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CRC159- Teacher Availability

2003-07-15-Teacher Availability
Costa Rica #159


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Teacher Availability
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Legion, Alana
o 2.2 TR: Oliver Deux
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Teacher Availability
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Legion, Alana
TR: Oliver Deux


T/R: Heavenly Parents, we feel joy for this group coming together spontaneously, and with open hearts and minds we sit before you to pick up that which we may receive. I open myself to the circuits that make communications with our celestial family possible.

Richard: We would ask that our teachers-whoever would come before us-come presently to join us this afternoon. We wait with joy in silence.


LEGION: Thank you for your kind invitation. I am Legion and I am one of you. I am one of you, because divine reality prescribes that we all are infinitely connected with one another.

Richard: We welcome you, Legion, it has been a little while since we have heard your voice.

LEGION: Thank you, and I have been around. As you have pointed out among yourselves, it is up to each of you to open your channels. We, who dwell in a dimension that is without the fetters of the material, are there for you to contact. So, please do as much or as little as you need to.

We have been patiently waiting for a long time for these Teaching Mission groups to find one step at a time the potentials of these, for you, still astounding interactions. You have been asked to understand that the communication between the human and the divine can be likened to a highway that is enormously wide, filled with growth-producing events and opportunities. And such a vast highway can be visualized as the will of our Heavenly Father for each and all. His will can be better understood as a highway that is of sheer unlimited width.

Each one of us can journey on this one-and-only highway of love. While some of us will be compelled through lack of correct instructions or through choosing to remain in ignorance to make various detours, there is only one great vast highway towards the domicile of the Universal Father of us all. So the material mind, out of necessity and for reasons of ego manifestation, will create and accept separations.

You have been taught, that your organizations of religion and philosophy all too often function by upholding these separations; that those little separating boxes get easily created and filled with dogmatic concepts that humans allow themselves to create in the processes of their mindal and spiritual evolution; and that all these ideas of separations are actually nothing but an illusion. God’s love is the only reality. If you were to combine the most superior, profound and reflective human descriptions of love from all of your planetary literature, from all your personal expressions of love to each other, you would have compiled an astonishing and remarkable work of love.

And yet, you would not have come close to describing the reality of God’s all-encompassing, ever-present love. And perpetually and permanently this infinite and utterly indescribable love trickles down to the level of a material world, such as yours, and encounters minds that are incapable of completely understanding the enticing mysteries of the love of our Creator. And when you commit to the discipline of love, you have a better opportunity to experientially fathom and share aspects of God’s love.

Discipline is most favorably applied when the individual decides on a free-willed decision of self-training, free of being subjected to any over-controlling rule of any enforcing kind. Such the discipline of love, which we have said is a discipline of joy, becomes a most desirable self-training.
God has-as your brother Richard mentioned earlier-implanted in each and every one of you a Love-Fragment of himself, which is known throughout your planet by many different names. This is a Divine Gift that you can grow into recognizing and understanding more fully.

It is a “homing device” to guide you towards your Source of origin; it is the definitive Compass; it is your Pilot who guides your mindal ship of which you are and always will be the captain; it is also a Changer, Adjuster, even Controller of your thought processes, and always in accordance with God’s will. But no attempt to describe this Divine Gift can be satisfactory, because God’s origin can’t be fully understood or adequately described. You may know your Divine Pilot when you know-are conscious of-that you are a child of God.

Only when you are willing to quiet your mind sufficiently, can you take full advantage of this Monitor of the mysteries of living, and since each person is indwelled by such a God Fragment, these God-presences constantly communicate with those of your others, your fellows, your family, your friends, your neighbors. For the most part you are still unaware of these communications, but increasingly you sense or “know” that you are actually communicating with another on a much more sublime, transcending and inexplicable level. These Monitors, these Fragments of the living God, can and want to communicate. You have all had a sense of special connectedness with another, and you were at times utterly perplexed and unable to explain what you where experiencing or to know the reason for being connected.

The potential of unclouding your mind sufficiently by surrendering to us, to the God of your present understanding, to the Creator Father, or Creative Mother, all aspects that trouble your mind, such as: conflicts with others, doubts about your development or your future, fears of your experiences of many different kinds, or any other spiritual poisons that you become aware of, such potential is yet for you to become increasingly open to and experiment with. It does not matter at this point to whom you entrust your faithful exchanges, as long as you do surrender to and center on the Father’s love.

We merely suggest that as soon as any material negativity occurs to you and you become aware of, that you surrender it as soon as you remember to do so. You are not supposed to carry the burden of negativity in this life by yourself! God did not create your planet and its great diversity of intelligent life, and then left you to your own devices, as so many of yours fellows have come to believe. No, my friends, the plan is perfect and so much bigger than any of us can imagine. And this little conversation is part of the proof, if you so will, that guidance is continuous and readily available just for the asking.

Even I, who has had so many more and different experiences over so much more time, am just beginning to understand the greatness and perfection of the Universal Father’s divine plan. You are truly living in an orderly universe. I have been observing your planet long enough to know that from your perspective it is most difficult to fathom this perfection all on your own. For that reason, the Creator has decreed that you are receiving support to enhance your understanding of the perfection of creation. In all of your world’s literature, you have had many seekers and philosophers taking a stab at describing their perspective of your origin and destiny.

