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CRC021027- Halloween Coming

2002-10-27.  Halloween Coming

Costa Rica #021027

Topic: Halloween Coming

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaSong

TR: S. Butterfield


Mother, Father, Michael, I give you my heart. I surrender my will to your will, good will, that thy will be done. I welcome the teachers. I surrender my heart and my mind to you. Thank you.

Alana: Yes.

David: Welcome, Alana.

Alana: Thank you. So, what are your concerns tonight?

Chris: Where should we begin?

Alana: Now. Yes?

Sonja: (can not hear her words) Halloween is coming.


Alana: So we see shadows in the night, yes? And fear and doubt come dancing out to play, yes? And it is an opportunity to embrace the mental patterns stirred by events beyond your control, and to allow the night light to enter into you, and pass through you into the day as a form of nourishment of the expansion circuitry, so that you may comprehend the vastness of compassion.

David: I wanted very much to hear your voice this evening with my three friends. Thank you for coming.

Chris: Tell me, dear Alana, if I were to paint you, would you expose to me your love? Would you allow that?

Alana: With graciousness and gratitude. Being the reflection, you will grow. Allow the vision of me to be as a balm to the mind troubled, and as an electric force that as you see the painting grow will enter into you as you have placed the growing drawing before you. I will co-operate with you and allow that force of my love to travel through-back to you. That personal relationship, my beloved, will be yours, always known by you, unshakeable. My love enters you, and you, and you, all of you, in this heart room, in your stillness. If you are drawn to poetry, your poem will be that link with me, inviolable. If you paint, your vision of me will rest within your heart and mine, eternally. These expressions of love are the love that passes from our Father, our Mother, Michael, through me to you, and you give it away. Paint me with that abandon, my beloved, of the give away.

Chris: That is a wonderful thought. Thank you. That may help. My talents are limited. I need you in my heart.

Alana: All talents are limited, my beloved. That some paint greater than others is one form of passion, but not lost in kind from the passion of the one who, with limits and limitations, loves passionately the expression of love; and allows, without thought for the praise and the consequences, but only for the co-ordination of the mind and the heart in the expression of love as you envision it. She will love that “it,” yes?

David: You are very lyrical this evening, Alana-san. Thank you.

Alana: My beloveds, open your hearts and your minds and allow our love to pour through you, filling you, sweeping through you, one to the other.

(Long Stillness Practice – Heart Room)

Erin & Song are describing to the t/r a beautiful dome of light that is rising up from our arms, our heads, our hands. It is made of a beautiful blue-white light. It comes to a point at the top. There are fine lines of green light that come down through the dome, directly into our ears, our throats, our hearts.

“This is the holy communion, the holy communion of love shared with you from our Father, our Mother, and dear Michael, whose love pours always upon you.”

Song: You would speak to me? Is your mind less troubled?

David: My mind is very much at peace. The transmission we read by Elyon was appropriate for many of the things that were disturbing my mind. We thank you teachers for these lessons. I am learning to grow in my relationship to you, learning to be with you, to turn to you, you have so helpful to me in re-establishing balance when I am out of balance. I thank you for that, and for your presence throughout my life.

Song: Continue to keep your eyes on the balance wheel of love.

Alana: Open your hearts. Release your minds. Allow love to fill you, and strengthen you. Continue to exercise your faith muscles. Allow faith to assist you with every brush stroke of life. Building the heart room now, feel the strength and the softness of the circuitry of love. No need to fear. God’s love welcomes all of you. Accept this. Allow this. Receive this gift. The gift will fill your talents, great and small. Even the smallest talent, infused with the love of God, our Father, our Mother, Michael, is brilliant before our eyes. Harmonious to our ears. Peaceful in our hearts. Release your fears, my friends, let your doubts slip away. Allow. Thank you.

David: Thank you.


Chris: Thank you so much, Alana. (can’t hear the words…something about inspiration)

Alana: Continue to use your eyes to see beauty newly, again and again. Beauty does teach, does heal, and does allow the mind a new perspective.

We shall put your friends in the heart room: those you love, those would love even more, those you have difficulty loving, those you need to forgive. Welcome them, now, into the heart room. Dip them gently into the pool of love and forgiveness with me. Step in yourselves, and allow yourselves the blessings of the living waters of love. Feel yourselves cleansed, released to love again. You are always welcome. Thank you.

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