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CRC138- Song Speaks Spontaneously

2003-02-28-Song Speaks Spontaneously
Costa Rica #138


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Song Speaks Spontaneously
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Song, Alana
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Song Speaks Spontaneously
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Song, Alana
TR: S. Butterfield


Song began to speak spontaneously, so his first words were not recorded. He spoke in response to David’s question about “crossing the barrier” when David’s one year old sister died. He spoke of entering into David’s inner dialogue, so as to “soften” the blows to his belief system from “unanswered prayer,” or when the answer to prayer is “no.” Such was David’s experience of praying for the life of his sister. Song crossed the barrier because this disappointment, the unanswered prayer, would have been a severe (or much greater) blow to David’s foundational belief system.
Anyway, that is what I recall. The tape begins with me saying: I do know Song wants you to write about what he just told you…which was, what? Something about “the unanswered prayer.”


David: He can answer that, when he comes on. So Song, I just want to give you a word of my appreciation for your companionship. This has opened up a great deal of comfort for me. Thank you.

SONG:  Yes, I have been that source of comfort for a long time. It is a light sending experience, that is an experience in which the light and love of God is magnified, when, as now, you have acknowledged my presence and have allowed my comfort to be expressed in your mental life. You will discover, as you continue to practice this connection with me, that your written word will take on a certain life. One could say, and many of your kind do say, “a life of it’s own,” but we would encourage you to understand that this is, and always is, a co-creative, co-operative experience. It is particularly wonderful for me to speak with you because it was not originally thought that this transmitter would be the one (through whom I would speak).

So we can continue to explore the grief that echoes throughout one’s life when “the unanswered prayer,” or the prayer that seems to have been answered with “No,” leaves a vibration of pain in the God loving mind that links with that loneliness of seeking for the untarnished love. And so I have been there to soften the blows of future events which could have so easily been linked as evidence of an unkind, unjust, unloving God, or would have amplified the echoes of the unheard prayer; “unheard” as in hoped for, and hopes dashed. This cushioning of my love. I was your “love cushion,” yes? beautiful, too, yes? not bad the combination of compassion, the blend of male and female in the form of beauty and love expressed.

As in the softening of thoughts, I served to soften the jar of landing on your butt, so to speak. This has been both your “salvation,” as they say…we shall say, your choice to continue to love drew its force from your experience, even if inarticulate, of my presence as a softening of your thoughts and your feeling of pain…your questioning became shaped by love even when disappointments were great. It is, also, a trait you share in common with your beloved lady of the glass house…the Leslie heart…running…joy.

Knowing the same holy communion of love as you. She, like you,can look at the crack in the foundation and see the growing flower. And like you, she expresses this to the consternation of those who have yet to learn how to see through God’s glasses of love. How to draw sustenance, faith, and trust by surrendering all to the creative good will fo our Father’s our Mother’s love. This has been my message to you, and I have chosen to be with you…or you might say I have been chosen to be with you…and you have chosen to be with me, to learn the forgiving compassion that allows your passionate beliefs to begin to be expressed in a softer consideration of that gentle war called Learning How To Love on the Planet Urantia. Thank you. Has this been a friendly conversation?

David: It has been wonderful. Thank you Song. I look forward to reading it. I don’t always hear so well, but I got most of it today. Are you open to further questions?

SONG:  We shall see.

David: (laughter) I’ve..we’ve just been through some ups and downs with our beloved friends, the Sullivans…is there anything we need to do, or to know? Can you give me some assurance that what we are doing is fine? Something along that line?

SONG: : Yes. You tread the fine line of the edges of my bailiwick, but I can say this to you: make this a collaborative, co-operative experience with your beloved. I can say this is an opportunity to resolve a pattern in the relationship which, like layers of forgiveness, rests on layers of patterns in earlier relationships with significant family members, parents.

I can say that if you are able to continue to spend some time sharing the experiences of your recent growth together, reinforcing those patterns of listening with love, you will discover a leap forward in the pleasures of your ministry. There are many: first among them tend to be the so-called “triumphs of love,” in which “all are happy.” Second, but still according to the discipline of love, your are filled with a certain joy in love even when there is disappointment.
You are indeed learning to have compassion without the burden of needing to know what you do not know, or needing to be able to give what you can not give, or needing to understand what you do not understand.

This is “the need thing” again, as your beloved friend and mutual participant of written correspondence, might say.
And there is the joy that attends the softening of thought which allows you to rest in love even when most alone, as in the grief of the unanswered prayer. For then it is the softening of your thoughts toward God, but particularly toward yourself and the God within you, which is love. For then is when it is so tempting to go cold, to choose anger, to choose, war, to choose to be alone, to choose to withdraw. It is the comfort that you discover in those moments that is the comfort of the compassion of my love, our Father’s, our Mother’s love, Michael’s love, in you. So is that satisfying your communion with me, my beloved?

David: Indeed, thank you. I look forward to reading it. I look forward to the deepening of our companionship, and friendship.

SONG: : Continue to write to me, my friend. Diversion is well, part of your well being, so it is not to be seen as a dereliction of duty.

David:  Thank you.

SONG:   Still I will beckon you to me at every opportunity I have.

David: Thank you, Thank you. Thank you for your importunity.

SONG: : Thank you. It is Alana who would have the last say, so to speak.

ALANA:  Yes? This is Alana. This is Alana love. Each of you wishes my presence today. It is beautiful to have this opportunity to voice that mutual call for Alana from both you, from you, my beloved, and my beloved, Susan, the transmitter. She is enjoying my embrace, as I embrace you and the two of you in the heart room. So, we float now in the pool of love and forgiveness. Embrace your beloved, and I will embrace the two of you, as will Legion. We shall float together. Yes? This is good, yes? This is something you would choose to do with Alana, yes?

David: Are you speaking of tele-transportation?

ALANA: : I speak of allowing love to fully permeate your body so that you are able to permeate boundaries of fear with love, able to give and receive love, able to experience that whole experience of the holy communion of love which is our Father’s, our Mother’s love for you, in you, giving you the breath of life as their love coming through you to the other. So my beloved, is there anything you wish from Alana?

David: I can’t think of a thing that I want from you at this moment, my beloved, except perhaps to once again be receptive of my appreciation of you. I love you. You have been that ‘untarnished love” that Song alluded to earlier.


ALANA:  : Thank you. Share your remembrance of this love. Speak the words as you live this love. Rest in this love when your mind is troubled. Choose this love when you do not know what to do. Michael is with you, holding your hand. I am with you, embracing you.

(T/R sneezes: That’s Legion reminding me to sit up straight. She was about to say that Legion is with you, filling your spine with love. I think it is time to say a prayer of thanks and end the session.)

Suzi: Thank you Alana, Song, Legion, Devina, Michael, Father, Mother, and all others. Thank you for your guidance. Thank you for your love. I draw courage from your love. I am humbled by your love, and at the same time I grow strong and tall in your love. Thank you. Thank you for being here with me day after day. I need you. Thank you for loving me in my need. When I look so ugly to me, you make me look beautiful, thank you. Thank you for helping me to continue to shed the layers of shame, the pain of unforgiveness. Thank you.

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