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CRC021007- Language of Love

2002-10-07.  Language of Love

Costa Rica #021007

Topic: Language of Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: SongAlanaLegion

TR: S. Butterfield


T/R Prayer: Dear Mother, Dear Father, Help me to learn to speak the truth with love. I pray that Your Truth, Your Goodwill, Your Love, be known across the earth. Help us to find a way to teach peace, the comprehension of different ways of being, and inclusion without strife. Teach me the way of peace and love. I seek your guidance in all things. I open my heart to You, that Your Spirit may fill me and show me the way by the radiance of Your Light shining forth. Thank you.


Song: Some bow down several times a day. This is a practice intended to teach the humility of respect for love, God’s love, God’s love for all human beings. It is an act of remembrance and communion. So it is with the practice of the stillness. So it is with the practice of the communion modeled on the idea of the last supper with Jesus on your planet.

Prayer is an effort to enter into the truth of love, through remembrance, through practice, through opening your hearts and your minds to the activity of love, the creative force that continues to support life on your planet. To know the truth of love is first a personal experience, mastering the tendencies toward confusion, distraction; tendencies often given the category of conflict, as in conflicting tendencies, warring tendencies. When beginning to corral these tendencies into the pursuit of the truth of love, this complexity is categorized as challenging, or challenges. You first pray and ask yourself to learn to recognize, to know, and to discern love within and among these human tendencies. To love the warring tendencies within you is to begin to love the warring humanity around you.

It is important to engage in creative speech, the language of love, not for the satisfaction of the ego, not for fame, nor for numbers, but in order to master the path of love within you, and without you, as well. “Without you” has the meaning of extending your love to others, giving it away, offering your love in service, expressing your love in joy, and it has the meaning of the absence of ego as it is attached to the meaning of “you.” Without “you.” Such is the experience of the stillness, such is the experience of love, such is the experience of God’s love, within each person and shared by the common recognition of this common connection of love, hope, charity, peace.

It is not for personal fame or self-aggrandizement that we urge you to practice the language of love in the form of creative speech, for your personal well-being is assured by God’s love, in God’s love. We urge creative speech because within it is the humility of respect for love, gratitude, thanks giving. It is this thanks giving all great leaders of men and women convey. It is time that there be many great leaders, leaders of men and women, leaders of children. Not a few, but many speaking the language of love that it becomes what you call common, ordinary, common sense, common language, common understanding. Thank you. This was Song speaking.

David: Thank you, Song, for your words and your presence. I perceived immediately that it was you speaking. Thank you.

Legion: This is Legion.

David:  Hello, Legion.

Legion:  I have put forth to you the discipline of love: in the practice of strengthening your body, in the practice of the stillness, in the practice of the language of love, in the practice of understanding one another, in the practice of bringing comfort. It is not in the form of competition, winner-loser, or punishment for failure and forgetfulness.

The discipline of love is an offering: offering to each other the opportunity to share love as you grow toward love. It is the willingness to open to love, and to share that opening with each other. It is the giving and receiving, the giving and receiving of love unto each other, with the intention of gentleness and comfort of love.

Difficulties and distractions are embraced by the discipline. Firmness has the joy of love in it. Steadiness has the pursuit of love in it. You practice the discipline of love because it is the discipline of joy. Your work will lift you up. You will not be alone.

Learn to speak the language of love commonly, and beautifully. Where there is love there is beauty. Beauty grows over time, nurtured by love. Beauty can be destroyed in an instant. Beauty can be born, seemingly without struggle, a gift, even random, but without the nurturing of love, true beauty can not exist. Love passing into you, resting, and passing through you, is the nurture of beauty and love brings forth all the glory. Thank you.

Alana: So, my beloved, you have a question, or a puzzlement, about my use of the words “sticky glory.” Yes? This, beloved, was an attempt to sort through for you the confusions and distractions that occur when love, pouring through different vehicles, or vessels, or human beings, begins to be put forth and different layers of puzzlement accrue because of the imperfect expressions and understandings of different individuals, different minds creating different understandings and insistences upon “my understanding is truth, your understanding is just a little wobbly.” This makes love look “sticky,” sometimes, as you persist in holding to “my truth, not your truth.”

Until you have let go and surrendered and allowed the stickiness to be washed away by true love and forgiveness. It is a difficult path to grow in truth and to discern the truth of love. All children must struggle through these difficulties with their parents. All parents must struggle through these difficulties with their birth children, and the children they accumulate with time, the children of love, the children of God. It simply was my way of saying, the candy is good, the sticky fingers must be licked clean by the love of God. (chuckels) I am glad to hear the chuckles of the laughter of joy bubbling in the pool of love and forgiveness in the center of the heart room pouring forth through me to you from our Father, our Mother, our loving Michael. Thank you.


David: I was reading a transmission sent by Oliver. It happened up in the San Francisco area. Michael came on and spoke of the process of healing. When you pray for someone, or put someone in the heart room, He said it was important to keep this beam of our love upon them as long as we could. That’s the understanding I got. Is there any way that I can improve, accelerate, accentuate the process that I have of loving my daughter, my son, my family.

Alana: You must remember that the focus of healing is not for gain. There is no demand. It is creative. The focus of healing is the creative communion of love. The focus of healing is the creative sharing of the love that you have known within to fill you, rest within you, and be abundantly available to give away.

The focus of healing will expand. You begin with one, and without thought there are two, then three. The communion of love, by your ability to express in creative speech the truth that has meaning in love, is the healing that is yours to give. Give this abundantly. You would experience healing with your daughter, and in that healing you begin with one, and without thought find two, three, and more. Allow your channel of communion to open to the communication of this communion to the one, two, three, and more, by any form that suits you, but do this, and do this regularly.

Do not look for results in the sense of reward, or self-confirmation. Seek only the communion of love. The results will be shown to you in time, without hurry. Love is never in a hurry. Nor does it seek. Love is within you, above you, below you, around you. It is your task, your purpose in life, to express this reality as best you can, sorting through the confusion of experience to allow love and to allow the communion of love between you; between the many tendencies within, and between you, the many yous that exist upon your planet.


Life, as you understand it, is in a hurry. This is a conflict within the mind that is disconnected from love. When the mind and the heart are open and connected in the peace and stillness of love, there is no hurry, there is only communion, and the strong and disciplined communications of love. Then comes joy. Has this been helpful?

David: Yes. With my usual caveat, I will have to read this again. Thank you, Alana.

Alana: Thank you.

David: Thank you, Alana. I love you.

Alana: Yes, beloved. Share the love you know as loving me, share it with those you know need this love. Thank you.

T/R Prayer: Dear Father, I thank you for this experience. Dear Mother, I thank you for your embrace. Jesus, I thank you for you love, your compassion, and your teachings.

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