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CRC021031- Regarding Wounds

2002-10-31.  Regarding Wounds

Costa Rica #021031

Topic: Regarding Wounds

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: Mother, Father, Michael, I come to you today, asking for the guidance of your love. Help me to accept change with kindness and compassion. Speak to me in my doubt, and indolence. Strengthen my determination to follow the path of love and to create joy with my partner, and with those I call friends, and wherever I go. I ask that you show me how, and where, and what I am to do for you to manifest your will, which is good will…to manifest good will. I feel so small. Let me be humble, yet filled with the power of your grace, your love. Oh Father-Mother, it is my will to do your will. Show me the way. Thank you.

I welcome the teachers, and I ask them to speak today. I ask to know how to accept change that seems to be so fraught with ugliness, and human destruction. Please show me the way. What I understood as “the group,” “your group,” is no more. What now? I ask for and will accept your guidance. Thank you.

Dear Father-Mother, hold me in your embrace of love.

Alana: Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, beloved.


Alana: My beloved, I welcome you. Your mind becomes distressed, and it is Alana, as well as Song, as well as Legion, who would bring you rest. Speak to me, I am here.

David: Thank you for coming, beloved. I would like to share with you some grief in my heart from the experience, or at least my perception of an experience in which it seems like our beloved Oliver is having need to leave the group, or have a ministry of his own. There has been a wonderful acceptance of that on the part of my beloved and I, and others, on the basis of your endearing embracement of Sandy’s limitations of last Sunday. That was a beautiful lesson, still reverberating in our hearts. But there is the feeling that in the end, in his parting, he had to kick us, or call us mean. As you know, I wrote the god awful long, six-hour orgy after receiving his letter, and now there is a feeling of….I have the problem that I don’t trust Oliver, he distorts things….I’m disturbed about it…feels like .he’s been so difficult, Alana…is there any way we can hand him up to you, to Michael,…

Alana: Yes.

David: Thank you for listening. I just feel a little wounded, today, I guess.

Alana: Yes, beloved. Step into the heart room. Step into the pool of love and forgiveness with me. See your beloved Oliver, floating in the pool, there to the left of you. See him…sustained…uplifted…by our love. Allow him to float away…sustained…uplifted…by our love. Do not be distracted from knowing that you, my beloved Sir David, are loved. Allow me to float you in our love; sustaining you, uplifting you. with our love. There was so much joy in your mind at the creation and continuation of a circle of fellowship devoted to your dearest heart’s desire.

David: Yes.

Alana:  Do not weep, my beloved. Your dearest heart’s desire is not wounded. You love God. You know God’s love. Your dearest heart’s desire is that others should know, as you know: God loves you, and there is joy within this love, that is within you to know, to experience, and to give away. Allow the change of form. When you cling to the past, inevitably you will be wounded by that past. The present is open without judgment; if one door closes, open another.

This is not to say that you treat your love of God, and God’s love for you…or the path of love…or the lessons we bring to you…as something easily scattered, helter-skelter…easily taken up and put away…without thought, deep thought…compassionate commitment…and the holy communion of love. But I am not wounded, beloved. Nor Legion. And I am a member of this group you have treasured.

Open your heart, beloved, and let your friend go, let him go his way. This will allow you to become more of who you are…less constricted, or shaped by, who he is. That is to say, every human friend must work out the patterns of their life upon your planet. And so, human friendship, if it is to last, must embrace the comings and goings, the ups and downs of a lifetime, the losses, the wounds, the betrayals that are the working out of individual life patterns.

Sometimes, in friendship, human beings are able to reflect…or to endure…the twists and turns of patterns meshing in such a way that both learn from each other in a joy of loving forgiveness. Sometimes, this result is a long time coming, and, on the human plane, may appear, even, as friendships destroyed, never to be seen again. But we, my beloved, are free of your human limitations, and from that wider perspective, which we call love and channel down to you through your open-hearted circuits, and with your co-operation, your will to know our love, to strengthen your open hearted circuits, practice the connecting of the holy communion of love. We are able, you are able, to see, and to sustain this seeing from the perspective of our love, more clearly, and to understand that all of you are children of God, and will come to God and be embraced by God’s love.

And so it is, as when you lose, as you say, a friend to death, to that transition into life through death, in to the life of God’s love, pure, always open…you understand, on your plane, knowing this love, living in faith, that you will see that friend again. (In a rather loose definition of what you will see, of course. You will see that person in love, not on earth, in love.) Many friendships part lovingly. And should you not see that person again, upon earth, you have no wound, you do not weep in distress, you know…love will triumph over all. Your faith is tested when a friendship seems to part on less than loving terms. This is not exactly what is happening for you now, but it is your fear. Do not fear this change that is transpiring in your group. “Our group” is filled with love, and is far greater in the length, depth, and breadth of this love. You will find your disappointments contribute to greater understanding if the glamour, and human expectation of ego gratification, that must be embraced if you are to move beyond the limitations such human ideas create.

