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CRC149- Reminders for Love, Discipline of Communication

2003-04-16-Reminders for Love, Discipline of Communication
Costa Rica #149


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Reminders for Love, Discipline of Communication
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion, Ahbaron
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield, Oliver Deux
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Reminders for Love, Discipline of Communication
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion, Ahbaron
TR: S. Butterfield, Oliver Deux

Session 1

David: Your light is shining all round us, Alana.

ALANA:  Yes.

David;  And your spirit of goodwill has made us full of laughter. And we thank you for the marvelous lubricant of love.

ALANA:   So, this energy, this lubricant, is love, yes? And I expand your hearts. I expand your minds, wrapping my love around you, creating the Heart Room with my love, yes? Beloveds, so beautiful you are, opening your hearts, opening your minds. I love you.

Richard: I love you too, Alana.

ALANA:   Yes, thank you.

LEGION:  It is I, Legion, who would remind you: strengthen your hearts, strengthen your minds, strengthen your bodies. Stand tall. The discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy, is a manner of being confident with harmony, cooperative with love, creative in joy. In the discipline of the strengthening of the body, you discover the courage to stand tall, and allow love’s comfort to show you the way to the joy that is at the very center of Michael’s love for you shining and glowing from within you, radiating outward. I am glad to say that the radiance of your circle brought me here. Thank you.

Richard: It is such a pleasure that you stopped by.

David: May all God’s children know this love, and peace on earth. [long pause] Would it be asking too much to ask if Ahbaron would like to have a few words with us. I have such fond memories and affection for him.

AHBARON:   Yes. There are many of us in attendance, enjoying with you your expressed joy, laughter on a planet that screams for more love, for more joy. I am Ahbaron visiting. All your personal teachers are present, and they can and will respond to your desires to communicate.


It may be said again, that it is you who may open those marvelous moments of connectivity with your celestial sisters and brothers. It is you, who may say, “I am here, are your there?” And should we be occupied somewhere else, your message that desires a communication, will be relayed to us across distances that are truly unfathomable to your present understanding. We enjoy all moments that you allow us to communicate, to exchange ideas, to invoke you in loving; that allow us to express that love for you that we have at one time or another learned ourselves to give freely and without conditions.

So you may take full advantage of those moments that you create to be together in stillness, in the ever-growing spaces of love in your hearts. As your hearts grow spiritually, you may be assured that these moments of communicating with your spirit guides become more and more frequent. You are well on the road to becoming increasingly spiritual. We are here with you to transport the totally of our love into those, for you, unknown territories of spiritual truth, creating the wisdom to live more complete lives on your plane; lives that express true joy, because the love of your Father who dwells within you, becomes increasingly accessible.

Every exercise of connectivity with the spirit world, that you allow yourself to accept and undertake, has profound repercussions in your unique mindal being, in your physical being, as well as in your spirit being. Every time you overcome your doubts and your fears, and you open yourself to that Loving Flame that dwells inside you, every time you do this, you automatically, unequivocally, share from this Light within you. You change, what you refer to as vibrations, every time you feel the experience of embracing that Perfect Gift that our Father has willed to “burn” without any harm, without any hurt.
And truly, as you have heard many times in different ways, that you all, as you are holding hands, become united through this painless, beautiful, and in your tongues, Indescribable Flame within you. Each and every one on your planet, that your encounter, has this Fragment. Therefore you are all united and bound by your Spirit Source.

As you walk your walk, and you look at another, and you see the outer shell, and you have your well-educated thoughts about the outer shell of another, always remember: there is a Mystery Fragment in that persons heart. And as our Master has shown you when he lived among you, he was eager to relate to that Perfect Guide in another and chose to communicate accordingly.
Allow me to remind you, my friends, when you feel the Divine Fire within you, when you experience a new dimension of it, when you uncover another layer of it, to breath deeply. Your human breath on a planet of breathers is also designed to bring a certain equilibrium in your, can I say, your vibrational household. Breathe deeply with God’s love.

How remarkable to see incontestable changes in your interactions as soon as another comes into your midst who also has uncovered the Divine Light of peace-bearing within him. How easy it seems for you to come together and join the freedom from the layers of past interactions that encumber you at times. So, invite him often, [laughter] and invite others who you anticipate to bring their Inner Light to your ready-set and hospitable banquet tables. [pause] I desire to hear your voices.


Richard: Ahbaron, it is a pleasure to be with you again and hear your voice.

Suzi: Hello Ahbaron.

AHBARON:    Hello Susan, beloved.

Suzi:  It is my first speaking with you, Ahbaron-not my first meeting, because I read your words. Thank you for coming and speaking with us.

AHBARON:   Thank you for welcoming me.

Suzi:  I felt your presence.

AHBARON:    Celestial presence can be felt by you more and more as you exercise your communication muscles. I have Legion talk to you about discipline. And I, tonight, desire to add to your “repertoire of disciplines”, the discipline of communication, among yourselves, by using words that please the ears of the receiver; and communications with those whom you know are so willing and dedicated to communicate their love to you.

With great joy we observe how you more and more among yourselves communicate with the discipline of loving conversation. Our Master was also a master of love-dominated conversation. He is, and will always be, our standard for conduct. On every level in all of his vast universe, he is for us and for every creature the standard for loving conduct. And you do well, as some have, and some of you are willing to do, to ask increasingly, ‘How would my Master have handled this situation I find myself in?’

And whenever you sincerely ask such a question, he and his battalions of heavenly hosts, will gift you the answer.
The guidance system that you are becoming increasingly aware of, is for you to utilize, to enjoy and to grow with. You, in this present age of circuit opening, have at your fingertips more opportunities for guided spiritual growth than your forefathers did.
David: Thank you, Ahbaron for your presence. Thank all the teachers and midwayers, and the other motley crew you have with you. Thank you for being our guests tonight. Thank you for your presence.

Suzi: Thank you, Ahbaron.


AHBARON:    I would like to thank you for your willingness to listen to us, for your openness to receive our love, and for your desire to give it away. We thank our Creator Brother and his cohort, the beautifully all-embracing Mother Spirit, for their impeccable guidance, for their commission to allow us to bring more guidance to your world, which is so very needful. It is by their generous gift of divine love that these transmissions and receptions are made possible. In the name of all teachers that are present and, as you must understand, far away, I would like to thank the Divine Parents of us all for their immeasurable love that they continuously pour upon us to give to others.

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