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CRC021130- Turmoil of the Heart and World

2002-11-30-Turmoil of the Heart and World
Costa Rica #02130

Topic: Turmoil of the Heart and World
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Michael
TR: Richard Wetmore


[Note: We opened with prayers and worship, and we felt the presence of Christ Michael.]

MICHAEL: My sons, you feel the radiance of my presence. I am glowing in your hearts. Join with me now in communion. Feel the radiance of my Father’s and my love-the ever-present radiance of love.


My children, your petitions are heard. Your wishes, aligned with my Father’s will, shall be answered in accordance to his infinite wisdom. The turmoil visible on your world is no less than the turmoil that many face in their individual hearts. These are the challenges that you and your brothers and sisters will faithfully accept on your path of ascension. My ascension is a pattern of what your ascension shall be.

On my beloved planet, Urantia, I was conjoined in truth with my Father and sent to do my Father’s will. And so my Father’s will and my will endure. Only now, during a new age of your suffering times, is the beginning called to end the age of suffering. There will be a time of much truth, light and life. Therefore rejoice in the challenges that you have before you. You will not be alone. You have battalions of heavenly helpers. You will find many that will join you in peace.

We have a special friendship together, my sons. This friendship is there to be shared with all those around you. We are of one eternal family. The love that I give is the love that you receive; the love that you get, shall be openly received by those whom I love as well.

I am pleased in your efforts. You have learned the tranquility and peace that comes with my Father’s love. My message is so simple: be with me; belong to me and my Father, as we belong to you; believe in my Father; be of service to your fellow brothers and sisters; share in the harvest of love. Never shall you be alone or truly discouraged. All challenges will be met with rewards.

My little children, you are so sweet and giggly at times. [laughing] You bring joy with your humor, to me and my celestial hosts. In my life on Urantia I shared humor with my family, friends and disciples. We enjoyed and loved each others company despite the challenges that we faced together. Our Father desires that I bring joy, gladness and more abundant living. He certainly does not want you to partake in only what you perceive to be the serious things of life.

See my plan, not as a plan of short duration, but as a plan of eternity. Be patient, make no decisions that will bring you pain or unnecessary displeasure. For my plan for your world is one with my Father, so that you can more fully rejoice and celebrate life. Life is a gift, my gift within the Cosmos. The Father, the Son, the Spirit, we are eternally with you. Live wisely and share your wisdom.
Yes, I was listening to you today. I heard you speak of wonderful plans, within your group to discuss the problems of your planet, where you can address and share ideas and solutions, concerning my Father’s will. Continue with your agenda.

Share with others, in written words, in conversations, daily, weekly, regularly. Grow and grow and grow with me my children, become of my soul. Commune with me as often as you might wish. With whom and whosoever will join me, be and abide with me. My blessings will go to your hearts. Let the fervor of your convictions to do my Fathers will, shine as the brightest stars. The stars can be most useful for those who are lost at sea. There are many who are lost on your world. My fold is enormous, the work and the task requires great conviction for learning and loving. These you will find in time with the instructions you are receiving in your heart.

Your questions that you are asking, and the petitions you are invoking, do not necessarily have rational solutions, but solutions of the heart are always there. You can not understand my Father’s plan completely, but you can walk a path in the light of my Father’s love. Do not worry about those things you can not understand. Have faith in me and all mystery will become clearer to you. Live this earthly life and live it well, live it as my gift. You are, my beloved ones, an expression of my Father’s and my being. Your evolution reflects the growth of the Supreme. As you learn and grow and share and evolve and ascend, you are an extension of my being. So, my beloved children, if you wish to commune with a question, my heart is open. Be calm and fearless, I await your words.


Oliver: Thank you, my Creator. I find it still most extraordinary to be able to talk to you. Last week you suggested that my brother Richard and I have a potential for healing. Since this has been my wish and will for some time, as you know, I want to ask how we can make ourselves better available for this service. It is surely not enough for us to want to heal, since you told us that we need to heal ourselves first. Would you have some words for us. Thank you, Master.

MICHAEL: Oliver, you, my beloved, have a gift. May I remind you, as you already know in your heart, your gift lies in spiritual healing. You have worked with and loved those who are downtrodden, depressed, mentally ill. You have a wonderful gift to uplift, to share, to encourage those that are spiritually in deficit. Let your healing begin with the Spirit. Let it then open to the realm of physical and chemical healing, which comes with your faith experiences.

