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CRC142- Express the Discipline of Love

2003-03-23-Express the Discipline of Love
Costa Rica #142


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Express the Discipline of Love
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion, Erin
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Express the Discipline of Love
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion, Erin
TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: Father, Mother, I open my heart to you. I surrender to your good will. I trust in the path of love. Show me the way. Thank you.

LEGION:  This is Legion.

David: Welcome, Legion.


LEGION:   Thank you. I have been speaking for some time about strengthening the body, combined with the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. You are learning. You must be strong to love fairly.

It takes mastery to fully express the discipline of love is the discipline of joy. The choices, the steps, are the same, but you must deal with confusion due to patterns passed down from generation to generation. Patterns based on earlier needs and earlier understanding, have created confusion when it comes to love, which has become confused with suffering. So you have confusion creating barriers to welcoming change with love. You have the difficulty of not only how much love is enough, for love brings with it joy, but as well, and perhaps more ingrained, you have a resistance to joy, as in how much joy is enough, or “deserved.” You might even say, “Is joy OK?” And which joy? Take your pick.

I focus on the discipline of strengthening the body because it is with strength that one is capable of bringing comfort. In disciplining your body for strength, your must make the choice to choose loving your body, to choose enjoying your body. A strong mind, heart, and body is part of the constitution of the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. With such a serious flow of words, I now would join with Alana in asking each of you to consider the growth of love and joy within you, and among you. We are both here, you may speak to us. Thank you.

ALANA:   So! I welcome you. Open your hearts, now. Open your minds. Learn to speak the truth with love. Learn to enjoy the truth. Welcome love into your lives, into your perspective. Allow yourselves to feel happy that you are you, who you are now, standing here in the heart room, in the pool of love and forgiveness, with me. You are a son of God. You are a daughter of God. Open your hearts, open your minds, to that love. Rest in that love. Feel that love. Give it a spark of joy as you say Yes to that love within you. That love is waiting, longing for you, as you long for that love.

Breathe in that love. Allow that love to rise up within you. Allow that love to pour through you. With faith, you can be healed. Learn to discern the truth with love. Learn to accept the truth. Allow the truth. Live the truth. Speak the truth. Hear the truth. Embrace the truth with love. Life is change. You must discipline yourselves to welcome change with love. You must discipline yourselves to see change with love. It is as Legion says, shaping your body through the discipline of strengthening, you can see the change with love. You can hear the change with love, for your body will speak and sing and rejoice differently. As you choose to love, as you choose to learn how to love, you need strength.


Chris: Are you going to give me the strength? Where do I get it? I’m just (unclear) here…I’m using all my strength…I think it’s working.

ALANA:  I, and Legion, work with you, my beloved. When you see it as “using all your strength,” then, my beloved, I would open your mind just a little bit more to this idea: when you see yourself using all your strength, it is a habit of the mind to see others as either using all their strength, or having used up all their strength, or having more strength than you. This, my beloved, would include I, Alana, your celestial lover and teacher in the university of love. So I ask you, my beloved, open your heart, open your mind, to our Father, whose endless force of love pours through me to you; whose love dwells within you, who has the capacity, like me, to choose to love and give that love away.

Human and celestial have the opportunity to choose. You need strength to choose love, to choose the Father’s will, to choose to see and hear differently, for your hearts and your minds have been conditioned. Love is confused with many other things. And joy, my friend, this, too, reflects the confusion on your planet. So many seek joy desperately. So many do not even know if they will ever know joy at all.

Chris: Is not joy just peace of mind?

ALANA:  Yes, my friend, it is the peace of mind that…if you do not mind having too many dwellings within you…it is the peace of mind that dwells within the joy that dwells within the love that dwells within you.

Chris: So joy is peace of mind.

ALANA:   Like the discipline of love is the discipline of joy, so is joy to peace of mind, yes. It is as with the balance wheel of love, it takes strength to balance that wheel of love, yes? So…are there any questions? Or thoughts to be shared? Yes, we will put your beloved Sandy in the center of our heart room. Blow love upon her, yes?

D: Could we put Oliver in there, too, please? He suffers from sun stroke.

ALANA:   Yes, I will gladly. Beloved Oliver. Beloved Sandy. Beloved Richard. Beloved Kim. Beloved John. Beloved Nena, the little one. The Silent One. The Beloved Lucia. Your Beloved Sons and Daughters, Sisters and Brothers.

ERIN:  Yes, this is Erin.

Sonja: Welcome, Erin.

ERIN:  Thank you. You would speak with me.

Sonja: I want to thank you for all the times we’ve met, and all the help you have given me, all the guidance. Seems things are going well. I must be doing something right. Sooo, am I on the right track?

ERIN:  Yes, my beloved. When you say “I must be doing something right,” I say to you: Allow yourself to know. You have all the love and joy you need to stand tall, without fear, and without that nagging little doubt that takes you into a form of isolation, similar to riding alone, as you say, “on a track.” But, my beloved, in the university of love, and along the path of love, “the track” is very wide, indeed, yes? And so it is perhaps wise for you to practice with me in allowing yourself to keep your focus upon love and joy being expressed; as is so when we speak alone, together, you and I, as in the stillness experience of that safe love I have called “the green spirit” in you and about you.

My beloved, you will understand more when you are able to read my words, but I say to you, yes, you are on the right track, riding the horse well, and we would have you applaud yourself, beyond that more doubtful step of it “seeming to be going along well.” Rather I would have you be as sure as you are in your mastery of the horse in understanding, communicating, and communing the joy of co-operation, just as in “a good ride.” So I would have you imagine yourself sure with your beloved, and full of the pride of joy in your growth together.

