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CRC148- Rick Visiting

2003-04-14-Rick Visiting
Costa Rica #148


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Rick Visiting
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Davina, El-Liana
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield 
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Rick Visiting
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Davina, El-Liana
TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: Father, Mother, I dedicate this time to you. I surrender my thoughts, my desires, my agenda. I surrender to you, thy will, thy good will. May your love come through me with thy goodness. I welcome your teachers.

David: I would like to direct all the heart energy of us three, and all of our teachers and celestial friends gathered around us, toward helping Rick and his family.

ALANA:  Yes.

Rick: I would like to welcome the presence of Alana, and El-liana, whose presence I have felt all day. I give you my love.

ALANA:  : Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, Alana.

Rick: Greetings.

David: We welcome our beloved friend, Rick, to your presence, again, beloved.

ALANA:  : Yes.

David: It has been such a treat to have him, and Father/Mother have been working in his heart this last year. We just wanted to have a little chat time with you today because this is so precious to me, and I wanted to share this experience with my friend. I want to give the floor to him, all right? I want you to know that I love you. Thank you for the constancy of your love every time I turn to you.

ALANA:  : Yes.

Rick: Alana, do you remember me from the last time we spoke?

ALANA:  : Yes, my beloved. It is not exactly that I remember. It is that you have entered into my heart room and so, always, I am with you. Yes?

Rick: Yes. I just wanted to say that you being the first teacher I was made aware of, you are my first love in the teaching mission.

ALANA:  : I am honored. Always there is the opportunity to…you might say, be swept away by love. But I, my beloved, bow to your love. It is with great thankfulness that I welcome your love as “first love.” I am honored to have “fit the bill,” shall we say? Yes?

Rick: Well, as you know, by now I imagine you well know, that I take great pleasure in flirting with all the pretty ladies.


ALANA:  : I would have you experience even greater pleasure, my beloved. For, as you speak to me, the delight in your heart is real, but the fear and doubt in your mind closes the door to the fullest enjoyment. It is, may I say, as the little boy who peeks around the corner, and overwhelmed with his delight at what he sees, meets at once the fear, as if, shall we say, his mother calls, “Where are you? What are you doing?” Or, we might say, it is as the delight arises, he feels the clamp upon his shoulder of the father’s hand and a deep voice saying, “Son, speak to me now! What are you thinking? What have you been doing?”

But, my beloved, I would have you take Alana’s hand and step around that corner and look with delight upon the beauty, the joy, the radiance of our Mother’s gift reflected in that which you so enjoy to see. I would have you know your desire, as purely as you follow your desire for God. “Purely,” my beloved, is not to raise the specter of “good and bad,” “right and wrong,” but rather for you to understand your desires as natural; as natural as it is for the child to explore in the forest where there are such lovely little things to look at, the moss, the flowers, the leaves, and a child squats down and picks a flower and looks, and looks, and looks with no thought of harm, no thought of right and wrong, but the pure delight of the curiosity of desire to see beauty.

(T/R: I find it interesting, Rick, that I did not know you had a childhood in the forest.)

Such experiences for the child are an earlier experience of the intimacy of the joy of the inner dialogue with your beloved Father-Mother Within. As you grow, inevitably you begin, by conditioning, to limit and segregate, to judge, to fear, to doubt, and to paint your experiences with the colors of blame, shame, guilt, and betrayals of secrecy.

By “betrayals of secrecy,” I mean betrayals of the self within (and the inner dialogue) being relegated to hidden corners of the mind and heart, given doors that shut, and you become afraid of your self, as well as others. The fear being: “I am bad and wrong.” Or “others will see me and see I am bad and wrong.” Underneath the fear lies the doubt: the doubt of self, and the doubt of others. The doubt of self: “I don’t know what is good for me.” “I don’t know the path of love truth, beauty and goodness.”

Or the doubt of others: “They don’t know who I am, therefore, even if I agree with them, there is reason to doubt, for I know they do not know me.” Or, “If they knew me, they would not speak so lovingly.” But my beloved, you speak now with Alana, yes? And Alana knows you. And I say to you, my beloved, you are loved. I love you. No fear. No doubt. I love you.
So, shall we turn the corner together? Yes? Welcome to my heart room. Open your heart. Open your mind.


Rick: Alana, it is my greatest pleasure to be able to turn this corner with you.

ALANA:  : Thank you. And your beloved, El-liana is here, too. Yes.

Rick: I know she is. Would you give her a hug for me.

David: You get a double ice cream cone today, Rick.

ALANA:  : She is by your side, my beloved. You may hug her, too. Yes? In the heart room, with me.

