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CRC021016- Practicing Communication of Communion

2002-10-16.  Practicing Communication of Communion

Costa Rica #021016

Topic: Communicating Communion

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaLegion

TR: S. Butterfield


David: May the words of our mouths, and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in thy sight this day, dear teachers. Thank you for your beautiful presence with us. Thank you for your patience in dealing with us. Thank you for the joy and love that you have helped create between my beloved and myself. I feel so much more confident and mature in being able to deal with the problems that arise between us than ever I have before; thank you for this, it is a wonderful feeling. Thank you for making me feel loved in a way that I have never felt before. I accept this as the love from Christ Michael, Nebadonia, and our heavenly Father, and all the spiritual agencies coming through you. Thank you for coming to us. Thank you.

T/R: Father, I surrender to you my fear and my doubt. I bring my heart, open to your guidance and good will. I surrender to you my insecurity in love. Mother, I thank you for your ever ready embrace of me. I welcome your love, dear teachers, and your wisdom. Thank you.


David: I have been baptized in water. I have been baptized in what the Pentecostals call the Holy Spirit. Now I feel baptized in your love and your embrace, Alana.

Alana: Yes, my beloved.

David: So wonderful to hear your voice.

Alana: Yes. It is the voice open to love. A voice allowing love to pour through, and by its modulation, expressing the experience of love. She (the t/r) surrendered her many fears to allow me to speak today.

David: Really? I didn’t know she had any fears.

Alana: We will allow you to understand her bravery, as you might say, her courage, is in the ability to embrace her fears with love, not allowing them to become barriers to love. She has doubts as well. Does this surprise you too?

David: Yes, and no.

Alana: So, you would speak with me today?

David: Yes, my beloved. I’ve been intrigued since reading your most recent transmission in which you spoke of communicating the communion of love. You said we should think of practicing this in any form that we can, and that we should do it, and do it regularly. This made me sit up and take notice, because it sounded like an assignment.

So, I’ve been working with this, and so far what I understand is that when I am in the communion of love, the heart room, frequently a person’s face, like my daughter or my sons will arise, and I think the loving energy of the heart room that I am feeling is transferred to this person. That is one of the ways I have understood the communication of the communion of love.

Then, I just finished giving my beloved a massage, and this, too, feels like a means of communicating the communion of love that I have with you. So these are two openings that I am aware of for opening to this expression. However, I would like you to expand on this topic.

Alana: Yes, there is the communication to the self whenever you choose to turn to love, to the heart room, to Mother-Father, to Michael, to Nebadonia, to your teachers and guides, to the stillness. In that stillness, the heart room, that holy place of prayer, you envision another, and this, too, is a communication to your self to love, to allow love, to be love.

Indeed, as you practice this communication of the communion of love to your selves, you communicate outward by the vibration, by the circuitry, that connects you to all love. And when particularized, as when you see within the one you wish to love, the one you wish to know your love, the circuitry between the two of you becomes, you might say, wider, greater, stronger. At its most open, this can create spontaneous and simultaneous thought patterns, and the one will think of you with love, as you think of that one (other) with love. This communication made, communicates to you, your self, and to the other’s self, the communion of love. Contact is made, and may or may not be made physical, in the sense of voice contact, or physical encounters.

When there has been a break in the circuitry, a cessation of the communication of the communion of love, these spontaneous, simultaneous experiences of shared love may occur, but have a tendency to lessen and even disappear. But where love exists (in the stillness, in the heart room), love is always available, and so, you learn, and you create many other means of communication of the communion of love.

It matters not how you do it, except for the preliminaries, which is to practice the stillness, to go within, to seek (for it is you who seeks love and love is there, waiting with welcome, welcoming you). As you dip into the pool of love and forgiveness within the heart room, within the still point of the stillness, you perfect your ability to speak the truth with love, to offer the discipline of love in the language of love.

So, has this been helpful? Would you speak with me further in your questioning?

David: You said to practice this regularly, expressing the communion of love. Would you like to explain, or elaborate a little bit about what that means, exactly?

Alana: Would you please repeat your question?

David: I’m asking about your statement to practice this expression of the communion of love regularly. I want you to speak to that point, a bit.

Alana: My friend, what is the question?

David: I think I’ve lost the question. I do practice it.

Alana: Yes.

David: I think I already do practice it.

Alana:  Yes., So, my friend, the question is…”am I doing good enough?”

David: Exactly, thank you!

Alana:  Yes. Do good, serve, as best you can. Share your love with others, that love you have come to know within yourself and for yourself. You could never fulfill all the opportunities available to express the communion of love. See it as a Milky Way of opportunity. You expand yourselves into that light and allow it to illuminate you, to pass through you, as a light unto others.

  • Interruption due to Noise

Legion: This will be a challenging time for each of you as you approach the mastery of the discipline of love. You continue to teach each other how to master fear and doubt through the discipline of love which is the discipline of joy. You continue to prize the moments of strengthening the body. You continue to value the moments of practicing the stillness and allowing love to have its way within you and through you and around you, embracing you totally, fully, and completely. You will learn that standing tall is a communication to yourself as well as others. (Standing tall in the humility of respect for love within you, around you, in others, as well as in yourself.) Creativity is in the moments of welcoming change with love, allowing love to expand your horizons, your perspective. You will discover the great power of love in your relationships, relationships focused upon the open heart allowing love to guide you and support you. As you master the communication of the communion of love, so you shall master the communication of joy.


Alana: You chuckle?

David: Yes, I chuckled because yesterday morning I came out of my stillness and my strengthening and stretching exercises with such joy, but somehow in my expression of that joy something happened. A confusion arose between us with some slightly wounded feelings. My communication wasn’t good. One can always improve one’s communication, can’t one.

Legion : Joy has no demands.

Alana: So, we shall bless you today with the love of the honeyed rain. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow. Allow love to flow into you, fill you, flow through you, and be the light upon your way. Thank you.

David: It is raining diamonds! Look at the diamonds everywhere, yellow, blue, red.

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