Apply your talents of love, patience, tolerance, also with the mentally disadvantaged, and with those of your brothers and sisters that need spiritual change. This is the pathway to opening your heart to all manner of healing. It is through faith and love that my so-called miracles, that are the miracles of my Father and myself, were effected. Those, who choose in one instance, to believe will discover a remarkable change within, as you yourself, dear Oliver, have discovered. This is the real nature of healing.

Begin with the simplest task. I see clearly what is happening inside each of you. Let this be one example of your further commitment. Many examples shall follow. You have a gift of understanding the heart. This is the doorway to all manifestations of healing. You have my assurance that you cannot fail with my love. In some degree, some measure as with and through the faith of those that share my promise of salvation through change, with you and with me, the healing will happen. Take time to reflect upon my words. You are chosen, your gift is given. Feel my warmth of assurance and know that you and I shall heal together.

Oliver: I feel your gift of warmth also through the gift of your beautiful Sun that just came out right at this moment during this rainy and stormy day. It is warming me from the outside while your gift of warmth is restoring me from the inside. And let me ask also for my brother Richard. Master, would you have some words of support for his desire for healing?

MICHAEL: I will speak through you, Oliver. Listen for my response.

Transmitter/Receiver: Oliver Duex

MICHAEL: It delights me to observe you two as brothers in the flesh. You delight me in your caring for each other and for many, in your communications, in the sharing of ideas, and in your abilities to listen, to listen to me and to listen to others. You are dedicated to the Urantia revelation and to this Teaching Mission which is part of the Correcting Time, which I have ordained.

This Mission is a monumental healing aid to your planet that has had to endure, for reasons well known to you, a state of relative physical unhealthful-ness. The Adamic blood did not sufficiently admix so that most physical illness would have been avoided. The failures were not part of my Father’s plan to occur. This was part of the out-workings of a plan for an evolutionary planet that is also a decimal planet and thereby allowed to be experimental, where these things can occur and are permitted to occur.

When I suggested to you, Richard, that you have a potential for healing, I also wanted to assure you that this potential will be fulfilled. For all intents and purposes, you, my brothers are needed for healing work, as are many, many others. Yet I say to you, Richard, you have a great and inherited gift to discern the inner longings of your fellow men for spiritual truth, for my living waters that I continually pour out as the Spirit of Truth for all of those who are receptive. You, Richard, have the ability to discern this thirst in your fellows. You walk your path with your heart wide open, attempting to discern what the needs are of your fellows. These are tasks that I desire for you to display: sensitivity and compassion for others is the outcome of your spiritual guidance that continues to flow towards you and towards each who is open to receive.

I say unto you, my friend, continue on your path. Do not hurry. Do not believe, that your wonderful ideas and those celestial admonitions you receive, have to be implemented tomorrow. Spiritual waters flow slowly and they can flow rapidly, always depending on the receptivity of the individual. Each is unique, equipped with a unique personality gifted by the Father, and each grows at a unique pace. I am well pleased, as I have found children who are open to my guidance. Always, always, always, remember that I am listening. You may communicate with me now, or later. I am here for you. I am listening.

Richard: Thank you for your wise and loving advice, Michael. We recognize that tomorrow [Sunday] is a day of rest, so we will not hurry to our tasks. [laughter] We are thankful for your heavenly instructions and your advice. We will continue to look at the spiritual conditions of those around us, and to radiate the cheerfulness that you have given us, even in adverse circumstances. The healing of ourselves begins with that we listen to our hearts and listen to other people.


MICHAEL: Healing, my son, can occur as a faith-gift. When I suggested to you to observe your own healing first, I referred to your improving ability to listen to my leadings which will heal you. Whenever you drink of my waters of love, you will heal. To the degree you drink my spiritual waters, you will heal. You have already noticed changes in yourselves. You have noticed them and you have talked about them among yourselves. Continue on your path, invite me by your side, and I promise you again, I will walk with you through all of life’s situations. I will never leave you, as a matter of fact, I CAN’T. You are my children and we are one family that is infinitely connected. Ponder now in your minds what the ramification of this is for you, while I take my leave and return to you whenever you desire or thirst for more of my living waters.

Richard: Thank you, Michael, for your generous visitation, for your patient encouragement, and for the brilliance of your knowledge. We are grateful. We thank you, dear Michael of Nebadon. Thank you so very much. We are truly blessed.

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