ALANA:  Was that helpful? She asks.

Sonja chuckles. Yes.

ALANA:  Thank you.  So, my beloved Chris, how is your laughter today?

Chris: I have a question. Let’s get down to business.

ALANA:   Yes, beloved.

Chris:   As recently as a month ago, maybe two,

ALANA:   Yes.

Chris:  I underwent a change that was quite profound.

ALANA:   Yes.

Chris:  I’m not entirely sure that we dealt with what I’m thinking. I’d like to know…as you are entities, you, Erin, Legion…we have evil ones, do we not? Message givers.

ALANA:  You have those who choose not the will of God, or, may I be so bold as to say, who would choose not to love. This, my beloved, is not that different as upon your planet; there are those who choose not to love, yet love dwells within them as love dwells within you. And it is true, my beloved, so it is, just as with your invitation and co-operation Alana may ‘step into” you…

(let us say, to guide you in the strengthening of the body with Alana’s softer stretching style of opening to love)…(or, as Alana may step into you to guide you in discerning, understanding and choosing love…in looking, seeing, speaking the truth with love…Alana shaping your thoughts, embracing your emotions).

ALANA:   But I assure you, always, it is a co-operative effort.

Chris: But it is possible for evil to enter co-operatively.

ALANA:   It is possible for you to co-operate with evil. As it is possible for you to co-operate with love.

Chris: Do they not speak and give messages the same way you do?

ALANA:  No. There is a yes and a no to this: which is yes, but. You see, they do not have the power of love. This is difficult and delicate for you to comprehend, for, being human and confused (if you will beg my pardon) the power of evil seems at least equal, and very often within your minds greater than the power of love.

Chris: Does not evil live off the lack of love?

ALANA:   Evil lives off the fear of lack of love. Evil lives off doubt that there is enough love. Evil thrives on your fear and doubt that you are alone and do not have value; the value that once you have opened to our Father’s love, and have allowed our Father’s love to be real and dwelling within you, is never questioned again.

Chris: But what happens up to that point? We loose a few.

ALANA:   You base your ideas of loosing a few upon your human experience, yes?

Chris: Their spiritual experience…or their loss of it…unable to be contacted by you teachers with love and joy to see the light.

ALANA:   That, my beloved, is the difference between the communion of love and the communication of evil. Love can penetrate evil.

Chris: But then the evil entities would have to be gotten rid of…if they are able to enter, if they are able to exit.

ALANA:  Well, my beloved, it as you understand how we enter, how we communicate, how we … it is more, my beloved, that love embraces evil, and in this embrace, even the smallest cry, the tiniest gesture toward love will allow a spark to ignite deep within you and begin to create the light within. This may seem to you to take great lengths of time to eliminate the darkness of the shadows of evil believed, accepted, and allowed.

Chris: But once love enters, evil lives on lack of love…and once love enters, evil can no longer exist…yes? I mean, to its proportion.

ALANA:   It is the understanding of the peace that passes all understanding. It is the peace that knows all is well and all will be well. Yes. For you, as an individual human being, you will experience this as you continue to work with choosing love, seeing love, hearing love. You will, with each choice, continue to begin to rid yourself of repetitive thoughts of negativity. These will be shed as naturally as water off a duck’s feathers, or I would say for the benefit of your beloved Sandy, water off a duck’s ass; those habits of mind and patterns of behavior that prevent you from the full surrender to the joy of love known deeply within, known to be real, known as the one reality you need to know.

And then, my beloved, you know not only our Father’s love, but our Mother’s beauty, and Michael’s compassionate care for you. Michael is walking with you every step of the way. It truly is a humble experience to know that love dwells within you and is your companion in life. Have faith, my friend. Trust that each of you, here, is on the right path. It is, my beloved, a blessing that you are here. Yes? Living love. Accepting love. Choosing to live love, now. Yes?


I thank you for being here. I welcome you, always, in my heart room of love and the pool of love and forgiveness. You are learning. ALANA:   Do not fear. “Business” goes well. We are getting down to business every day with you, my friend. With each one of you. Our presence in your lives, our guidance, our teaching of you in the university of love, our giving to you all we know of how to love, is the Presence of Love in relationship. Yes? Even when you do not gather, here, in this place of love, this place of gathering, this place of the circle of the heart room, we are here, with you, in the heart room. We are with you always. Opening your hearts. Opening your minds. Strengthening your bodies, your hearts and your minds, toward love, to know our Father, to know our Mother, to know love. Thank you for your questions, my friend. Was this useful?

Chris: Your answers are always useful. Thank you.

ALANA:  So, let us step into the stillness of love. Opening your hearts and your minds: Thank you Father. Thank you Mother. We are grateful for your love. We work every day to open the way for greater expression of the love and joy, the love and joy, the love and joy, the love and joy that resides in your creation. We dedicate our hearts and our minds to co-creating with you, love, peace, harmony, the happiness of the joy within…(tape ends)

Notes from Alana:
The heart room is where you know love. You know love dwells within you. In the heart room you know all is well, and all will be well. Evil may “step in,” but evil does not dwell within you. Love dwells within you. Our love communes with the love within you, always. You choose love and you ignite the light of the love that dwells within you. That is, you begin to know and to see the love and joy within you. You commune with us in this communion of love. The discipline of love is the discipline of joy. You discipline your hearts and minds to choose love. Even your errors of love, when your choice was to love, will reveal the path of love and joy.
Chris may want to ask Alana more about his experience.

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