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CRC156- Open Your Hearts and Minds

2003-05-18-Open Your Hearts and Minds
Costa Rica #156


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Open Your Hearts and Minds
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Open Your Hearts and Minds
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion
TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: Dear Father, Dear Mother, I thank you for all the blessings in my life. I remember to be grateful. Thank you for opening my heart and my mind to the teachers. I surrender my fears and my doubts and my thoughts, now, to allow your messages of love to come through me. Thank you.

ALANA:  Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, Alana. (Thank you.) We have a special guest today.


ALANA: : Yes. One whose heart has melted around the edges, yes? One whose mind has opened to the flow of love and a new trust in the communication of love, yes? Welcome.
So, shall we create the heart room together?

David:  Yes.

ALANA:   Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow. Breathe my love in. Allow. Breathe my love out. Allow. Allow love to create the heart room, to create the walls of love that allow love’s power to travel between you.

Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow the love to fill your bodies. Breathe it in. Filling the bodies now. Down through the pelvis and into your legs. Allow the love to pour out through your feet, creating the floor of the heart room. Allow the love. Allow the love to transit between you. Allow the love. Allow the love to fill you, to rise up through you, to pour out through you, filling the heart room.

Lifting your hearts now. Lifting your minds. Up. Up. Open now, open to our Father’s love. Feel his loving care. Drink. Drink from the fountain of his love. Open. Allow Mother’s spirit to pour into your brain, into your heart. Let her embrace you, with our Father’s love.

Open your minds now. Open the circuits within your minds that they, filled with love now, open and connect with the circuits of love, loving wisdom, the knowledge of love, coming down to you.
I welcome you, now, into the pool of love and forgiveness with me. Step into the pool. Drench yourselves. I lift you, each one of you, Sir David, beloved Germann, our beloved transmitter. I pour the living waters of love upon you, each one of you.

Sit now with me in the center of the pool of love and forgiveness. Welcome Legion. Welcome your beloveds, your family, your friends. We dip them into the pool of love and forgiveness. Allow. Allow them to be filled, to be saturated with love. Welcome, now, welcome into our heart room those with whom you have, what do you say, “issues,” yes? (Yes.) Difficulties. Problems. Resentments. Hurts. Betrayals. Secrets. Welcome them now, into the pool of love and forgiveness. Blow love upon those. Blow love upon your fears, your doubts.

Good. Sit now, at the edge of the pool, comfortable, relaxed, to be with me, to be with Legion, to be in the communion of love. So, we will take a moment to blow love upon our beloved transmitter, that her heart and her mind may be peaceful, filled with love, filled with joy, and that her body may receive our healing.

David:   Yes. Thank you.

ALANA:  And so! would either of you speak with Alana today? I welcome you with such pleasure in exchanging love once again in this manner. Yes? You are loved by me. Yes? This you know, yes?


David: I would defer to Germann, at this time, Alana, because he isn’t with us so much. I think he might maximize his exposure to you…if he has anything to say…he may not…the silent one.

ALANA: : Well, he has a very open means of communication, through the spiritual willingness of his mind to always be receptive to our love. As well, even in his, as you call it, physical absence from where you are accustomed to communications with me, he is nevertheless receiving loving communication through the manner in which he and his beloved lady have chosen to live.

There we may speak to him in the forms of beauty that bring him the peace that surpasses his ability to comprehend, or the complications of living with another woman, shall we say, of extraordinary energies and delightful investigations into every curiosity that crosses her mind about him and how to be. Yes? And so, Alana has not missed her beloved silent one, but has quite often enveloped you, my beloved, in my arms of love.

It is Legion who would speak to you at some point today, for he would wish to strengthen you for that complicated task of loving a woman other than Alana, one who is…how do you say it…in your face all the time. Beloved and beautiful, but shall we say, perhaps not quite as all embracing as Alana. (chuckles) He, Legion, has great compassion and much comfort to bring to those male human beings who have chosen such a path: to live in the co-operative holy communion of love with a female.

So, already I, Alana, know our beloved silent one has thoughts to share regarding…yes…regarding a question that exists in his mind only due to that conditioning which separated out one path from another with barriers, or walls, with the solidity of cathedrals, which are solid, and, even with windows, the glass, be it beautiful colors and design, or plain, these windows also serve as impenetrable barriers; whereas, I will remind you that the walls of the heart room, which indeed are far greater and stronger than any stone walls of your cathedrals, are permeable.

