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CRC021214- Joy of Mud & More

2002-12-14-Joy of Mud & More
Costa Rica #021214

Topic: Joy of Mud & More
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Ahbaron
TR: Richard Wetmore


AHBARON: I am Ahbaron, my friends.

Oliver: Welcome, Ahbaron, I felt you coming. How very splendid!

AHBARON: How could I resist, my friends. Your prayer and your warmth bring joy to the lessons of my assignment and gained wisdom. I am comforted to know that you as brothers are together again and continuously seeking the truth that draws you nearer to our heavenly Father.

Oliver: Yes, Ahbaron, we are often overwhelmed with our process of receiving revelation and truth and our spiritual growing. Especially when I understand that we actually evolved from the simplest cell slime and literally crawled out of the mud. And here we are-suddenly it seems to us-we are feeling our Creator’s Spirit and talking to near-perfectly-created descending beings, and other teachers of all sorts, all the while the Christ energy is guiding us strongly into and through our experiences. All this has been such an astounding and great gift. I thank you for helping us along the way.


AHBARON: Yes, I am, as are my fellow Teachers, always there to help you as we watch you slip and slide out of the mud, we observe how you pick yourselves up by your bootstraps and carry on along your path. In such a rainy country this would be expected. [giggles] But have no fear you will not be covered by a landslide, for you are always ready, my friends, to pull each other out of the slick, to take the challenges that are offered by your planet. What is mud and slick, but dust and water mixed to challenge you, my brothers.

You will slip and slide, and slide and slip, and carry on, but always, always remember that there is a joy in picking yourself up and moving forward. And for what reason do we need to pick ourselves up? It is because this is the way all of us evolve towards truth. Every misfortune, every downfall is but a lesson towards your future presence. As you watch those fall around you, extend your arms and lift your fellows up and carry them along with you on your journey towards eternity.

Sometimes I see the two of you and you make me laugh heartily. You seem to be floundering– floundering over the most trivial items. But to you, my brothers, I know how important your concerns are. One will talk about the Urantia Foundation|[Urantia} Foundation]], the other about truth of the Urantia Book, another one will talk about this group or how this should be organized.

Do you not realize that all of your topics come under one heading: Moving Towards Truth? Stumbling as you may, picking yourselves up-some of these little areas get solved every day. And, of course, you will find new little areas to trouble your daily lives. Life for you, my brothers, is no quagmire. What you see around you is normal. There will always be rain and sunshine in your lives. Know the value of both. Do you have any comments or questions?


Oliver: Yes, Ahbaron, this is a exceptional opportunity to speak to you, while you speak through another. I certainly want to take advantage of this premium opportunity. My teacher and friend, when you said “rain and sunshine”, how is it on your sphere? Do you also have rain to make things slippery for you?


AHBARON: Our(Melchizedek) worlds are not experimental planets, such as your beautiful Earth. They are created spheres. We have moisture for growth which was part of the construction through the undersurface of our sphere. Much work and effort was put into our only partially natural planet. Our lighting system is from a distant star, and we have harnessed its energy through methods of reflective transport to bring uniform light to our world.

Our technology far exceeds the current state of your consciousness. We had less problems to face, but we worked cohesively together. Never once did we entertain the thought of war and destruction, but for that we don’t have one thing that you in your culture have: We do not have an equal resilience to the struggles of evolution. Our problems are trivial compared to yours.

But light and moisture we know, we have worked with. We have the problem status of the same heavy and lighter elements. We have created many elements, some of which you will discover in your time. Rest assured, our world is utterly beautiful, yet so different in many ways for us. We have shared as co-creators in the creation of the beauty of our planet. Much of that responsibility was given directly to our engineers.

You will learn to repair your planet through similar methods than we have encountered. Even so, my brothers, we will assist you when the time is right and necessary to repair the small and great damages which you have and are currently inflicting on your planet. Your question is well founded. You are always welcome to inquire of developing and developed cultures within the local and far-flung universes of your Father-Creator. Never doubt that an answer will be given if the time is right and correct.

Oliver: Thank you, my friend, would you tell us more about the schools of the Melchizedeks? I would like to know more how you teach and learn. Is your entire world populated by Melchizedeks?

AHBARON: Our sphere is not entirely populated by Melchizedeks. We have a predominance of one of our continents of Melchizedeks learning and teaching. There are other groups on our planet who have their own related teachings. The Melchizedek teachings have been on your planet since before the bestowal of Christ, as you well know. There were difficulties when our brother, Machiventa, made his bestowal appearance. At that time the tribal mentality could not understand his message. They were full of fears and desires of their own mythological propagation.

Our planet entered much more quickly into the era of life and light. Melchizedeks are our honored fathers. It is a time-honored generation. Many of their teachings incorporate technologies, spiritual and mind phenomenology. The Melchizedeks have visited many other planets on bestowal missions. To be a Melchizedek is to be honored in sight of our heavenly Father.

