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CRC021104- From Distress to Rest

2002-11-04.  From Distress to Rest

Costa Rica #122

Topic: From Distress to Rest

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: Dear Father, Dear Mother, Michael, I come to you today asking for the guidance of your love. Help me to accept change with kindness and compassion. Speak to me in my doubt and indolence. Strengthen my determination to follow the path of love and to create joy, with my partner, with those I call friends, and wherever I go. I ask that you show me how and where and what I am to do for You, to manifest Your will, which is good will, to manifest good will. I feel so small. Let me be humble, yet filled with the power of Your grace, Your love. Oh Father, Mother, it is my will to do Your will. Show me the way. Thank you.

I welcome the Teachers and I ask them to speak today. I would ask to know how to accept change that seems to be so fraught with ugliness and human destruction. Please show me the way. What I understood as “the group,” your group, is no more. What now? I ask for and will accept your guidance. Thank you.

Dear Father-Mother, hold me in your embrace of love.

Alana: Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, beloved.

Alana: My beloved, I welcome you. Your mind becomes distressed, and it is Alana, as well as Song, as well as Legion, who would bring you rest. Speak to me. I am here.


David: Thank you for coming, beloved. I would like to share with you some grief in my heart from the experience, or at least my perception of an experience in which it seems like our beloved Oliver is having a need to leave the group, or have a ministry of his own. There has been a wonderful acceptance of that on the part of my beloved partner and I, and Sandy, and others, on the basis of your wonderful endearing embracement of Sandy’s limitations of last Sunday, in your beautiful lesson which is still resonating in our hearts. But I have a feeling that in his leaving he had to kick us, or call us mean. I felt so much love. Legion and Song have been so helpful to me in loving this brother, and I have this wound in me this morning that he needed to do this thing. As you well know, I wrote this god-awful long six hour orgy of expression in my computer the day after I got this letter. And then a more modulated one. Now there is a feeling of (deep sigh) I have the problem that I don’t trust Oliver. He distorts things. I’m disturbed about that. It feels like he has been so difficult, Alana. Is it OK? Is there some way that we can gently hand him up to you, Ahbaron, Christ Michael, and…..

Alana: Yes.

David: Thank you for listening to me. I just feel a little wounded this morning, I guess.

Alana: Yes, beloved. Step into the heart room. Step into the pool of love and forgiveness with me. See your beloved Oliver floating in the pool, there, to the left of you. See him, sustained, uplifted by our love. Allow him to float away sustained, uplifted by our love. Do not be distracted from knowing that you, my beloved Sir David, are loved. Allow me to float you in our love. Sustaining you, uplifting you with our love.

There was so much joy in your mind at the creation and continuation of a circle of fellowship devoted to your dearest heart’s desire. (David: Yes.) Do not weep, my beloved. Your dearest heart’s desire is not wounded. You love God. You know God’s love. Your dearest heart’s desire is that others should know, as you know: God loves you! and there is joy within this love that is within you to know, to experience, and to give away. Allow the change of form.

When you cling to the past, inevitably you will be wounded by that past. The present is open, without judgment; if one door closes, open another. This is not to say that you treat your love of God and God’s love for you, or the path of love, or the lessons we bring to you, as something easily scattered helter-skelter, easily taken up and put away without thought. These things require deep thought, compassionate commitment and the holy communion of love. But I am not wounded, beloved. Nor Legion. And I am a member of this group you have treasured.

Open your heart, beloved, and let your friend go, let him go his way. This will allow you to become more of who you are, and less constricted, or shaped by who he is. That is to say, every human friend must work out the patterns of their life upon your planet. And so, human friendship, if it is to last, must embrace the comings and goings, the ups and downs, the losses, the wounds, the betrayals that are the working out of individual life patterns.

Sometimes, in friendship, human beings are able to reflect, and to endure the twists and turns of patterns meshing in such a way that both learn from each other in a joy of loving forgiveness. Sometimes, this result is a long time coming, and on the human plane, may appear, even, as friendships destroyed, the friend never to be seen again. We, my beloved, are free of your human limitations. Ours is a wider perspective, which we call love. We channel love down to you through your open-hearted circuits. With your co-operation, your will to know our love, your will to strengthen your open hearted circuits, your will to practice the connecting of the holy communion of love, we are able to give and you are able to see. You are able to sustain this seeing from the perspective of our love. You are able to see more clearly and to understand that all of you are children of God, and will come to God and will be embraced by God’s love.

And so it is, as when you lose a friend to death. Knowing God’s love, living in faith, you understand. When you lose a friend to that transition through death into the life of God’s love, pure, always, open, you understand on your plane that you will see that friend again (in a rather loose definition of seeing, of what you will see, of course) on another plane. You will see that friend again in love, not on earth, but in love.

Many friendships part lovingly, and should you not see that person upon earth again, you have no wound. You do not weep in distress. You know love will triumph over all. Your faith is tested when a friendship seems to part on less than loving terms. This is not exactly what is happening for you now, but it is your fear. Do not fear this change that is transpiring in your group. Our group is filled with love. Love is far greater in the length, depth and breadth of this love than anything. You will find your disappointments contribute to greater understanding of the glamour and human expectation of ego gratification that must be embraced if you are to move beyond the limitations such human ideas create.


Dip your wounds in the pool of love and forgiveness, my beloved, and do not be distracted by them any longer. Rest and relax in the pool of love and forgiveness. There is nothing you need do, not now, my beloved. (David: Thank you.) Now is your time to rest and relax in God’s love. Now is the time to know God’s love is forgiveness between you, and wants only that you should know this love and forgive yourself as well as others. Relax, my friend. Allow yourself the time to know what next you would devote your attention.

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