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CRC157- The Caretaker Within

2003-05-25-The Caretaker Within
Costa Rica #157


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Caretaker Within
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Caretaker Within
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion
TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: Father, Mother, I surrender to your love. I open my heart and my mind to allow your thoughts to fill mine with your love. Thank you for the teachers you send to us, who help me to breathe your love. If you would use me for them to speak today, I am here. Thank you.

ALANA: Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, Alana.


ALANA:: I welcome you. So, you would understand something, yes? Would you put it forth? for me to allow you the understanding that love permeates, thus love can transit, move through, back and forth, that which is a barrier to your understanding. If, as in the heart room, you allow that which you do not understand to be permeated by the living waters of love and forgiveness, you accumulate a sense of the peace that passes all understanding. That peace is love’s permeability.

As you practice holding yourself, and any other, in the heart room, you, upon reflection in your daily human life, begin to notice that you have begun to accumulate understanding of your self, the person, the predicament, or place. So, you more clearly see misunderstanding with eyes that have no need to shade themselves from the brilliant reflection of that which you might prefer not to see (in yourself, the person, the predicament, or place); it being reflected to you, for your understanding, by the light of love.

As you turn to me, to the heart room, to Jesus, the heart of Jesus, to our Mother, to our Father, you begin to see your self more clearly joyful, restful of mind, and eager each day to contribute something of the joy of love to one another. All those who receive the love of the Father will experience this shift in their daily lives toward perceiving their world with love. Our Father, our Mother, Michael, myself, all hosts and legions of teachers, stand by each one of you, willing to share our will to love with you, and to hold you and support you in standing tall and confident in your certainty that to do the will of our Father is to love; and to allow our Mother into your mind and heart is to love.
So! are we asleep? (laughter)


Sandy: Thank you for those reminders, Alana. I’ve been feeling really curmudgeonly. This physical illness doesn’t wear well over a long period of time. (chuckles)

ALANA:: Yes. My beloved, I would that you “wear well” my love. Let us look at this “wearing well” of the burden of this illness. Always, the experience makes its impression upon the mind. When this raises fear and doubt, the mind is challenged to have faith that “all is well.” When you have let loose the handrails of faith, you become entrapped in “Yes, I will…no I won’t.” “I wish to live, I wish to die.” “I love, I hate.” (self and/or other)

You know you are loved. You know you are a child of God living a human life upon the planet, Urantia. Faith allows love without debate. Faith allows love to permeate. (Yes.) So, my beloved, begin to examine for yourself, those handrails, those glimpses of certainty, those well-worn paths to love that are yours. That you either must claim for yourself, or re-claim for yourself.

This is not to scold you (oh I know that) for your curmudgeonliness (laughter)…for, my beloved, you are loved in all ways. But if you remind yourself, and allow the reminders that work for you to be, you will increasingly see how loveable a curmudgeon you are, (laughter…very good!) and how much joy there is in allowing your reminders to lift your heart up, and open your mind into love. So, my beloved, would you join me in creating the heart room?

Sandy:  With pleasure.

ALANA: Each of you, open your hearts. Just as if you were unzipping your body and opening the rib cage and allowing love. Open your minds. Just as if we were able to give a slight twist and your skull would pop open and be filled with love. Breathe this love. Imagine this love permeating you, loving you! as you grouse and grump, loving you! as you frown and frump, loving you! as you weep, as you shake your fist, loving you! It is our Father’s and our Mother’s great love that will sustain you. Do not fear. Be of good cheer. So! is there anything else?

David: Looks like Mr. Chris might have a question by the look on his face. Big smile.

ALANA:: And you, my beloved?

David: I would just like to say that it is worthwhile coming here to hear you say the word, “Beloved,” whether it is directed to me, to Sandy, to anyone in the group.


David:  I just was thinking what a wonderful position my sweetheart is in…she gets to open up and let all this love pour through the words, the content, the tone of her voice, which conveys very much what I’ve come to hear as Alana’s voice. It is always so filled with love. So, thank you for providing us with such a “sweet channel,” shall I say.

