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CRC137- Turning to Stillness

2003-02-23-Turning to Stillness
Costa Rica #137


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Turning to Stillness
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Turning to Stillness
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion
TR: S. Butterfield


ALANA:  Yes, this is Alana.

Chris: Welcome, Alana.

ALANA:  Thank you. So, shall we create the heart room together?

Chris: Yes.

ALANA:   Open your minds. My beloveds, open your hearts. Allow my love. Allow my love to fill your minds and fill your hearts. Let my love embrace you, each one of you. Allow my love to wrap around you. Enter into you through your hearts and minds. Filling your bodies, now, with my love. Feel the love in your body. Filling your arms and legs. Pouring through your feet. Pouring through the pores of the skin, out through the sides of your bodies. Allow my love to fill you, rest within you, and flow through you. As you give it away, you know this love will be given to you by me, by our Mother/our Father, always restoring you. Have faith in the path of love. So, we are in the heart room together, again, yes?

Chris:  Yes.

ALANA:   Would you blow love upon something?


David: Yeah. I’d like to blow some light love on Suzi and me, and Chris and Sonja, and Sandy and Roger, and Kim and John, at this moment. My daughter. My sons.

ALANA: Yes, my beloved. Come, step into the pool of love and forgiveness with me. Allow me to love you. Bathe your self in my love.  Now, shall we blow love, together, upon your beloved and you?

Chris: I would like to say thank you to you, Alana..

ALANA:  Yes.

Chris:  …for showing me how to soften my thoughts, to give me courage to weather the storm, as it were.

ALANA: …Well, everyone needs a handrail, now and again, yes?

(A guard dog in the dark, she says to the t/r.)

ALANA:   …And so my beloved, Sir David, shall we blow love upon this man and his beloved?

David:  Yes. Let’s.

ALANA:   Now. So good it is, the fresh air of love, yes? And so, we shall blow love upon your beloved, Sir John, yes?

David:  Yes.

ALANA:   He is learning and growing. And we blow love upon Lady Kim.

David:  Yes.

Chris: …and their daughter, Elan.

ALANA:  Yes. The father who learns to soften his thoughts permeates the child with the love of our Father/our Mother, combined, brought through you to the other. Softening one’s thoughts, rather like learning how to ride a horse, wouldn’t you say? Yes?

Chris: posting.

ALANA:  Excellent. With grace, yes?

Chris: Yes, in time.

ALANA:  I believe there was also the suggestion of harmony, yes?

Chris: Yes, harmony.

ALANA:   Another has suggested sweeping one’s floor. Rather like dusting the cobwebs of the mind, yes?

Chris: Yes.

ALANA:   So, Legion is here should you wish to speak to him.

David: Always I like to speak to Legion. Welcome, Legion, dear brother.

Chris: I’ve never spoken to him.

David: Haven’t you? He did a great thing one time when I was really upset. Suzi and I were having a session together. He said something really funny to me and it made me laugh. It was so unexpected, what he said to me. I was saying something about this yesterday to Suzi. I look back on that and it shows how love can be expressed in so many ways, for instance in humor, it made me let go of the uptight position I was in…so thank you Legion, and welcome to our group.

Chris: How may I learn from Legion?

David: Ask him.

Chris: I just did…Legion?

LEGION:  : After such an introduction (laughter) I suppose I should teach you how to tap dance, yes?

David: I would love to have a tap dance teacher! I’ve always wanted to tap dance. Can you do it?

LEGION:  : You have that in common with your beloved, my friend.

David: Yeah, we like to hoof.

LEGION:  : She knows how to do the “shuffle off to Buffalo,” I am told. (more laughter)

David: What? oh, right on, right on. Buffalo girls comin’ out tonight. So, friend Chris would like the opportunity to chat with you tonight, Legion.

Chris: Alana showed me how to soften my thoughts. (Yes.) What is the essence of you, Legion?

LEGION:  : Comfort. I bring you comfort. You bring comfort to others, as I bring comfort to you.

David: Yes, he’s brought comfort to me, Legion. I don’t know if he has thought of it that way, but it’s subtle. I know that is a challenge you have brought to me, to bring comfort to men. So apparently we are in this together.

LEGION:  : It is good to learn this with women as well, yes? To bring comfort in the fire of sexes, yes?

Chris: I see comfort as comfort…whether I comfort my sick doggy, or I comfort my wife, or I comfort myself…comfort is comforting.

LEGION:  : Yes, and by that understanding you may be able to understand that I have been with you for awhile, even if you have not, as you say, been introduced to me, or have not spoken with me before. I have many times, when this circle gathered and you were separate and alone, upon having spent time with your beloved, I would be with you…speaking with you about softening your thoughts toward yourself. This is the comfort I bring to men. I am glad for this opportunity to be with you now and to celebrate with you that Alana’s teaching has allowed you to expand that softening of thought into the comfort that is the discipline which is the discipline of joy, which is, you will learn, my campaign song, you might say, for learning how to love and how to welcome change with love. So I thank you, my friend, for having allowed me into your heart and mind, and for having welcomed Alana and now me, into your learning program, the university of love.

Chris: When I feel comfort, I will think of you. I can see how they work together, softening of thought and comfort. They feed on each other.

