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CRC141- The Light Within

2003-03-19-The Light Within
Costa Rica #141


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Light Within
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Light Within
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana
TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: Father-Mother, I open my heart and my mind to your love. I open to you, Jesus; to your watch care. I want to learn how to walk the path of love. I welcome the teachers. We are caressed with their wisdom, beauty, and light. Thank you for everything you have given us; the understanding, love, trust. As you pour your love down on me, I give it away, I share it with others. Bless this humble planet. I know the circuits are open. I know you are there. Help me to walk in your light with confidence, that I, and others, may not be afraid, but stand tall in the certainty of your love. Thank you.

ALANA: Yes, this is Alana. Welcome, beloved.

David: Welcome, beloved. I’ve been longing to hear your voice. I have felt your presence very often. Thank you.


ALANA:  So! We are pleased. Yes, we are pleased with the soft comfort of joy that reflects the growing understanding and the practice that has allowed you to use our guidance, faithfully. We speak of the light within: it is that willingness to exercise faith, certainty, and confidence that you are loved. When you will it to be so, God wells up within you, without doubt, without fear, but with the joy of a child skipping along the sidewalk in the sunshine.

It is not just God’s love that is the light within. God’s love dwells within you. As you choose to believe this, to have faith that this is so, and to exercise your faith to the level of certainty, then in your willingness to turn and to open to God’s love within, you begin to see things differently, as in “shedding light upon the matter,” shedding light upon life, shedding light upon your understanding of the matters of life on your planet. It is then, through this co-operative relationship of love, that the light is sparked within. The Love within you is sparked by your attention, set aflame by your willingness to accept and allow God’s Love to expand and fill your heart and your mind and your body, so that your words and ideas, your emotions, your behavior, “the way you walk, the way you talk,” becomes a living light unto the world.

Were Jesus to walk before you now, indeed you would say of Him, He is the Light of the World. He is a Light Unto the World. This light, I say again, emanates from the co-operation of energies which, in the life of Jesus, you understand as Jesus’ “unbroken communion” with his Father, our Father-Mother, God. Yes, Jesus was one who you might say “had a leg up on you,” yes? But each of you is a child of God, a Son, a Daughter, of our Father-Mother, Creator of All. And so, it not being necessary for you to expect, or ask of yourself, to be Jesus, for there is only one, then it is our plan to introduce you to the idea that as the Son of God you are, as the Daughter of God you are, your lives are meant to realize the love within, and to co-operate with that love in order to create light and shed it upon others: in the way you see them, in the way you speak to them, in the way you manifest your love and light before them.

You do not need to compete with Jesus. Nor diminish yourself for what you think of as a failure to live up to His example, or what you must inevitably understand to be a lesser position than He. What we confide in you is: each human life is an opportunity to fullfil your individual grace of love. It is a different way, perhaps, of looking at what you call hierarchy. All striving together to create truth, goodness, and beauty. All striving together to create…

 (long interruption)

ALANA:  It is the same difficulty that you had with the concept of allowing one to float away in the pool of love and forgiveness. This was, at first, in your mental understanding, a concept of disappearance, or disconnection. Whereas, you have learned that in the pool of love and forgiveness, although some float this way, some float that way, some float in and some float away, nevertheless, you are each and all still connected by the waters of the pool of love and forgiveness, the “living waters” of love.
In the pool of love and forgiveness, in the heart room, your boundaries are not the same as you perceive them in your daily life on your planet. The love within you blends with the love in the pool of love and forgiveness, which blends within you, does not stop at the line of your body. Yes? So it is in the hierarchy of God’s love.

Yes, there are the differences of role and capacity of perception, but the hierarchy of love works similar to your growing understanding of the heart room and the pool of love and forgiveness. As you perceive it, there may be one greater than, but all in the hierarchy of love have the humility of respect for love, which is how one and all are equal in the “eyes of God” as you put it, equal in God’s love.

So, it is not that you must hurry to do better, or more, or bigger, but rather once you have made contact, begun to communicate with God, our Father-our Mother, or Michael, or me, once you have stepped into the stillness of the heart room of the pool of love and forgiveness, that you do your “best,” as you say, for that brings joy.

You turn to love. You turn to the stillness. You turn to the heart room. You turn to me. Not to get better and compete and show off, but rather this turning, and turning again, and turning again, becomes such a fulfillment of love and joy, that you are satisfied. This is sufficient unto itself. Granted each individual has different capacities, different talents, different abilities, different opportunities, but rich or poor, brilliant or, how do you put it, mentally limited, beautiful or ugly, old or young, when an individual turns and opens to love, and exercises faith in turning yet again, and yet again, and breaks through the fears and doubts of life into the glory of God’s love, and begins to radiate that love with the light of being love, the light of living love, the light of seeing love, the light of speaking love, that contribution, my beloved, is held with great reverence, glorified, and is the cause of much rejoicing, every gesture of love being equal. Because Jesus was a Master, he is a model for life, but never, my beloved, never imagine you are loved any less for not having a “bible,” shall we say, written about you. So, it was you, my beloved, who called for me. You are very beloved to me. And so, I allow you, now, to speak to me.


David: (chuckles) That’s a hard act to follow, Alana. That’s by way of saying, Thank you.

ALANA:  Yes.

David:  I’ve been with you all of the way, but I’m obviously looking forward to reading and studying your words as much as I can. I just want to respond by saying that I have a sense of joy about the writing that my beloved and I did vis-a-vis strengthening. I had a strong sense that what I wrote was co-ordinated by one of you helpers and teachers. I had the same sense about my beloved’s response. I thought it was inspired and co-ordinated with some help from you, all. So, thank you for this new way of expressing ourselves.