Without additional celestial input of those divine energies, whose tasks it is to implant additional wisdom into the animal-origin mind, you would have certainly not come as far as you have in your understanding of universal truth.

Seek and you shall be given. Ask and you shall receive answers. Answers will be given to your personal level of understanding.So, we are here to teach you as a group and add certain understandings, but you also should know that it is now possible for each individual to request his own teacher. There are many of us waiting to be called to service. To us waiting is no problem at all, as we do not live in material bodies, and thus time for us is something that we only care to measure for the benefit of communication with you.

So we wait, and we live joyously. And we wait until you muster sufficient faith to perhaps call out and say, ‘Hey, is there a teacher for me also? For little me? Am I worthy of accepting this gift of being able to communicate with a much older brother or sister? Am I deserving?’ And I may tell all of you: Yes, you are! Our Master has found great pleasure in offering these superb relationships to you. Yes, God’s love is so majestic that he desires for all his children to communicate with him to the fullest of their potential and ability.

Thank you for allowing me to speak these words of invitation to you. Is there anything on your minds that you would like to share, my friends?


Richard: Legion, I have not sought a teacher and it is not because I did not have the confidence.

LEGION:   Yes.

Richard: And as far as I was thinking that the teachers were passing the buck at times on the issue of honoring knowledge being communicated vis-à-vis inspiration. My question, dear Legion, there are certain areas that were seemingly untouchable but are innocent and harmless, such the questions concerning the mystery of love. For example, Legion, is it permitted to ask, does love act as an action from a distance or is it propagated as one action against another. Are you able to enlighten us.

LEGION:  Thank you.

Richard:  The key was on the last word, “enlighten”.

LEGION: : The limitations of communicating God’s love in the language of your realm are virtually impossible to overcome. Love, to you, is the one energy that upholds the universes. As a scientist you probably tend to suggest this love to flow in streams of energy, that you would most likely like to be able to measure and analyze its origin, direction and velocity, its interactions with other energy fields, and I can only but offer the simple truth that all energies, both known and unknown to you, are part of God’s love.

Richard: Legion, I follow that point. Of course, there would be a Source. My question, again, has to do with the propagation, the quality of love. For example, is love on our planet propagated from one person to the next? Or do we see it, as the saints may have perceived it, as a universal radiance, expanding into the illumination of one’s awareness of a single source?

LEGION: : My son, thank you for clarifying your desire to understand. As far as love being communicated from one person to another: it is still to be understood by material beings that you, yourself, never have and never will create love on your own. Your capacity is limited by your ability to tune in-if you will-to open yourself to the divine love energy, absorb it within, and thus be able to love others by giving the same love away to them. Is this helping our conversation?

Richard: It is not answering the part of the question that I was hoping it might and that is: without human sharing and interacting in love, they would be cut off from each other-except that we know the source of divine love is there. Divine love is always there as a source, but it is almost like asking the question that our friend Oliver asked, ‘Does God see through the eyes of a human or through his own eyes?’

Is the interaction with God, of our beloved Father with us, a matter of our being and our seeing and our own knowing, or does God have his own eyes, his own love, his own being, through which he functions, making other contact unnecessary. [brief silence] Is God lonely after the dissolutions of men? Is God’s love dependent upon other beings? I see a reciprocation that is very important in the creative process. If, indeed, the Fragment of God lives within, then God’s love resides within us. There is nothing to question or foresee, because the knowing is there. Surely the answers are clear and simple. Is this something that you can perceive as a teacher as well?

LEGION: : All I am, all I do, I do because I can understand that the infinite love of our First Source and Center of all beings and all things, is propelling me to interact, as I interact at this moment. I know I am part of God as you can know that you are part as well. And if you propose that God can have eyes, then I may say to you quite cheerfully, ‘Yes, God sees by way of my actions, as he does see through your actions.’As far as your postulating that God can be lonely and so far removed that he exists in some perceived isolation, no, my friends, his love, his energy penetrates all of space, all of nature, and all things.

There is nothing left out.The negativity of potential iniquity-the expression of the purpose of sin-is the tendency of misguidance, which most frequently derives from fear-based ignorance. God loves you so much that he has permanently installed a Fragment of himself within each of you. Of course he offers you to take advantage of his gift. And why would you not do so if you knew about this reality? And if you choose not, there is no punishment, because in the cosmic scheme of things, sooner or later you will become conscious of your divine origin. You also become conscious of your Homing Device that guides you unfailingly during your far, far distant future to your origin, towards the center of Paradise-that is, when you give permission.

Richard: Then, Legion, I take it that the brotherhood of men is not necessary as a conduit of God’s love, and that as the saints believed, such as Saint Thomas Aquinas in his prayers, that his direct connections with the Fragment within, and the divine Source of Light and God’s Wisdom, his love and his life were sufficient to maintain a pure and saintly, and a perfecting and correcting life within.

