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CRC021109- Nothing to Fix

2002-11-09.  Nothing to Fix

Costa Rica #123

Topic: Gestures of Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield

Session 1


T/R’s prayer: Dear Mother. Dear Father. Dear Teachers, Legion, Alana. I come to you today to create the heart room, and to surrender the “problem” of Oliver, and “the group,” and my feelings to you. Help me to surrender all of this to the heart room. Help me to understand, to speak the truth with love, to forgive myself and others. Show me the way. Thank you.

Alana: Yes.

David: Hello there.

Alana: Welcome, beloved.

David: Thank you for your healing love.

Alana: Yes, even so, still struggling with “who said this,” and “who said that.” Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: Release your anxiety about being perfect, even as I am perfect. For you are perfect, my beloved, in your evolution. The perfecting quality of change. In imperfection, you struggle for the freedom that is love.

David: What is freeing about love?


Alana: You become part of a holy communion that gives you strength, faith in the face of doubt, compassion in the face of fear. You know it is not you, but the love within you, passing through you, expanding because of you, your choices, your turning, your practice. But it is not you, it is beyond you. The freedom allowed in love does not erase the conditions of your human experience. It shows you how to embrace and allow love to inform disappointment with growth, and welcome change with love, in love, in that moment of stillness that accepts all as love, and in the next moment of change, accepts all with love. You draw from this nourishment of love and acceptance, the power to forgive, the power to bless, not curse, to rejoice, not berate or bewail. Love is always the way to joy.

As a human being, walking the path of love on human soil, this will require the discipline of love. The tears of pleasure embrace the sorrows and the sorrowing hearts that have opened to joy, the joy of love, given and received. So, my beloved, I welcome you with love. Would you speak with me?


David: I was just thinking how privileged I am to be able to just go to my kitchen table and communicate with you, Alana. The people in Hawaii have to pay a lot of money and travel many miles in order to speak with you. I feel very rich indeed. But that isn’t what I want to talk about with you. I just want to let you know that I am grateful in my heart for the ease of this communication with you.

How can I say? Yesterday, Legion so gently led me down the path, or pointed me down the path, that I no longer had the duty of correcting Oliver. And this morning, when my beloved told me of a letter that she had received from Sandy about her upset over what Oliver had said in his communication, it made me want to defend her. I would like to be able to drop the need to straighten Oliver out. Part of me feels that a sister of mine has been done an unfair deed, and I would like to stand up and speak about it and try and straighten that out, and defend her a bit, and the third pole here is….you know, it was either you or Legion who said to us many moons ago that Oliver, and we all were to learn our major lessons around the table…that is to say in our interactions with one another learning how to love.

I am wondering what my, or our, responsibility is to our brother, in terms of how, or when he is going to learn some of the arts of getting along with his brothers and sisters. I guess I’ve spilled the whole can of worms out there. I’m perfectly willing to look at the tendency I have to defend my sister, to raise my dukes up. I am willing to look at that as well, to be freer, as you said. It is an opportunity of learning to speak the truth with love, or it may be an opportunity not to say anything and to just continue to love him quietly, as I did last night in the bar.

Alana: Let your privilege embrace depravation with humility of respect toward love. There is nothing for you to fix, my beloved.

David: Thank you. I’ll take your word on that.


Alana: Continue to share the love you have within you with those whose hunger and thirst will receive some comfort and satisfaction. All of your friends could fall into this category, beloved. Indeed, when you are not thinking about fixing them, you have a remarkable capacity for bringing each friend love. Recognize there are some things that you can not change, even in your power to share love; which is, of course, the opportunity for you to accept change with love, and welcome the changes that evolve from having put love on the table wherever you go. You do not change minds. You offer love and the perspective of love. You allow love, and in the allowing of love to speak, to be, to grow, to inform. Love provides the opportunity for the mind to chose change, which is to chose love. Only the mind in co-operation with love, with the heart room, with the love voice in the center of the stillness, creates real change.

Session 2

  • November 10, 2002

David’s prayer: Thank you teachers for the communion of love that we feel with you. We lift up our hearts in love to our friends and colleagues, the love that passes through you into our hearts for this needy world. I pray for my beloved, Susie, that she shall have confidence in herself, in her abilities, in the purity of her heart and mind to do the will of the Father. Give her faith in the path of love. May we each be open to learning to love, to love in the broad sense, but to love one another with much gentleness, sensitivity and caring. End of prayer! 

The rest of the tape was blank!

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