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CRC143- Express Your Discontent With War

2003-03-26-Express Your Discontent With War
Costa Rica #143


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Express Your Discontent With War
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Richard Wetmore
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing
o 3.4 Note

Topic: Express Your Discontent With War
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Michael
TR: Richard Wetmore


MICHAEL: Our warmth approaches you through the Bright Light within you. Your circuits are open.


MICHAEL: Your Planetary Prince has great concern about your struggles on this planet: war, deceptions, lack of faith, but also recognizes the potential gifts that each of you has to offer. Your planet, this beautiful jewel of our creation with the Father, is still full of doubt. You are the people that must go through this period of time. Trust and believe, my beloved children, these great upheavals will not last very long. Resolutions will come through our efforts together, and with the planetary administrators, teachers and guides. There will be intervention, but not by the force of command.

We are watching closely with deep concern. There will be suffering. Always there is suffering where ignorance reigns. The history of your planet has not expunged the terrible scourge of ignorance. When you battle with another, you battle in ignorance. Let light shine into your souls, into your eyes and see. Each of you has great value, and you may offer the testimony of the truth of which I speak. Each individual has the power to change the tides of events. Each individual is a jewel that can reflect my abilities and my intents. I, Michael, walk amongst you. I know each and every one of you and your capacities and your potentials. Ask in your prayers for my immersion into the hearts and souls of those individuals that you deem in need. We are part of a grand team.

You have only to look upon each other, to learn and understand the personality of each other. This beautiful gift of personality, that each one has, its true understanding is your solution to ignorance and war. Meet each other with love, trust and understand new friends. Use your brilliant and beneficial technologies to further my work, to find new friends and spread the teachings of my plan and my intents. You already have the history of me when I lived among you as Joshua. Obey my teachings and bring love to the path of others. Take in those who are abused and lost and lonely, who shut themselves behind closed doors. Reopen your channels to these ones, for many problems arise from closed individuals and groups. You are not alone on your planet.

You know you are blessed on Urantia. Enjoy your time and behold the beauty of your planet. Study the beautiful creations which I have given you. The truth of the Almighty Father lies in front of you and it is for you to catch sight of.
When you seek to know the hearts of your fellow men, only then you can speak with your personal authority-the authority of love and respect. When you speak to me of your concerns for your politicians, for your warmongers, your generals, please know that their individual perspectives are well intended, but are locked in their confusion and ignorance. In the future their disputes will amount to nothing.

The outrage over the present terrible scourges of war, lies in each individual, who must feel and express their disagreements with the dealings of their governments, which are the selfish and inconsiderate actions that bring a spirit of discontent over the lands of the innocent.

I, Michael, speak with all humans, irrespective of their religious beliefs and their contentions. I can assure you that I go to all who open their hearts to me. You are still in the stage of the “holy wars”, and only when you bring your thoughts together, while truly respecting each others devotions to me and the Father, you can shine with the truth and knowledge from your own personalities.

Trust in me; trust in my Father; trust in the lineage of those who work with you in the celestial heavens. You will pass through these dark days and better times will come. As your vision will grow stronger, your health will improve as you trust and have faith. All evil will pass. My children, be serene and be contented together. Choose opportunities to speak and act wisely. Work with your technologies and express your discontent with ignorance, with darkness, with war-with actions that in no way reflect my Father’s will. Be discontent with those things that in no way reflect my Father’s will, and in your discontentment offer the alternative of love and truth. This has worked in the past, will work is the present, and for eternity: trust in your personality to express truth, beauty, and goodness; trust in what is workable; trust in your dedication to my Father’s will.

Do not, my beloved children, fall into the pit of self-pity, this is not good and useful discontentment. Agitate your hearts and instigate actions towards truth. Do not fall into the pit of self-satisfaction and isolation, hold strongly to each other while you are bound by the rope of my love. I will pull you through the quagmire of this confusion. All wars have ended and truth is revealed through suffering. Has it been any other way in your history? Consult with your teachers as well, trust in your guides. Pull others out of this quagmire with your trust and your faith.

Remember, my children, your time is so brief and our time perception so different. What seems to you to be a long time of non-resolvability is in fact a very short time in the reality of cosmic experience. Your faith will be shaken and it will be strengthened, according to your own actions as you progress in the understanding of your unique personality. Your capacity of identity with me lies in your personality.

Learn the personality of your brothers and sisters, study their motives, their actions, their thinking. Let them test you and your strength to allow new channels to open among yourselves. You will be meeting with a dear brother who is coming to join you. Bring this brother with yourselves to me, Michael, and all those who will join you, and I will speak to you further about the realization of love and truth. Do not despair for my love shall override all disparity, all confusion.


MICHAEL:  I now, beloved children, will take my leave and join you at a later time. My love remains with you. Open your eyes as I leave, and look out upon the beauty that I leave with you. This beauty I will not allow to be destroyed.

Oliver: Thank you, my big brother of love, for your encouragements and the giving of strength of purpose to examine each others hearts during these times of troubled hearts. I am most profoundly grateful.

MICHAEL:: You are most welcome, beloved child. Do not be troubled, better times of joy will call upon you. Abide with me as you know that you belong with me. You are never forsaken because I am anchored within you.

Location: Nuevo Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica (on a warm and sunny early morning on the sloping meadows overlooking Lake Arenal)

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