Dip your wounds in the pool of love and forgiveness, my beloved, and do not be distracted by them any longer. Rest and relax in the pool of love and forgiveness. There is nothing you need do. Not now, my beloved. (Thank you.) Now is your time to rest and relax in Gods’ love. Now is the time to know God’s love is forgiveness, and wants only that you should know this love, and forgive yourself, as well as others. Relax, my friend. Allow yourself the time to know what next you would devote your attention.

We do not judge you, my friend. Do not judge yourself as lacking. Allow your friend to express himself in his way. Give him your blessings. Then allow yourself the time, the peace, the love and forgiveness, to attend to expressing yourself in your way. Not needing to attend to another at the sacrifice of attention to your own. Has this been helpful?

David:  I love that question.

Alana:  Yes.

David: Don’t you always know the answer, Alana? My heart is filled with gratitude, Alana. I look forward to reading it and absorbing this wisdom struck through with love. I couldn’t help but notice, or reflect while my beloved was transmitting…the thought came to my mind that she is getting very adept at expressing the language of love…that was the feeling I had while she was speaking. I wanted to convey that to you.

Alana: Yes. We understand she is not always comprehensible, nor does she always reveal easily…but I assure you, my friend, we work with her daily. Her confidence grows. Her need for reassurance continues, but is less in its impact upon her…lack of reassurance on the human plane no longer so quickly throws her off the path of love. You, the two of you, have done good work, my friend.

David:  Thank you.

Alana: Accomplished much, my beloved. Bless the group upon its way. Each member has drunk from the pool of love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, mercy. Allow them, now, to take that learning and practice. We will be with them when they turn. Do not fear. We will be with them, even when you, or your beloved, are not. Yes?

David: Yes. Thank you. I have another question.

Alana:  Yes, beloved.

David:  I would like some guidance from you in terms of the expression of love between Sonja and I in this group. It is my observation that in some ways on the human level it has caused some pain to my partner and her partner. I would like some guidance in terms of….how to proceed.

Alana: You do not know how to proceed with love? Is that what you say?

David: Yes, am I doing something wrong…or is she…I’ve felt so good about this love and the communication of it…beginning with Sonja…I knew in some way that because she was attracted and came, that this would eventually attract Chris…and I’ve grown to love this man, I think he is a beautiful man, I love both of these people…but…and I’ve felt from you something like the expression of allow this love, allow this love, allow this love…and that has been exceedingly helpful to me, that I don’t have to do anything, or not do anything…and when I am in that space it flows…but my beloved said something to me the other day in a fit of heat that made me draw back a bit…I would like a little bit of a handrail from you, if I may.

Alana: This is difficult for the transmitter. You can not change what has already changed, yes? And so you look for a handrail without pain, yes? Go to the pain, my beloved, and speak love. Do you understand?

David: I’m not sure.

Alana: Where is the pain?

David: Well it seems like the pain is in others. (Yes.) And that pain causes me pain, I do not wish to cause pain to others.

Alana: I understand. You do not wish to cause pain, and you see pain. Where do you see pain?

David: I see pain in my beloved.


Alana: Yes. So, I say to you, go to that pain and speak love. The love that you know is within you. The love that you know is real. The love that can not change what has already changed, but can create the change of love expressed and fulfilled, given away. Instead, you, as you say, have chosen to withdraw, but the pain, you say, is not yours within, only your pain a reflection of the pain you see. You would not see it. You would have it not be.

Beloved, when you are wounded, you come to me. Yes? And you speak to me of pain, and I speak to you of love, and you speak words of love with me. When I see your pain, I do not withdraw. Yes? (That is so.) Instead, I re-double my efforts to fill you, to speak to you my love. Yes? (Yes, everything you say is true, Alana.) Do not judge yourself. Human behavior is  complex. It is one of the agonies of human behavior that to know “new” love often creates what appears to be the  forgetfulness of what has suddenly become, shall we say, “old” love. Yes? You even see this in the rebirth into what is  experienced as the “new” love God has given. People run about creating their “new” love in the form of…may I say it…churches, “new” groups, clicks, and particular gatherings of special importance. Often “forgotten” or left behind is the recognition and embracing of the “old” loves, the old forms in which God lived and moved within you.

It is not uncommon, beloved, when you feel pain, to loose a little bit of faith. Have faith in love, my friend. Have faith in your beloved. Turn to love and meet your pain with that love in hand. Allow love “to turn the trick,” as you put it. Love will show you, even if your mind has no idea what to do. Yes?

David:  I wish you could have heard that Yes! Yes. Thank you.

Alana: Thank you. Legion is here and embraces you.

David: Thank you, Legion.

Alana:  He puts his lips at each point in your spine and blows, with all his strength, love, into each vertebrae. Stand tall, my friend. Do not bow down to confusion, but stand tall in the certainty that you are loved – by me, by Legion, by your beloved. Yes?

David:  Yes.

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