ALANA:  We, too, are delighted in you. Do not fear. Song, Davina, Legion and I, wish to continue to stimulate, and encourage each of you to pursue this novel idea, this correspondence between the two of you in which, yes, with our help, you co-operate with us and each other to bring additional clarity to our messages by your ability to articulate your experiences. We perceive that your friends and fellow students will be benefited by this exchange. We would have you continue. Even should you experience resistance to writing, “writer’s block,” this will not be a problem…for yes, you correctly understand, we are by your side, whispering in your ears, and “nudging” you to put time and energy into this project.

Like yourselves, as I have said, we are exceedingly delighted that you and your beloved have “stumbled upon” this creative venture. I would say to each of you, you have only just begun to recognize what you call a “breakthrough,” a breakthrough of communication of the communion of love between you. I would not instill fear by saying this will lead you into the further joys I have promised for your ministry.

It tickles Davina, even as she works strenuously, nevertheless, it tickles Davina to see the light filtering through into your beloved’s brain that she does indeed have something to say, which can be beautiful, as well as useful. It is a strong satisfaction to your Song that you, in turning to her, have stimulated a correspondence of creativity in her that he, your beloved Song, has worked strenuously to enliven in you.

Quite a duo you will make, the two of you. On paper. In words. A distinction I make because of the subject matter(writing), but also to acknowledge that this duet may be a different form of the tune that the two of you as a duo have already expressed in many ways in your love-making relationship. Which is to say, this new co-operation and creativity is an outcome of the well-regarded, much respected, creative co-operation that has already existed prior to this new blip on the screen, yes?

Do not fear creating together something that can be given away to others in a concrete form. It is one step at a time, as you learn how to walk the path of love. As it will be one page at a time as you learn to co-create with your beloved, and she with you, what I assure you will be a document of value. Do you have a question?

David: This has been a delightful session. I am sitting across from my beloved. There is a light coming from a crystal hanging at the skylight. This light has been dancing on her head and arms all the time she was transmitting your beloved words and wisdom. Thank you.

ALANA: Thank you. My friend, you are loved. I love you.

David: Sweet bird, excuse me, I do have a question.


David:  My beloved has gone through some excruciating experiences with a friend this week. This person has had some suicidal ideation. Alana, how do we pray for people who are suicidal? Or, can these people be helped by…(tape cuts)

ALANA: Yes, my beloved.

  • First: Open your heart. Open your mind. To welcome such a person into the heart room, into the heart room where always you know love, all is well. Into the heart room where always you see with love, and you know all is well.
  • Secondly: Having rested in the heart room with this other, listen. Listen in the stillness to what you would say. Listen in the stillness for what is needed to be heard. Speak these words in the heart room. Beloved one, open, open your heart and mind to love.
  • Third: Knowing all is well, knowing your love, knowing that you are love, knowing you have love to give away, turn to this person and speak words of love. Do not imagine that you must solve the problem. The despairs of life are lifted by your offerings of love, but the resolution happens within. You offer a hand, or a word, you shed the light, give the love, but the loving resolution takes place within. You, my beloved, already know, deep within the heart room, what to say. It is your fear, and your doubt that you can not “save” this person, that troubles your mind. You can save someone physically, but the connection to love that you would have save the person, must happen within. Have faith and trust all will be well, and speak simple words of love. Do not try to convince.

Do not try to scold. Do not try to demand that the person change their mind. Allow love coming through you to give them the opportunity to follow love’s course, and to discover the joy within. Death is no sin. Still, if it is God’s will, and this person’s will, then your desire that this person choose life on your planet, it shall be done. If it is your will that God’s will be done, then, my beloved, all you need do is speak the word’s of love that are true, that you know without doubt and without fear, for you know the love within you dwells within this person, as well, and can be found. Do not try to solve the problems, except, of course, when a particular service might be useful. Have faith in this person’s power to choose: to choose love, and to choose to bring love up from within to give to others and to create a life of sharing. Has this been helpful.

David: Yes. Thank you. Exceedingly so.

ALANA: Put this person in the heart room now. Give — to Alana, now. Step into the pool of love and forgiveness with us. Cup your hands in the living waters of love, and refresh — and yourself. Thank you.


David: Thank you for a wonderful visit, Alana.

ALANA: I would say one more thing, from the background calls of Legion, which is to remind you: the mind has a pesky habit of repeating conditioning. You know the discipline is not always easy, nor consistent/(correction)/it is as you say, often two steps forward, one step back, changing the patterns of the mind. So, when you are speaking with one whose mind is steeped in despair, you know, from experience, that almost anything you say can be challenged, yes? (Yes.) So it is a discipline, as well, to speak with one so mired in negative hope. Therefore, consider it part of your discipline of your mind to practice speaking the words of love, without stuggling to shape, or shift, or change her mind. We will speak of this again, yes? Thank you.

David: We are so fortunate to have you teachers. Thank you for coming.

Alana: Yes, walk bathed in my love today. We bow our hearts, our minds, to your love, oh Father, oh Mother. We dedicate all our intention, our will, every gesture to you and your good will toward us. We bow before your love. We receive your love. We are grateful, and give your love away. Thank you. Continue to be a strength to one another. Thank you. Keep it up, my friends, you are travelling well…..(Davina and Song…sort of cheerleading)

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