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ARC280- Adjuster Communication Understanding

2009-02-16-Adjuster Communication Understanding
Arcadia #280


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Adjuster Communication, Understanding
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Adjuster Communication, Understanding
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Donna: Thank you for this day Father, this time. Thank you for the peace that you give us. Thank you for the messages that come from your teacher JarEl. Let us have ears to hear and hearts to receive all of the truth that you can give us from whichever source. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL: TR, George: Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl.

Student:  Welcome.

JAREL:  It is so nice to be back once more.


JAREL: You are truly children of God, the one true God who watches over all of us, who keeps us safe and who inspires our curiosity to search for new and higher truths that ever so reveal His grace. As children you have the duty of awakening, of realizing the truths that are all around you. It is understanding that life is constantly changing, but the river is constantly moving and new paths are being forged every day. It is with this understanding that you continue forward and you allow yourselves to evolve as spiritual beings who have accepted that your lives will never be the same.

And it is true that your lives won’t be the same, they will change, they will evolve to higher realms that contain beautiful palaces and gorgeous panoramas. All this is a gift from God. All these wonderful lives that you will experience are gifts that God has given you to have that one perfect experience of everlasting life so that you may one day come to know him in a very personal manner.

But He has graced you with this wonderful energy of life to being you forth, to carry you, not only through this Urantia experience, but through so many other wonderful and more meaningful experiences that will uplift your spirit each and every day. At one point you will run out of ways of thanking God so much for all that He has done for you in your own personal life. A simple thank you will always suffice, but your gratitude will be replete for you will recognize the grandeur, beauty and magnificence that is your life graced by God.

Life is not mundane, life is not common, life is not ordinary. Life is a miracle – the miracle is you. You will fulfill that miracle for God. Your whole life is benefited to this one grandiose miracle that is your personal experience, and it is truly unique in more ways than one. You have yet to fulfill all your potential. You have barely scratched the surface of your own existence. There is so much more.

But you all must also live in the present, live in the now, in the moment that is most important. For it is this moment that shall always be, it is in this moment that you most exist; for the past is gone and the future is unknown, but the present is always here. So it is up to you to make the most of this one moment in your life. It is up to you to bring meaning and value to this singular experience. Many of you have had much practice in living in the moment.

For those of you who are new to this life experience and see life as common and dreary, know this. Your life is not common or ordinary. There is so much potential in you. There is so much to blossom and to flourish if you only were to stop and examine the very moment that you are in, you would come to appreciate not only that singular experience, but your life as a whole. Are there any questions here tonight?


Donna: Is our new government on the right track JarEl?

JAREL: : TR, George: Governments will always rise and some will always fail. It is up to the individuals that make up that government to bring it life and force and energy. It is up to its citizens, its people, to help a government survive. A few cannot make all the difference, but many can bring actual change. Your government will only survive as long as you have faith in it. And from what we can see, there is much hope in this country. There is much faith in your government. Many from all over the world still look towards all of you for leadership and change. You represent a beacon of light that gives someone in a 3rd world country some hope that one day their own impoverished world will change.

This government will not bring worldwide change, but it will bring some change that is much needed. This world still has a long way to go before it begins to fully heal itself from all the harm that the rebellion and the default had. To actualize its potential, all the countries must first unite and come together as one planet for one voice of change. But it is not really change per say, it is more change in people’s hearts that this new opportunity will become. All over the world you will find that people are more willing to cooperate with one another, more willing to put down their arms and to talk. And this is the sort of change that I speak about. But it will not happen until countries come together. Are there any other questions?

John: JarEl, I’ve been really trying to get close to God now and you know that last time I asked you about the Thought Adjuster and what kind of signs and what should I expect in learning how to communicate with him. Right now, for the most part, I am seeing things, grasping things, via symbols, mostly. I want to say they are almost like coincidences, but I know they are not, I know they are something more meaningful than that. I really believe it, I have faith in that and I am feeling a lot of love. I am assuming that my Thought Adjuster is, has got to be like, my best friend – a love and a friendship. Is that appropriate?

JAREL: : TR, George: Very appropriate. Do you have more?

John: No, I am just…I guess I am trying to lead you on a little bit, to discuss it a little bit.
There may be some more guidance you could give me about Thought Adjuster activity and communication and accompaniment or something, how to? Are there any more thoughts or instructions that you may give to help me out with this, with my communication or my correspondence or what you will with my Thought Adjuster?

JAREL: : TR, George: First and foremost you must become accustomed to experiencing the communication with your Thought Adjuster. In the acceptance of this sort of communication you open yourself up to more and higher, more meaningful communications.

First you must learn the language by which you communicate with your Thought Adjuster. As you have witnessed, your Thought Adjuster can speak to you in many ways, unexpected ways, even in symbols that you yourself identify. Nobody else can tell you what your Thought Adjuster is trying to tell you. Only you can realize this. But it is important that you understand the language by which this communication is possible. And once you have tackled that aspect of this interaction, then can you begin to receive more detail-oriented messages that will be geared to adjusting your life to a higher plane of existence.

Not just spiritually, but also higher in meanings and values, in all aspects of your life. So get accustomed to this communication. Do not be in such haste to bring actual change to your life. Let this change permeate and settle into your life. For real and meaningful change comes slowly. Destructive change comes hastily. Are there any other questions?

John: I guess one more thought I had – it just kind of came to my mind – with my wife and her Thought Adjuster. She is questioning my belief in this right now because she doesn’t understand it yet. She doesn’t have The Urantia Book yet and doesn’t know very much about this. And I guess I should stay clear of trying to – I wouldn’t say communicate with her Thought Adjuster – but, maybe get mine to coerce hers a little bit? Would that be something that’s kind of out of bounds? Or maybe I shouldn’t even worry about that right now?

JAREL: : TR, George: That is not your job.

John: I just really, I’m so amazed at this relationship and I just want her to have the same thing somehow. And my understanding right now and my feeling is that I need to go real slow and not push it on her. I want her to see what happens to me over time. But I’m just thinking if there was something I could do to add a little salt or something, some flavoring, to make it more appealing or appetizing to her, that would be helpful to me?


JAREL: : TR, George: There are no shortcuts my friend. You must allow events to transpire as they may. Worry about your own spiritual path and let her worry about her own. Eventually she will come to appreciate you for all your qualities. Appreciate her as well for whatever path she is on. You cannot force her to follow your path and that would truly destroy her spirit. Allow her to flourish and to bloom in her own light. Appreciate her own path (her individualism?). Correct. And when you do this she may want to learn what it is that you follow. But never force anything upon her for that is not the way of the universe. That is not the way of God.

Use God as a pattern for He gives you freewill to search Him out. He has never forced himself upon you. And even those that have been forced by their own parents or their own community into a particular religion, have rejected all notions of religion simply because of this coercion and forcing. And it is so sad to see this for they have lost all interest in whatever value they could have derived from finding and knowing God. It was not God’s fault what happened to them. Don’t make the same mistake in trying to coerce her into following something that you have come to love and believe for it only poisons the relationship. Your heart will always tell you what is right – follow it. And may God be with you. And with that I leave you all. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.

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