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CRC136- Breathe in Love

2003-02-23-Breathe in Love
Costa Rica #136


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Breath in Love
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion, Erin
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Breath in Love
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion, eRIN
TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: I open my heart and my mind to love and good will. I welcome the teachers to be with us today, to give us comfort, guidance, show us the way through our confusion.

ALANA:  Good. So, yes, this is Alana.

Sandy: Welcome.

ALANA:  : Welcome to you.

Sandy: Thank you. It feels good to be here.


ALANA:   : Yes, it is always good when members of the human race join together to ease their hearts and minds through the narrow constrictions of habit and unresolved difficulties, into that light filled space called love. This is a time on your planet when the practice of the stillness, and the practice of loving, are so very important to the well being of your growing consciousness and evolution toward brotherhood and sisterhood. So, we shall create the heart room together, yes?

Breathe in my love. Allow my love. Accept my love. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow love to pour down into you. Comforting you. Lifting your hearts and your minds up, up into the lightness of being that is the love of our Father, our Mother, for you, within you, allowing you to know the heart room, the heart room within you, the heart room created now between you, the heart room that carries the joy that you seek in each other, in your selves, and in your faith and trust that all will be well. As you travel the path of love, like the beautiful rose, with its remarkable fragrance that opens your hearts, your senses, your minds to love, there is the scratch of the thorn. Do not allow that temporary pain to close your eyes to the beauty, the joy, the love that does bloom before you.

We are here today, Legion and I, to remind you, each one of you: you strengthen your bodies, you strengthen your minds, you discipline your tongues to allow love to flow forth from within you, through your hearts toward one another; and to allow love to embrace you, and to heal that pain of the sharp edges of life. God the Father, God the Mother, created you to grow toward love. The planet life has many excursions around the rocky places, the steep climbs, the pitfalls, the unexpected turns, but always our love is with you as you learn, as you grow in the strength and power of love.

So, as I have said, Legion and I are here with you today, in your heart room, welcoming you, pleased with your progress, happy with your joy, and ready to take your distresses, your difficulties, your so-called problems, that we may blow our love upon them, transform them, lightening your burden, opening your eyes and your minds to see through them to that point of love that dwells within you and dwells within each one of you, the other. I can not help but say to you there is a certain delight happening. It is our beloved Davina giving the transmitter a tickle in the throat to give her comfort, to reassure her that all is well. So my beloveds, it is now your turn. Perhaps you have a sermon for Alana, yes? Or a difficulty you wish to leave in my lap, yes?


LEGION:  And Legion would say, welcome Sir John. I bring comfort to you. You strengthen yourself, and your heart opens again with greater confidence in the certainty of a life path in which you have chosen truth, not always easy to see, beauty, which you would enhance by loving it so, and goodness, which you do not always affirm as characteristic of yourself, as so integrated into your character as I would have you know. And so, when you think of me, I would have you remember: I strengthen the heart, I strengthen the spine that you may stand tall, and as I comfort you, I affirm you, your goodness is in concert with mine. And you, Sir Chris…

Chris: Ah, I was hoping you would say that.

LEGION:  : My beloved…

Chris: After our little conversation last week…brought me comfort. You brought me comfort. Alana brought me softness. You, two, are (unclear)….(unclear)

LEGION:  : My beloved, you are growing. You are opening to the understanding that your connection to me….let her try this again…My connection with you has been for some time. Your connection with me is now opening so that you will grow in your understanding of my maleness, shall we call it, which is available to you as it is to our beloved Sir John, and our beloved, Sir David, to grow in the knowing that male and female combine to create gentle strength, standing tall, softness as kindness, kind strength, kindness guided by the certainty that God’s care for you is real, and opens up to your understanding with each step you take toward allowing your desire to know a caring world will be met by God’s desire that you know our Mother/our Father so completely that you may release the doubt and fear that has been like a plague upon your mind, as it has been a plague upon your world. I am glad for the conversation that has become more familiar to you. You will discover that your sensitivity, allowing you to listen, is something you now share in common with these men in your company, and is a sensitivity of strength.

Chris: You have been listening to my thoughts, then…

LEGION:  : Yes. I have been with you, as I say, listening….

Chris: (unclear)

LEGION:  : Yes.

(Mine is a relationship of nearness in heart and mind, not proximity to the transmitter, or any particular place of stillness and worship.)

ERIN:  This is Erin.

David: Welcome, Erin.