The principal teachings of the line of Melchizedek follow very closely to the teachings of your Planetary Prince Michael-always united in spiritual agreement. This powerful lineage is effected on our spheres and has traveled and developed and settled on other planets even through the bestowal of a Melchizedek son on your experimental-or as you would-decimal planet.

[Note: Christ Michael is the actual Planetary Prince of Urantia because he completed his final bestowal here. However, Machiventa Melchizedek is the present Planetary Prince.]

In your ascension you will know much more of their lineage, of their history and their teachings in understanding the glorification of spiritual life. On our sphere, were you to visit, you would be now overwhelmed with the brightness of spiritual life activities of our growing visiting population. We have visitors from many sectors of our local universe. They are there to learn and to grow.

I have visited my world many times. Currently I am assigned as a teacher to three decimal planets. Your planet Earth is most precious in my experiences. This assignment is a challenge for me. Rest assured, you will discover in the appropriate time during your ascension all those wonderful things that I have discovered-well beyond the extent of your birth land and life time. Be patient brother, question as you will have you any more questions?


Oliver: Thank you for your very beautiful answer. We are beginning to understand that our entire ascension career is one of learning and of teaching, that the entire universe is indeed one big university. When you come from such a perfect world to ours that is so backward, what is it that fascinates you about your assignment on these three experimental planets?

AHBARON: I may best answer your question in this way. We know that the delight and the joy of our Creator was in that he created by fiat. Each planet, be it decimal or normal, has the gift of the knowledge of creation. The value of that gift is in the struggle which is necessary to achieve. Think of this: If a man builds a house and is wealthy and hires the most experienced engineers to build his house, but he is not there. He returns after an absence and sees his house built, and his friends come and say, “Your house is so beautiful. What a magnificent job you did, Sir, in building this house!” What should this man feel inside?

If, on the other hand, the man should struggle with his hands and his shovel, with his building materials, and, maybe, a few workers, to build his own house. And when the house be finished and his friends come and say in the same tone and the same praise of ‘what a beautiful house your have built!’, what should the second man feel?

You people on your planet are very fortunate. You have been given the gifts of struggle and succession. You built your own walls and road. You are even learning to landscape your planet. What a wonderful feeling for those of you who are actually doing something on your planet.

In some ways my world is perfect, and there is a regressive or retrograde attitude to let someone else do the work for us. We all shared in a communal way the enjoyment of the success of the completion of one project after another, but very few were directly involved. Nor was the struggle so great that we felt ultimately challenged, nor could we even understand the concept of potential defeat. You have this wonderful opportunity: the thrill of entering into the defeat or success of your realm. Putting it in more simplistic terms: in our world we have no real gambling odds, we know the outcome. For you there is the thrill and excitement of success. Little do any of you realize that your success is indeed guaranteed, provided the struggle is congenial, honest and well-meaning.

Teacher Contact

Oliver: Yes, one of the most enlightening encouragements have been when our teachers told us that the outcome is assured I would like to ask a question for my transmitter-brother here, who has been struggling a bit in trying to get to know his personal teacher. Do you have any access to that information and can verify or correct the name for us?

AHBARON: You must be referring to your brother Richard.

Oliver: Yes, the brother in my presents.

AHBARON:  Ah, Richard has not yet chosen to have a personal teacher

Oliver: He has not given permission?

AHBARON:  You are correct, better put perhaps, he is not been ready or readied himself. We are not concerned. Your time-frame is so brief. Don’t forget what a very brief time Richard has been in Costa Rica, and he has built his own house with his workers. Not that he was too busy to choose a teacher.

Oliver: I was just going to say that

AHBARON: : but, dear Oliver, he needs time. He had once put out an offering-an interest in a Teacher known as Perona. He still has not got the name correct. We are not concerned, whether she or he be Perona or Paloma-she is there and willing to work with your brother Richard, if he should wish to invite her back in the realms of his conscious and subconscious. We are many waiting, but we are not anxious-don’t be so foolish as to think that we are anxious. We applaud Richard’s for his patience. We know that the time will come. It is not that Richard is not consulting with us. In his own way he talks to many of us, but as far as a personal teacher, over or above the guides that he already has contact with, there is no rush. We have time. He has time. You have time. Be wise and wait.

Oliver: Your answer satisfies my curiosity, and I gather it will satisfy Richard when he gets to read it Ahbaron, we have been putting some effort into learning how to pray more effectively. A young woman wrote to us and asked to petition that a fishbone be dislodged from her throat without a scary surgical procedure. She had read one of the transcripts with Christ Michael and she asked us to pray for her. Can you teach us more about effective prayer for help from the heavenly helpers, teachers and guides, or even Christ Michael himself? We know a few things of what not to do. Our petitions should not be selfish or ask favors for ourselves over others. To actually come together to pray either at one locations or when we are spread all over the world, I feel we know too little. What would you want to tell us about the most effective ways for us to pray?

