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CRC139- Cleansing the Heart and Mind

2003-03-10-Cleansing the Heart and Mind
Costa Rica #139


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Cleansing the Heart and Mind
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Cleansing the Heart and Mind
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion
TR: S. Butterfield

 David, private session with Alana

T/R: Mother-Father, Jesus, Teachers, it is with great gratitude that we gather here. Gratitude for all the blessings you have given us. Thank you.

David: Thank you dear teachers for your presence in our lives, what a gift. You are so patient with us. Thank you for your untarnished love, for your living love, which heals us in body and mind and heart, all the woundedness of our hearts. Help us to be open.

ALANA:   Yes, this is Alana.

David: Such a familiar voice (soft chuckle), Welcome.


ALANA:   So, I am pleased. Sometimes the cleansing of the heart and the mind takes quite a scrubbing, yes?

David:  (chuckles…”ah yes”)

ALANA:  You might even imagine Alana bending over you using “elbow grease,” with her special cleanser, the living waters of love that that I have for you. The living flow of love from our Father, our Mother. Pouring down upon you. Filled with light. Asking only that you open your hearts, and open your minds and believe, believe in love, the power of love, believe in our Father, our Mother, know that you are loved. This is your task. To come, to turn, to open, to welcome, so that you may know the love within you is given to you that you may know you are loved. That you may be guided to the self love that allows you to give love away to others.

My beloveds, Oh that you should know the glory that resides within you! to be shared, that others may be touched by love and begin to shine with you. Giving love away from one to another to another. It is the correcting time, time to see the glory, the beauty, the remarkable precious brilliance that is the love within you. All those material things, those gems, those beautiful creations, are but reflections of the true beauty of the untarnished love that dwells within you, and is your untarnished connection to the power of love, the glory of God, our Father, our Mother.

So, my friends, allow yourselves now to create the heart room. Allow yourselves now to open to love. A difficult task for you when captured by fear. A struggle when rattled by doubt. Give me your hearts. I will blow love upon them. Surrender your minds. I will blow love upon them. Create the heart room. From the love within you, allow it now, to rise up and pour forth through your eyes, your tongue, your arms, your body. Allow that love to spread before you, from side to side, around you. Allow that love to welcome. Welcome Alana. Legion. Our Father, our Mother’s love, pouring down upon you. Create the heart room. Surrender to the heart room.

Let us look upon your world, upon your difficulties, upon your suffering, your pain, through the perspective of the heart room. Surrender now. Allow the heart room to become all, all your comfort, all your source of guidance. I welcome you now. This is Alana, sitting in your heart room, standing in the pool of love and forgiveness, my arms wide open to welcome you. Thank you for being here with me. Each of you, my beloveds, my original “call” for my presence, each of you has grown stronger, yes? And yet still, you say to me, “Alana. Help.”


Sandy: I don’t feel particularly strong, I have to say. I feel as if I am in the valley of death. And I am beating up on myself for not remembering to call for help!

David: For not what, Sandy?

Sandy: Remembering to call for help!

ALANA:   So, be that so, my beloved, my beloved precious student Sandy, would you practice now?

Sandy: Practice calling?

ALANA:  : Remembering. Calling. Turning.

Sandy: That’s why I’m here.

ALANA:   : Yes, my beloved. “Help. Help, Alana. I feel so weak.” Yes? but my beloved, it is your mind that takes that feeling and turns it into a closed door. Open your mind. Allow your mind to say, “Weakness is naught but the opportunity to call for Alana’s help! Weakness is but the opportunity to reach out for help!”  Weakness is no sin. Weakness is no crime. Do not be ashamed. When you allow yourself to know that you are loved, the first step, my beloved, is to allow the weakness of fear, the weakness of doubt, to become the signal, the call, the cry in the wilderness, the opening through which our love raises the love that dwells within you into your consciousness, strengthening your understanding. Poor vulnerable human being, all alone, and in the alone-ness, open your heart, open your mind, and call for help. Yes?

Sandy: Yes, you are right, Alana.

ALANA:  : My beloved, it is as you release the fear, the doubt, the shame, the guilt, that you will discover your strength; the strength of love that is always there, ready, ready to guide you, give you guidance, give you more strength, show you the way. So, my beloved, step into the heart room, step into the pool of love and forgiveness with me. I will float you now, as I hold you in my embrace. Release that fear now, that doubt, that unwillingness to call for help. Release yourself to Alana’s love. Tell me now, why would you forget, my beloved?

Sandy: I don’t know. I felt so firmly grounded in my faith for a long time. Is this a test that I’m going through. I have no idea. It is like I have no solid ground under my feet. It just keeps coming in waves.

ALANA:  : Yes. Give sound to those waves. Give voice to those waves. Now, allow yourself now, as I hold you in the pool of love and forgiveness, to allow those waves of doubt and fear to move through you into the pool. Legion is here, he would speak with you.

LEGION: : So, my beloved, the discipline of love is the discipline of joy. You must strengthen your body, my beloved. You have allowed your mind to say “Aha! I’ve got it!” You understand Legion is repetitious, yes?