Rick: Before we begin, ….. (words unclear, sounds of crying)

ALANA:  : Allow the love. Open your heart. Open your mind.

Rick: If I do that, Alana, I’ll just get my shirt all wet with tears.

ALANA:  : Allow the love. Step into the pool of love and forgiveness and allow, allow those tears. Yes, my beloved. Allow my love. Breathe my love. Breathe my love in. Welcome. Welcome your beloved Alison into this heart room. Allow her. Allow her to step into the pool of love and forgiveness with you. I am here. Bring her to my lap.

Rick: I’ll bring her now. Can I do this without her accepting? Can I do this by my own will?

ALANA:  : Invite her, my beloved. Welcome her.

David: I welcome Alison into the heart room, gladly. (Yes.) Next to Rick. I see a picture of them embracing each other, and each of them filled with the radiance of love, not only for one another, but also for Father-Mother. Ummm. A wonderful picture.

ALANA:  Let them float first, yes?

Rick: Let them what? First?

ALANA:  : I will hold your beloved in my arms and float her in the pool of love, the pool of forgiveness, the living waters of love and forgiveness. Such a beautiful one! Yes? Stand in the pool of love and forgiveness, my beloved, Rick.

Rick: Perhaps you can pull me. I need a little help.

ALANA:  : El-liana will guide you, my friend. One step at a time. (said so gently) No fear. No doubt. Allow. Allow the love to surround you. Allow. Allow the forgiveness to lift you up, now, to float in the arms of your beloved, El-liana. (sounds of weeping) Surrender your doubt, my beloved. Surrender your fear. Let those thoughts fall from you into the pool of the living waters of Michael’s love for you and for your beloved. (sounds of weeping) Rest in the pool.

Rick: Please be patient with me.

ALANA:  : The patience of love. The patience of forgiveness. Allow. Allow. Allow. Let yourself float in El-liana’s arms and allow one hand to float toward me, and toward your beloved, Alison. Floating, my beloved. No fear. No doubt. The patience of love and forgiveness surrounding, supporting, allowing. A touch of the fingertips, my beloved. A touch of the fingertips. Rest in the waters of love. El-liana, now, approaches me, carrying you. (weeping) Yes. Allow. Yes. Allow. Breathe the love in. Approaches me. Yes. (weeping) Yes. Such a beautiful sound, your weeping.

Rick: I was robbed of love, all my life, until I was afraid of it. Why did this happen to me?

ALANA:  : Yes. Yes. Yes.

Rick: That’s why I’m angry!

ALANA:  : Yes. Yes. Closer now, my beloved. Closer. We embrace you. We embrace the two of you. Allow.

Rick: Do I really have the ability to love?

ALANA:  : Open your heart. Open your mind. Let the fear, let the doubt, spill out “But Alana, I don’t know how!”

Rick: (chuckles with tears) Yes, I don’t know how, Alana. That’s why I can’t feel anything (unclear)

ALANA:  : “But Alana, I can’t do it!”

Rick: (laughs with tears) You’re making fun of me, now.

David: With you. (shared laughter) That’s her style.

ALANA:  : I love you, my beloved. I love to hear you laugh.

Rick: (unclear.)

ALANA:   So, let us take the fear, “I don’t know how…I can not do it.” and shake it out into the pool of love and forgiveness. (sniffles) Yes, let the snot flow, yes? Good. Now, shall we sit by the side of the pool and have a chat?

David & Rick:  Yes.

David: Bravo performance, beloved. You make psychodrama look dim, what you put people through, with the way your love penetrates so close to the bone, your honesty with the reality that you are dealing with, and your love is so palpable. Thank you for everything you are. And for this wonderful gift of having Rick experience you this way. Thank you.

ALANA:  : Thank you, my beloved. Now, I will say to you, my friend, your beloved…Oh! So beautiful!…I will….one moment please…yes….I am to tell you your beloved, indeed, can not yet sit by our sides, by my side with you, on the edge of the pool of love and forgiveness to chat. This, my beloved, is no criticism. This is to say she must float for awhile. I say to you, I will do this with her regularly. I will invite your beloved to float in my arms with me in the pool of love and forgiveness in the center of my heart room. And this, my beloved, yes, you can count on this. Thus, I tell you, you now can relinquish the worry that she should know me. I know her now. Her heart and her mind are…oh! So beautiful!…are familiar to Alana.

Rick: Alana, are you speaking of Alison, now?

ALANA:  : Yes, my beloved. We have not gotten to you, yet. Yes?

Rick: Would you like me to invite Alison to come sit by my side?

