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CRC021117- Gestures of Love

2002-11-17.  Gestures of Love

Costa Rica #125

Topic: Gestures of Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana,, Legion, Davina, Song

TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: Father, Mother, help me in my faith. Help me to trust in your love. Dear Alana and Legion, Thank you. Thank you for your comfort and your guidance. Michael, Thank you for your peace. I open my heart. I create with you the heart room, allowing your love, being fulfilled in your love. Thank you.

Alana: Yes…so! You are learning, yes? Are we having fun yet?

David: We have been having lots of fun today, love.

Alana: Good!

David: We are finding new ways to serve all the time.

Alana: Yes! Every gesture!


Every gesture is a service of love if you work in the fields of the Master. Every thought, every spoken or written word, becomes a means of communicating the holy communion of love. This is the opportunity, how you construct your lives to become a message from the Master to his beloved children in whom he has instilled the flame of love. In this, you are His family, in His love, in His joy, in the love and joy of His service toward all.

Let each gesture to your brothers and sisters be a gesture of love. Have faith in our ability to show you the way. Know that His love can, and will shape your world for the better.

Hold each other’s hands. Touch one another’s hearts. Accept the differences with respect, for the love that dwells within each one of you is the love of our Father, our Mother.

Michael’s grace is that you should come to His table humble, and in partaking of His love, go away fulfilled and ready to give His love away in whatever way is yours to give.

So! a concerto, that speech! Many energies contributed to the shoving aside, shall we say, of the transmitter so as to allow for the many voices to come through in one speech. (T/R felt presence of many teachers.) So, how are we today, Sir David?


David: I feel humble in coming to your table today. I have learned so many lessons recently. I am feeling pleased that we were able to follow your instructions, Legion’s, Song’s, Davina’s instructions, in dealing with our brothers. We spent such a wonderful evening with them, last night, and as I reported to Sister Sandy today, she can be proud that Sonja, David, and Susie comported themselves in a way in which you would be proud.

Alana: Yes. Your family, your family of love, seems to keep expanding, yes? and then dividing and separating, yes? Even family members must learn to know one another, yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: This is sometimes difficult, yes? So you call upon Alana for humor, or Davina, for a dance of light. Or you call for Legion’s strength and guidance in the discipline of love.

David: Yes. And Legion’s humor, also. At least I find him funny at times.

Alana: Legion says, Thank you! And you call on Michael’s love, yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: You know there is no shame in the humility of respect for Michael’s love, yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana: Thank you.

David: My delightful one, are you open for questions today?

Alana: Yes.

David: I am thinking of Sonja and Chris, our new friends in our love family. I want to ask how we can be of effective service to them right now. I am thinking of the fact that Chris says he is going through some down time right now. I would like a little guidance there.

Alana: My friend, what is your doubt?

David: That he’s not going to make it, I guess; that the darkness is going to get him instead of the light.

Alana: My beloved, who’s gonna git him?

David: We’re gonna git him! We’re going to get him to laugh again. He is so beautiful when he laughs. You like to play with us, don’t you! I enjoyed that book from our Hawaiian Alana. I appreciated two instances of your humor in there which continue to delight me.

Alana: Thank you.

Legion: This is Legion.

David: Yes, Legion, welcome. I insisted on thanking you for your humor because I was thinking of a time long ago, when I was in the depths of distress with Oliver over Patrick, and you said things that cracked me up. Sometimes humor is such a saving grace in our lives down here.

Legion: Yes.

David: While I’m rattling on, let me say something else. I was reading one of your recent lessons. You said that you teachers have committed your life to being with us, to being our guides, and that you came to live with us. I’ve pretty much assumed that you are always with us, because three was evidence of that when we began talking to you. You knew about things, ok? But when you said that you had come to live with us and be part of our family, something opened up in my head: Yes!

You’ve committed yourselves to us, and we commit ourselves to you, to be open with you, to share with you, to ask for help when we need it, to share our joys and sorrows. So, I, at this time, wish to go on record and say: Thank you! I welcome you into this home, you and all the teachers, to be part of this family of love on this hill with my beloved and I. Thank you.

Legion: Yes, thank you. That is why I am here today: To acknowledge that relying upon the discipline of love you have walked through a dark hallway and opened the door into light. Into a light seen as new. Into a light seen as expanded. Into a light understood to encompass that which was not understood and now is light informing you.

This is, as you know, a teaching mission family. You have many family members scattered everywhere. Some are alone, but not lonely, for they know our love. Some are in groups, families and relatives sharing with each other. Some are strangers in a strange land, communicating with one another of this love which is ours to give through you, from Michael and our Father and with our Mother’s spirit embrace. Our message is to welcome change with love through the discipline of love, that car rattling heart room that shows you the way to the discipline of joy.

So! that is my tap dance today. What do you think?

David:  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your love, the wisdom you share, your presence, your incredible patience with us, the little nudges you give to point us in this direction or that. I’m thinking of when you said you were trying to nudge me away from trying to straighten out Oliver again. I had to go through my difficulties, but finally I saw the wisdom in what you were telling me. As you said, it was like coming down a dark hall and coming out into this glorious light, this sense of spiritual liberty and freedom that we have.

Particularly, we are not locked into that group mold once a week, and as Alana said, everywhere we go our gestures can be those of love. Our ministry is to share this love, not the teaching mission: the teaching mission is the source of this love, gives us this love, but our task is to share love with other people. Thank you for the love you have shared with us that has made us more loving toward each other and our differences, and toward all of our various brothers and sisters on this planet.

Legion: There are many ways to share love. There are many ways to share the teaching mission. There are many ways to share the teachers and our messages.