Sandy: (chuckles) Are you saying I was getting a little arrogant? self-satisfied?

David: I didn’t hear him saying that…

Sandy: Mental. “I’ve got it!’ That’s what I was wondering, I don’t know.

LEGION: : It is common among you human folk to believe that a discipline leads to an accomplishment of a goal, yes? And you, my beloved, are quite accustomed to a pattern of achievement, yes?

Sandy:  Yes. Call it a compulsion.

LEGION:  Well, we could call it a compulsion, as you say, but I would prefer for you to study the pattern in the mind; it may have the energy of a compulsion, but, my beloved, that is not exactly the pattern in your mind. When you become stirred by fear and doubt, yes, the energy and the feeling may have the force of compulsion, but it is really the pattern becoming automatic behavior.

Sandy:  Ah, yes, I see this.

LEGION:   I would neither use the idea of self-satisfaction, for, my beloved, you have yet to experience self-satisfaction as knowing the love within you is your love from God, given to you freely, only to give you joy in knowing your love, knowing you are loved, knowing you have love to give away, to yourself as well as others. When you have fully surrendered to the discipline of love, when you have fully surrendered to the discipline of the heart room, you will begin to understand the discipline of love is the discipline of joy. You turn to the heart room to be reminded of joy: that kernal of joy within the love that dwells within the heart room within you, and connects you to our Father, our Mother, at your side, with all the power and strength of love that you need.

And so, my beloved, it is not that one day you have this discovery and all is done. Nor is it month after month, or year after year of this love and joy being discovered, being revealed, and it is done. My beloved, the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy, is life’s discipline, the discipline of life. The goal is always, always turning, remembering, allowing joy in love. And when, my beloved, you feel the weakness, you feel the fear, you feel the doubt, you feel the trembling…that, my beloved, is no shame, no sign that you have failed. It is only like a bell ringing, calling you. Calling you to me.

I will be there. My beloved, I have no complaint that you know Alana’s love softly, tenderly, whispering to you in words of love, in poetry, in music. But my beloved, I call to you now, also, for the balance between Alana and Legion, between our Father and our Mother. But to me, my beloved, come to me for strengthening of the body. For in that strengthening of the body, you begin to know the love within, the love that circulates within as it rises up from the heart room within and moves through your body.

Sandy: Legion, I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about my own death. And sometimes it seems a relief to anticipate it. I have such a beautiful vision of what’s on the other side. But this is very frightening.

LEGION: : Death, my beloved, is beautiful. It’s beauty begins to call with each year of age as you come closer to death as an inevitability, more than, as with the young, a “accidental possibility.” Death begins to call with sickness, as well as age. One begins to hear what I say, death is beautiful. But my beloved, when you hear the call of death with fear on your mind, doubt on your mind, I must tell you it is the fear of living. The fear of living with love. The fear of living with joy.

Sandy: What’s so scary about that?

LEGION: : Thank you for asking. So, my beloved, would you pass through the transition of death only to know beauty, love, and joy on that side?

Sandy: Yes, I’m not capable of it on this side, why not? (chuckling)

David: There is another element I’m thinking of, Sandy. Sometimes when I am suffering so much, death seems like a relief to me.

Sandy: Yes.

LEGION: : So, you are answering your own question, yes? Why should I be so afraid of love and joy in life? Why should suffering be so attractive?

Sandy: (chuckles) I just had two nasty little words go through my mind, Legion, and I’m not going to say them. Forgive me. Forgive me.

David: Say what they are!

Sandy: No. (chuckles)

LEGION: : We will enchant her to say the words, yes? For my beloved you have known Alana’s love, yes? (David &

Sandy: Yes, we have

LEGION:   Now I would have you know Legion’s love, as well.

Sandy: Yes, I have to admit that Alana has been easier for me.

LEGION: : So, my beloved, say the unsayable, those two terrible words.

Sandy: Oh Legion, well you were just pushing on a button of mine, so I just….I can’t possibly say that out loud.

LEGION: : You are forgiven, my love. But we, together, will face this fear you have.

Sandy: I can’t even name it.

LEGION: : In two words, it will be said. Shout them at Legion.

Sandy: What?

LEGION: : Fuck you?

Sandy: Oh no…! All right, FUCK YOU!!

LEGION: : Thank you.

Sandy: Oh, oh…

LEGION:  Yes, beloved. Yes, beloved. Yes, beloved.

Sandy: Oh God…

LEGION:   Yes. beloved.

Sandy: Thank you, thank you.

LEGION:  Yes. Yes. Yes. I love you. Yes. Know my love. I wrap you in my love. I blow love into your spine, now. Stand tall. Know my strength, my beloved. I did not fly away! The power of words, only reflect the power of the mind. When the heart and the mind are conjoined together, there is the strength of words. Do not allow your mind to confuse you. When your mind and heart are linked together deep in the heart room, no words can frighten Legion away, no words can take Alana’s love from you. Stand tall, now. In the center of the heart room. Alana and I pass around you, blowing love upon you. This is the beloved who said those words: Fuck you.

