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CRC021118- Way of Blessing

2002-11-18.  Way of Blessing

Costa Rica #126

Topic: Way of Blessing

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


David: Dear teachers, I welcome you into our life. May we be at peace with you. May we absorb your beautiful loving energy by being aware of your presence.

T/R: Dear teachers, I welcome you into my life to live with me. I welcome you into my marriage to live with us. I thank you for the peace that you bring to me. I thank you for the harmony that you show me.


Alana: Yes. It is wonderful to walk with you. I enjoy every meeting at which I can speak with you, but to walk with you, my beloveds, that is the blessing.

The way of blessing is to walk the path of love with Father – Mother Spirit – Michael in your hearts – and all the beloved ones of your universe hovering about you, whispering love, for in the stillness of your walk, you are listening.

Love one another in your listening, and your words will heal in the holy communion of love communicated.

Beloved, as you welcome us into your family, so we welcome you into ours. Yes?

David: Do you say yes in that funny way? Or is it the transmitter.

Alana: That is I, my beloved.


David: Thank you for that wonderful welcome. It felt like the first time I became aware of belonging to the larger family of God, at least in a new way. Thank you for this invitation. Thank you for the many lessons we are learning. Thank you for your commitment to us. Thank you for helping us to be more loving to one another. That seems to be the path that I feel most strongly now, learning to love my own beloved.

Alana: Thank you. We will leave you in the stillness; that is, holding you in the heart room, and with you in the heart room, we suggest the quiet of the stillness now. Thank you.

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