AHBARON: : My friend I offer you this encouragement. I know of very few people who have died from a fishbone in their throat, this is a very rare occurrence. There is discomfort, of course, in the agitation of an obstacle caught inside a tube or muscle. Your prayers have already been heard. Your petitions are being considered. We need time to put things together. Your celestial guardians are well aware.

This young lady, Mara, has many people acting in her interest. I can tell you that we know the doctors that are working for her. They are competent, they know their technology well. Of course, there is a misfortune in the suffering and the discomfort of what this young woman is feeling currently, but the doctors are well aware of their options. Trust in your own species. We will guide them when the time comes to remedy the discomfort. We will be there for whatever operation and whatever technology will be necessary. But I tell you truly as your Teacher, you must understand that we are not omnipotent.

What we see in finite time and space may be perceived as accidents, but in the eternal there are no accidents. We do not fully understand the juxtaposition of the finite to the infinite. We understand statistics, we understand errors. Rest assured that this lady is not in great danger. There will be a day, not in the far-distant future, where she will have totally forgotten about fish bones. She will most likely be enjoying a fine dinner of fish and not the slightest thought about the bones within. This is just a matter of time and of patience. Your science knows much about healing. Have faith and she will have faith, and all will be well.

Oliver: Thank you, Ahbaron. I gather that you will tell us more about effective personal or group praying in the future. I want to be patient. We have been going on for a long time. You said that our prayers have been heard already. We know, that we do not increase our effectiveness through repetition of prayers, because we are being listened to. We are being observed. We are being guided.

AHBARON: : My brother Oliver, we and the other celestial hosts, enjoy so much the reminders that you are concerned for the welfare of your brothers and sisters. Be ever mindful that whether you speak the prayer or whether you think the wish, good intentions are never turned away. (Oliver: Wonderful! Yes!) When you are about to enter your nightclass, always enter your prayer thoughts upon those upon you wish to offer your well intentions for healing, be it spiritual or physical. A single thought is like the light of a single candle. Every thought of good intention brings forth a greater light and a greater potential.

You do not always have to seek group prayer unless it is opportune, but only to pass the word to others to offer their intentions. If your intention comes in at 3 on a Friday, and your brother’s intention come in at 2 on a Saturday, and a sister’s intention comes in at 6 on a Monday, all these intentions are gathered into the present. Each intention is a concern for us. It is our responsibility as heavenly servitors, and all members of the Cosmos, to be concerned and appropriately aware within the Plan of the Heavenly Father and of your Planetary Prince. Trust in our fulfillment of your wishes and intentions. What you can not see, we can see. We can see a greater picture. The Will of the Father will always persist through your prayers, and your prayers will adjust favorably to the Will of the Father.

In finite time, my sons, there will be accidents. Prayer is a corrective action. Prayer corrects the apparent errors of finite time and space. This is truly not an instant process. We can not delegate to you in terms of your time frame and relative perspective the energy, the effort, the accumulation of action necessary to stir corrective changes. We can not give you precise measurements, but we can assure you that there will be actions of your celestial hosts and that there is always sustenance available.

Through prayers, collectively or individually, we are reminded of our duties. Within the limitations of finite time and space we ask that you pass your recommendations and your petitions through your heart to us. Nothing, no good intention, nothing that is good and well-intended will be cast aside. All will be stored in memory for the Ancient of Days, the memory of the collective Cosmos, the memory of the Will of the Impartial Father. So it shall be written to eternity, so it shall be done in God’s Will.

Be, therefore, ever thoughtful of those in need. Every thought of good intention offers a prayer of light and life. By giving your light and your hope, you are adding to the petition of life, you are adding to the petition of help for spiritual growth.

We also are mindful of your dear sister, Susan Kimsey. Your petitions, and the petitions of your brothers and sisters, are being well listened to. We can not ultimately tell you, my brothers-and Michael is with me-he tells me that we can not ultimately give you a decision, which is truly always in accordance with the Plan of the Father. But I may tell that your sister is always well taken care off. Her soul shines brightly.

Oliver: Thank you, Ahbaron. Your words were most enlightening and answering to my concerns for Susan [Kimsey], and my wish to better understand our role in praying. We are so very grateful for your illuminations. I wish to thank this transmitter for the attention spent with you until all concerns of the day were expressed [laughing] and tomorrow our minds will make up more


AHBARON: You, my brother-and my brother, Richard-you are most welcome. You have been a trusting and loyal friend, Sir Oliver. Come anytime and enjoy my lessons, and to teach me as well. We Teachers learn from you and your species. We have not had the occasion to experience an experiment such as you are going through. We enjoy watching your risk-taking. We enjoy your humorous struggles, and we also learn. We so much enjoy your company and we wait regularly for your visitations with their request for teaching and sharing. So, we too, thank you, my younger brothers. So, I Ahbaron, and my attendants, we will take our leave and prepare to work with the others. We thank you in parting. You are blessed, my sons, I bid you farewell for now.

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