Sandy: Oh please stop, don’t remind me.

LEGION:   We blow love upon you, my beloved. Breathe our love. Do not be ashamed. You are not guilty. Such words, such thoughts, all the guilt and shame for such words, such thoughts…that, my beloved is the conditioning…that my beloved is the pattern given to you long before you understood, yes?

Sandy:  Yes.

LEGION:  Do not be ashamed that you from time to time should feel such pain, such fear, such doubt, that you would throw such words at your beloveds. That you would even heap such words upon yourself. These are the errors of love, passed on from one generation to the next. You did not create those words, you learned them. Such thoughts, such ideas, such negativity. You learned this from the errors of the past.

Sandy: God help me, I want to forget. I want to forget all that.

LEGION: : When you try so hard to “forget all that,” you start to forget you…you forget yourself, my beloved, the self of love. The self of love within, filled with the love and forgiveness for the self that is, shall we say, conditioned, external…the, shall we say, the outer layers, the bark of the tree. Such a tender inner core, with all the wounds of the errors of love, all the teachings and patterns in the mind for the defensive protection you have learned. If you would, as you let them go, forget them, you are then, my beloved, taken by surprise when once again they return.

Sandy: Yes. Completely off balance.

LEGION: : Yes, completely off balance. I will tell you two things, and then our beloved Alana would return. Legion’s discipline is a discipline of strength, yes?

Sandy:  Yes.

LEGION:   You need strength to balance love. You are strengthening the body to balance the love within with learning self-love. The love within rises up, but without the strengthening of your body you can not change those patterns that have taught you shame, guilt and humiliation. I tell you this, even if the body has very little strength due to illness or a genetic disorder, or accidental, or the debilitations of disease…should the body only be able to strengthen a very little bit, that discipline, the discipline of strength, will contribute to the changing of the configuration within the mind, the pattern within the mind that has been taught self-denigration, self-humiliation, shame, guilt, self abuse in the sense of criticism, denigration…

Sandy: May I give to you my cat-o’nine-tails…the one I’ve been flagellating myself with…

LEGION: : Yes, we will turn this into…(Sandy says something unclear)…that will be fine. Back to strength for balance: there must be the strength to balance the male and the female. The softness of Alana, and the…she does not like the word “harsh”….we will use the discipline of a Legion. It is not to say that Alana lacks strength, nor that Legion lacks softness. Alana and Legion are balanced. But within yourselves, my beloveds, you must learn “the balance of wheel of love” is the balance of Alana and Legion, a balance of male and female. In your living of life, a balance in the giving of love between males and females, the balance of giving love away and allowing love to come within, the balance between giving and receiving.

Sandy: Legion, I am extremely grateful for your lesson today. I will try to remember to call. (Something else, unclear.)

LEGION: : We will be with you, my beloved. Alana will return now.

David: May I say a word before you begin, Alana, please?

ALANA: Yes, It is wonderful to see you work, my beloved, Sandy, and to see your heart and your mind open before me. And when Legion, or maybe it was Alana, spoke about you in the heart room and spoke of you standing there and they were circling around you: I saw you with your arms raised, and an incredible shining blue light radiating from you.

Sandy: Oh, what a gift. Thank you, David.


ALANA:  So, my beloveds, allow my love. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Be not afraid. Each of you who has entered the heart room has the capacity to grow beyond what you had even imagined for yourself. Do not be ashamed. Do not fear to turn to one another. Be not ashamed. There is nothing you could bring to the heart room, nothing, that can not be welcomed by our love. You fear your anger, my beloved. You fear your weakness, my beloved. You imagine a goal of the heart room, but the goal of the heart room is already here. It is the love within. It is the love that opens to Alana’s love.

The goal of the heart room is now. It is the willingness to rest with me in our Father’s, our Mother’s love. Allow Legion to strengthen you. Allow me to gently wash away that fear, that doubt, that which would have you bending down with humiliation. Rather, I would have you join me and Legion in the pool of love and forgiveness, in the heart room, in the stillness, standing tall with the humility of respect for the great love that is our Father’s, our Mother’s love for you dwelling within you. Do you stand tall now? (Sandy: Yes, I find it a little easier after all your help.)

ALANA:  Thank you. Thank you, Sir David. You can see. And soon, as you see, so shall you speak!

DAVINA:  This is Davina.

Sandy: Ah, sweet Davina. I thought you were here.

DAVINA:  There is a certain delight that I would express to you today…a lightness of love, visible when the heart is open. I am pleased that we can, today, lift your hearts up through the opening in the heart room and allow this blue light of love within you to spill forth to your beloved friends, members of your heart room. Thank you.

Sandy: Thank you.

DAVINA;   Our Father, our Mother, blessed art thou in our hearts. May we walk the path of love with you at our sides, giving us love and joy to carry us through, that our lives may reflect the love and joy that dwells within us by you. Thank you.

ALANA:  So, my beloveds, I embrace you.

LEGION:  Stand tall. Thank you.

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