ERIN: : I have said, “Know your love.” I would speak to you, my beloved lady, Sonja, in whom I have seen an opening for an understanding of yourself that will allow you to speak with me without concern that you lack, in any way, the necessary equipment, shall we say, to know the love that dwells within you. I visit with you often.

Sonja: Yes, I know.

ERIN: : And we are joined together that I may assist you in learning to love and to express the love that comes so easily to you when you give your kindness and compassion to the speechless, as you are so capable to read the minds of those who can not speak your human language, your animal friends. Now, as you spend time with me, you will, I assure you, increasingly learn to allow this tenderness of heart that dwells within you to begin to flow off your tongue toward those you love, in a manner that expresses the care of your heart, as clearly and as eloquently as it is experienced by me with you in that safety of the silence of the green spirit that has been yours to know, but now must be known as the safety of love expressed between you and your loved one.

On your planet, so often young ones are wounded in such a way that they must learn to be too quickly strong, yet they learn to hide, to close themselves to tenderness with others of their human kind in order to protect that fear and doubt that represents the wound, that resides within that early wounding. I am here today to give you words that you may read them again and again as you are still, or find your place to sit and rest where we so often meet together that you open yourself and receive me. You are loved. As you know my love, so you will grow with me in your ability to express this love. Be still and know my delight in you. Allow this to glow.

Sonja: Thank you.

ALANA:   My beloved, Sandy.

Sandy: Hello, Alana.

ALANA:    Yes. Rest yourself in the center of this heart room. Stretch yourself out. Open your arms. Allow us, now, to blow love upon you. Each of us, Alana, Legion, each of your beloved friends, focus our love upon you. We blow our love upon you. My beloved, Sandy, so many wounds for us to blow away. Let me touch you now, in the center of your forehead. Upon your lips. Let me stroke your jaw. Hold her, my friends, hold her in the center of the heart room. Blow love upon her as I open her throat, open her chest, open her solar plexis, open her pelvis. Legion is here. He holds you, my beloved, holds you at the base of your spine and between your shoulder blades. As he touches your back, he fills you with the strength of his comfort and love.

And I, your beloved Alana, am touching you, deep within you. Rest yourself, my beloved. I have split you wide open, but rest, and allow me, allow me within you. Rest your heart. Rest your stomach. Rest. Rest. I am filling you now. Allow my love to travel through your circulatory system. Allow my love into your brain, into your nervous system. Allow Alana. Release your doubts, my friend. Release your fear. Let me have your grief. Allow the living waters of love to wash your body, inside and out. And so, Legion and your beloved friends lift you up now, up, up, as I allow the light of our Mother-our Father’s love to enter you still open.

Sandy: (unclear)

ALANA:  : Yes. Let those tears flow as I fill you with the joyful tears of love understood, love welcomed. Release yourself, my beloved. I close your body now. So, my beloved Sir David, do you feel this globe of light that we have created? It is like a crystal to which each of you has come by invitation, yes? It is as you learn to invite the love, that you learn to recognize love’s welcome to you. We think this has been an exceptionally joyful expression of the light of love. Thank you. Are there any questions?

Yes. You are so quick to feel shame and guilt when you doubt your own ability to love, or your own ability to be loved. Shame and guilt have been taught for centuries, and shame and guilt have been a highly recommended method for teaching you unruly children right from wrong. This has left its mark upon each one of you, and upon humanity. Now that the circuits have been opened, we work to allow light and love to pour into you, we work to speak to your listening and to create the change that will allow you to see and speak and teach each other love, the service of love, the service of joy, the service of peace, to be seen as a service of strength, not weakness, so that you may know love without guilt, love without shame, love without the need for war. Thank you.


John: I would like to thank Legion for being with me a lot in recent times. I appreciate what I get from him.

ALANA:  : Yes, Legion has, shall we say, legions of love to share with you, my beloved, and all who seek to know the comfort of love and to carry the strength of love. Your gratitude is known and he carries your gratitude with him to our Mother-our Father, the source of that strengthening love. You will increasingly know that we are with you. You will increasingly understand how we meet with you, not just in these circles of the heart room, but by those occasional and unexpected encounters with others wherein a word or a phrase suddenly causes you to turn toward love, light, and the joy of the light within you.

Sandy: We are truly blessed, Alana.

David: I would be pleased to hear more about the light within…you referred in a past lesson, “I bring to you the love that is within you.” I thought that was a paradoxical statement. But I’m interested in this light within us, and how we may access it. I would like you to talk about this light within us, this love within us. Erin has nudged me in this direction when she said, “Know your love,” but…

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