The love that is the heart of the path of love, the love of the true spirit of our Father and our Mother, that love is able to pass through you, around you, above you, and reach out and out to include and to touch and to penetrate all paths you may walk. And so, your question, my beloved, “Is it ok? May I investigate here? May I go there? To pursue what might appear to be another way?” receives Alana’s love. Blow love on the question, my beloved, and you will see, Yes: the yes that comes before doubt is expressed, the yes that embraces all fear before it is felt, the yes of our Father’s, our Mother’s love that supports you always, and leads you, and guides you, and allows you to know, sometimes even without thought, to say “yes.”

My beloved, as you continue, now, here, in the heart room to blow love upon the question, you will see: greater love, love flowing, father and son, weeping in love, laughing in love, dancing in the joy of love, your troubled mind easy in love; Mother’s spirit, Daughter’s love, mixing with Father’s, equal to Son’s; and the balance wheel of love, allowing, allowing for the holy communion of love to be communicated. You do not sign your life away, you surrender, open, and allow your life to receive greater love.
And so, she, the transmitter, pulls me back abit and says: “Alana, do you know what he is saying? Do you know his questions?”

Yes, my beloveds, even she, from time to time, allows her human mind to forget. Allows her heart to fret. And so, we let her surrender to love again.

Germann:  (Silence) Yes. (Silence) Thank you.

ALANA:  So, my beloveds, is there anything yet you would ask Alana?

Germann: No.

ALANA:  Before our beloved Legion takes you by the neck.

Germann: OK, I’m ready.

ALANA:  Yes, my beloved, know that you are loved by me. By our Father, our Mother, always and ever. Know that you are on the right path. This you know, even in those moments of disturbance: I will continue always to be with you in the silence of beauty and the joy of song among the birds and the trees and the whispers of love upon the air. Thank you. And so, comes Legion…

LEGION:  Thank you. This is my opportunity to speak with two men interested in growing and learning how to remain calm in the eye of the storm. Yes? The storm of that ever fascinating, wonderful companionship of a woman. Yes? And so, I take you, each of you my friends, and I hold you by the neck. I shake you a bit. You can see, in your imagination’s will to love, that your spines wiggle and jiggle, for I am that strong, yet they remain connected, fluid, and ready to easily stand tall. Thank you.

As you now stand tall in the pool of love and forgiveness in our heart room with me, you will feel the fluid flow of love as it moves up and down your spines, into your hips, your pelvis, your legs, your knees, your feet, and up your spines into your shoulders, out through your arms, up your necks, through into your heads. This fluid flow of love is strong, flowing down you unto your earth, flowing up through you up to our Father and our Mother. This fluid flow of love: a means of walking the path of ever growing knowledge of love, standing tall, informed by our Father, our Mother, and all their legions of loving servants of love. All are in partnership for the co-operation and co-ordination of love on earth, as it is, as you say, in heaven.

So I speak to you now about your minds and the thoughts contained within them, connected to your tongues that manufacture the sounds of your communication. Allow this flowing love, this fluid love, to enter your minds, soften your thoughts, ease the tongue. It is one of the greatest stumbling blocks for, how do you call them, “block-headed” men to communication with, how do you call it, “bitchy” women (chuckles) when they have not allowed this fluid flow of love to encompass their thinking.

So, it is a part of the discipline of communication to practice, in the stillness, standing tall in the heart room, utilizing the imagination’s will to love, and allowing that fluid flow of love to fill you, as you welcome before you that one woman (or two, or three, or more…one woman at a time, any woman with whom you need to communicate love) to stand before you, equally being filled with that fluid flow of love, and to allow love to flow between you, and to enter into those momentary, or persistent, or repetitive disruptions of harmony, and to blow these away with love, or float them off in love.

Do you understand, my friends? It is as important to strengthen the body, the spine, the back, as it is important to strengthen the mind, the thoughts, the exercise of the tongue. In the heart room you do not bend and cower before the female. You stand tall. You do not stride, strut, threaten or intimidate before the woman. You stand tall. Calm. Allowing the flow of love to fluidly pass between you. In the heart room, she does not cower before you, nor turn her back upon you. Each, in the heart room, stands whole, tall, filled with the strength of love.

This is a practice, my friends. Be it that you put your mother, your sister, your wife, your girlfriend, your beloved, your secretary, your female nemesis, whomever she may be, before you, in the heart room, equal before love. And if you think, my friends, that to strengthen the body is more difficult than this, then I shall, at some unsuspecting moment, whisper into your ear as you are furiously fuming about some female’s latest caper, and you and I shall have a momentary laugh together! For indeed it is difficult to understand the female, and for her to comprehend you.