Sandy: Oh, he’s just trying to butter her up…I can tell. (chuckles)

Chris: We all need a bit of butter. (Yes!) Lots of butter…(laughter)

David: Yeah!

Sandy: Alana, I would like some help in focusing away from my body.

LEGION:  : This is Legion. And where would you focus, my beloved? (Anywhere but in my body…) Be in your body now, and tell me, where would you focus, my beloved?

Sandy: Well, there are so many discomforts, and pains, and stuff going on that they are constantly calling my attention…it is difficult to get outside of that and remember the reminders that Alana was talking about. I guess I’d like a handrail, as David puts it.

LEGION:  : So, you would prefer not to be in your body when you are being reminded to love your body. Yes?

Sandy: I don’t love it.

LEGION:  : So, you would prefer to stand on the corner, so to speak, and throw pebbles at it, yes?

Sandy: (laughter) Run over it with a steam roller! (laughter) Flatten it out.

LEGION:  : So, my beloved, I give you my compassion for your physical difficulties, and I allow Michael’s love to pour through you, into you. The patience that you need is to allow faith to accept that your imperfections are a reminder to turn toward love.

Sandy: Thank you, that was helpful.

LEGION:  : Thank you. And continue to strengthen your relationship with your body.

Sandy: Why? I’m not going to need it…ultimately.

LEGION:  : Allowing yourself to strengthen the body, to bring the body to as beautiful a state of health as you imagine possible, increases your confidence and certainty to carry love, as well your experience and understanding of the Spirit within that indwells your body. Yes, you will someday leave the body behind, to enter a world of such glory that you know God is real without doubt, you know love’s power. But, my beloved, as you work with caring for this body you “do not need,” you discover the caretaker within, which is love, God’s love. You join with this caretaker, and more and more greatly you value the opportunity to use this body that you “do not need,” in order to transmit the love you now know to other “un-needed” bodies.

Sandy: You are saying we need our bodies to do this.

LEGION:  : I am saying your bodies are an opportunity to manifest love on earth, and to transmit joy. In that sense, beloved, it is true, no transmitter is perfect, all are temporary, the body does perish. But if you, as you know is true, have entered into the heart room to walk the path of love, you celebrate this opportunity and wish to buff the technology (the body) and maintain the best transmitter you can…and have it all…yes? (laughter) A celebration of joy that is contagious, brings comfort, allows love. Thank you.

(Note: The body is a love giving and love receiving organism.)

Sandy: Thank you. I will try to see the body as a gift.

Chris: I have a small point.


Chris: I feel that I am living testimony to this. I am now convinced that disease is dark sprits that enter into you; and at weak points in your life you let them in, and at stronger points in your life, they go out. And during their tenure, they wreak havoc in your body, cause depression, confusion, just an utter degrading of the relationship between the soul and the body. One finds it impossible to love the body at that point because it is simply possessed by something other than oneself. I think, when the dark spirit eradicates itself, or you eradicate it, the symptoms subside and that is when peace comes. It is a process that I don’t quite understand.

LEGION:  : It is love, my friend. The “dark sprits,” as you said, do not leave of themselves, nor do “you” eradicate them. It is love. It is true, the mind can become so convinced of the darkness enshrouding it, that “you,” as you say it, no longer know the love within. You may even deny that love dwells within. But, I tell you, love dwells within.

And so, it is not always easy to see how these dark spirits are taken away, for love can be so light, it is as if no light at all, yet not dark. But it is love that begins the process, that is the process, beginning without end. It is when you turn to this love, or choose to know more about this love, to know this love, to allow this love, to allow this love is real, and then co-ordinate your heart and mind, strengthening your body, your faith, your dedication to the path of love, it is then you may achieve mastery over the shadows of the darkness of death.