Sonja: Speaking of comfort, I kept thinking of Sandy, because I think she needs extra comfort for all the pain she has been experiencing, and not being able to make it today.

Chris: Sandy and Roger.

LEGION:  : Yes, my beloved, as your beloved teacher has said: Know your love. When you know love within, you know to send love to those in need. Your beloved friend is learning to love herself. In this she must open to love. It is that harmony, that co-operation, again. You open to love in order to receive the love that will allow you to love yourself. In opening to love, you must open to receiving love. Experiencing the love. Welcoming the love. Accepting the love. Allowing the love that is our Father/our Mother’s love for you, each one of you. This love resides within you, waiting for you to welcome it, so it may be known, so that you may know you are loved, and so give that love away without fear, without doubt. So, as we blow love upon your beloved Sandy, allow that love to flow from our Father/our Mother, burning within you with their light, filling you with their light.

Chris: May I ask you one question?


Chris:  Learning to give love seems to have this aspect of need, somehow, a need of recognition that I’ve given love. But when I think about it, that shouldn’t be necessary, I should be able to give love without that need.

LEGION:  : Thank you, beloved. And as we have focused upon giving love to your beloved Sandy, allowing the light to flow on her, giving it away because she is in need. Tell me, my beloved, do you need her to acknowledge this to you?

Chris: Well, seeing her happier…that’s the sort of thing that would be acknowledgement.

LEGION:  : And, my beloved, do you include in this measure that you are happier?

Chris: You’ve taught me that self-love is the front door to love.

LEGION:  : And there is joy in the discipline of love, yes? In the discipline of loving your self, and in giving that love-joy away. It is not, my beloved, that you should in any way disparage your need, for you are human.

Chris: Uhh…


LEGION:  : As you grow in your ability to know how to love, you will grow in your ability to allow your need to speak to you of love. You allow your need to teach you how to speak the truth with love. Meanwhile, my beloved, yes, you are growing, and need does not always feel comfortable, or loving. So, you follow the discipline of love is the discipline of joy, which is to say you follow the path of love with faith that love will show you the way.

Chris: That will fulfill the need. Hmmm…

LEGION:  : What that will do, my beloved, is gently reveal and release the fear and doubt that make need so oppressive, or….

David: How about omnivorous?

LEGION:  : Thank you. That will do. So…

David: That’s how I feel about my needs, at any rate…sometimes.

Chris: I’m straight.

LEGION:  Having faith, my beloved, could be also described as turning to the stillness, or creating the heart room, which is by the imagination of the will to love, and at least, my beloved, for those moments, allowing love to take your need into it, into love, and allowing love to embrace your need and transform it into an understanding and a compassion and a knowing that you are loved fully. And even, my beloved, should that certainty disappear as you step out of the heart room, or leave the stillness to, shall we say, wage that gentle war, each time you return your faith will be strengthened. As it is so when you turn to the discipline of strengthening the body. You find those muscles welcoming a change that has been pursued, loving your body, as Legion would have you love your body. So, has this been helpful, my beloved?

Chris: Most definitely. Yes. Thank you. (Thank you.) Crystal clear.

ALANA: : So, we are happy, yes?

Chris: We’re getting better at it.

David: Here’s a question, Alana. I’m thinking of the concentration of sending our heart energy and our love to Sandy, our dear sister who is in some pain and deep do-do in some way or another…is it just as effective for us to just beam it over to her? or will the connection…I’m thinking about her receptivity…would it be better if we were to call her and say, ok Sandy, we are going to create the heart room and we are going to beam you up…is that a better way of doing it..or is it sufficient to do it this way…does it get there, is what I am trying to say?

Chris: That’s the need thing I was talking about…

David: the need? my need to know that, you mean?

Chris:  I wonder sometimes if the purity of it is the need to send it…period.

ALANA: : My beloveds, each one of you needs to receive love and to give it away. Each one of you needs to know that you are loved. Each one of you needs to know that you love. So my beloveds, given that state of human being, may I suggest that any way in which you communicate the holy communion of love is equal to any other. So I say to you, if you now focus the light and love of our Father’s joy in you, our Mother’s joy in you, upon your beloved Sandy, that is effective for her, as well as you. And if you arrange ahead of time, that is effective for her, and effective for you. And if your gesture is to say to her, or write to her, or telephone her and say, “I did this,” that is effective for her, and it is effective for you.

And if all you do in your next stillness is to say to me, or to our Father, or our Mother, or to your teacher, or you simply say it in the stillness, “I did this. I remember doing this. I remember sharing the holy communion of love with Sandy. I remember sharing the holy communion of love in the heart room with my friends and sending it to Sandy.” This, I say to you my beloveds, this is effective for her, and this is effective for you. Has this been helpful, my beloved Sir David. Does this answer your question?

David:  Yes. Thank you, my beloved.

ALANA:  Thank you. So are we happy enough to enjoy a wonderful meal prepared by our beloved lady?

David: Thank you for a wonderful visit, Alana and Legion.

ALANA: : May we pray our gratitude to our Father’s/our Mother’s love, which they give to you freely. Choose to love and you will know them. Thank you. Thank you Father. Thank you Mother. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to share love.

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