Largely this is made more difficult by the generations of conditioning that have established such relationships upon foundations not based in love. When you bring your difficulties into the heart room and present them to me, Legion, or to your beloved Alana, or you simply surrender them to the pool of love and forgiveness, our Father’s love, our Mother’s spirit, such misguided foundations are dissolved, and love begins to tell you what to do.

We have had, already, one lesson in which I believe you understand that the first step in loving communication is to say, “I love you.” And this, my friends, I learned to do. Now, I carry my learning to every corner of the male mind and heart. “I love you.” This is the key. Yes, it is difficult to say “I love you” when every word out of her mouth, or every shining light of her sparkling eyes is like a sword through your heart! (laughter)

David: Sounds like you know what you are talking about, Legion.

LEGION:  : Yes. And I chuckle with you. And I say it is possible, my beloveds, even then, to stand in the heart room and say, “I love you.” This, and this alone, will transform what you see, and what you hear. Have faith in me, I know the path well. “But!” she (the t/r) says, “Legion, if it were me, and I say “I love you!” and he continues to rant and rave, or walks away, what then, my beloved Legion?”

Thank you. As you see, my friends, this practice is not easy, but it is effective in the discipline of love, which is, I remind you, the discipline of joy. Each of you knows the moment she describes. The slammed door. The fist pounding upon the table. The shout. The scream. The burst of tears. As you practice this small (chuckle-chuckle) discipline…this small (chuckle-chuckle) practice of communicating the words of the holy communion of love, “I love you” silently, whispered, spoken with greater strength of certainty and loving volume, what you will know increasingly with every practice is that in those moments you do transform, and you transform the situation.

This learning comes in increments. This practice is never a failure: always an addition of love is placed into the situation, into the heart of the female, into the heart of your self, the male. Always this practice is effective.

I hold you by the necks now. I shake you. I jiggle you. I wiggle you.
Do you understand this practice is always effective?
Stand tall now. In the center of the heart room. See your beloved before you. Say: “I love you.”
This is always effective. Yes? Thank you. We are open to further questions. We have dominated the scene, yes?

David: I have a question. (Yes, my beloved.) The other day my partner and I were chatting about the place we are in in our lives, I at 74, and she at 64, and the fact that she came from the opposite side of the States, and we each had had other partners, and we came together after so many years…the question arose out of my mind out of a sense of happiness in what we have achieved and where we have arrived, of whether there was some social engineering on the part of our celestial guides in bringing us to this place.

LEGION:  : We could write a marvelous novel along the lines of your wonderful adventure stories written by authors of humor, invention and love, to describe this coming together of two such disparate beings who, by the thread of yearning to know love, to know the truth of love, to express the truth of love, and preferring to choose truth, allowed us to carry you over mountains, through deserts, through “rain, sleet, and snow,” to one another.

So the answer is, once again, yes. There was that social engineering that could be called allowing the fruits of the spirit to be given the greatest opportunity to ripen and become sweet. Thus, you have come together in many different forms, and now you follow this path together. I say to you, this is not an end, but a beginning. So, I would, with a few hefty chuckles, remind you to keep your hearts and minds open to the changes in love.

Changes are so welcomed on your planet when they follow the experience you call “falling in love,” but are often resisted once the human has decided “I’ve got this one down pat! This love is all sewn up!” The path of love, shared by two who have committed to a partnership of understanding, is never stagnant or still, except for that stillness that is at the center of the heart room, which is the stillness at the heart of love, which is the stillness of joy, which embraces all change with love. Does that satisfy your question, Sir David?


David: Yes. Thank you kindly. You have opened my mind to many avenues. Thank you. Do you have a word for sister Sandy, and sister Sonja, brother Chris, sister Kim, brother John, today? Or should I just throw them all into the heart room together.

LEGION:  : Yes. Every one of them is here today in the pool of love and forgiveness. I say to each of them, read this lesson with love, for it is for each one of you a lesson in how to practice the communication of the communion of love.

David: Thank you.

LEGION:  : Thank you.

David: Thank you for coming to us, and to our planet. Our minds are so frequently disturbed when we read the newspaper or watch the television about what is happening on our planet, but when we steal away from that and come to this place, your love is so overpowering it tends to diminish some of the troubles…but I would like to put our world in the heart room that peace may reign.

LEGION:  : Yes. And all of the world’s joys as well.

Song: This is Song, here to remind you to write what you learn, for learning along the path of love is the greatest contribution you can make toward your concerns for your world. Thank you.

David: Thank you.

LEGION:  : We open your hearts and your minds to Michael’s love, to our Father and our Mother. Bring gratitude into your lives as a daily message of love known, and understood, and with you always. Thank you.

ALANA:  This is Alana allowing you, each, to be well. I love you. Thank you.

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