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CRC147- Discipline and Transparency of the Heart

2003-04-13-Discipline and Transparency of the Heart
Costa Rica #147


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Discipline and Transparency of the Heart
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Discipline and Transparency of the Heart
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion
TR: S. Butterfield


David: (praying – missed first part) I pray for my beloved that she shall have confidence in herself, in her abilities, in the purity of her heart and mind to do the will of the Father. Give her faith in the path of love. May we each be open to learning to love. To love in the broad sense, but to love one another with much gentleness, sensitivity, and caring. Yes? End of prayer.

[Then there is a long blank space in the tape, as if it had been erased, or had not been set correctly.]

ALANA: Is there more you wish to say?

David: I must say there are key parts of your answer that I did not catch. All I can say is that what I got out of it is that God’s love is everywhere, so he must be in the human heart as well. I do retain that you said the heart is designed to love, to give and receive love, that it is the gateway for God’s entrance into our lives. But I didn’t grasp what Jesus meant by that passage of scripture. I missed that.

ALANA:  Perhaps you would like to speak with Legion.

David: I would love to speak with Legion. Thank you for everything you have said this morning, Alana.

ALANA:  Thank you. My gracious welcome to Legion.


LEGION: It is I, Legion, who would attempt to speak further what you might call the name of this lesson: the discipline of transparency of the heart, and the heart room. The human heart, born of the physical world, must struggle through the viscous veil into light and life. Always the human heart must surrender to God’s love in order to know itself fully and truly. It is this necessity that also triggers every physical and mental fear, engendered by the vulnerable reality of life on earth. It is both a blessing and a curse, one might say, to have the curiosity that moves mankind, human kind, ever toward the microscope of understanding, ever toward the expansion of understanding.

Yet always the human heart must meet such growing knowledge with the vulnerable awareness of how very small, very small, very small you really are. The human heart would falsely protect itself from this awareness, for humility, although it’s full expression gives one great strength, nevertheless, humility very often appears to be a very…shall we say, insufficient recompense for the idea of being all powerful, or greater than. Each time, generation from generation of human heart must meet this inevitability in your personal and individual lives, which finally looks like death.

Whether it is the death of the body, or the death of the ego, or the death of a relationship, it is the same; you would so wish to deceive yourselves into believing that if you were God there would be no pain, if you were God, you would inflict no pain, if you were God. And so, you use your heart and other hearts to make yourself God. This is wicked. This is deceit.

David: May I intrude for a moment…

LEGION:  I wish to say one more thing. At the same time, it is true that each one of you has the spark of God within. What is the difference here? The difference is love. Embrace your world with love and you come closer to God. Allow God’s love to embrace you and you carry God’s love closer to those in your world. Give and receive. Give and receive. Give and receive love. Surrender your fears. Surrender your pride. Surrender, even, your ability to love to me, to God, to Michael. For when your limitations confine you to self-deception and cruelty to others, I will show you the way out of that lonely place. This was a collaboration, may I say. At times, Alana was so close in my heart, we spoke as one. I stepped in, merely to remind you and all who listen that the discipline of the heart is as important as the discipline of love, joy, truth, acceptance, and compassion. Thank you. Is there more, I ask?


David: You spoke of the discipline of the transparency of the heart. What do you mean by that term?

LEGION: This is a new lesson. We will bring it to your group. And use description as method of bringing the lesson home to each of you in Alana’s heart room. I can give you this: love passes through the heart opening only when there is such a co-ordination of the mind, mastery of the tongue, compassionate acceptance of emotion, when there is such a co-ordination, balance and harmony as to make it undeniably clear that the heart you so faithfully protect is wide open…wide open, my friend…so wide open that this is transparently clear and visibly manifested everywhere you go.

Many have a heart opening so remarkable that it is almost as if no discipline was required, and no discipline is required to maintain the flow of God’s love. However, most of you need discipline. Like it or not. You have learned discipline as punishment, routine, boredom of repetition. But I speak of discipline as the engine work of joy. That what you have mastered is so in tune with who you are, truly, that God’s flowing rivers of joy are never presented with barriers, or circumvention, or deception.

When a heart opening is so grand as to appear effortless, it says “This is possible for you.” And you, if you choose to discipline yourselves for love, you, from time to time, have the experience of such effortless bliss of love, that you, too, know this is possible. And when you break through into that realm wherein daily you find the effortlessness of love, you will recognize how you look unto others and are perhaps perceived by them as having achieved this without discipline and as if you do not need discipline to maintain it. This, I might add, sometimes stimulates jealousy and bitterness. You do not need to correct such things in others, all you need to know is that is part of the experience of their pathway toward the discipline of love. Has this been useful?


David: So far, yes. I would like to ask one further question: you mentioned that when the heart becomes wide open that in our passageway among other people that this becomes physically visible. How does this manifest itself physically?

LEGION:  At its most subtle, people will walk away and say to themselves, “There is something about that man that attracts me.” They may say, “I can’t put my finger on it, but I would like to see that person again.” Sometimes, it is such a vibration of transparency of love that others walk away more relaxed. Sometimes, the vibration is such that those in your presence begin to vibrate and grow more joyful. In rare cases someone will look and see right through you, but what they more often say is that they feel as if you look right through them. Love sees through everything. Love can be so transparent that you in no way create the slightest resistance to the joyful blossoming of every soul. Well, what did you think about that?

David: I think that it was mellifluent [[ sweet or musical ]], ecstatic, and wonderful. Thank you for being with us.

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