ALANA:  : No, my beloved. This is what I am saying to you. She must float for awhile. It is you, with your beloved El-liana, who sit now with me.

Rick: I am overwhelmed with honor to sit with such two beautiful ladies by the poolside. (Alana: Yes.) I’m glad a married man is allowed to do such a thing.

ALANA:  : Oh, my beloved, in time you shall know Alana and Legion in such a way that you will never again fear that your commitment of marriage will prevent you from the fullest expression of all the love and joy, that, yes, beloved, resides within you. But that is another chapter, yes? And I make another promise to you, that I shall speak to this transmitter and see that our words are delivered. Now, back to our little chat. Yes?

Rick: Yes.

ALANA:  Such a cry! Such a call! “Alana, why did this happen to me? Why was I robbed of love? Why was I robbed of the experience of knowing love? Knowing I was loved? Knowing I had love?”

Rick: Yes, that is my question.

ALANA:  : Good. So! If you found it now, here, sitting on the edge of the pool of love and forgiveness, would you say you were robbed? Or might you say, “This love I find within me! this love that surrounds me! this love I have discovered in me is mine! Given to me as a gift that ever yearns, always waits, is present to me! This love can never be taken away, nor was it ever not mine! What I was robbed of was this understanding!”

You have spoken, “Even unto his dying days, my daddy said No to love. My daddy contradicted me. My daddy shoved me, pushed me, challenged me, shut me out.” (weeping) Yes. And who, my beloved, weeps for that? Who, my beloved, was wounded?

Rick: I believe, my father and I.

ALANA:  : The love within. The love within the boy. The love within the father. Yes? Let us put that wound into the pool of love and forgiveness, now.

Rick: This I do.

ALANA:  : Yes.

Rick: Will my father join me in this?

ALANA:  : Yes, my beloved.

Rick: Will he willingly join me? Knowingly and consciously join me in this?

ALANA:  : Open your heart. (weeping) Yes. (weeping)

Rick: I pray that I never close my heart to my son, that he will never have to live a life like this.

ALANA:  : Open your heart, my beloved, to the son that you were, the son that you are. The son. Open your heart. And now, my beloved, open your mind. Open your mind to the father. I forgive you. But even greater, my beloved, open your mind to the father’s forgiveness of the son. And now, my friend, does your father willingly come to you in love and forgiveness? Yes. Open your mind. Open your heart. Allow him. Allow him. Allow him.

Rick: I forgive you, my father, for what you have done to me by withholding your love. That was not your intention. I know now, because I am a father, and that is not my intention with my son. So, I forgive you. I forgive you now, and I forgive you throughout eternity. I ask you, my Father, my paradise Father, to forgive me for whenever I have withheld my love from my son. I will try to find a place to forgive myself.

ALANA:  : May I speak to you, a moment, again.

Rick: Of course.

ALANA:  First, may I tell you, such a beautiful celebration of light you sparked by your words of forgiveness of your earthly parent. Now, I would have you allow that same rising of light to descend, as you allow your father, your earthly parent, to forgive you. For you describe, my friend, withholding love, shutting doors, secret compartments…yes? In the forgiveness, love is allowed again, yes? to flow, yes? and is it not so that what you give, you must receive. Yes?

So, my beloved, I ask you once again, allow your father, your earthly parent, whom you have forgiven with great celebration, I tell you. And now, receive into you, his forgiveness of his son. Unspoken, even, as you say, “unto his dying day.” The art of forgiveness is the giving and the receiving of love.

Rick: Father, I ask for your forgiveness for anything, any sorrow, any hurt I may have caused you as your son. I did not know that was what I was doing. That was not my intention. Will you accept my forgiveness? I accept yours. Although I feel I do not know you, you are my father and I love you. (weeping)

ALANA:  : Yes. I love you. Yes. I love you. Allow the father within to know you, my beloved, and to know your love. Allow yourself to know him, and to know his love. And so! your beloved El-liana is stroking your hand and touching the back of your neck, and expressing her joy…(tape turned over)

Rick: Alana?

ALANA:   Yes.

Rick: I would like to ask you, can El-liana speak to me today, through our beloved transmitter.

ALANA:  : She, as I said, is expressing joy to you. So I say, speak to her and, yes, she will attempt to speak through our beloved transmitter…yes.

Rick: El-liana, I share your joy. I know the time that we have spent together you have wanted to see this joy expressed. You are trying to teach me to unshakle myself from the bonds of fear and doubt. Our beautiful Alana has taken me to that place inside me, that I needed to be shown, I needed to be taken to, because I could not go there myself. So I share in your joy. Together we have taken a step forward, have we not?

