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CRC021116- Covenant of Love

2002-11-16.  Covenant of Love

Costa Rica #021116

Topic: Covenant of Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teachers: Michael

TR: Richard Wetmore


MICHAEL: My children, I rejoice that you welcome my presence. There is no end to my appreciation of the joy I feel when you invite me to join you, and when I can share with you the love that I and my Father bring you. My Father and I  bring blessing to the hearts of each and every one of you during your personal struggles. Be not doubtful, my children, my brothers and sisters. You know that you have only to call upon me and so shall I respond with you and join you. Have no doubt. My love is ever with you.


I tell you this, as you know in your heart, my Father has spoken to you and tells you, as I will tell you, that he  has covenant with you. I repeat again, the covenant of love is this: each and every one of you belong to my Father and me, and my Father and me belong to you. Open your heart, the keys of the Kingdom are in your hands. The door is open, you have only to walk through the door. The Kingdom of heaven is within you, my children. You belong to me and my Father, and I and my Father belong to you. Remember we are always there for you.

You do service to me and my Father in the actions of your lives. Live righteously, lovingly and caringly. Serve as teachers in the ministry of my love. As I have loved my children so do you the same. You shall be blessed in your heart, for the love you share will be returned. Be not afraid of suffering. Learn that wisdom comes through suffering, and joy is the reward of  wisdom through suffering. Apply yourself, therefore, joyfully, my children, in your will to service by doing my Father’s will in serving your brothers and sisters. Be patient, find cause for jubilation, for I have risen. My Father’s will shall be done through the love that he offers to all he has created. Remember, the Kingdom of heaven is within you.

My heart is open to receive from any one of you, if you wish to speak with me. Do not be afraid or timid. Come as little  children and speak to me. I invite you. [pause] I ask each and every one of you to open your heart and dialog with me in stillness. You have only to ask and you shall receive in good time the rewards of your conscious and wonderful effort of your love for one another. Be still and speak with me. [pause]


Richard: Michael, I just wanted to say that I am so grateful that we are joined together. Each one of us is  so different in personality. So often we misunderstand each other. We all mean well. How might we better serve each other and serve your will in love?

MICHAEL: My son, already you are acting and changing to the service of my will. Be ever patient. Put yourself into the shoes of those you can not align your thinking with. See through the eyes of those that you would love and you do my will. Surely there will be no difference if you are that other person. Love as you should love yourself, and you love me. You will have no quarrel in forgiving, in loving and taking responsibility with those that are different from you. You have but to share as I have shared with all those that were part of my history on your planet. Be openhearted, remember that others suffer as you do. By the grace of my love and your own open heartedness you will be alleviated. This is my promise to all of my children. Be of good heart, be of good cheer, and your journey of ascension will be one of rewards. (Thank you, Michael. Thank you so much.)

Oliver: Michael, you have invited me, invited us in these transmissions to open ourselves to you many times over, and I have done so. Yet, when you invited us to speak today, I clammed up. I had a blockage in talking to you. Can you help me with this mechanism, please.

MICHAEL: My son, be patient. You are evolving and in you I am pleased. Your heart has metamorphosed. You are changing daily within. My spectrum of finite time in visiting with you is on a scale unparalleled to your finite and daily life. Think of my patience that I have, with love. Be first patient with yourself. Do not fear. Open your heart and speak, I will be there, but one word, ‘Michael, I am waiting for you,’ ‘Michael come,’ ‘Michael join me.’ Bring me these invitations and lay them before my feet and my hands shall be laid upon your head, in blessings I will anoint you and all my brother and sister, who receive me with the courage to speak, to talk. Do not be afraid to falter. Open your heart and I will guide you.

Oliver: Thank you, Michael.

MICHAEL: You are most welcome, my beloved son.


Each on of you feels my presence. You may speak with your heart anytime, or with your tongues. If you sit still, and  no words come forth, then speak with your hears, or speak with your eyes. There are many ways in which you may commune with me .

Each one of you is like the instrument of an orchestra. Each one of you brings beautiful music, and in consulting with each other, you can bring the most beautiful harmony to my temple and the temple of my Father. In your gratitude for my visitation I offer my blessing. You are blessed my children.

Each day you grow in your hearts, you will become evermore blessed, consciously and subconsciously. You are doing my will. I am so pleased that you are with each other today. I will visit you whenever you call upon me . I am there in each one of you. You have only to call upon me, or my Father, or my celestial hosts. The teachers, the midwayers are always there to help you. You have an army of hosts there to serve you, as I ask you to serve each other.

Blessed are you in your hearts for your good thoughts. Be always thoughtful and remind each other of each other’s problems. Be as brothers and sisters to each other, be of one family, and you are in the family of God. I will leave you in the stillness of your hearts, my children. Be quiet and still and rest in my love.

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