Death is not dark. True death is light, my beloveds. It is an experience of passing through the darkness to the light. Yet, darker spirits, as you call them, have invaded the mind and heart with dread and fear, that is the darkness of death, that death is darkness, that to die is to be feared. And so it is often true, when captured by the images of darkness and dread, one is often drawn to a dark death, an escape to nowhere, anywhere, far away from where you are.

But love, which can be revealed, as I have said, with a light that is even as no light, by gestures that are even as no gestures, perhaps you would use the word “invisible” to describe what I try to communicate…even the most infinitesimal explosion of love reveals love, allows love, and bends your path toward the light that is love.

You, my beloved, have experienced a vulnerability of body, mind and heart in which, as you floated in that atmosphere of confusion where there is that tug of war in which negative thoughts in your mind (or in the minds of others) and dark spirits clinging to dis-satisfaction may be encountered and entered into; and this in a state of such vulnerability that when physical recuperation is in the ascendant the mind no longer recalls the dark experience in detail in such a way as to allow for immediate rehabilitation.

Chris: But I experienced immediate rehabilitation…instant rehabilitation.

LEGION:  : When love fully permeates, is completely allowed, there is an experience of spontaneity and instantaneous recovery.

LEGION:  : When love fully permeates, is completely allowed, there is an experience of spontaneity and instantaneous recovery. It is the same as when one has worked to forgive. When forgiveness has been fully accepted and allowed completely within you, you can have the experience of unexpectedly seeing the one forgiven, or hearing from the one forgiven, and you learn that forgiveness has happened in both bodies at the same time in a mutuality of forgiveness. A simultaneous breakthrough into knowing forgiveness has occurred, even without having engaged each other in any ordinary means of communication.

It is the circuit of love that carries the healing power. Once the circuits have been opened with awareness and the will to love, this triumph of love is everywhere. And what is your question now, my beloved? For the dark spirit would have you believe that death is a leaving of the body and the earth in an act that extinguishes; whereas love always shows you the way, which is a lifting, expanding, affirming a greater and greater love, the same love that you give, each one of you, to your unique, individual expression of the eternal journey of joy. Thank you.

ALANA: : Is there more? This is Alana.

Chris: Welcome back, Alana. Do you believe in bad spirits, Alana? The boogy man?

ALANA: : Beloved, I am full of the Spirit of Love, and I have no need for aught else in my experience and expression.

Chris: Do we not practice love because it fends off evil? Isn’t that how it is? We have good and evil…disease, depression, is evil…manifests and our love for ourselves eradicates that…love eradicates that…
I think you are right, then, love is goodness…and the rest is an abberation. Until I recognized the enemy, I had no way of defending myself. I knew about love, but no one spoke of evil. That was where it was coming from…we need to seek it out, more vigilantly…practicing love can become passive if not utilized…love is a tool, just as powerful as evil…you practice it more, you have more love than evil…I think that’s the goal.


ALANA:  You will discover that love is “more powerful,” always and ever has been. Love expands.
You practice love because there is the heart of joy.

The difficulty with, as you say, “fending off” evil, is a difficulty with perception. It is true, you must learn to discern love, and not-love. You must train the mind and the heart, by choice, to be co-ordinated in the choice to love. But when that is your practice, you will discover that (much like the putting of something “ugly” into the heart room) when you look through the eyes of love you see not the evil, but the love. This shows you the way. Love shows you the thing to do, or to say. Love is what teaches. You can learn to discern and slip into the eyes of love and find the way.

That is different, my friend, from recognizing evil, studying it, looking at it, in order, shall we say, to know it, to meet it on its own terms of war, darkness, blotting out and extinguishing light. When you look through the eyes of love, you are not exactly extinguishing the darkness, or obliterating it, but rather, you are seeing the greatness of love, the fullness of love, and you are allowing the power of love to be real. Thank you.

And so, it is always good to practice stepping into the heart room where love permeates you and allows you to know the light of love without the shadows of fear, doubt, and mis-understanding. Thank you.

Chris: Thank you, Alana

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