. Turn to love. Allow love and forgiveness to pick up the shattered pieces and shape new words of experience and learning, and therefore joy. Joy is in the turning. Joy is in allowing love to shape creative speech.

Song: Yes, beloved, you have a gift for words. (Thank you.) When you blend these gifts for language and expression with your true purpose, to love, you bring a certain light, which brings joy because the truth spoken with love becomes a healing experience. Creative speech tapping in to, connected to, inspired by the creation of love and healing on your planet. Allow your faith to shine through your words with the lightness of being that is your love for God, your Father, your Mother Spirit, your Michael. I enjoy speaking with you, and through you when you allow yourself the creative speech of conveying our love for you and passing it on to others.

David: After one of these experiences that seemed to be inspired creative speech, I had an after glow, there is nothing that warms my heart more than speaking of you and of God and of all our celestial friends. It is like speaking in tongues, you just let go and do it! That’s the closest I can come to saying it.

Song: Speaking in tongues has a component of creative speech; a vital component in its still point of origin in love. We would have you, however, be attuning yourself to the language of love in the more conventional manner of direct translation into the language understood by your mind and the minds of those with whom you communicate and share the communion of love.

David: Could you talk to me a little about those two political pieces I wrote this morning? I don’t know where they came from, but there was some love penetrating through them, although they are two contrasting pieces and were written in “the street” style.

Song: You are searching a) for a means to express your understanding of the patterns playing out before you (world  situation), and b) to discipline your expression so that the love that generates your wish to speak out is given, not hidden by the anger of fear. It is quite natural. It is as an expression of your understanding of the many tasks given to you by your group leader, Legion: to bring comfort to men, to share the communion of love with your brothers and sisters, to seek each other when in need of remembrance, and to follow the discipline of love which is the discipline of joy. You seek to learn with your brother, Brian, whose heart you know to be true to love, and whose words you know to be struck through with the humor of love, and whose willingness to be open to love and to express love brings you joy. You seek to work with him in the disciplining of your tongue to speak love with joy, creating the laughter of love, embracing pain, horror, fear and doubt, and bursting forth with the joy that is the love that is the heart room embracing all of you.


Forgive me. There was a chorus of voices creating that melodrama of the heart room. May I say that with joy?

David:  Yes.

Song:   So my friend, this impulse to street-talk your love for humanity originates in love, wishes to create more love, and is…she struggles between experiment and exercise…may we have both please…is an experiment and an exercise. For Mr. Boisterous, to learn to sing the Song of Love with that same cutting humor, cutting straight through to the bone, to create a new impression, a new way of seeing (the world situation). The Comic Book of the Discipline of Love, which is the Discipline of Joy! Thank you.

David: Thank you. I wish to express my thanksgiving for having the transmitter, my beloved, in my life. I don’t know if any of the teachers, or you, or Davina, had anything to do with the engineering of our coming together, but if that, indeed, is the case, thank you.

Alana: So, we have enjoyed being with you. Give our love to those whose ears enjoy such communications from you. Thank you.

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