EL-LIANA:  (difficult for the transmitter) Yes. The answer is yes. Oh my beloved! (sound of birds singing with great joy) That you should know the sweetness of my tears as I weep with you!

Rick: I would suspect that you have seen this in me…you have seen this fear of accepting, allowing love, allowing me to experience the love of the Father within me. I pray to my paradise Father, this will be the beginning.

EL-LIANA:  Yes, my beloved, that you should know the joy of the tears of sorrow turned into the joy of understanding. In this, my beloved, I am dedicated to guiding you. Yes, we have made a step toward a greater ability for the exchange of information between us. It has been a particular pleasure for me to see you open, raise the shade of your mind, that you might see deeply into the heart where you have only love, my beloved. We, I shall work with you to raise those shades that you may see what I, El-liana, see.

Rick: I accept your beautiful gift, El-liana, of allowing me, helping me, to experience, to see what you see.

EL-LIANA:  Thank you.

Rick: I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with me, for desiring to do this with me.

EL-LIANA:  There is no more beautiful task that I could even imagine than to be your beloved guide, friend, mentor.

Rick: We are of one mind on this matter. El-liana, can you understand what it is like to walk this world afraid of love, afraid of the Father, afraid of that life, those living waters, afraid…a little boy who is still hiding because he is afraid of love..(weeping)…to try to live and grow and accept the love of our Father in fear? Can you understand?

EL-LIANA:  You, my beloved, have such courage. You have courage. It is the courage of love. It is not love you fear, my beloved. This I know for I have walked with you. It is the fear of not-love, my beloved. Yes, my beloved, when you accept me, you open yourself to my delights. My delights are always the delights of love. Fearing not-love, fearing lack of love, fearing love is not real, fearing love is not…you will, from time to time, even fear El-liana’s companionship. I will be there, nevertheless.

Rick: El-liana, can you from time to time share with me the delights of your love in my dream life? When I will simply allow it? As well as in my conscious life, in my daily walk, as I believe you have done before?

EL-LIANA:   Yes, my beloved. This I can say yes.

Rick: I have trouble welcoming you during the day, so perhaps you can do that in the dream life, so it will be easier for me to accept and share in your joy and delight in my conscious life.

EL-LIANA:   And so…..

ALANA:  : Yes…this is Alana. Rest now, my beloved, and we will speak again. For now we will relieve the transmitter. Lest she be in doubt, we are very content with her first expression of your beloved, El-liana.

Rick: Alana, before you leave, can I ask you if I can speak with you, one on one, if I can call on you when I feel I need your presence and speak with you.

ALANA:  : Yes, my beloved. Always, when you feel you are in need, this you may do. Turn to the stillness within. Turn to the heart room. I will be there. Yes, my beloved. It is our plan that you should practice the experience of speaking with Alana, and Legion, before you return to your beloved partner, Alison. For it is….(t/r giggles)…forgive her, your transmitter can, from time to time, see what I speak and it delights her. She sees that, yes, you and your beloved are members of this heart room of Alana and Legion and our lessons on the balance wheel of love between male and female embraced in the heart room by Alana and Legion, yes. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you, my beautiful one. My sister Alana. My sister El-liana. It is the highlight of my day to have my sisters by my side.

DAVINA:  : Might I come in for a moment?

David: Couldn’t be Davina, could it?

DAVINA:  : Thank you, my beloved.

Rick: Is this another sister?

David: This is Davina, Rick, I would bet.


DAVINA:   Yes, this is Davina. And I would simply enlighten you! and so I came to enlighten her, as well, with my silver strings of love. I tug upon those heart strings now. I lift your hearts up, my beloveds. I lift your minds up, my beloveds. Up in the heart room. Up. Up. Through that opening at the top of the heart room. Breathe it in. Allow. Allow. Allow the light to pour down. Allow the joy. I, Davina, delight in you! Thank you.

Rick: Davina, you sound like Tinker Bell to me!

T/R: She is, she is, Tinker Bell. She pulls me, tugs on my heart stings. She dances. Thank you Davina!

Rick: She’s still dancing on me. She tickles me.

T/R: Yes, I finally think I’m beginning to get it…why Davina is my teacher, my personal teacher…I mean I’ve gotten it in so many ways…but this time…she tickles me! I always had such a hard time with being delighted as a child. And tickling was cruelty! I didn’t get it until now…that was my thing with my brother…he tickled me until I wept.

Rick: You mean he tickled you too much? You were laughing at first, but he tickled too long? Or too hard?

(discussion followed about brothers and sisters fighting, their cruelty to each other due to jealousy over parents’ love, each other, etc.)

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