LEGION: : My friends, there are no prerequisites, there are no conditions set aside for God’s love to be given. God loves each individual equally, whether the individual is aware of his Maker’s love or not; whether an individual adheres to one religion or another; whether this individual truly has a disposition of seeking or not-the love of God for each is equivalent. There are no conditions imposed by God. You make up your own conditions through your relative willingness to garner up faith in order to seek and to receive his ever-present love.

Conditions and conditional love are part of human growth. Your love receptivity on this first world, which is this planet Urantia-this planet Earth-is structured in a way that each individual, if she or he so chooses-if it is so guided-receives a greater understanding of the perfection of God’s love and the orderliness of his universes. Whether one individual or another does or does not choose through their own free will to allow such a “saintly” path of reliance on God’s inner Source of Light, has absolutely no consequence on the perpetual outpouring of God’s love towards that individual.

Richard: I think I was referring to the role that each individual plays with others in the dissipation of God’s love.

LEGION:   Yes?

Richard:  It appears independent of the Source. There are those that choose to love God directly and others not. This is the condition of mankind. Ones path becomes almost “selfish”, the seeking of a direct relationship with God, while perhaps ignoring the human condition. On the other hand, I have always felt that God’s love is dissipated through the love that one human shares with another, beginning within a family, extending through that family to friends and coworkers, and so forth, as one becomes enlightened.

So was the invitation of Christ in his life. The propagation of God’s love, I have always understood, was freeing the human condition. I am asking the principle question, ‘Can we ignore the human condition and still attach ourselves to God’s love? Does such a controversial position set off anything sensible in your mind, Legion?’

LEGION: : Suppositions are often best answered with earned experience. My experiences are also different because my world of origin was greatly advanced, if I should compare my planet to yours. We did not have a word for “saint”, because from early on we were taught that all are equal recipients of God’s love, and that God does not love a “saint” more than a sinner. If I understand your concerns today, my brother, I would say that you might feel that one who seeks a total and direct connection with the living God, can do so and ignore the suffering of others

Richard: I would think just the opposite, Legion, through God’s love they would learn the tolerance of the suffering of others and acceptance of others.

LEGION: : Exactly. Then I would ask you, why you seem to have a concern that God-consciousness detracts from love and compassion for your brothers and sisters?

Richard: Because of the nature of the propagation of love. If we human beings do not understand the relevance of the importance of brotherhood-and only sometimes we meet that goal-the search for enlightenment places us apart. I believe that God’s love works for humans.

LEGION: : The path, that you are describing, is a path that is taught in certain religious environments. I want to say to you that any individual, who desires to grow willingly by his free will into a more direct contact with God-not through the teachings of another; not through a dogmatic teaching of one kind or another-that such individual will enjoy an immediately and improved relationship with his brothers and sisters, and thus is co-creating the brotherhood of man.

Richard: This makes perfect sense to me, because Saint Tomas Aquinas, and other thinkers, who dedicated themselves so completely to seek the will of God, were also compassionate in their relationship with men. But they report that the experience that was most gratifying to them was in their service to others, and through prayer and worship they could most clearly experience God’s love. I thank you for your inspiring lesson.

German: Yes, I would like to say that the last phrases from Legion were really masterful. Thank you, Legion, it was very clear to me.

LEGION: : And I thank you, my brothers and my sister. Is there anything else that you would like to communicate?

Richard: Simply at what temperature does a popcorn pop? [sniggering]

LEGION: [laughing]: My friend, I would have to do some research for each popcorn.

Richard [cracking up]: Thank you Legion, you’ve been through that We thank you, Legion, this has been a wonderful session and an inspiring discussion.

LEGION: : I would like to say to our beautiful guest, Marianna. Thank you for being unafraid to come, and I may extend an open-hearted welcome to you to come again and again. Thank you.

Marianna: Thank you.

German: Could Alana give us some nice words as she usually does? I have a certain (Yes?) desire.


ALANA: This is Alana and I am most pleased that you are desiring me, my friend. [laughter] I am most pleased to hear your gracious voice expressing your desire, yes?I have been hovering around you blowing my love into your backs, into your sides, into every hole and crevice in your bodies, and I am delighted that my good friend, Legion, got a little workout with our scientific mind. It is so lovely to observe you together yearning to understand more of what God’s perfect love is for you.

It warms my heart to see you investigating the energy of love.May you be refreshed by a little extra love today, and go out and communicate your love to your loved ones, your neighbors, and even to those who make trouble for you. Maybe the experience of this little extra warm and soothing love with which we are able to gift you, can generate many, many new waves of positivity in your lives and your interactions with others. If you open yourselves to our love, which, of course, is God’s love, our love can flow more freely towards you.

And that in turn, my friends, gives us more joy. Do you understand? Do you understand that, as you open yourself to our love, you create more joy for us? So, I leave you to ponder our interactive, co-creative relationship, and to take this experience into your days to come, and remember our connection a little better. Thank you.

T/R: That was a nice place a real nice place Alana took me to a place of real white light in total oneness without a thought of anything else.

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