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CRC021004- David’s 74th Birthday

2002-10-04.  David’s 74th Birthday

Costa Rica #021004

Topic: Flexibility of the Heart

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


This is a special day because it marks David’s entrance into sonship with God, as I understand it, when he was born on this planet. Thank you for giving him light all the way. Thank you for giving him sunshine in the darkness.

I surrender my mind, my heart, my desires, to your will, dear Father-Mother; your will is good will, to do good unto others, to love, to love myself as you love me, and to share that love with others. It feels so good to be with you today, and to say Happy Birthday to David. Thank you.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. (Thank you.)

And I give my blessings of love to Oliver, to Sandy, to our friendships. Thank you.

Alana: Yes.

David: Buenas dias, dear friend, dear beloved.

Alana: Yes, beloved. Again, We celebrate You.


David: Thank you. I have noticed since I woke this morning that my attention has focused from moment to moment on thanksgiving, for everything my eyes light upon, and everything my mind thinks upon. We were like children a few minutes ago, saying, “How did we get here? How did all these marvelous things happen to us?” We each have had such incredible roller-coaster rides in life. It is all a mystery to me, and magical. I want to say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you for coming. Thank you for coming. And thank you to Song, for all the work he has done, all his watch care and love, to bring me to the place where I could be open to you.

Alana: Yes…as you bow down in the humility of respect for love, and allow the light within to meet the light above, below, and around you, lifting your hearts up in joy…this is the creative space, for the creation of love on earth as it is in heaven. The creative space for the creative language of love to be expressed. The creative space for a creative speech, yes?

David: Yes…very challenging, madam, on this planet, may I say?

Alana: My beloved, always I will welcome the challenges you experience, in the heart room, for love and forgiveness to do it’s part.

David: Thank you. I accept that as the truth.

Alana: And it is true, as your many years on your planet will attest, there are those moments of despair. Yes?

David: Yes. We each had one this week, but as you know, as I look back on it, it felt like we got through that period with much more facility and turning to you than we had before. It ended much more quickly. I was able to see Oliver and love him in person, yesterday. He called graciously this morning. I made him laugh. It speaks to me of the Spirit of Joy – my ability to be in the moment and receive love in that moment and to give love out in that moment. So thank you for all the love you have given us that has helped us to be brave enough to learn these lessons.

Alana: Yes. The lessons as well as the challenges do require an appreciation for the Spirit of Humor. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: Humor struck through with love. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: Each of you responds differently. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: This is the joy of being you!

David: I thought of this phrase a moment ago, when the t/r was praying, it flashed through my mind…God expressing himself as David!

Alana: Yes. With a few other conditions thrown in, yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: So, my beloved one, a message from Erin.

Erin: Do you know your love?

David: I am working on this, Erin. I couldn’t figure that one out until I moved on to your next sentence: “Know that you love.” I am beginning to see where I love. I am paying attention to that as my first step in knowing my love.

Erin: Yes. As in polishing the window and discovering that the dirt and the fuzzy spots were less than you had imagined. Yet, as you polish the already bright and clear glass, you discover light upon light upon light you had not been looking at. Yes?

David: Yes.

Erin: Thank you.

David: Alana, please give our love to Nena, wherever she is on the planet.

Alana: Yes. We have done so.

David: May I also, since it is my birthday today, put in another request? I was thinking of my mother and father, and I want to send to them a word of thanksgiving from their second son. Thanksgiving that I am alive and that I know God. I am full of thanksgiving for the start they gave me in life. I sent that message to them via my telepathic network, but I want to make doubly sure they get this message, so I am asking you.

Alana: Yes, beloved. You are an angel star in their horizon. Your reminder of love and gratitude is humbly submitted before our Father, Mother, God.

David: Thank you. Alana. My beloved and I have been invited by John to go to Monteverde. He also invited Chris and Sonja. We were talking about this as an opportunity to be with the four of them as a way to facilitate more exposure to your  presence. Also, perhaps, to help them establish a more firm basis for practice in their life, and, generally, for us to open up to ways of loving one another as couples. I would like to know what your thinking is on this matter.

Alana: Yes, beloved. Legion and I say yes, beloved.

David: Wonderful. Song said to me recently, something that rang in my mind again that I take as a joyful expression of some new terms for us. He said, “You have learned from past lessons. The situation now might be described as an opportunity to learn new lessons.” This looks like a new lesson for us. We are happy to contemplate this possibility. It feels like something new we need to do. These four people seem hungry. They have been needy for this injection of love in their lives. Because we love all four of these people, it is an easy way for us to serve. Feels like it anyway. Feels like something we want to do.

Alana: An old idea made new. Old lessons made newly. A so-called problem made into an opportunity. Despair become creativity.

David: Wonderful, wonderful. Creative speech, it feels like.

Alana: So, my beloved, your beloved Song will be at the back of your throat all day. Your beloved Legion will be at each touch of your spine all day. And I shall greet you all day long.

David:   Yes? I don’t know if I can stand it, Alana. I’ve been having days in which I keep saying Legion’s prayer, “Let my love come down like honeyed rain.” I constantly turn and say this and it feels like the morontia world is coming down and I see glory everywhere.

Alana: Yes.

David: So your invitation is accepted.

Alana: And sometimes, perhaps you were about to say, sometimes the glory gets a little sticky, yes?

David: Yes, like downtown Arenal. It’s a trash bin. It discourages me.

Alana: Blow love upon it, my beloved.

David: Yes. I’d like to beautify it. That’s the truth of the matter.


Alana: Yes.

David: I pray for the world this morning, dear Alana, dear teachers. Perhaps you do not feel the burden of the world, the way I do from this side. I felt the burden of the world since I was a child, through the absurd, and obscene, theology that was given to me. But this moment I feel the world as part of my destiny, and the place that I love. It burdens me to think of the killing, and the hatred extant upon the planet still. So I lift the world up to you, and I say: Let your love pour down like honeyed rain, beginning in our hearts this day. Thank you for your visit.

Alana: I ask you to hold hands. Open your hearts. Allow Michael’s love to pour through you, and to be with you. Drink from the sweet waters of His everlasting love.


  • Partial Conversation after session is closed:

That was a wonderful speech. Creative speech. She spoke of creative speech. Love dominated, that’s what creative speech is. Every time you t/r is creative. You are creating with your body, your voice, your mastery of this language, your knowledge, the effort you put forth early in your life to master the language and express yourself. All of it is used. You can see it in the transcripts.

Creative speech is the language of love. We are all looking for those trouvailles that Margaret Anderson talked about, those gems of love in creative speech.

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