As each family member grows, a family changes; it begins to expand its understanding of the varieties of expression a single family may create. Think of your brothers and sisters who grow up and pursue an interest that never, ever crossed your mind. Or married and brought into your family another, with interests and expressions so very different from your own. Think of the relatives beyond that, all are so very different, and their relatives also have a genealogy of their own. Your love must expand to include.

Love is discerning. Human love must learn the humility of respect for love; the humility of respect for the love that resides within each one of you, each version of who you are, each version of individual expression.

When you think of your brother, drowning, you say, in the darkness of a pool void of love and forgiveness, lift him up in your heart. Shower your love upon him. Do not fear. Allow the living waters of your love, from your pool of love and forgiveness, to pour into his heart.

Share this with him: he is not alone. You are equal members in the family love.

There is the aloneness of choice – the decision, the choice, the turning to God our Father, to Love, to Jesus, to Alana, to Legion, to the heart room. It is in the aloneness of that choice, the individual freedom and responsibility to chose, that your darkness is turned into light, and you discover the wings of love have been waiting to help you fly.

Always the light is there to show you the way. The water, the tears of sorrow and joy, become light as air.

Lightness of being is in humor. Humor struck through with love. Humor shaped by the wisdom of experience. Humor of forgiving and forgiveness. Humor expressed with humble compassion. Share your humor with love.

How am I doing, Jack? (David laughs.) If you knew Jack better…to know Jack better speak to your sister, Gerdean, you may share humor and joy in the exchange.

David: Is there any chance that our sweet bird Davina is around?

Davina: At your beck and call, my beloved! (Welcome, my beloved.) You like hearing the strings of my joy plucked by my sweet pupil, yes?

David: Your transmitter seems to be having a delightful time with you teachers today, Davina. She is full of smiles.

Davina: Yes. Sometimes she doubts she will live through the end of the day. She is most appreciative of our presence in those moments, especially mine, beloved, for I give her such a wicked tickle in her spine, along with a jolt of Legion’s “right-on-babe” strength. You understand, yes?

David: Yes, I understand. I knew she needed a lot of help, and she’s got it. We both do.

Davina: Combined with Alana’s love, and Song’s ever presence by your side, we create for you quite a love nest of a heart room, yes?

David:  Yes.

Davina:  I’m delighted that you called. Is there anything else you wish to say to me?

David: Yes, would you take a trip around the lake and lighten up the lives of our friends, Sonja and Chris?

Davina: I will tug upon the heart strings of all those you call beloved. All those you call brother and sister. All those you call family. All those you call your Jungle group. And yes, beloved, I will tweak your friends’ heart strings for you today.

David: Thank you for the banana cream pie!

Davina: The sweet song of two, aligned in service to you, beloved.

Song: This is Song. We work together. Sometimes one, sometimes two, sometimes many. All of us are with you. We live among you. Some of us are here. Some of us are there. We have different names, as do you. We have different tasks, but the task is always to love. Give your love away. Find a way to express love, and give it away.

So, this is Song, here now to speak with you, my beloved son. Thank you for welcoming me into your understanding. You have long lived a life in which to walk with Jesus was accepted. It was easy for you to speak the language of Christ Michael, as Jesus, and to know his love. As a child, you learned that you belonged to His family as a beloved child of God among many. Without damage to your innocence, you understood early, and embraced the dawning knowledge of the failures of love of those who spoke in His name, of those who spoke at you, and to you, and around you of His love.

You understood this without damage to your innocence at first, because your heart for the love of God, and the communion of Jesus with his Father, was real and strong as a child. Eventually, your human innocence mortally wounded, you “took off your God glasses,” and “put God on the shelf.” You, my beloved, welcomed that change with love and joy, for you welcomed the Mother’s spirit into your heart. You allowed Her love to enter into you. Her love taught you.

Allowing our Mother’s love, allowing Michael’s love, allowing the Father’s love, into your understanding of love, you stepped into that Family once again. Embracing the expression of God’s love and Jesus’ words by Mother’s spirit, you had new ways in which to speak. And so it is now.

I welcome your acceptance of me and the lessons of love. You are a teacher, my friend. This you can not escape. You teach in many ways. In the heart room, your teaching will expand. In the heart room, dipped in the pool of love and forgiveness, you have found again your glasses and the words. You have washed away the struggle, the rebellion, the difficulty of discerning love in the confusion that is your human heritage.

Have you any other questions of me? We have an exceptional circuit today.

David: I agree with that. My beloved looks quite relaxed and happy. She is opening herself up to new forms of ministry. So am I. I am so glad for your words about my life. Every time it is like a kaleidescope, I see things in a new way. My intention, at this point, is to get better acquainted with you.


Song: This you will do in your deepest prayer. In your moments of stillness, alone, I am here with you, as fully as I am now. All you need to is to begin to allow that this is so. This is not to dismiss or deny the experience now being given; speaking to me via your transmitter will not be withheld.

You need to understand that your message of Jesus will take a new form. You need to allow time for this understanding to take its shape within you. In the changes you have begun to accept with love, following the guidance and discipline of Legion, cushioned with the love from Alana, you are learning to let go of one comfort for another. Now you seek comfort in me. My guidance will come to you in these solitary experiences. Do you feel reassured of my love for you? of Alana, Legion, and others? of the heart room? As steady guidelines, teachers, hand rails in love? Even as your various experiences in this teaching mission shift and change according to the varied individual pathways coming together in Michael’s love and our Father’s will, you rest in peace, yes? (Yes.) And I with you. Thank you.

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